Better than Mommy?

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Nicky and John were at the supermarket picking up a few things for the weekend. It was late in the evening after both had gotten back from work. As they shopped the produce aisle John immediately remembered the conversation from a week ago comparing the size of a man’s cock to a cucumber. Nicky was always intrigued at the idea of what it might be like having such a huge hard thing like that in her. The conversation that day progressed to the point of me suggesting the idea of using it in her ass. Nicky loves anal sex and John got hard just imagining what it would be like seeing her cute rear end getting something that big. It would be completely unreal to see his loving wife’s rectum wrecked by the enormous produce.

Now here we were in the produce aisle walking past the cucumbers. John suddenly stopped and started looking through them sorting the various sizes and shapes. It took a while to choose one. When he did he locked eyes with Nicky and grinned. She didn’t move or react at all other than to visually inspect her self when John bagged it and dropped it into the basket.

It was beastly cucumber close a foot long John was guessing and thick. Thick enough that even with John’s large hands it was impossible to wrap his fingers around the thickest part of the vegetable. It was covered in thick knobs along its entire length.

Neither Nicky nor John spoke a single word to each other the rest of the time in the supermarket. The trip home was equally silent building the anticipation between. As soon as they got home they heated up dinner and chatted like nothing had happened. John made sure he set the cucumber on the counter near the table. Nicky wasn’t saying anything but her eyes kept wandering to the monstrous fruit.

When dinner was over John changed into a pair of sweat pants and a tee shirt then sat down in front of the television. It was Thursday night so Bones was just coming on. Nicky hadn’t moved from the table. She was just hypnotized by the vegetable. Without thinking about it Nicky started pumping her legs back and forth trying to catch enough friction to dull the growing ache between her thighs. That didn’t work, not as planned. It just spread the warmth around and made it impossible to ignore her arousal. Unable to take it any longer she walked over to John and knelt down in front of him. “So what did you have in mind with that cucumber?” She blurted out unable to conceal her arousal.

“I think you know. We’ve talked about it enough,” John answered.

Nicky smiled. “Now?”

“Yeah,” John replied. “Why not? Go change. You know what to wear.” Nicky got up and headed to the bedroom. Five minutes later she had on a mockery of a Girl Scout uniform. A brown skirt that didn’t cover the ripe half moons of her rump. A vest that only framed her voluptuous chest and a sash decorated with merit badges for cock sucking, stripping and dirty talking. She bit her lower lip as her husband inspected her. “Damn.” Nicky sank to the floor at John’s feet in the position he like most, with her ass up in the air ready for a thorough fucking. The sight of her in that position sent a rush of blood to John’s cock.

John grabbed the cucumber and carried it over to Nicky. Then he surprised her by handing her a stick of butter. “You might want to give it a nice thick coat since it needs to slip into such a tight little hole.” John smiled and stepped back.

John sat on the sofa while she rubbed a good amount of butter along the crack of her ass. Using güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri her fingers she spread it around until she was comfortable that she was lubed enough to handle the task at hand. Finished with that Nicky pushed one finger in through her anal hole working some inside. A second finger joined the first prying her hole open so she could shove some of the melting butter directly into past her sphincter.

Nicky then lubed up the cucumber wiping over its entire length making sure the whole thing was well coated. She was being so careful too, so as not to get any on the floor. Nicky took her time lubing the cuke and watching the expression on John’s face as she stroked the enormous phallus. His left foot started twitching a sure sign that he was loosing control. John was getting anxious to see her fuck her ass. “C’mon Baby Girl, push that big thing up your ass. Daddy wants to see his Little Girl’s asshole stuffed.”

“Yes Daddy,” she replied in a soft sexy whisper. Nicky just loved to role play and amongst her favorites were pretending he was her father. For some twisted reason John could never fathom it turned him on like nothing in the world.

Nicky placed the tip of the huge cucumber against her tight asshole. As large as it was, it looked even bigger now that it was between her ass cheeks. She began pushing and wiggling it around attempting to stretch her anal hole open so she could slide it in. She was pushing slightly then wiggling it again, and then applying more pressure to it. “UGhhhhhh,” she groaned. The tip had widened her hole enough for it to enter.

John had one hand in his pants not stroking his cock but just holding it. “That’s it Baby. Looks like you got it started,” John excitedly commented. She began pushing a little more. John watched his wife twist, pump, force and jam the cucumber trying to get some in. About an inch was in her ass making her anus stretch wider. Then she screwed and pushed and her tight hole opened almost to the thickness of the huge cucumber. John could see her asshole gripping the huge invader. Without a doubt that was biggest thing ever to invade Nicky’s bowels.

She continued working it deeper taking another inch. “Ohhhhh, Daddy…. it’s so big,” she grunted.

“Yes Baby, I know,” John replied. “But you look like such a filthy slut fucking yourself like that.” Unable to control himself John started stroking his cock. Watching his sweet darling little girl acting like a whore was an incredible turn on. “Keep going Babe. Stuff that hot little ass for me.”

Nicky groaned as she pushed on the end of the cucumber forcing more into her tight little bottom. “Oh my God Daddy…,” Nicky moaned in a desperate voice as it slowly traveled deeper into her rectum. “IT”S SO BIG…”

John crawled over to Nicky and slapped her ass. “C’mon you nasty little whore. Show me what you can do.” Then kissed her soft ass cheeks.

“Oh Daddy, I feel so dirty like this. It’s fucking enormous! It must be like fucking a goddamn moose!” Nicky gently pulled on the cucumber and part of it backed out of her hole. As she did, her anal ring gripped the cuke. It was by far the nastiest sex act John had witnessed. There’s just something incredibly hot about a beautiful asshole getting stuffed and stretched to its limits. Nicky then pushed it back in to about the same point, taking half of the cucumber again. “That’s it Baby Girl. Fuck your ass. Fuck it for Daddy.”

Nicky was an güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri obedient girl, she slid that huge cucumber back and forth through her asshole. After a while she picked up the pace and was stuffing her hole pretty hard. John reached up and pushed her hands out of the way lightly growling, “Daddy wants to fuck your tight little ass. I want to be the on shoving this into your guts.” John set the palm of his hand against the base of the cucumber and gently started pushing. “You’re fucking slut you know? How many girls shove cucumbers up their assholes? How many do it with their own fathers?”

“None. Not one girl I know would let her Daddy watch her be such a slut. I just can’t help it Daddy. I can hear you and Mommy through the walls and I just ooooh, I just touch myself. I can do anything better than she can Daddy.”

John felt his heart skip a beat. “Really? How about showing Daddy how you can take the whole thing?” John waited to see her reaction.

Nicky’s eyes lit up with the combination of fear, lust and excitement she always got when he challenged her. “Oh Daddy! It’s HUGE!” She moaned. The important detail was she didn’t say no.

“C’mon Baby… you can do it,” John coaxed. “You’re mother would at least try.”

“All of it Daddy?” Nicky asked looking over her shoulder into John’s eyes. She loved when she saw the hunger in his eyes that she’d created. It was what she lived for. After a moment pretending to think about her options she nodded.

“All of it. I want to see the whole thing buried in your bum.” John took her hand. “We’ll do it together, okay? All the way in.”

“Ok Daddy. Be gentle.” Still holding her hand John began pushing. The cucumber began going in deeper and deeper. “OOOOUuuuuuuuuu, Daddy!!!” John continued pushing steadily jamming the vegetable past her rectum. Inch by inch Nicky’s greedily gaping asshole swallowed the cuke. “Baby, you should see this. What a nasty little ass. I love that my Baby Girl is a hot little anal slut.” Less than an inch left still lingered outside Nicky. Her asshole was actually closing up as the phallic vegetable narrowed towards its end. “Almost there. You do the rest. Shove it in your ass.” Nicky placed her thumb on the tip. She pushed. She let out a deep grunt, as there was a lot of resistance. Nicky was moaning, grunting trying her best to make her ass completely accept the enormous cucumber. “Don’t stop, shove it all in. Remember, you’re a slut and you love having your ass filled.” John was breathless from the sight. Nicky gave one final push, gasped almost frantically and it was gone. Her puckered anal hole closed up tight and the whole cucumber was stuffed inside her gorgeous bottom.

For a moment John was speechless. He hadn’t actually believed she’d manage it until then and now it seemed impossible. She’d shoved at least nine inches, maybe more he’d make sure to measure it once it was out of her, into her bottom. “Goddamn,” His voice hushed from awe. “You nasty little slut. You took the whole thing. It’s all in your ass. I can’t believe you stuffed your tight little shithole like that.”

Nicky was breathing heavily trying to explain how she felt. “Oh Daddy my ass. It’s full.” Right in the middle of our living room floor John eased Nicky onto her back. She was moaning to me how full she felt. “Daddy, I don’t know if I can hold it. It feels like I have to go.”

“Just hold it in Baby,” John barked.

“I’ll try Daddy, I’ll güvenilir bahis şirketleri try,” she whimpered in obvious discomfort trying to keep the big cucumber in her rectum.

“You’ll do it Baby.” John put his middle finger on her tight anus. It was difficult for him hard to believe that right on the other side of her cute little pucker was a ten-inch huge vegetable buried in her ass. He’d been inches away watching it happen but it seemed like a trick. John pushed his finger against her hole easily sliding past the ring of muscle. He could feel the cucumber, all of its bumps and ridges grinding inside his wife. It was really there. With the massive vegetable there was hardly any room at all for his finger. “You feel that Baby? You feel my finger against that cucumber you nasty slut?” She couldn’t form words that point so her response came in the form of a long moan. “Okay Nicky. I guess we need to empty that ass, huh?”

“Yes. Please,” she managed to answer.

“Here’s what you do. Just squat and force that cucumber out of your ass.” It was like shitting in while he watched. John could see the color rise in her cheeks at the thought of such a humiliating act. Accepting her fate Nicky gripped her ass and squatted in front of John whose hand was still stroking his rigid cock. “God you’ve got a great ass.” John stared lustfully; first her rectum began heaving as if trying to open. It was like Nicky was taking a dump right on the living room floor. “That’s it Nicky,” John coaxed,” empty that cute little ass.” Nicky nudged his hand away from his cock and wrapped her lips around it sucking gently. A deep breath and she slid his cock down her throat without any hesitation she relaxed and spread her cheeks some more. Her asshole began opening and stretched wider and wider. For a moment it was gaping John could only see a black hole which was a good explanation for where the massive cucumber had gone. Suddenly the tip appeared and her hole spread wider and wider until the full thickness of the vegetable emerged and had her anal ring straining. “Daddy! It’s too big.” She managed to force the words out along John’s cock. Strings of saliva ran from her chin to his glistening dick.

John was gasping out in amazement. “Oh Nicky your ass. You got that thing in your shitter!” It was mind boggling that something that huge could be inside his wife. “Good girl.” John commented. The cucumber started sliding faster. It was coming out with little effort now. Then in an instant it just dropped from her hole. It took a moment for Nicky’s ass to close back up since her anus had been stretched so wide. For John it was the sexiest thing he’d ever witnessed.

Nicky slumped to her hands and knees on the floor, and then she just sprawled out. She was exhausted. John picked the cucumber up and placed it on Nicky’s chest between her breasts. “Look at that, you filthy slut. That was in your ass.” John stood over his wife and started stroking my cock. Nicky was watching was watching. Even as exhausted as she was she was still excited that she was going to get my cum. “Fuck, that was the hottest thing I’ve ever seen!” John gasped aiming his cock down toward Nicky. Cum started shooting out, the first spurt hit right in her face splattering her nose and left cheek. Then another thick glob burst from his cock and landed on the cucumber. Adjusting dribbled out sprinkled on her face and neck.

Once John’s orgasm had passed he sank to his knees beside his wife and knocked the cucumber away. Nicky didn’t move a muscle. Only her breasts moved with each breath she took. “You’re a filthy little girl, do you know that?” She smiled.

“Better than Mommy?.” Nicky’s voice only an octave above a whisper.

“Way better.” Nicky surged up with energy she didn’t know she had and kissed her husband.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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