Bombay 1881

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Shyam woke up to the smell of fresh tea brought in by the servant from his comfortable soft cotton mattressed bed. He finished his tea and let got out of the bed allowing the bear of a servant to cover his nakedness. Even though he was 21, he was just like how he was as a child around his servant since childhood Jadhav. Jadhav was just 15 and newly married when he started serving Shyam. Now at 36 draping Shyam’s waist with a yard long white fabric didn’t come out as shameful.

However things were different for Shyam. Every night he had the same dream. He was on his bed making love to Kadambari, his betrothed. Suddenly she grew in stature with hair growing in thick curls on her body and then she was Jadhav. Jadhav held him in his hands and caressed his chest and back with his strong huge arms. The dark skin of Jadhav contrasted with Shaym’s light skin. Jadhav held Shyam’s round buttocks in his palm and began to press them first softly slowly becoming harder in force. He could feel his erection rise the feeling of hot Bombay air against his freshly exposed glans. He could also feel Jadhav’s dark piece of manhood against his stomach. Then Jadhav was once again Kadambari, but he could not make love to her anymore.

Even today he had the same dream and was very restless. These thought came to him while taking a shower and called Jadhav to help him clean his back. Jadhav came dressed in his thin white clothes and Shyam ,as unintentionally possible, dropped a mug of water on Jadhav. Jadhav was bare and exposed. “Sorry Jadhav. Didn’t mean to do it. Take them off or you may get pneumonia. And do help me clean my back” Jadhav followed casino oyna his masters instructions unaware that his master was melting under the sight of his giant nakedness, under the hot touch of his arms against the soft tender back.

Inevitably Shyam had a raging erection and his heart began to beat harder. While Jadhav rubbed his back, he slowly prodded his erection and kept moving behind to feel his servants manliness. “Jadhav, I keep getting dreams.”

“They say dreams dreamt early in the morning are snippets from the future”

“Then what I am going to do is only comply with our destinies.” Saying this Shyam turned around and hugged his loyal servant.

Jadhav was shocked. His master was hugging his own wet body like he hugged his wife. He could also feel his masters erection against his own soft penis. He had no choice but to comply. He stood there like a statue allowing whatever his master wanted to do to him hoping that he will never be violated.

Shyam started feeling every inch of his rough skinned servants firm body hoping to be held in a string hairy embrace. But nothing happened. Jadhav just stood there doing nothing.

“Jadhav, why don’t you love me back? I want you to hold me in your arms, to feel my body, to make love to me. Why do you stand there immobile?”

Jadhav didn’t know what to do, but he had to follow his master. So he imagined himself to be like his wife when they made love.

Jadhav started kissing his masters sensuous lips and hugged and slowly fell onto the floor with Shyam above him. “Let’s move to the bedroom. Jadhav please lift me and drop me till the bed”

Jadhav slot oyna held his master in his arms like he had done when Shyam was younger. Only now he was in frenzied love with his servant.

“Jadhav now treat me like your wife and love me like you have never lover anybody.”

Jadahv was confused and stood at his wet naked master begging him to corrupt his body. He looked at his master wriggling like he was on fire. Shyam couldn’t hold it longer and threw himself on Jadhav and tried to force Jadhav to fall on him. But he once again just stood there.

“What is the matter Jadhav? Don’t you want to make love to me?”

“Sir, how can two men love? Love is only between a man and a woman that too only if they are married”

“Oh my god Jadhav, men all over the world make love to each other. My classmates in London used to make love to each other all the time Jadhav. In the same way, I want you to make love to me.”

“But how? To make love there need to be a penis and a vagina, how can two penis ever make love?”

Shyam was shocked at his servants ignorance and in his lust he had lost all patience. He simply went of all fours and held his buttocks high in air. He then moved his asshole towards Jadhavs still soft but bulky crotch. “This is how we make love Jadhav, now just put your penis into my asshole” With this he started rubbing his ass against Jadhav’s crotch.

He felt proud that he was finally getting what he wanted. He could feel Jadhav’s penis slowly harden and grow big. Jadhav held his masters buttocks and started kneading them. He was taken away by the lust dirty behaviour of his master canlı casino siteleri and was getting turned on. He had never even heard something so erotic. He wanted to kiss it. He slowly lowered himself and started to kiss his masters cunt. “That’s it Jadhav, now stick your tongue in and make love with your tongue!”

Jadhav started licking and slurping Shyam’s white asshole and could taste something that made him wild.

He was fully erect at 8inches and badly needed release. “Master, I’m about to make love to you” Saying that, he flattened his master against the bed and parted Shyam’s butt cheeks apart. He could see the cunt and fell on his masters back with force. Shyam started moaning in anticipation as he felt his lovers weight on him and the feeling of a hot throbbing penis on his puckered asshole. “slowly… slowly…” he cried as Jadhav forced his penis in his lovers cunt. It was tighter then anything he ever felt on his penis. Warmer that his wife’s cunt. Inch by inch he started to fill whimpering Shyams cunt. Jadhav too couldn’t stifle his groans and started to roar.

Jadhav was fully in when he felt Shyam’s hands on his buttocks signalling him to be steady. They must have been there being one in mad love for almost a minute. “I want you to make love to me like you have never made love Jadhav, Plough this field with your plough”

Jadhav went mad fucking his lovers tight ass for almost five minutes. The bed was rocking vigorously and making noises barely audible over Shyam’s screams and Jadhav’s groans. Finally Jadhav felt his penis burst inside his masters cunt and fell on his master his penis still inside the cunt and began to kiss his master on the lips.

Next day the washerwoman wondered who Shyam babu must have deflowered as the blood and cum splattered on his bedsheets were proving difficult to come off!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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