Bisexual Bears By The Sea

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Rick was a little pissed off when a group came around the cliff and onto the small beach that he thought of as his private hideaway. He had only just arrived and hadn’t even stripped off yet; he had been planning to sit there and watch the sun go down.

He was about to pack up and go when something about this group aroused his curiosity. They were somewhat of an unlikely fit; three men, all big and beefy and two women, both slim, blonde and very pretty in a doll like way. Rick watched as the small group stripped down to their bathing costumes. Fortunately he had his own on underneath his jeans, although usually he swam naked. He stripped off, down to his speedos, and took a quick dip in the warm water and then lay back down on his towel.

He could soon smell the unmistakable smell of a joint being smoked. He stole a quick glance and saw them passing a joint around, in-between taking glugs of beer and hoped that this little party didn’t get too rowdy. There was something about the guys, in their tiny little speedos that hardly contained their fat nuts, that was incredibly attractive to Rick. Normally he like his men slim and fashion conscious buy every now and then there was something about the raw sexual power of a bear that overwhelmed his desire. The three men on the beach all had solid builds, with rock hard butts the size of watermelons cut in half. One had dark hair, one red and the third was a blonde; all three had thick hair swirling all over their chests and stomachs. One of the men had tiny nipples while the other two had large ones.

Rick turned away, conscious that he had been staring and tried to think safer thoughts. His cock already felt uncomfortably confined in his own speedos and, as attractive as the men were to him, he longed for them to leave so he could have a long stroke off session. It had been weeks since he’d been laid and he needed to take care of his blue balls.

He heard a raucous chuckle and the some güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri cheering. Stealing a quick glance he noticed one of the girls taking off her bikini top. Rick turned over onto his stomach and tried to ignore the group. But it was hard, damn hard. There was something going on not ten feet from where he lay on the tiny beach and he wanted to know what it was. He pretended to be asleep for as long as he could and then stole a quick glance.

What he saw quickened his pulse and brought a lump to his groin. He was so excited he could hardly breathe. The two girls were on their back and they were getting fucked. The third guy, the redhead, was sitting between the two pairs and stroking the other guys backs and asses. What the hell was going on here? Rick sat up, unable to pretend indifference anymore. His hard cock ached in his speedos. The guy doing the stroking looked over and smiled.

‘Say buddy, wanna come join us?’ he asked.

Was he for real? Rick was unsure what to do but his cock knew what it wanted. He stood up and shucked his speedos revealing his nine inch wand of pale manflesh , pointing up at the sky with a slick red knob revealed. The girl nearest him, the one getting fucked by the dark haired guy, looked up at him and begged him to let her have a taste of his juicy knob. He approached and knelt at her side, still a little unsure what his reception would be. He need not have worried; she grabbed hold of his cock and guided it into her mouth and began devouring it like it was the only cock she had ever had. The guy fucking her had his face real close, watching her suck that weighty rod before he grabbed a handful of Rick’s butt and nuzzled his belly button.

Rick reached down and stroked his shoulders, feeling the muscles moving under his warm, bronze skin. This was one sexy hunk, and Rick wanted a little more than he was getting. He pulled out of the woman’s mouth and went to join güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri the guy sitting between the two fuckers. Kneeling behind this sexy red head, Rick embraced him and had a good feel of his fur, tugging now and then on his tiny red nipples. The guy got up into a crouching position allowing Rick to slide a hand underneath him and have a feel of his big, smooth ass. When Rick slid a hand into his crack and over his pucker he realized that the guy had already lubed up!

The red head was still stroking the blonde haired guy’s thighs and Rick took over doing the other man. There was something intensely exciting about seeing them fuck so close up; seeing their thick cocks sliding in and out of those wet pussies and listening to the sound of the women moaning was really getting to Rick. He parted the dark haired guy’s hairy ass cheeks and went into a feeding frenzy as he gave the stranger the rim job of his life. The dark haired guy cried out loud as that horny tongue plunged in and out of his sensitive asshole, sending waves of pleasure charging through his body. The woman underneath him had abandoned herself to orgasm by now and it was all a little too much for her lover. His moans intensified and Rick quickly jammed his thumb up the hunk’s asshole, triggering his release. He grunted and flooded her quim with his joy juice.

‘Man, that was hot.’ the redhead whispered in Rick’s ear before nibbling on his ear lobe.

The dark haired stud got up and pulled the woman to her feet. They hugged briefly and ran off into the surf. The red head lay down on the spot they had vacated and spread his legs wide, lifting his bull sized balls to show off his wet, waiting slit.

‘Wanna do me?’ he asked.

The blonde guy turned around. ‘Ooh yeah! Give it to him.’ he demanded.

Rick fell to his knees and entered the redhead in a flash. He groaned as his big cock bit into the beefy bear stud’s asshole. güvenilir bahis şirketleri The heat and slickness enveloped his sensitive cockhead as he slid his full nine inches home. He looked down at the chunky, furry body beneath him and could hardly remember a time when he had been more turned on. He was vaguely aware of the woman next to him groaning over and over again. At last her groans reduced to whimper and then stopped. Suddenly something warm rained down on Rick’s back and he realized that the blonde had blasted a thick load of goop onto him.

The blonde guy started caressing Rick’s pert little ass. Rick’s body was so different from theirs and the blonde wished that he hadn’t already shot his bolt. He sure wouldn’t have minded drilling that hot ass. His rough finger teased and prodded at Rick’s ring, driving the slender stud crazy.

‘Go on, lick his ass.’ the woman told her partner. ‘Make him wet!’

Rick waited… would he? Oh yes, he would! He felt his cheeks being parted and then a hungry mouth fastened itself to his fuck truffle. From that point on he was in danger of blowing. The ass he was in was incredibly fuckable and he wanted this fuck to last for ever but when he was being eaten like that how could it. When he was good and wet the blonde guy slipped his middle finger into Rick’s ass which spasmed around the finger as it probed his special spot. Underneath Rick, the red head read the danger signals and quickly increased the tempo of his stroking, his hand flying up and down that super thick four inch cock of his until it was a blur.

Rick groaned and cursed as his feet started to tingle. His small balls were drawn up tight and he panted as he sought release. Suddenly the red head bear’s thick spunk splashed against Rick’s smooth, flat belly and one more stroke was all it took as his balls suddenly exploded, shooting forth his boiling jism and causing him to just about black out from the intensity of it all. He collapsed onto the warm, cum splattered, broad furry chest of his red headed bear as the finger was gently withdrawn from his ass.

When Rick had recovered they all went for a swim before all six of them began a second round of hot lovemaking as the sun went down.


Copyright Daniel Blue

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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