Best Friends Become Lovers Ch. 04

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For those who haven’t read them or have forgotten, you may have to read the previous stories to know how we got to this point. I hadn’t intended for this to be series, but it turned out that way and this will be the last story under this series title.

As we left off at the end of Chapter 3, Wayne and I had just fallen asleep after making love at a remote cabin on my family’s ranch property…


As soon as the first light of the rising sun began filtering through the trees and into the cabin I awoke. I rubbed the sleep out of my eyes and looked over at Wayne as he slept. He was just beautiful and I sat up and just stared at him for a few minutes evoking a feeling of deep melancholia. I loved him, as more than a friend, more than a brother, and more than a lover and had felt different around him since the day we met as not much more than kids. Still, and knowing that we were both going to go away to four year colleges before too very long, I was already mourning in anticipation of long separations and perhaps totally losing touch.

I knew there was virtually no hope for a long term future where we could stay, yet alone live, together as an openly affectionate couple and romantic partners. It just couldn’t be. Our friends, yet alone our parents and families, would never understand or accept it and by word and deed I knew that both sets of parents were openly hostile to the mere concept of homosexuality. Neither of us, at least at that time in history, had the courage to even acknowledge to ourselves that we might be anything other than just heterosexual men who had a special attraction, and special relationship, with another man. Besides, we were young, we weren’t accountable. Maybe this was just a passing phase?

As I said in an earlier chapter I don’t recall that the term “gay” was used much then, beyond perhaps by members of the gay community among themselves. I don’t know, since we weren’t “members” of any such community and we really didn’t know anyone with such inclinations besides each other.

We didn’t really talk about it, but in my mind and I think Wayne’s as well acknowledging that we were anything beyond bisexual would have meant accepting, perhaps with self-loathing, that we were “queers” or “faggots”. Heaven forbid that we ever discussed it, but I sometimes thought, well make that wondered, if Wayne somehow justified his role in our relationship as being less than queer, or certainly less queer than me, since I was the receptive partner while he was only fucking my ass as he would a woman’s pussy. Of course this flew in the face of the fact that it was he who introduced me to any kind of male on male sexual touching. But, I digress here and get lost in my thoughts as I would so many times back then.

With a sigh, I climbed out of the bed, across the still cold floor, grabbed the bong and numbed my mind to my insecurity and self-doubts with a few generous doses of pot. Just like that I beat those thoughts back with herbal self-medication and stuffed them into some dark recess in my mind. Sigh…a few more hits and I was once again able to function only in the reality of the moment only and the promise and anticipation of more pleasure to come.

As quietly as I could because I didn’t want to wake Wayne, I cracked the firebox door on the stove, stirred the coals, and put more wood onto the fire. As the fire caught on the new fuel, I adjusted the flue so it would burn more intensely, put the water kettle on the stove and started some coffee in the old blue enamelware percolator.

I then put on a long sleeved thermal t-shirt and my boots only, not even bothering to lace them, grabbed an extra roll of toilet paper, a few packs of the old Wet-Nap towelettes, and a bag with some other hygiene supplies and slipped out the door en route to the outhouse. I thought my body was telling me that I needed to “take care of business” but after the frenzied anal activity of the night before I wasn’t quite sure. My body knew what it wanted though and as I got closer to the toilet it began to move things in the right direction. By the time I reached the toilet seat the urge was desperate and “everything came out alright in the end” as they say.

After the pounding of the night before I had half expected there to be a little rectal tearing, as evidenced perhaps by blood on the TP, but was relieved that there was none. Even back then I had already experienced this a few times when I had been a bit too ambitious in selecting some really large sex toys. I still seemed to be squeaky clean too and, with my ass cleaning up nicely, I decided against using the Fleet Enema that I had in my bag and instead just cleaned my ass, cock and balls with some Wet-Naps before heading back down the hill to the cabin.

The smell of the mountain air, and feel of the cool mountain breeze on my bare cock, balls, and ass was just luscious and I found myself standing next to the cabin, genitals waving in the breeze, and reveling in the liberating freedom of being mostly naked outdoors. With a sigh, I finally turned and went back inside.

Wayne güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri was still asleep and I half chuckled to myself that maybe I’d worn him out. Then I chuckled to myself again as I thought that he’d better pull himself together because I had a big day planned and I wasn’t through with him yet. I added a pair of powder blue nylon bikini panties, courtesy of one of my sisters, and some cargo shorts to my ensemble and, as is typical for me, got to work and went about my domestic routine.

I grabbed a cast iron skillet out of the cupboard, put a pound of bacon in it, and put it on the stove. The coffee had started to percolate when I was outside and soon it was ready and I poured myself a cup. “Ahhh, the nectar of the gods,” I thought as I took my first sip. Soon, its life giving caffeine was coursing through my veins and lifting the fog of sleep.

As the bacon started to sizzle, the scent began to tickle Wayne’s nose and he began to stir. He squirmed a bit, opened his eyes, closed them, and then blinked a few times as if trying to figure out where he was. He finally pushed himself so he was sitting up in bed. He looked at me in my boots, shorts, and thermal shirt and proclaimed,

“Nice outfit.”

I responded, “Thank you. Is that all?”

He squinted and quizzically said, “Good morning?”

I replied, “There ya go. Good morning….LOVER?” and I walked over and gave him a quick kiss.

He stood up, in all of his gorgeous nakedness, and I pulled him to me and gave him a deeper kiss. He was sporting a little morning wood which I reached down and gripped, giving it a squeeze with intent of going further till he asked, “How cold is outside? I’ve got to take a dump.”

Pushing my lustful thoughts aside I told him, “It was bit nippy half an hour ago, but I went out in only a shirt and my boots and didn’t get any frost on my balls.”

“Good to know,” he said. “I would have liked to have seen that.”

I said, “Hold that thought, you will.”

He shook his head, thought about it for a few seconds and pulled on a sweatshirt and his jeans, slipped on his boots without tying them, and headed out the door.

By the time he returned I had two places set on the table with a breakfast of bacon, eggs, toast and coffee. Wayne walked up to me, pulled me in close and kissed me hard on the mouth while cupping my ass cheeks and grinding his crotch into mine. Finally pulling away from each other, we sat down to eat and Wayne just shook his head and said,

“Damn. You’re gonna make somebody a good wife someday,” We both had a good laugh but in the back of my mind I was thinking, “If only I could.”

As we at breakfast Wayne asked, “So….what are we going to do today?”

I responded, “Oh, I don’t know, the usual. I thought maybe we’d go for a walk in the woods and I could show you what this place looks like in the daylight. I’d imagine you got pretty twisted around trapesing around in the dark last night.”

“How about the waterfall and that big flat rock?” Wayne asked. “Are we going to go up there?”

“Oh yeah,” I replied. “That’s always part of the ten cent tour.”

“Cool,” he nonchalantly replied with a twinkle in his eye…and I knew exactly what he was thinking.

I got up from the table, took our dirty dishes to the sink, and began to wash them using water I’d had heating on the stove. As usual for both of us, Wayne was unable to keep his hands off me and he came up behind me, nuzzled me behind the ear, and began planting kisses on my neck while pressing his crotch into my backside.

Resisting, for the time being, I looked back over my shoulder, gave him a peck on the lips, handed him the little Tupperware container with my stash and said,

“Here lover, make yourself useful and roll us a few joints.”

“Okey dokey,” he said and sat down at the table to twist up some doobies.

I then finished washing the dishes and put them in the dish drainer.

When I was done with the dishes I sat down at the table next to Wayne, grabbed a pinch of sensimilla from the container, and took a hit from the bong. I filled it again, handed it to Wayne and lit it for him. I then filled it again for me, then him, then me over and over again until we both had a good buzz. In the midst of this Wayne had reached over to my crotch and was fondling my cock through my shorts. My loins started to stir, I started feeling that old giddiness, and I lustfully looked him in the eye with what I’m sure was “fuck me” look, before kissing him on the lips and whispering,

“Not now. Not yet. We came all the way up here, I have plans for the day, and I don’t want to spend it ALL in cooped up in here fucking.”

With a sigh, I got up and grabbed my daypack into which I put two towels and a small bottle of “Dr. Bronner’s Peppermint Castile Soap. Wayne looked puzzled!

“For taking a bath under the water fall,” I said. “The natural soap won’t hurt the fishies and it will leave us smelling all clean and minty.” Wayne just laughed.

I added the tube of KY, güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri a roll of toilet paper (you never know in the woods) the pot and bong, a canteen, a small pair of binoculars and a lighter to the provisions. I then laced up my hiking boots and, looking Wayne square in the eye, slipped my cargo shorts and panties off over the boots till I was wearing only them and my long sleeved shirt.

Putting the clothes I’d removed into the backpack I told Wayne,

“This is the uniform for the day. I suggest you get those pants off and dress accordingly.”

With a chuckle, Wayne slipped his boots off, and removed his jeans and sweatshirt and then put his boots back on and laced them up. He started to hand me his jeans till I asked,

“Do you have a pair of shorts?” They’re easier to put on, in a hurry, over your boots if you have to.”

“Why would we need to do that?” he asked.

I laughed and responded, “Because it wouldn’t be good to be caught naked in the woods if one of my redneck cousins, a ranch hand, or even my grandpa showed up would it? It’s unlikely, since there are no cattle in here right now, but you never know. “

With a nod Wayne handed me a pair of denim shorts, which I put into the backpack and, and pulled on a button down Pendleton style long sleeved shirt.

I then squirted a healthy dollop of a white lotion onto my hand, rubbed them together to make them warm, and reached down and started rubbing it onto his cock and balls. His dick started to grow and he let out a barely audible moan before questioning,

“Ummm. I thought we weren’t going to do this right now?”

I said, “Shhhh”. Medicinal purposes only,” before squirting more of what he now understood was sunscreen onto my hand and proceeding to rub it onto his butt cheeks while teasingly pressing my crotch against his.

“You don’t want to get your privates sunburned do you? I’ve done it before and it’s not something I’d want to do again.”

I then kneeled in front of him, intentionally letting his dick occasionally rub against my face, while rubbing sunscreen onto one of his legs, and then the other, and teasingly paying a little extra attention to the space between his legs, perineum and ass crack. When he chuckled and intentionally started to rub his now hard cock on my face, I laughed and said,

“Hey. Knock it off. This is serious business you know. I’m doing this for your own protection.”

I then stood up, squirted more lotion onto my hands, and began to rub it onto my ass cheeks, into the crack of my ass, and onto my balls and involuntarily hardening cock. Momentarily unable to contain myself, I put another squirt of lotion onto my palm, moved toward Wayne, pressed my pelvis into his and began to stroke our cocks together. He looked at me, sighed, and moved his face next to mine where our lips instinctively met and our tongues played in a sensual, sucking, dance. Turned on, but torn about whether I wanted have sex right then or not, I pulled away and with a sigh took a few steps back.

“Oh fuck,” I said. “I have such a hard time controlling myself around you. I just can’t help myself.”

Wayne looked at me, with a crooked little grin he got when he was scheming on my body, but then took a few deep breaths as if to compose himself and said,

“I know what you mean. Me too. We bring out the best, or is that beast, in each other.”

Fully intending to continue to prepare for our walk (or was I?), I started to finish applying the sunscreen to my exposed legs. I put a squirt in my palm, rubbed my hands together and rubbed it onto one thigh, and then the other. Then, when it came time to apply it to my shins, calves and ankles, I “innocently” faced away from Wayne and bent over deeply so my exposed ass was sticking up in the air and my puckered hole was pointed right at him.

That did it! Wayne exclaimed, “Why you tease,” while moving in behind me and rubbing his dick along the crack of my ass, not really seeking entrance but rather frotting, masturbating himself, against my ass.

In a moment, my mind went from “Gotta get ready. Gotta go on this walk,” to “Fuck that, I need this cock in me now,” and I reached back, spreading my ass cheeks, so Wayne’s dick was nestled between my cheeks and pressed up against my anus. He was kind of timidly pushing, more like just poking at my entrance, till I reached back, guided his sunscreen slick dick home, and pushed back so he slid past both sphincters and into my rectum in one fell swoop.

“Oh fuck,” he said, and I said, “Yeah….please….FUCK!!” and draped myself over the table for support.

“Fuck me. Don’t mess around. Just fuck me hard, fuck me fast, and fill me with your cum,” I pleaded.

Wayne responded by grabbing my hips and pulling me back onto his cock as he rhythmically but slowly and gently pumped in and out of my ass. Though I was enjoying, it wasn’t exactly what I had in mind right then and I implored,

“C’mon baby. Faster, HARDER,” I yelled. “Let it go. Fuck me till you cum!!” As he increased güvenilir bahis şirketleri his pace and intensity, starting to jackhammer in and out of my ass, the sound of his hips slapping against my ass cheeks was joined with groans from both of us as I tried to verbally push him over the top.

Each time he pushed in I pushed back so it felt like he was bottoming out in my rectum as his hips collided with my butt cheeks. Each time he pulled out I clinched my ass together, as if trying to squeeze the cum out of him, but also giving myself wonderful sensations in the process. I wasn’t even touching myself since my goal wasn’t my cum….but his.

He started to make little grunts and whimpers and I knew he was beginning to feel the twinges of an orgasm building up inside.

“Do you feel it honey? That’s it, let it go. I need you. I need to feel your cum inside me. Oh…please.” I coached.

Heading my call, with a quick succession of sharp thrusts as his final gasp, Wayne buried himself as deep as he could within my bowels, pulling me back onto his dick with the death grip he had on my hips, and gasped yelling, “Ohhh fuck….” as he shot his seed deep into me.

As Wayne shot, and with the force of that final thrust, I got flushed, lightheaded, saw stars and felt detached from everything but the sensation of his pulsing cock in my ass. When I regained my senses, Wayne was practically lying on top me, panting as he planted kisses on my neck and side of my face as I lay draped over the table. With his dick still planted inside me, I pushed myself up till I was standing and turned my head toward him so we could kiss with our tongues frolicking inside and outside each other’s mouths.

I felt an oddly wet sensation, and looked down to see a string of liquid dripping from my cock and almost reaching the wooden floor. Beneath it was a puddle of what appeared to be cum but I didn’t remember cumming. When I had the breath to speak, I pointed it out and said to Wayne,

“I think I might have passed out, and I don’t remember cumming. I don’t know if I came while passed out, or if you just fucked the juices out of me and they dripped on the floor. Either way, that felt incredible. Thank you.”

Wayne wrapped his arms around my waste, pulling me back onto him and his now softening dick, and said,

“Wow. Where did that come from? One minute we’re getting ready for a walk and the next we’re fucking on the table..and you….YOU….are a nasty boy for making that happen.”

“Damn!” I said. “I wanted to get out of the cabin without fucking this morning but my damned hungry ass has a mind of its own. You know I didn’t make that happen. It couldn’t be stopped. It’s chemistry. It’s fate. We just spontaneously combust in each other’s presence and the fact that I love you probably has something to do with it as well. “

“I love you too,” Wayne whispered in my ear, as if it were a secret…though there was no one but us to hear it.

Somewhat reluctantly, and while making a show of clenching my cheeks in mock protest of the inevitable, I let his softening dick slip from my ass, we stepped apart, and both went about tidying ourselves up a bit.

I said, “Don’t forget to reapply that sunscreen to your dick. You better do it yourself this time lest we end up in the same predicament as before,” and I kind of policed up the cabin, hiding anything incriminating for the off chance that someone “uncool” might stop by.

Finally, out the door we went and once clear of the shade from the cedar trees, and into the bright and warming sun. It felt good. It always felt good to be naked outdoors and upon realizing how warm it was, I went ahead and removed my shirt with Wayne doing the same. The day was looking like it was going to be perfect, I was blissfully happy with the company, and I had a pleasant sensation, kind of a wet and warm afterglow, that was radiating out from my thoroughly fucked ass. I was glad things had turned out the way they had, and that it spite of my plans to the contrary the day had started out with my lover planting his seed deep inside my soul.

Wayne looked so darned cute, naked in just his boots and socks, and I kind of wondered if he looked at me the same way. You know, that insecure “Does he love me as much as I love him,” self-doubting garbage that’s haunted my relationships for my entire life. But, zip that up, put that back into that dark recess and get back on with the here and now.

Wayne was slender, but with the broad shoulders of swimmer, and had soft almost effeminate facial features and styled hair layered into what was called a shag. I was slender as well, but with muscular thighs and a tight muscular ass from many years of distance running. My facial features were a bit more rugged, with freckles betraying my Scottish heritage, and I sported red mutton chop type sideburns down to my chin and long straight auburn hair down to the small of my back. If one were to look at us back then, and using today’s gay vernacular the likes of which was totally unknown to us, they might have assumed that he was the “bottom” and I was the “top” instead of the other way around. It was not that we’d ever thought about it, or planned it that way, but rather it was that I was the one who had the receptive asshole and who had played with my ass and craved anal penetration almost from the day I became sexually aware.

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