Blowing Max, Then My First Anal

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This is my fifth story and second in my series on Max, a man I met on line (See my previous Max story for the background). This is a story of extreme gay submission. Not everyone’s thing but if it’s yours, I think you’ll enjoy. On my first night with Max, I had passed my blowjob “audition” with flying colors. “Be here next Saturday night at eight”, he commanded at the end of our first encounter. At the age of twenty two, I was in a full blown slut phase of my bisexual life. I wanted a steady, aggressive dominant man I could trust to take me to my darkest sub fantasies. I got one. Max promised he’d watch out for me and I promised to acquiesce to his every demand. Tonight would be my initiation into a year of complete sexual servitude, the first night of which would seem mild by comparison to what would come. I had promised Max he could take my anal virginity tonight and he would not be denied.

I had prepared myself as best I could for the complete unknown of anal sex. I still had no idea if I could really accommodate Max’s huge cock in my small, inexperienced ass but there would be no turning back once I passed into the realm of his apartment and his complete control.

On the drive to Max’s apartment, I reviewed in my mind the ample internet advice on how to relax and receive a man’s cock in a true full-on fuck. One statement I read rolled over in my mind: “Try to relax all the muscles of your body. Resist the urge to tighten around your partners penis as this only tends to press him in the wrong direction and make penetration more difficult and painful. Even in your most relaxed state, you will be much tighter than any pussy he’s ever had. The initial insertion may be difficult and even quite painful. Have faith in your body’s ability to adapt. Once he’s inside of you, you will stretch to accommodate him and the pain will subside. You will begin to feel a wonderful fullness and pressure inside you. The rectum is filled with pleasure nerves. These same nerves will give you gratification similar to what a woman feels during vaginal intercourse. You may even experience an orgasm!”

I had “practiced” a little in the week before, but Max was much thicker and longer than my small dildo. Not to mention the fact that this would be a real cock attached to a real man who would not be bound by the limits of what my small body could endure, but rather to the limits of what his large body would require to gratify its lust. And with Max, those requirements seemed boundless. I knew that once Max had my ass in his hands, there would be no turning back. In the darkest recesses of my desires to be taken, I knew Max’s confident aggression would drive through any protests I might offer in a final moment of hesitation. That pure male aggression was why I’d sought a man like Max.

When I knocked on Max’s apartment door, he answered warring nothing but a pair of white cotton briefs. For the second time I experienced an instant rush of erotic helplessness in his presence. He was such a huge man. He towered over me with his large, mature, full, hairy black body. His ample belly and tree trunk arms and legs sent shivers of awe and desires of instant surrender through me. There’s something incredible about a big, hairy, physically imposing and aggressive male that has always made me just want to melt to my knees in submission. Max had taken immediate charge of me the very first moment I met him. That uncompromising animal maleness is what kept me coming back to Max even as I had no idea what each visit would bring.

“Hay baby,” he greeted in that beautiful, deep velvet voice of his.

“Hi Max,” I answered with a smile as I entered his masculine domain. “Do you ever answer the door with cloths on?”

“Not when I know it’s you baby,” he responded with a grin.

“You just like showing off, don’t you?” I teased.

“Ya, I love to watch the look on your face!” he said.

“Well,” I replied, “It’s a bit hard to hide my excitement when a huge, beautiful naked black man pulls me into his apartment,” I conceded.

Max laughed and walked over to the sofa where two drinks and his stash sat on a nearby table. As I watched this massive man lumber across the room I marveled once again at his masculine beauty and form in motion. His back was as wide as a bull’s shoulders and his thick muscled legs and arms undulated in his easy, confident gait. He was a tall, huge specimen of manhood and I thought about how small my petite frame must feel to him. He seemed to love my body and clearly thought of me as a girl. I must seem almost like a toy doll against him.

He reclined into a corner of the sofa and patted the spot beside him. “Sit down her and have a drink and a smoke with me.” He invited.

I sat beside him and placed my hand on his leg as he handed me a drink and fired up a bowl. He drew a big hit and passed to me. I held the hit for as long as I felt the relaxing first surge of the buzz rush over me. After a couple of hits I was in a wonderfully euphoric state of a high-enhanced sexual arousal.

As casino şirketleri Max placed the pipe on the end table, I leaned over and began to rub the huge mound of flesh filling his underwear.

“Whatcha got in there for me Max?” I asked in my most sensuous, teasing voice.

“I got a big black snake that needs some attention.” He whispered.

“Can I tell him a secret?” I asked.

“Ya baby, talk to him,” Max answered with a smile.

I was in a playful mood now that I was completely comfortable with Max.

I rotated on the sofa until I was facing inward toward Max, my legs curled together. I began to kiss my way down his large chest and belly until my face was in his lap, feeling the heat and breathing in the scent of his musk through his underwear. I placed my mouth against the large tube of cock sprawled beneath the soft white cotton and gave it a kiss.

“Hi there Max’s cock,” I greeted. “Max tells me you like fucking pretty little white asses, is that right?”

“He sure does,” Max informed me.

“Well,” I continued laying kisses here and there as I spoke to Max’s dick. “You can have me tonight. But you’ll be my first so don’t be shy if I protest a little. You’re a big fellow so we’ll have trust Max to make sure you get what you want.”

“Don’t worry baby,” Max assured me. “He’s in charge tonight.”

Max lifted me gently from his lap and told me to strip for him. As I began removing my cloths, he stretched out on the sofa and fondled himself through his underwear as he watched my body become naked. Once I was naked, Max rose and positioned me at the arm of the sofa from behind. He took a firm grasp on my shoulders and began to coax me over.

“Lean over baby,” He instructed as I lowered myself over the sofa arm, him behind me. With my upper body pressed into the cushion of the sofa and my ass presented high to him, he took my hips in his hands and began to press his cotton clad erection in between my ass cheeks.

“That feels wonderful Max,” I whimpered enjoying the feel of his warm body pressing against me.

“We just warmin’ up a little baby, getting’ you used to the idea,” He reassured me.

“I’ve been imagining you behind me like this all week Max,” I assured him breathlessly.

“I know you want it baby. Don’t worry…its all good,” He groaned.

“I’m all yours Max,” I panted. “Do whatever you need to do. Just enjoy me any way you want tonight.”

He held my ass firmly as he took his dry run at me. His grip was so powerful I knew I would be helpless once he started on me for true. Whether I could take him or not would soon become irrelevant. Max was going to take me and there was nothing I could or wanted to do about it. I’d placed myself in the path of an unstoppable event of sexual submission and Max was absolved of all responsibility for my decision. I sought the limits of my darkest obsessions wanting to be nothing more than an object to be used by men. In the weeks to come, those limits would be challenged beyond anything I could have imagined in my relative innocence. Here in this private chamber of men, all the desperate questions of my true depths of submission would be answered. And the man who would take me there was standing behind me now, with my ass locked in his firm grip. As his enormous body forced its mass against me, I trembled with anticipation and fear.

With his hands locked around my pelvis, Max effortlessly lifted my lower body clear of the sofa arm and placed me on my knees in front of him. Here I was again with his massive body towering over me as I stared up into a pair of cotton briefs bulging with a huge set of testicles and slung full of his enormous tube of flesh demanding its pleasure.

“Can I help you off with these?” I requested as I rubbed his white clad hips.

“Ya baby, pull ‘um on down for me nice and slow,” He instructed. “Tease that dick out and love on it.”

I rose up to taste the warm flesh of his belly, licking and kissing as I pulled the elastic of his underwear down off his ass. I settled back onto my knees and slid the front of his underwear down just to the base of his cock, exposing his thick pubic mound. I buried my face and mouth into the dark, course, curly hair graying with the maturity of his body. I ran my tongue through the thick matt just smelling and tasting his hairiness. I tugged at the waist band exposing just a couple of inches at the base of his cock and ran my tongue around the thick root. I hooked my fingers into the sides of his briefs and brought them down to his knees as I watched his semi-erect cock and beautiful balls fall loose and free before my hungry eyes. I slide his underwear to the floor and he stepped out of them to take his position of dominance above me.

I began to caress his cock and balls. “I missed you so bad”, I said to his cock. “Do you have a name?”

“I call him Maximus,” Max stated with pride.

“A good name for a cock worthy of worship,” I teased. “Excuse me sir, Maximus demands my attention. casino firmaları Time for his hand madden to prepare him for his pleasure.” I teased. This is always my second favorite part of giving a man head, the start when his cock is fresh and the taste of his flesh is strongest. I licked and kissed at the head of his cock savoring the light musky taste of his arousal. I opened my mouth wide and immediately engulfed as much of his cock as I could. Max let out a yelp and a moan as I swallowed deep of the fleshy soft meat of his semi-erection. The warm, wonderful flavor of his pungent dick filled my mouth with pleasure.

As I sucked and rubbed him, his breath quickened and he moaned his approval. “Oh hell yes baby get on that thing.”

I crammed the full mass of his spongy manhood into my mouth, then slowly pulled back a couple of inches as I glided my tongued left and right against the underside of his cock. Max’s full arousal came quickly and easily to him as his dick suddenly surged to full erection inside my mouth. The marvelous bulb of his cock head blossomed swollen and firm, expanding until it pressed against the confines of the base of my tongue and pallet. I slowly withdrew to enjoy the feel of his high ridge pass over my lips as they conformed to the shape and contour of his tapering cock head. Once his huge plumb passed from my mouth I paused pressing my lips to the gap of his deep, wide cock slit. I lifted his cock to expose his balls to my tongue so that I could taste even more of him.

“Sorry if I surprised you,” I teased. “I just wanted to feel him get hard in my mouth.”

“Damn baby, keep suprisin’ me all you want,” He groaned.

I smiled up at him and feasted my eyes for a moment on his thick, hairy body. His large, beautiful belly and his massive torso and arms filled my view. He gazed down at me with that familiar, beautiful expression of sexual arousal I so loved bring to a man’s face. His glazed eyes and look of delightful approval gave me the validation as a submissive I so eagerly craved from a man about to unleash his natural sexual aggression on me.

As he widened his stance, I crawled closer in between the tree trunks of his thick, strong black legs. While he held his cock above me, I nuzzled up into his heavy, large balls and presented my face upward pressing my tongue high into the hairless backside at the root of his scrotum. As I moved my tongue around in this hot crevice, the warm hairy flesh of his enormous sack covered my eyes and face. I could feel the weight of his large round testicles cascade down either side of my checks. I drank in the wonderful smells and tastes of a man in full heat. I slowly ran my tongue down the backside of his loose balls, around the bottom and up between his testicles until my tongue rest under the base of his cock. I slowly worked my lips and tongue up the vast underside of his thick, dark cock. I traced my tongue along the path of bulging veins until my wet mouth arrived at the head of his dick, now raging firm like a black-purple apple.

I pressed my wet lips to the sensitive wrinkles of flesh just under the enormous head and delivered to him the pleasure of my mouth. I spoke to him as I worked my lips and tongue around the firm, high ridge of his cock head. I gently licked at the skin between the lobes where the graceful sweeping curve of his enraged mushroom swept to form the wide, open crevice of his smooth, musky cock head.

“It really felt wonderful with you holding me from behind like that. Make me do it for you tonight. Use me any way you want.” I whispered.

“Ya baby I know your little secretes. Everybody got their thing baby. You just need a man to handle you. Nothin’ wrong with that.” ” he replied in that deep, velvety base voice that always sent erotic pleasure coursing through me. He assured me.

Max understood me completely. I watched the beautiful vision of his immense, masculine body and cock respond to my mouth so eager to please him. His cock becoming wet and glistening where my tongue traced its path upon the landscape of veins, bulges and folds of flesh. “I still don’t see how this giant thing is going to fit in me.” I said with a quiver of nervous apprehension in my voice.

“Don’t you worry baby,” Max comforted me. “You’re not my first little virgin. Got a little white girlfriend with a smaller ass then you. She did just fine the first time I laid her over.”

“And she came back for more?” I asked.

“Sweet little thing begs to get her ass fucked the minute she walks through the door. We gonna have a little party with both of you next time. You look so much like her you could be book ends.”

“That sounds like fun,” I answered with a chill of anticipation. “I’d like to meet all your friends.”

“Oh you will baby, you will,” He said with a hint of warning in his voice.

I smiled up at him and slowly brought my wide open mouth around the huge helmet of his cock and began to give him the warm, sensual blow job he so craved. He let out a long deep güvenilir casino moan as I took his engorged dick deeper and deeper with each advance. Max was now beginning to feel the full pleasure of his dick in my mouth, moaning and grunting as I took him in my desperate desire to give him pleasure. Of all positions, this was my favorite; me on my knees in complete submission to a man standing over me in full sexual arousal as he gazes down at the vision of my mouth full of his dick.

“Oh shit baby…feels so good to have you suckin’ on my dick again,” He moaned in deep broken shudders. “You suck that dick so good baby.”

I smiled around my mouth full of warm, large black cock as I gazed up at his face so full of anticipation and pleasure.

I drew back until my mouth was around the orb of his hard, full head and caressed the underside of his dick with broad, wet strokes of my tongue. I withdrew him completely and began to slowly stoke his long, thick manhood as he groaned.

“I love how you feel in my mouth,” I told him. “I love how excited you get and how it makes you feel so good. And I love how you talk to me Max. I can be anything you want me to be. You never have to ask, just tell me. Tell me to do whatever you want.”

“Ya baby,” He said with a laugh. “I know you’re my little freak. My little baby loves makin’ daddy feel good don’t you?”

“Are you my daddy now?” I teased.

“Ya baby, the only daddy you need. Daddy gonna teach you a lot of things.” He said.

I smiled and began to feed on his rock hard cock again, stroking and sucking him as my jaws strained to accept his enormous, wonderful black shaft.

“Oh ya keep suckin’ that dick baby.” He demanded. “Love that dick like that dick loves you baby, suck on it good.”

I moaned my submissive agreement as his strong hands clamp onto my head. He began to thrust slowly and deeply into my mouth forcing his cock deeper with each thrust until the head pressed down my throat.

“Oh baby I’m gonna have to nut or I’m not gonna last a minute fuckin’ that pretty ass.”

“Ummm…ummm…ummmm,” I whimpered until my voice was cut off as he jammed his dick down my throat.

He released me and pulled my head back using a hand full of my long hair.

“Show me that pretty little face baby,” He demanded.

He pulled his cock out of my mouth and began to stroke himself, pulling my head back hard, my face upturned beneath the power of his huge cock and balls. Here I was at last about to be bathed in the full force and overwhelming power of his orgasm.

He wanted to empty himself all over my face so I held my mouth open, my tongue out ready to catch for him. Waves of indescribable pleasure washed over me as I gazed up at his enormous, engorged cock; his hand aiming the huge, glistening head directly at my begging face and mouth.

I gazed up in wonder at the vision of a man standing over me, on my knees before him, my head locked in a posture of complete submission as he prepares to unleash upon me. His eyes locked on me to witness the delicious vision of my face presented in anticipation and surrender, mouth gaping wide like a starved baby bird, the delicate pink spoon of my tongue extended, begging to know the taste of his cum. I crave this primeval form of male dominance when he proclaims his power over me, branding me as his slut by painting my face in his slathering semen.

My eyes pleading, my tongue presented to him I waited for it. Max’s deep base voice echoed in cries and moans as he clung to those final excruciating seconds just before his body would shudder and convulse in wave after wave of powerful orgasm.

Max gently stroked his cock. I watched the glory of his manhood build in amazement and awe.

“Ya baby look up at me…look up at me baby…keep your eyes open.” He ordered as he pulled my head back in a violent jerk of my hair. “Ya..ya..that’s it baby. I’m gonna jerk off right in that pretty mouth and all over that face. Here it comes baby…here it comes baby.”

Max began to sway as his body surrendered to orgasm. He let out a long, deep moan as a generous flow of precum rained from gapping eye of his cock head to fall in a loud spat upon the floor between my knees. And then Max exploded all over me. His first powerful salvo of sperm was as much fluid as many men expel over the course of an entire orgasm. He leaned in close to my face and let out a guttural scream as a thick, broad, powerful jet of warm semen splattered across me. I felt his cum strike me in one thick continuous rope down the front of my body, across my chin, on my tongue, into my mouth, across my nose, my eyes and my forehead and hair arcing over me to splat on the floor somewhere behind me. And this was only the beginning. I gazed transfixed at the sight from below as his cock erupted in shot after shot of cum slashing my face in streams of viscous, wet fluid. I could smell the pungent order of his cum as it filled the air on its way to me. Moaning and growling loudly in the pleasure of his orgasm, Max bathed my body, face and mouth in his relentless assault of pearly fluid. He moved the head of his cock close to my desperately gaping mouth as he continued to gush thick streams of his semen onto my tongue and into my throat.

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