Blondie Beds Her Needy Brother Pt. 02

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Chapter 2

Caring Cajun cutie services sibling’s special needs

If the reader has not yet read Part One of this tale of sibling decadence, I would strongly recommend doing so before continuing, as it sets the stage for what follows here and in future stories of the adult incestual adventures of little Blondie and her hot-blooded big brother.

In spite of her own decadent fantasies, it was to be a while before Blondie gave in to her brother’s pleadings and even longer before fully succumbing to her own incestual lust. In the week following their first mutual masturbation, they’d had a single repeat event…where she’d made good on her promise to lie naked on her bed with legs spread…skillfully bringing herself to a short series of orgasms for his masturbatory inspiration. Her big brother had again bathed her tantalizing young body in hot semen, triggering in her yet another shuddering climax.

Bert continued to push her for intercourse, but she resisted. When further coaxing failed, he contrived a carrot and stick approach with his obstinate little sister…the carrot being a promise to help her with…or even do for her…most of her homework, including writing her term papers, for the remainder of her senior year. This would clearly give her more time free for dating and fun. Bert was very bright, even if inclined to laziness, so Blondie knew this arrangement would help her keep her grades up while leaving more time for steamy southern nights with other boys on backroads out in bayou country.

The stick was his not so subtle threat to somehow indirectly inform their parents of her admitted promiscuity if she refused to let him go all the way when he needed sexual release. Facing such alternatives, not really choices at all for a horny, fun loving, eighteen-year-old, she grudgingly agreed to give more consideration to giving him what he so badly wanted.

Even though a typically self-absorbed teenager, Blondie understood Bert’s needs, and was even sympathetic that her handicapped brother was unlikely get sexual intercourse elsewhere, in spite of being an intelligent, nice-looking young man. Other young girls tended to view his physical and communicative inabilities as weird and off-putting—indisputably lacking in many of the social graces, Bertie was not seen by those young women as being cool. On the other hand, however, she continually reminded herself, the relationship he was pressuring her to renew was not kid stuff anymore…not with him being in college and her in the last year of high school…and not just socially taboo, but actually illegal…as she’d repeatedly pointed out to him.

But Bert craftily continued to play on her sympathies and feed her desires, particularly during their increasingly frequent bouts of mutual masturbation…applying pressure when she was most vulnerable…when she was reclining naked on her bed pleasuring herself and letting him watch. It ultimately worked: she had come home from school one afternoon shortly after Cleo, their black cook and housekeeper, had left for the day, with hours remaining before their mother came home. Bringing her homework to him in his room, she had totally surprised her brother when she readily, without the slightest objection, agreed to his brazen request for payment by her posing naked for him on the bed, providing him with masturbatory inspiration.

No longer the least bit shy about undressing completely in her big brother’s presence, Blondie had led him into her room where she had removed her tight skirt and sweater with him watching, then stood at her vanity in bra and panties arranging her blonde hair…playing the tease…watching her brother’s eyes in the mirror as they roamed hungrily over her young body while he slowly stroked his erect penis. She teased,

“You really like lookin’ at my body, don’t you grand frère (big brother)? Petite soeur (Little sister) is growin’ up, huh? Gonna be nineteen here before you know it.”

Bert groaned, “Oh mon Dieu yes, Blondie, you are such a sexy little thing—beautiful, really—you’ve truly become une petite beauté (a little beauty),” bringing a huge smile to her face. She crossed to where he sat at her study desk and standing in front of him, reached behind her, unfastening and shrugging out of her white nylon bra. Bert saw that her rosy nipples were hard, and teased, “You sure look like you’re ready to have a little fun this afternoon.”

As she stepped out of her white nylon panties, Blondie replied, “More than you know, big brother, but you are aboutto find out, cher.”

Cupping her breasts, she thumbed her erect nipples and inquired sweetly, “Bertie, you remember that I told you if you didn’t bug me about all this sex stuff too much, that I might just change my mind an’ let casino şirketleri you do it again, go all the way with you at least one more time?”

She smiled enticingly, “Just so you could find out what it’s like to actually come in a woman?”

Struck speechless, Bert just nodded and Blondie continued, “You know, every time I’ve let you come on my body, I’ve looked at your big ol’ fat bite (dick) and wondered if I shouldn’t just go ahead an’ do it an’ let you come in me, let you see how it feels.”

She giggled, “As far as that goes, let me see, too…see what it feels like to let my brother come in me, tu sais (you know)?”

With a mischievous smile, she stepped to the bed and lay back, legs spread and arms held out to him, as she purred, “Well I been fantasizin’ about what that would feel like all day at school, an’ I’m real curious about it, so why don’t we just go ahead an’ find out right now, grand frère?”

A totally thunderstruck Bert could only respond with, “You’re kidding!” to which she replied,

“Get outta those clothes mon frère, an’ get over here an’ find out if I’m kiddin’ or not.”

Moments later as he crawled between her spread legs, she took his rock hard phallus in hand, preparing to insert it inside her. She exclaimed,

“Boy, this thing sure seems bigger than it was the last time I let you put it in me, Bertie.”

Grinning she said, “But you were the only guy I’d been with up ’til then so I didn’t really have anything to compare it with, n’est-ce pas (did I)?”

I’ve been thinkin’ it looked some bigger when I was watchin’ you jackoff, but I guess I didn’t realize just how big it really is.” She stroked it and said with undisguised admiration,

“Wow! It’s très épais, grand frère (really thick, big brother)—I can’t even get my fingers all the way around it—you take it real slow now gettin’ us started, okay? I can handle it, cher, but you need to go nice ‘n slow until we get it all the way in there, you hear me?”

According to Bert’s journal, Blondie hadn’t moved her body much initially as he’d pressed the head of his cock through her soft bush and up against her lust-swollen labia…before pushing past them and entering that snug warm channel, encased once more in her clinging wetness. But as he’d started pumping it into her, she’d begun to moan softly and move in a slow, subdued, sinuous swiveling of her hips…meeting each of his thrusts with a growing receptiveness. He’d been thrilled when this little sexpot had begun blowing in his ear, urging,

“Oh yeah, baise-moi (fuck me), Bertie baby…Baise-moi! Baise-moi! I haven’t had any of your big cock in so long an’ I’ve been tempted to let you fuck me again ever since you came home from college, baby, but this is just so wrong, you know, sugar? It’s just so totally sinful an’ we both know we shouldn’t be doin’ it.”

He was thrilled with her greater willingness to express her feelings and desires and to do it in the clearest, even coarsest, of terms, both French and English, leaving no doubt that she wanted to have sex with him and that he could, and was, making her feel very good, just as she was him. Moments later, as if to confirm that and more, his little sister, twisting her bottom up and around, subtly meeting his thrusts, moaned,

“Oh Jeezus, Bertie, I know I shouldn’t be lettin’ you do this to me, but God almighty this big ol’ grosse bite (fat cock) just feels so good inside me an’ I’ve missed it so much…I’ve really missed it so much!”

She gasped, “You’re bigger ‘n any of the other boys I’ve been with…any of ’em…you really are, baby, an’ you’re better ‘n they are, too, an’ I’m not just sayin’ that.”

With her lips brushing his ear, she crooned, “You move different from other boys, baby…” then paused before sighing, “With you I never know which direction that big ol’ thing’s comin’ from ’cause of the way your body moves so unpredictably, you know?”

“When you get that thing movin’ Bertie…” she giggled, “I just wrap my legs around your butt an’ hang on…just let you do all the drivin’, big brother, tu sais?”

That made him smile: since the day Blondie got her driver’s license at sixteen there had been a running, sibling battle between them…when both were in the car…as to who should drive and which route they should take.

Surprising him, she kissed him affectionately on his neck as she purred throatily,

“An’ I just love it that way, big brother…just love lettin’ you drive when you’re takin’ me for that kinda ride, comprenez vous (you understand)?”

Bert was surprised by the kiss because she had been adamant, when he’d tried to kiss her shortly after they began having intercourse the previous summer, that there would be no kissing, as their relationship was purely sexual, a matter casino firmaları of her helping him with his sexual needs—it was not a romantic affair and in her schoolgirl mind, kissing was reserved for romance. He wondered if perhaps she might be softening her resolve—she was—but it still would take a while.

He recorded that he loved hearing from his baby sister that his disability actually made him a more proficient and desirable lover—better even than the normal boys she screwed—the first time in his life he’d ever heard his problems characterized in such a positive manner. The idea of her never knowing where his big cock was coming from and how he would next probe her with it, would become both a point of pride and a standing joke between them…enduring for years, even after she became my wife…as I would subsequently come to discover.

That afternoon her brother responded to her praises, “And your sweet little pussy is so très serré (very tight), Blondie—it’s been so long—mon Dieu, that feels so wonderful!”

By the time Bert was ready to come, his petite soeur had her legs around his back and was encouraging him, “Je veux vraiment que tu viennes en moi chérie (I really want you to come inside me, honey), d’accord (okay)?”

And when he began firing his hot semen into her,

“Oui, oui, oui! Oh oui, donne-le moi, bébé, remplis-moi! (Yes, yes, yes! Oh yes, give it to me, baby, fill me up!)” Remplis ma chatte de ton sperme grande frère (Fill my pussy with your come big brother)! Oui, oui, oui! donne-le moi, mon cheri! “

Pleasure-wise it was everything she had promised her brother in her masturbational taunts. He observed in his journal that, quite clearly, little Blondie had not only been filling out physically, she’d become much more sexually sophisticated during his time away at school. And she was right about his coming inside her…it was the most thrilling, pleasurable climax of his life…far and away surpassing those when jerking it out during their previous copulations or even when ejaculating on her nubile body.

Nonetheless, he noted, in spite of her energetic enthusiasm and fond endearments, there was, as had been the case last summer, no post-coital afterglow. As soon as he’d expended himself in her, she’d reverted to her fickle-teenager persona…her now-sated lust probably overtaken by her guilt…and gently shooed him from her room, warning him not to bug her again for a week.

But emboldened by her responsiveness, he stole into her bedroom two nights later where his mercurial and very irritated little sister chased him away, declaring him totally cut off…even from mutual masturbation. That harsh injunction lasted but a week, until Bert got corroboration from Wes that Blondie had indeed become a lusty little pute. She had not just been putting out regularly for at least a couple of her BRH schoolmates, but was probably doing so for older fraternity boys from LSU, in whose company she’d been seen in Cajun bars out on the bayous, drunk, dancing provocatively and making out on the dance floor.

Bert confronted her with this new intelligence, forcing little Blondie into a hastily renewed accommodation of his nocturnal visits…but not always intercourse…as she seemed to be torn three ways…wanting to help him…her own growing desires…and guilt over both. What helped him most was a growing awareness of how frequently his little sex kitten sister came home from her dates still in a state of arousal, which usually made her more receptive to at least some form of sexual activity…if not more intercourse, then at least willing to let him feel her up while they mutually masturbated…with her letting him ejaculate on her breasts, belly or bush.

However, as exciting as it was for Bert to watch his naked sister masturbate while he jacked off, it was still no substitute for that hot little teenaged pussy…and determined to get some of that tight little twat as often as possible, he stepped up both his pleadings and pressures on her.

As mentioned earlier, their parents’ bedroom was on the opposite end of the long, split-ranch style home in an old lakeside neighborhood east of the LSU campus, making it relatively safe for Bert to slip into his little sister’s room after she’d come home from an evening out and gotten into bed. Sitting there on her mattress edge in the darkness, he’d persistently but quietly quiz her about her date while kneading her small breasts through her nightie. Her hardening nipples inevitably betrayed her…signaling him her young, nymphet body was responsive even as she protested by half-heartedly and ineffectually slapping his hands away…whispering irritably but unconvincingly for him to stop.

When she was in one of her uncooperative, sullen teenager temperaments, he’d taunt,

“Did güvenilir casino you fuck your date?” and when she’d deny it, he’d say, “I don’t believe you,” forcing his hand inside her panties…feeling her soft vulva for moist evidence to betray her.

On those nights when her attempts to stop him were feeble at best, and her young labia were swollen and slickened with sexual lubricants…indicating recent activity and probable ejaculation…he’d sniff his fingers for the ammoniac smell of seminal fluid, then gleefully hiss,

“You lying little salope (slut)…you did too fuck him…I can feel it and smell it! Come on you little tramp and give me those secondes bâclées (sloppy seconds)! You know you want another dick…you know you want me to fuck you good and hard, the way you really like it, don’t you, you sexy little prickteaser?”

She often gave in at that point, rewarding him with a grudging quickie. But when she continued to resist and he was really horny…he’d remind her that he could always tell their parents what he’d heard from Wes about her putting out for college boys. Acutely aware that the revelation that their sweet little high school senior was considered easy…even if denied and unverified…was enough to get her immediately and totally grounded…likely until she moved out on her own after graduation…Blondie would know that she had better capitulate and give Bert what he so craved.

His journal further explained that Blondie’s unusually active sex life for a teen of the times had been greatly enhanced by her being on birth control to regularize her erratic menstrual periods, subsequently leaving her free at eighteen to enjoy casual unprotected sex whenever she was in the mood…a now frequent occurrence. Years later, as my wife, Blondie had confessed that during her senior year in high school she’d had sex almost every day, yes, almost every day, sometimes more than once. Now, reading Bert’s journal, I knew: sometimes that more than once had been with multiple partners.

Bert noted how birth control had freed the smoldering sexual appetites he’d expected to someday burst into flame in his sister…with that smoking hot little libido now rendering her more and more frequently…if not always so…receptive to his nocturnal visits. But as he soon learned, he improved his chances when he limited his trips to her bedroom to no more than an hour or so per visit and no more than a couple of nights a week…with an occasional afternoon matinee after the housekeeper had left for the day and before their parents came home from work, when little Blondie would come home from school horny and amenable to at least a quickie while they had the house to themselves.

But Bert was most grateful for the pill providing the added pleasure of her allowing him to ejaculate inside her. Thanks to her diminished fears of pregnancy, even those nights when she wasn’t really in the mood for sex, accommodating him only half-heartedly, she always let him finish inside her now. Her attitude had changed so much in that regard, that when she sensed the quickening of his thrusts and the rising urgency of his impending climax…even on those nights when she had been determinedly indifferent and relatively unresponsive up to that point…her own strong preference for the natural completion of the act would betray her so that she’d begin to lose her indifference, responding more excitedly to his moves…rotating her hips…whispering in his ear,

“Come on, Bertie, je veux que tu viennes en moi bébé (I want you to come in me baby)…c’mon an’ get your nuts off, mon frère…come on, donne moi tes trucs chauds (give me your hot stuff), now, mon cheri!”

When he’d begin pumping it into her, she’d lock her legs behind his back, meeting his thrusts, letting him drive as she put it, until he was drained. Then, having done her part to sate her disabled brother’s carnal appetites, she’d quite temperamentally revert to her bitchy little sister role…impatiently pushing him off her, banishing him back to his room. Unless of course, he achieved that occasional rarity of giving her an orgasm which generally bought him additional time with her young body.

He noted that he’d usually hear her in the bathroom cleaning herself following their trysts, but some nights she just fell asleep…content to leave his semen…and probably that of her earlier date…still inside her. He wondered if their colored housekeeper, Cleo, had ever noticed the stains of their illicit copulation on Blondie’s sheets. Surely she did but chose wisely to stay out of decadent white folks’ family business, especially something as explosive as teen sibling incest.

But one of Bert’s more erotic journal entries showed that grudging resistance from his pretty sister wasn’t always the case. In one dialogue-filled passage, he described his amazement at hearing her come in earlier than usual one Friday night and shortly after turning out all the lights left on for her, opening his bedroom door and whispering seductively,

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