Bi Cuckold Humiliated and Fucked Ch. 01

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HEADS UP! This story contains scenes that include, extreme cuckolding, bi/gay sex, rough sex, non-con (maybe) sex and anal. If you don’t like this then don’t continue. You have been warned!

Chapter 1:

The time was approaching 9 pm and I was just finishing the washing up. I’d had a particularly long day at work but my wife would be home soon and she would be very angry if all the chores weren’t done.

She had always been controlling of me ever since we first met in college but that’s a story for another time. Maybe deep down I knew she only liked my money but I was intoxicated with the thought of being her husband and jumped at the chance to marry her a year after we started dating. As long as I let her be in total control and did everything she said then we had a very good relationship in every aspect but one – sex. We had never had sex, we had been dating for 2 years and married for one of those but never had sex. She always had a reason to wait. “I don’t want you to only want me for sex,” or “Lets not ruin our first Christmas worrying about sex,” or “Maybe next birthday.”

My only sexual relief was masturbating whenever I had chance while she was out and in between the chores she had me do. I worked 9 till 5, sometimes for 7 days a week to provide for the house at the local factory, she did have a job but always seemed to be able to work from home or the boss would give her the day off for some reason.

This brings us back to that day, she had actually gone into work this day and said she’d be home about 9 because of a dinner meeting with her boss talking about some important business. That time came and went, then 10 went by with me sitting on the sofa waiting for her to get home.

I had been paranoid that she was sleeping with other men ever since we met but she always blew it off when I asked. I was starting to get worried when I finally heard a car pull up outside the house. I heard her enter. I felt relieved at her coming home until I could hear her laughing in the hallway… with a man! She eventually stepped into the living room with a man behind her, he was tall, elegant and handsome. He must have been in his 30’s but in perfect shape, muscles barely contained in his expensive white shirt.

The man spoke in a commanding voice, “Hey Stewart, I’ve had a few to many to drink and your beautiful wife said I could stay here for the night.”

I looked at my wife and she was giggling, while hanging off of his arm, “You don’t mind do you darling? Can’t have him driving home drunk and he lives to far away from me to just drop him back quick.”

I stammered a reply, “Well, I…,” but my wife’s stare cut me short and confirmed to me that it was an order not a question.

I continued stammering my reply, “Er, yes dear, I’ll go and make the spare bed up for him, its a bit small but …”

My wife interrupted me and laughed again, “Don’t be silly dear, he would never be able to fit in there, you can sleep in the spare bed and he can share our bed. It’s only for one night.”

I couldn’t believe she was telling me she would sleep in our bed with another man, but she had made it clear that my opinion didn’t matter and as I sat there she began to pull him away and they disappeared up the stairs.

An hour later I was cramped up in the tiny spare room that no one had slept in since we had bought the house a year ago. The walls and bed were bright pink, I was so embarrassed but tried to tell myself I was doing a good thing for my wife and it would probably make her really happy. I soon discovered that the radiator was broken too so the night would be cold and long.

I suddenly woke up to a banging noise, checking the clock it was barely midnight. The banging was non stop and I could hear my wife whispering. No she was moaning. Had all my fears been confirmed, had she been cheating on me? I tried to sleep but woke up several more times throughout the night to the sound of the headboard slamming the wall over and over again. I was too scared to get up and see for myself, but my cock betrayed me and the thought of my wife being happier than I could ever make her was making me hard.

Next morning I awoke and the banging noises had stopped. Suddenly all of the thoughts from last night cam flooding back, maybe I had dreamt all the banging my brain tried to tell me, my wife would never cheat. Going across the hallway I peaked into my wife’s room and to my great pleasure she was alone in there on her laptop. I opened it and she looked up at me beaming.

“Come here baby, I need a kiss,” she said seductively. I couldn’t believe it, she had never spoken to me like this, this was some of the first seemingly real interest she had shown in me in 2 years and I jumped at the chance. Leaping on to the bed, I kissed her lips which were extremely red and warm but that only made it hotter.

“I’ve got a really hot idea babe, just go with it,” she whispered and grabbed the back of my head and pushed her tongue into my mouth. I was on cloud nine güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri and had completely pushed the thoughts of last night out of my head and forgotten about last night before I suddenly felt a saltiness in my mouth. Finally releasing my head and pulling back, her tongue left my mouth but a sticky residue remained.

Just as I went to spit it out, she put her hand over my mouth before speaking, “No, no, no baby, swallow it, and maybe you’ll get a reward tonight.”

I can’t deny that I was conflicted. I wasn’t sure what she had passed into my mouth but she seemed to be offering sex, I’d do anything for sex. Swallowing what ever was in my mouth would be nothing. As I swallowed, it slightly burned my throat and left a salty taste in my mouth but it wasn’t terrible and my wife looked so happy afterwards.

“Baby,” my wife began, “I need to tell you something but you better not get upset. That was my bosses hot cum you just swallowed…”

Chapter 2:

At that moment I was blown away and instantly stood up and left the room, many thoughts going around in my head. I couldn’t believe that she could firstly fuck another guy and then secondly feed me his cum! I bet she has been cheating on me the whole time and thought she could get away with it and treat me like shit… Maybe she could? It would turn out later that I had just passed her test…

She spent the day giving me attention and touching me for the first time in a year, within an hour I had forgiven her and after a day of it and the promise of actual sex tonight I was putty in her hands again. I’d do anything to finally feel the inside of her pussy.

She had actually cooked me dinner for the first time since our honeymoon and was actually nice to me all night. Around 8 we were cuddling on the soda in my boxers and so horny that I could hardly contain myself. The thought of finally fucking her kept going around in mind, the deceit she had performed on me this morning had all been forgotten. She now groped my cock through my boxers that I was sitting in. She hooked her thumbs into the elastic and looked me seductively in the eye while she lowered them until I was sitting in front of her completely nude for the first time ever and the hardest I had ever been.

“Oh baby that looks hard, ready to lose your virginity?” she said seductively. Her words made me embarrassed but I was too horny to move. Looking at her hot lips made my 4 inch cock even harder than before and she smiled.

“You do have to wear this though babe,” she said slowly pulling out a blindfold. I was so horny I would have agreed to anything, nodding she then plunged me into darkness. Before long I could feel her moving her face closer to my cock and as her breath curled on it my heart was beating out of my chest, eventually her lips made contact with my cock head and I was instantly in heaven. It was so much nicer than anything I had ever felt before and I was lost in pleasure. Her soft tongue licked around my cock head and as she gently sucked I was ready to cum within a minute.

Then suddenly the doorbell rung and she stopped sucking me, leaving me right on the edge of orgasm. “Not yet, and whatever you do, do not move for anything,” she cooed and stood up telling me she’d be right back.

I strained to hear her talking in the porch but couldn’t make anything out except that she was talking to a man. For a second I was worried but the man’s voice definitely wasn’t her bosses, “Probably just someone with the wrong address,” I reassured myself.

I was really worried and thought about removing the blindfold but didn’t want to do anything to make her stop, this was the best night ever.

Within two minutes I heard her close the door behind her. “Don’t worry babe it was nothing,” my wife said happily, “Shall we get back to business?”

“Yes! Please,” I begged.

“How much do you want me to carry on, what would you do?” she asked.

“Anything, whatever just please carry on.”

It was silent for a few moments before I heard a lot of movement and then quickly I felt her soft lips back on my cock and I was launched back into heaven. Over and over again she took me to the edge of orgasm before pulling her head away and leaving me floundering and begging her to carry on. After she had done this a few times while my cock was in her mouth, she suddenly laughed. How could she so that? And wait a minute her voice was coming from across the room. Ripping at my blindfold I was thrown back into the light and could see the person sucking my cock. It was a man! They were slim, toned and black. As I pulled back, the man stopped sucking me, I tried to speak in panic but my wife’s stern look and the mans imposing aura stopped me.

My wife was next to speak, not in an angry tone but in an authoritarian one, “Well baby, I guess you’ve ruined it now. Nevertheless, I promised Abe here that you’d both get to cum. Just because you don’t want to cum, it doesn’t mean he doesn’t.”

As güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri she said this Abe smiled and stood up, sending his large erect cock level with my face. The end had a drip of pre-cum on it and veins bulged from the sides as I was momentarily mesmerised by the first cock I had seen that wasn’t mine. I then came back to reality.

“No, no, no, I’m not gay, I can’t do that… sorry Abe but…” I said meekly.

Now my wife stood up, “Oh yes you will, I won’t have you cheat poor Abe here out of a blowjob, he has fulfilled his side, it’t your fault that you didn’t get to cum and you said you’d do anything, now suck his cock or this marriage is over.”

Her last words stuck with me and the look in her face showed me that she was serious. I that moment I instantly knew that I couldn’t lose her, I’d do anything to keep her. I stopped recoiling and sat back in my seat normally with his massive cock a few inches from my still closed mouth.

“Open, NOW!” she boomed.

Following her orders and closing my eyes I opened my mouth slightly. As soon as I did, Abe lunged forward and suddenly his big cock head tore through my slightly open lips and stretched them to the max as he touched the back of my throat making me gag. I tried to push him back by his thighs to allow me to breath but he quickly took both of my hands in one of his and held them over my head. His cock was so large that my mouth was stretched to breaking point and as his cock sat at the back of my throat I opened my eyes in horror to see there was still several inches to go.

As he sat there in the back of my throat not moving, I slowly started to breath through my nose. Several moments passed and just as I was getting used to it he began to slowly pump forwards and backwards. With every pull back I felt a short relief, until he began to slide back in and I could only watch, terrified as he plunged back in hitting top of my throat hard each time. I managed to clench and close my throat quick enough each time to prevent him sending the whole thing down there. Each thrust would make me gag and drool would slip out of my mouth past his huge man meat and down over my chest and cock. It was so embarrassing but with his massive tool in my mouth stretching my lips I couldn’t control my saliva anymore.

Suddenly my wife called out, “See, he loves it!” I felt my cock getting harder and harder until I could feel it fully erect. Why was I hard? I wasn’t gay?

For several minutes he continued to slowly ravage my mouth and for me every moment was taken up with trying to breath. Then the doorbell rang. In horror I looked up at my wife who simultaneously flashed a camera in my face.

Looking at the picture on her phone she spoke, “Aw my baby you look so cute sucking cock, anyway that’ll be my boss, I told him he could stay over again, you don’t mind do you?”

I tried to say no but the cock hitting my throat made it impossible. Waiting a moment she responded mockingly, “Well I guess you can’t talk with your mouthful, don’t worry I’ll just let him in.”

Now I struggled against Abe but he was way to strong for me and my wife soon returned to the living room with her boss in tow.

“Oh look he’s really getting into it now. Yes babe choke on that beautiful cock,” she said laughing.

I couldn’t look her or her boss in eye as they walked past but I could hear him laughing under his breath and just before she disappeared up the stairs she shouted back, “Oh by the way, I promised Abe a great time and if he isn’t satisfied I told him he can keep fucking you every night until he is. And if he doesn’t think you’re trying hard enough then I’ll post that picture I just took of you sucking him off while your little dick-let is hard to all of your little work friends.” With that she closed the door and I heard her scurry off up the stairs leaving me faced with Abe’s massive cock.

The sucking continued for what felt like forever and I was lost, trying to think I was in a different place when Abe spoke aggressively while he pulled his sodden cock from my lips, “Hey your wife said I could take what I like, open up your throat cuck!” Before I could respond he rammed back in, this time hard and smashed into the back of my throat making me heave.

“Oi, I said open up, or I’ll go and get your wife right now,” he shouted.

I tried to open up my throat but his cock was just too big, after a few more failed thrusts he pulled back. I thought he had given up and relaxed for a moment; then suddenly he lunged forwards and before I could stop him had me fully impaled on his cock. I couldn’t breath. Panicking I looked up through the mess of black pubic hair in my face, looking at him, he looked back but only smiled. I gagged over and over again but no matter what I couldn’t dislodge his cock from my throat.

“Yes, yes, yes,” he moaned, “Keep gagging it feels good!”

I could feel myself going light headed and just as my vision darkened he ripped it out of güvenilir bahis şirketleri my throat, saliva poured out of my mouth and as I tried to gulp in air he slammed his dripping, red cock back into my mouth to the hilt.

As his untrimmed balls slammed into my chin again he spoke in a ragged voice, “Yes, you’re a great cock sucker just like she said you would be. See I told you that you could take it all. Yes yes!”

This continued for several minutes, until he finally pulled out and let me rest for a minute, my mouth bubbling over with saliva and salty pre-cum. My brain was fuzzy from lack of oxygen, my heart was pounding harder than I knew possible and my face was a mess of my own saliva and his pre-cum. It was over my nose, my eyes and even in my hair. As I sat there dazed I could feel him picking me up but I was too exhausted to fight. He effortlessly bent me over the side of the sofa and pinned my arms to my back. I could sense him feeling and talking about my ass but I was too far gone to listen and was just enjoying the bliss of being able to breath again for the first time in a long while.

It was only when I felt a soft pushing at my ass hole did I come back to reality. “No, no, no,” I rasped painfully, I could barely talk after the destruction he had caused to my sore throat. But my words weren’t heeded and he began to push at my ass, more and more forcefully. To start with I kept him out but it was a losing battle, I was exhausted and his cock was so wet and slippery from fucking my throat it was only a matter of time before he won. Suddenly I felt my ass begin to open and within seconds it felt like he would rip my ass in half. My whole ring burned and no amount of clenching could dislodge him.

“Yeah that feels good, keep clenching,” he said sadistically.

I wanted to cry, my manhood was being torn away from me. But then I thought to myself, that’s it, I’ve taken him all now and if I keep clenching like this then maybe he won’t actually fuck me. So I did, I began clenching and releasing, my ass was screaming in agony and every clench made the pain crescendo for a moment but it must be better than him pounding me I thought.

“Yeah you cum slut, clench on my cock. You love that don’t you. Your wife will be proud!” he laughed at me.

I had completely forgotten about my wife and I felt humiliated at the mention of her but I didn’t want to make Abe angry by ignoring him so I replied, “I guess so, she’ll be proud that I took it all.”

Abe began to laugh, harder and harder before speaking, “All… All… nah man that’s just the head, this is my cock.” He emphasised it by pushing forward.

What I had thought was agony was suddenly nothing as several inches of Abe’s monster buried itself in me. My insides began to burn and stretch as their previous tightness was destroyed. Before I had even started to adjust he began to advance, every movement seemed to tear my insides which felt glued to his cock. Forwards and backwards he buried himself in my ass, the burning sensation would finally begin to sate somewhat before he pushed in deeper and it began all over again. After a long time of this I looked back and in horror could see that at least half of his cock was still outside of me.

“He’ll kill me with that,” I thought to myself, eyes wide in panic.

At that moment Abe looked me in the eye, “Oh yes cum slut I’m getting close. Say you want my cock. Say you love me in your ass. Say you want my cum.”

I stayed silent, biting my lip through the pain, I wouldn’t humiliate myself like that I thought to myself, not with my wife just above us.

Abe spoke again while moaning, “If you don’t, I’ll fuck you all night until I’m fully impaled in you and your ass will be torn open. Say it now and maybe your ass will be able to close again.”

Finally I submitted to the humiliation, I couldn’t let him tear my ass in half. I mumbled, “I like your cock.”

“No slut, louder!” he shouted.

“I like your cock,” I said in a talking tone.

“Shout it!”, he said, “Or I’ll tear your ass up!”

Finally I was broken, I just had to make him stop, the pain in my ass was unbearable.

“I love your cock!” I shouted. “Fuck me hard!” I grimaced.

“Tell me to cum in you slut,” he said breathlessly.

He began to pump harder and I could feel it in my stomach now, I had to make him stop even though the thought of his cum was sickening! Blushing I finally said it, “Cum in me Abe. Now. Please!”.

With that he pushed deeper than ever before, looking under me I was sure I could see the outline of his cock pushing outwards from my stomach. Groaning loud I felt my already bulging full ass accept his seed. He came again and again and again making me feel bloated and sick until he finally pulled his cock out with a loud plop.

My insides were still screaming at me but his hot seed seemed to soothe it slightly. I laid there not moving as he stood up and spoke gleefully, “You little cum slut. You loved that didn’t you. Well good news, you failed the deal and didn’t take my whole cock. I’ll text your wife to let her know I’ll be back tomorrow for a second go.” With that he opened the door and left.

I felt hopeless and wanted to cry and but choked the tears back, I felt defeated, I couldn’t take another night with Abe.

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