Bethanie , Maddy: The Bet Pt. 02

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Author’s note: Obviously, this is part two of The Bet, but there are more Bethanie and Maddy stories before this series. Check out my profile for The Lipstick Test and The Coffee Shop Girl. Also, something of an apology. Because of the nature of the story, this one is pretty much all romance, no erotica, until about half way through. Then it gets dirty, and part three is looking to be nothing but filth. So, y’know, hang in there.

I hope you enjoy it, and of course please take the time to vote, comment and let me know. I always appreciate it.

– – –

Bethanie woke up aching. Her knees were raw, her thighs complained as she turned over, and she seemed to be covered with innumerable other small twinges and pains from her long, delirious night. At least she wasn’t waking up with the dildo still inside her this time, she thought, and even thinking about that humiliating episode (involving shockingly vast quantities of tequila) brought a violent, crimson blush to her cheeks.

As she fumbled for the glass of water that she had conscientiously left beside the bed, her sleep addled brain slowly clicked into gear and a gallery of images from the night before opened up in her head. She remembered being on her knees, Maddy’s hands tangled in her hair forcing her to lick that hungry pussy when no force was really necessary. She remembered straddling her girlfriend, facing her feet, with a vibrator in each hand torturing the petite blonde until she screamed and the guy upstairs stomped on the floor for them to shut up. And suddenly, sharply, she remembered the bet that they had made – that Maddy, her oversexed partner, would be able to go a week without hitting on, fondling or attempting to seduce Bethanie.

If Bethanie won and Maddy couldn’t control herself, then Maddy would be Bethanie’s plaything for the week. If Maddy could display enough self-control to go a whole week without trying to get into the tall, curvy brunette’s pants then Bethanie would be her toy, and would have to do everything she said. Bethanie bit her lip nervously, if she lost, that would be one exhausting week.

Pretty fun, though.

Bethanie pulled on some socks and a thick gown before venturing into the freezing kitchen to make coffee and toast. She had to work out how to play this game, and what it meant for her. The idea was that it would give her an opportunity to spend some time with Maddy without sex always being on the agenda, and she could see how she really felt about this relationship. Did she really want a long-term relationship with another girl?

But also she had to decided how to play this game – was she going to just wait out the week and see if Maddy could control herself? Or was she going to make it hard for the little blonde sex-pot? As she waited for the heating to come on and for the coffee to brew, she smiled happily. However this ended it would be fun in some way.

She heard Maddy stirring down the hall then heard the soft curses and the quiet footsteps of her approach. She was standing, facing the kitchen counter, reading yesterday’s newspaper and sipping her coffee, and she didn’t turn around as she felt her girlfriend’s arms wrap around her waist. She smiled all over again.

“Morning,” Maddy slurred, “and look, I’m cuddling you without grabbing your tits! Because,” she yawned, “we have a bet.”

“You remember!” Bethanie put her coffee down and put her hands on top of Maddy’s. “Do you think you can do it?”

“You’d better start saving your energy Bethy,” Maddy said threateningly, “because you’re gonna need every last calorie next week after I win this bet.”

“Yeah?” Bethanie chuckled, “Well, we’ll see won’t we?”

– – –


The bet had been made on a Friday night, and the girls were going to be together all weekend, which made it a tough start for Maddy. Nevertheless she displayed startling resolve, staying heavy on the romance and light on the flirtation.

During lunch at a riverside cafe they held hands on the table top – not flaunting their relationship, just because their hands had come to touch there naturally, without either of them noticing at first. They held hands, but Maddy didn’t kick off her shoes and slip her foot up onto the seat of Bethanie’s chair as she had done more than once. She didn’t make cryptic comments about the “footwork” of the contestants on that reality-dance show either. She talked about her father’s boat while they both stared out of the window at the slate-grey water, and occasionally she made fun of those people who were navigating the waterways on this cloudy Saturday afternoon.

Bethanie thought she could listen to Maddy’s slightly aloof, somewhat petty comments on the boat owners for hours. And before she knew it, she had done.

At the cinema they held hands again, on the armrest this time, and about two thirds of the way through the savagely unromantic heist thriller, Maddy leaned across and rested her head on the taller girl’s shoulder with nothing in the movement but affection.

And canlı bahis back at the apartment Bethanie watched TV while Maddy scratched her head and swore like a sailor over some spreadsheet that she had been ordered to complete over the weekend.

“Fucking bastard numbers.”

“Are you,” Bethanie, lying on the sofa, let her head fall back so she could see Maddy working on her laptop at the living room table, “using your frustration over those figures to secretly release the tension you’re building up elsewhere?” Maddy looked over, her expression unreadable, then she looked back at the glowing screen.

“Fucking cunt dick bastard numbers.”

“That’s disgusting,” Bethanie scowled, and turned back to the TV.

– – –


On Sunday morning (around noon) Bethanie was astonished to find that Maddy had woken and got out of bed before her. The wet towel draped over the door suggested that she had already showered too but surely that was… ridiculous? And what was that amazing smell?

“A full cooked breakfast! On the house for Madame!” Maddy shouted as Bethanie appeared, bleary-eyed in the kitchen doorway.

“What the hell is wrong with you? How much coffee have you already drunk this morning?”

“Like, three cups!” the blonde laughed, she couldn’t keep still. “I really fucking needed it to get up so early!”

“Wow! Well, thanks baby.” Bethanie sat at the small kitchen table with a smile as Maddy loaded up a plate with a mountain of fried and grilled food for her. Was this what Maddy would always be like if she wasn’t trying to get into Bethanie’s pants first thing in the morning? Or was this just a temporary redirection of her energies? She didn’t want to over-think things, and besides: here came the coffee.

Even more amazing than the midday breakfast (they were both usually late risers) was how they spent the afternoon – Maddy sitting on the sofa watching some Sunday afternoon classic and Bethanie lying with her legs across her lap reading her book. That’s all they did, and it felt wonderful.

That night Bethanie slept at her own place, and she was sure – almost beyond a shadow of a doubt – that Maddy would be masturbating herself into a coma, but that was ok because she was clearly determined to put the effort into ‘them’, restraining herself perfectly when they were together. Bethanie fell asleep with a smile on her face.

– – –


Bethanie missed Maddy all day Monday. Her girlfriend was attending a meeting as an extra assistant to some management group flunky, so she didn’t come into the office.

It wasn’t like they were all clingy and stupid at work of course, and while a bunch of people knew about them, they made sure that none of the managers did, in case there was some kind of non-fraternisation hullabaloo. The prospect was remote though.

Most of those who knew were cool about it, but there were a few who had wrinkled their noses and reacted – to their faces – in a stunningly offensive manner. Those people had burned their bridges with most of the office though – not just her and Maddy.

Bethanie kept her head down most of the day, but just after lunch she was waiting for the faint click that meant her coffee was available to be collected from the ludicrously large machine they kept in the corridor outside the kitchen (it tasted like swill to most people, but Bethanie kind of liked the chemical tang that the machine added) when she realised there was someone standing behind her.

“Wow, hey,” the low masculine voice was familiar somehow. She picked up her coffee and turned – oh God it was Seth.

“Wow… Seth, hi…” she smiled warmly, calmly, but her heart was pounding like she’d just run the sprint. She hadn’t thought of Seth for… weeks, and she had only seen him once or twice since she and Maddy had started going out. He was the last boy-crush she had developed before she had, temporarily or permanently, joined the ranks of girls who loved girls. Oh, of course, probably she was bi, but Maddy gave her a funny look whenever she said that.

She and Seth had been friendly before – but only as kind of acquaintances who would chat at whatever meeting they were required to attend together, and she mostly kept that chat to a minimum for fear of making an utter fool of herself. Her crush had never been all that serious, but he was a really good-looking guy. She tried to tidy her hair without looking like she was tidying her hair and got her finger tangled up in it.

“How have you been Beth?” No-one called her Beth, only people who didn’t know her. Seth didn’t seem to have noticed that her finger was trapped in her long dark hair – she carefully extricated it.

“I’ve been… good! Really good. You?”

“They had us working overtime on that new product launch thing.”

“That went out last week right?” Bethanie realised that her hot coffee cup was almost scalding her hands and started passing it back and forwards, trying not to burn herself. Seth had short, bahis siteleri messy, mousy brown hair and a gorgeous perma-stubble that he must have worked hard at so that it was never quite a beard. He had a couple of tattoos, she knew, but he was wearing a long sleeved check shirt today, so she couldn’t see them.

“Yeah, so… now I’m free,” he grinned, spreading his arms wide. He had a can of Pepsi in his right hand, Bethanie noticed now.

“Until the next deadline,” Bethanie smiled.

“Shut up!” he laughed back, then his whole body seemed to relax. It was too much to be natural, and she realised he was very deliberately trying to look casual. “Listen, can I ask you a question?”

“Um…” she knew it, “… sure, shoot.”

“I heard that you’re… ah…” Seth tailed off, looking so embarrassed that Bethanie made a sympathetically apologetic face at him. “Well, I heard that you’re going out with Maddie Matthews?” he blurted, “Is that right?”

“Yeah,” Bethanie was surprised by her own lack of hesitation, “yeah, it is.”

“Wow!” Seth stretched his arms again, this time as if he didn’t know what else to do with them. “I mean, wow, I didn’t know you were gay, sorry I…”

“Well, I’m…” Bethanie stopped short of saying ‘I’m not really gay’; that would be a lie no matter how things went in the future. What she had now was a relationship, no doubt about it, no matter how long it lasted. “That is… this is my first relationship like this?” Bethanie knew that her intonation was absurd, she sounded so uncertain it was like she was asking Seth for confirmation. And that was too personal wasn’t it? There was no need to be discussing this with Seth, was there?

“Wow,” Seth said again, “I’m just… I was really surprised! I thought that maybe…”

“What?” Bethanie interrupted, far too eagerly.

“Oh,” Seth had lowered his head, and now he looked up at her almost bashfully, “I was going to ask you out for a coffee or something sometime.”

Oh good God, was this true? Was this gorgeous guy (and Bethanie honestly thought that he was several notches above her on the universal attractiveness meter) really thinking of asking her out when she had hooked up with Maddy? What did this mean?

“Wow, that’s…” Bethanie’s voice tailed off, she didn’t know what to say.

“Just…” Seth shrugged, “I don’t want to be inappropriate, and please, by all means tell me to go to hell, but if you do want to get a coffee sometime… my email’s in the internal database, y’know.”

“I… ok,” Bethanie said, stunned. But Seth had already given her a quick wave and was heading back down the corridor away from her.

In the office she dropped back into her chair in a state of shock. Now, when she was seriously giving thought to the state and future of her relationship with Maddy, she was hit with this: a nice guy, a gorgeous guy, wanting to go out with her. She lowered her head and rested it in front of her keyboard with a bump. Carl, who sat opposite, looked over with a look of fear.

“Are… are you ok, Bethanie?” Carl was a nice, geeky guy, but ever since he’d found out she and Maddy were dating, he acted like they were liable to explode at any moment. Not because he disapproved, but probably just because he had never actually known any lesbians in his life before. He probably thought they spent every lunch time with their faces buried in each other’s dripping pussies in the ladies room. That was ridiculous. They’d only done that twice.

“I’m fine Carl, thanks,” Bethanie picked herself up and turned on her monitor, “I’m just an idiot.”

– – –


Bethanie didn’t sleep much on Monday night so getting ready for work on Tuesday was as welcome as an unexpected tax bill. At least Maddy would be back in the office today and seeing her would – or should – set straight all these crazy thoughts she was having.

She had been tossing and turning all night, trying to analyse her feelings: how she felt about Seth then, how she felt about Seth now, how she felt about Maddy… And she was thinking, perhaps crazily, about other things: her parents, who she hadn’t told about Maddy yet, and about babies. Serious, big, life-plan things.

By the time she was ready for work though, Bethanie was feeling better. Strangely, miraculously better. Things were falling together in her head, for some reason. Maybe she had shaken it enough in the night and by sheer chance she had completed the puzzle – a puzzle which was still missing some pretty major pieces really.

There were flowers on her desk when she came in, and a hot coffee too. She looked around with a smile, but Maddy was nowhere to be seen. Oh no, they weren’t from…?

“Ah, they’re from Maddy,” Carl smiled, nervously. He was always nervous of course, it didn’t really indicate anything. Smooth work Miss Matthews, Bethanie thought. “She said to say hi, and that,” Carl consulted a yellow post-it he had stuck to his finger, “she, uh, missed you.” Carl’s face was bright red by this bahis şirketleri time. “She had a meeting scheduled first thing.”

“Thanks Carl,” Bethanie smiled reassuringly, “good job.”

“I, uh, thanks.” Carl turned back to his computer, almost visibly sighing with relief.

Maddy appeared just before lunch time, materialising perched on her desk while Bethanie was spacing-out, gazing out of the window and concluding an interminable phone call. She yelped as she turned around and found a slender blonde sitting on the edge of her desk.

“Hi to you too,” Maddy smiled, her cool business facade firmly in place despite her super-casual pose. She hopped off the desk and gestured to the flowers that Bethanie had found a vase for (stealing it from one of the smaller, dustier meeting rooms and dumping the fake blooms it had held into a cupboard). “Do you like them?”

“They’re gorgeous,” Bethanie beamed, seeing Maddy again after almost two days apart was making her… unreasonably happy. She wondered if she was glowing. “How was yesterday?”

“Oh, you know,” Maddy made a vague face, too professional to start bitching about what Bethanie was sure had been a major snoozathon while in the office. She really was quite a different person when they were here. “Anyway, we’re still on for tonight?”

“Absoultely,” Bethanie nodded. She’d agreed to make dinner for Maddy last week, before their Friday night bet, but hadn’t mentioned it since. Neither of them really needed to check. “Come over around eight?”

“Of course, what’s on the menu?”

“Chicken cacciatore.”

“I have no idea what that is.” Maddy was no gourmand.

“Chicken tomato thing.”

“Sounds perfect,” for a second Maddy’s business mask slipped and, theatrically glancing around to check no-one was looking, she blew Bethanie a kiss with a cheeky wink. Bethanie just smiled back as Maddy turned to leave.

“Oh, hi Carl,” she waved as she passed.

“Hi!” he squeaked, and engaged in what might have been the worst attempt to look natural ever. Bethanie smiled at him apologetically for continuing to embarrass him. The feelings that she had been wrestling with for the last couple of days seemed so powerful, so important, that she had wanted to say something right there and then to her girlfriend. But she couldn’t do that here, she knew she couldn’t, so everything had to wait until later. Bethanie started to plan.

– – –

Maddy, wrapped in a kind of designer down jacket that looked huge on her tiny frame, rapped noisily on Bethanie’s door at quarter-past eight. It was cold in Bethanie’s hallway, so she started hopping a little as she waited an oddly long time for the door to be answered. After a minute she rapped again, and just when she was frowning and about to knock a third time, the door opened.

Maddy’s eyes glazed over, and her mouth – ready with a cheeky chastisement for keeping her waiting – hung slack and astonished.

Bethanie was standing in the doorway, one hand in an oven glove, and wearing a sensational, revealing, ridiculous French maid’s outfit. It included the highest heels that Maddy had ever seen Bethanie wearing, and from there black fishnet stockings wrapped her long, spectacular legs, and were held up by tiny little garter clips that disappeared under her frilly, lacy, white petticoat, still revealing more than an inch of bare thigh. Maddy swallowed, and let her eyes rise even higher, finding the tiny black dress and white apron, pushed up by the petticoat and then swooping in to Bethanie’s waist.

It was only when she got to Bethanie’s beautiful breasts that Maddy realised that the outfit was probably a good size too small for the tall brunette – her mouth-watering cleavage was almost spilling out of the lace trimmed decolletage. Bethanie was tall, and while she wasn’t fat, she was big in a number of ways, and she was overfilling the costume to perfection.

There was more: the cute puffy short sleeves, the black lace choker, the tiny maid’s cap that must have been pinned to Bethanie’s (still messy) hair – all of it far more girly and sexy than anything Bethanie usually wore. She was wearing more make-up too, dark, lush red lipstick, eyeliner and blusher. But those details were just the icing on the cake for Maddy, who was happily basking in the glory of those legs and that chest. She broke into a wicked grin, baring her teeth hungrily. Bethanie was a girl’s wet dream, a centrefold, a Goddess. Bethanie was dinner.

“Remember our bet,” Bethanie said, with a teasing smile, and the grin dropped from Maddy’s face like a ton of bricks.

“What? But you’re…” Maddy pointed, clumsily, at her tits.

“Look, come in baby, I feel kind of silly standing here like this.”

Inside Maddy just kept raising and lowering her head, trying to commit this vision to memory. “The bet is still in effect?” she asked in a weak, dazed voice.

“I’m sorry baby, but I’m afraid so,” Bethanie shrugged, and the movement of her shoulders almost caused the heavy swell of her breasts to evacuate the tiny dress. She grabbed the front, saving herself, and blushed. “Oops, sorry.”

“Then why,” Maddy frowned, starting to get a little mad now, “the fuck are you dressed like that?”

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