Boom Boom, Brenda and Booze Ch. 06

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After that summer Margie, Brenda and I drifted apart. Brenda went to law school, got married and divorced twice. Margie found herself a guy named Barry not much taller than her, about 5′ 5″. He was so thin he looked like a gale force wind would carry him away. They got married, moved to Phoenix and had 2 children. She taught school. He worked for tech companies.

As the years passed, I occasionally heard things about them.

One early June, Annette a girl next door in the neighborhood passed away. My wonderful wife Rae passed away 6 months earlier after battling cancer for 3 years. I attended Annette’s funeral to get away and get back to my hometown to see friends I had not seen in years.

Much to my surprise Margie was there. She and Annette were classmates, but they were not close friends. School was out. Maybe Margie was taking advantage of the opportunity to return home.

I saw her at the service. Margie looked good. Her hair was still naturally blond. The Arizona sun had not aged her skin prematurely. Margie was sporting a stylish layered hair style. Her boobs were huge. She must have been a 34DD. We all gain weight with age. Most of her weight gain went to her chest. She was wearing a knee length black dress and matching stiletto heels. The dress had a slit that stopped above showing clevege. But you knew what was there.

After the service a wake was held at a gourmet grocery store/café. It was good seeing old friends. As I was working my way through the room from east to west, we made eye contact. Margie flashed her Eisenhower grin. I flashed her a bigger grin in return. She was near the west wall. It would take time to get to her, but without a doubt I would.

When I got near her, she was chatting with Clifford a classmate of hers. Clifford, a reserved physician spoke first as I joined the duo.

“Mike, my condolences regarding your late wife.”

“Thanks Clifford, Rae was special in so many ways.”

“That’s what I heard from people, many people.” Added Margie.

“Margie that’s kind of you to say that.”

The three of us caught up on what had gone on in our lives over the years.

After a while Clifford excused himself to talk to others.

Margin began. “That was some summer me, you and Brenda had. I still think of those times. Occasionally, I dream about the fun we had.”

The conversation was getting interesting.

“My divorce was finalized last month. Our kids were grown and gone. Me and Barry drifted apart. It got to where he would come from work, go to his home office and play with his computer. That was it. Our sex life sucked. He was never adventuresome. All I could get him to do was some foreplay. You liked my tits more that he did. With him, tying me up was something he did not want to do.”

The conversation was getting very interesting.

“Have you been to Phoenix lately?”

“Not lately, but I have the urge to go there this month. Let me give you my business card with my cell number so we can talk.”

Margie smiled.

I grabbed a business card out of my right dress coat pocket, purposely dropped it, pick it off the floor and brushed it against her mound prior to handing it to her.

Margie was beaming.

“I’ve got a swimming pool in my backyard. We can recreate moments from our special summer.” She paused. “And believe it or not my kids have blond hair. Well hello Sharon.”

I looked around. Our old friend Sharon Parker was near us (see Chapter 3).

The three of us got chatting and catching up.

After a few minutes I said “Ladies I’d love to stay but I have a 2 ½ hour drive and work tomorrow. It was great seeing you.”

I had touched base with everyone I wanted to see, so I headed out the door. I was in the parking lot when I heard Margie’s voice.

“Mike, wait up.” She walked quickly and stopped real close to me. “I have a room at the Fairfield on Kellogg. Care to stop by for an hour or two before heading back to Kansas City?”

“You talked me into it. Go back inside, finish chatting and say your goodbyes. Give me a call when you are in your room. Care for some champaign?”

“Wonderful idea.” Her smile would have lit up a room.

I was facing the grocery store. There was no one in the parking lot. No one was leaving the store. We were standing between 2 cars. While we were chatting, I was brushing her left boob with my right hand. Just something to warm her up. She did not object.

Margie returned inside. I got in my car and drove around checking out old haunts to kill time. I stopped at the first liquor store I saw and bought a bottle of champaign from the cooler.

About 30 minutes later Margie called.

“I’m in room 215 at the Fairfield. When can you get here?”

“In about 10 minutes.”

“See you then!”

She texted me. “215.”

I was about 10 minutes away from the hotel. I could have gotten there quicker. But I figured the longer I took the hornier she would get. I took 12 minutes to get to the hotel.

I parked my car behind the Fairfield, hidden from street traffic, and grabbed the brown bagged bahis firmaları champaign. Before entering the hotel, I loosened my tie. Fortunately, my collar had no buttons. If Margie was as horny as I expected I did not want taking off my clothes to slowdown the fun. I entered a side door, walked up the stairs and approached room 215.

Just as I was about to knock on the door a text came through on my cell phone. It was Margie.

“Where are you?”

I replied. “Look out your peep hole.”

I heard footsteps. After a pause Margie opened the door a couple of inches.

“Is anyone in the hallway?” She asked.

“No, just me.” I responded.

Margie flung open the door. There she stood. Buck naked. In all her glory.

Her waist was a bit thicker, her thighs were bigger, but her boobs were magnificent. They had a little more sag. And her Marilyn Monroe quality butt was not much larger.

I exhaled. I’m sure my face showed surprise. She was beaming.

I walked in, slammed the door and we proceed to stuck face.

Margie wrapped her hands around my neck. I wrapped my arms around the middle of her back. Right hand holding the champaign over left.

After kissing for 30 seconds, I said. “Let me put the champaign down before someone gets hurt.”

I turned around, walked to the television set and put down the champaign. She trailed me. While putting the bottle on the television Margie reached from behind and worked on removing my belt. That did not take long. She began unhooking my pants. I turned around to make the task easier. She then unzipped, lowered my pants and underwear. In the meantime, I took off my suit jacket, tie and unbuttoned my shirt. Before I could finish, she started sucking my cock. I got hard when I saw her naked. I was more so now.

I pushed her away to keep from cuming.

“What’s the matter? Don’t you like me sucking your cock?”

“It’s not that. I’d rather coming inside your love box rather than your mouth.”

“I’ve been dreaming about us getting together for years.”

“Margie, your dreams are about to come true.”

I grabbed her butt cheeks with my hands and strongly kissed her on the mouth. I led her to the bed, lips on mouth, hands on butt, feet shuffling side to side.

At the bed I broke off the kiss and holding her butt. I threw back the sheets. I pushed her on the bed. I climbed on top of her and we began passionate kissing.

I slid off to her right. While kissing my left hand wrapped around her torso and played with her left boob. She purred. I moved my right hand down to her bush. It was wet with fluid leaking from her love box. She was ready.

I mounted her, knees inside her spread thighs. My cock slipped into her slit. We went at it like we had waited all our lives for this. I came first after thrusting a few times. Though my love muscle was softer I was firm enough to keep pumping her pussy. She finally came five times. I collapsed on her.

We laid together catching our breath. After the panting stopped, I rolled to her left. My right hand and her left hand intertwined.

After a minute I broke the silence. “Care for some champaign?”

“I’d love some.”

I hopped out of bed, opened two plastic glasses on the wash basin and filled them with bubbly.

Returning to bed I gave Margie her glass.

“To us, finding each other, enjoying each other and the future.”

Margie replied “To us.”

We clinked glasses.

I had one glass and started to get dressed.

“Leaving so soon?”

“Afraid so.”

“Will I see you in Phoenix this month?”

“Absolutely. Call me when you return home and we’ll make plans.”

She walked to me. We started kissing.

After about 20 seconds my fingers started playing with her bush, followed by probing her slit, followed by flicking her clit.

She broke off the kiss. “How about another passionate love making session?”

I responded. “I’d love to, but as I age, I don’t have the stamina I used to. I don’t want to underperform.”

“Well, we’ll see what we can do about that in Phoenix.” She gave me a mischievous smile.

“Hmm.” I thought to myself. I had some ideas, but we’ll see what happens.

Thinking about that summer, what we could do in Phoenix and her parting words made the drive home go by quickly.

Much to my pleasure, she called the next night.

“Hi Mike!”

“Hi Margie.”

“I’ve been thinking about your coming, no pun intended, to Phoenix.”

“I have too.”

“Well, when can you get here?”

“A week from Thursday evening. Does that work?”

“Yes!” Said Margie. Excitement was in her voice.

“How about we spend time together Thursday evening and Friday during the day and resume on Sunday? I will need time to recharge my batteries so to speak. It’s the age thing. My grad school roommate lives in Phoenix. I will spend time with him and his family Friday night, Saturday and Sunday morning. Sunday afternoon and Monday, we can resume our tryst. I’ve got to head out Monday evening. Don’t worry about my transportation I will rent a car. How does kaçak iddaa that sound?”

“Fabulous! Give me a call when you get your rental car. I want to be ready.”

We chatted awhile longer before hanging up.

I much anticipated going to Phoenix the next week and a half.

I put in half a day’s work on that Thursday before heading to the airport. I landed at the Sky Harbor Airport at 7:30 PM. I was wearing a dark brown Izod, white shorts and topsiders without socks. I picked up my rental car. I gave her a call.

“Margie, Mike here. I’m in my rental.”

“I’m ready and waiting. Text me when you are on my street. I’ll open a garage door for you. Let’s play it cool regarding neighbors. They probably won’t pay attention to you since it’s dark outside. See you soon!”

It took me 30 minutes to get from the airport to Margie’s neighborhood. It was a nice upper middle- class neighborhood along the Phoenix-Scottsdale border. All the homes were adobe style with rocks and desert vegetation adorning the yards.

I texted her, “I’m on your street.”

I saw a garage door open at her address.

After pulling into the garage, I grabbed my travel bag and headed to the garage door connecting to the house.

I knocked on the door. The door flung open. There Margie stood wearing a white t-shirt 2 sizes too small. Her eraser head sized nipples were protruding and erect. I think she was wearing a purple thong. It was hard to tell, but I was going to find out.

She swung her arms around my neck. “Hi Mike!” and gave me a lip lock.

I returned the lip lock in kind, dropped my travel bag and wrapped my arms around her back.

After kissing for several seconds Margie said “Let me show you my pool!” She started walking briskly to the back of the house.

Margie pulled her t-shirt over her head. She was wearing a purple thong. She slipped out of it. I removed my clothes.

I caught up to her at the sliding glass door to the backyard.

I said “Won’t the neighbors notice us frolicking in your pool?”

“Naw, I have a 6 foot tall adobe backyard fence, most of my neighbors are snowbirds and it’s dark. Keep you shouts of ecstasy down and we will be fine.”

We left the lights on in the house, she grabbed my hand and led me to the pool. We walked down the pool steps into the shallow end. We sat on the pool steps hugging each other.

The water temperature was perfect. It must have been around 80 degrees.

Margie turned to me “I’ve waited for years to have sex in my swimming pool.”

I replied “I’ve been waiting to try this for years.” I dropped my head underwater and spread her legs. My tongue plunged deep into her slit. She loved it. She squirmed. Her thighs closed on the sides of my head. After 10 seconds I came up for air.

After catching my breath my tongue started licking above her bush, my hands were caressing her boobs. I worked my way up her torso. My mouth went for circling the areola on her right boob. My right hand continued caressing her left boob. Margie began to moan.

My mouth started sucking her right boob. As the sucking continued, I began pressing her back against the pool side. Her moaning intensified. I moved north of her right boob. My tongue worked its way to her mouth. Her back arched more. The crown of my cock entered her slit.

She broke off the kiss. “Hang on. Swimming pool water dries out my vagina. Sex could be rough on it. I’ve got some lube to take care of that.”

Margie popped out of the pool and grabbed a tube of lubricant from a pool chair. I stood on the pool steps.

She walked back and put 6 drops of lube on my cock. Margie proceeded to rub the lube all over my cock. I started to firm up a lot more.

“Margie, if you were any better at applying that lube I would cum all over your hands.” She stopped immediately.

She threw the lube tube onto the pool chair. I grabbed her left hand and led her into the pool.

In chest high water I began kissing and moving her to the pool edge.

At the pool edge I slid my cock into her love box. The more I thrusted the more she arched her back. I tried to hold it in. But I could not. I exploded in her four or five times.

I kept thrusting. Margie came in no time. After she was done, we collapsed into each other’s arms.

After 30 seconds I grabbed her hand and led us out of the pool. Walking through the sliding glass door I noticed 2 strategically placed bath towels on the living room couch. I gave Margie one and took one myself.

After drying off I put my underwear and white shorts. Margie disappeared into the house. She returned wearing the sheerest light red chiffon negligee known to man. The negligee covered her body better than clear plastic, but that was it. Margie did not put on her purple thong or any other undergarment. I felt my face drop. She was beaming.

“Have a seat. I’ll get us something. Do you like ‘Sleepless in Seattle?'”

“Sure.” I replied.

“There’s a copy in the bookshelf above the TV. Get it queued up.” She walked into the kitchen.

A couple of minutes later kaçak bahis Margie returned with a charcuterie board with meats and cheeses and a bottle of Riesling. After a day of travel and sex everything looked delicious.

We ate, drank, chatted and enjoyed the movie. During the movie Margie got another bottle of Riesling.

An hour and 45 minutes later as the credits were rolling Margie turned to me and said “Ya know, the highlights of our summer with you and Brenda to me were fooling around in the pool, getting tied up in bed and getting hogtied. Those were so sexy to the nth degree. Tonight, we had sex in the pool. I want to have sex tied up in bed and in a hogtie. I’ve gotta know what it’s like.”

“I agree, those were the highlights of that summer, plus you two sunbathing topless and in the nude. Do you have any soft rope like I used at Brenda’s?”


“Well, tomorrow morning I will go to a hardware store and buy the softest rope they have and something to cut the rope with, unless you have something.”


“Then I can tie you in bed and we can enjoy each other. Sunday afternoon we can have fun with you in a hogtie. Sound good?”

“That sounds great!”

I could not wait for tomorrow.

“One more thing.” Said Margie.

“Yes.” I replied.

“Would you mind if we slept together naked in bed tonight? That’s another thing my ex- would not do.”

“I’d be delighted.” Margie was carnal affection starved in all sorts of ways. And here I am.

After sitting through the movie and putting away two bottles of wine we were wobbly getting up, her more so than I.

I helped her off the couch. She clutched my left arm with both hands.

“Which way to the bedroom?”

Margie led me around the couch and down a hallway to the master bedroom. She broke my grip and staggered to one of the bathroom sinks.

“Are you Ok?”

“Yeah, just a little tipsy.” A lot tipsy.

“I’ll be right back.” I left the bathroom to get my travel bag.

Upon my return Margie was trying to wash her face.

“Need some help?”

“Yeah, can you help me wash my face?”

“Sure.” I replied. I ran warm water over her wash cloth and washed the soap off her face. Then I blotted her face dry with a towel.

“Ready for bed?” I asked.

“Yeah. Can you help me into bed?”

“Sure.” I pulled back the sheets on the bed. I took her right arm and led her to the bed, the side nearest the master bathroom. I pulled the negligee over her head, sat her butt on the bed, laid her on her side and covered her with a sheet.

I went to the other sink and washed my face and brushed my teeth.

Per her wish I took off my shorts and underwear and joined her in bed.

I got next to her in the spooning position, with my arm around her stomach. She sighed.

Just for fun I moved my cock around her butt. She giggled.

We both slept in Friday morning. I was on my back. Margie laid on her right side next to me with her left arm draped across my stomach. I put my arm around her shoulders. She moved closer.

We started chatting. Margie moved her left index finger up and down my less than hairy chest. I responded by having my right index finger circle the areola on her left boob. She purred. Margie took it up a notch by squeezing my cock. I firmed up quickly.

I interrupted. “Due to the aging process thing you need to back off so I have something for our afternoon bondage session.”

Margie responded. “Remember in the hotel room I told you I can do something about that?”


She rolled over to the night stand on the left, opened the drawer and pulled out a 7 ½ inch Caucasian color, detailed with veins and a crown, dildo.

Margie held it in front of me. “That’s what I was talking about.”

My late wife and I used one to spice up our sex life so I knew how to use it.

I grabbed it, started kissing her and rubbed the dildo on her slit. She laid down on her back. I took the dildo and slid it in and out of her mouth for lubrication purposes. Margie took it all in. She used it before.

After removing the dildo from her mouth, I lowered it to her slit. I probed her slit, not pushing the dildo in too soon or too much. My left hand reached around her back and played with her left boob. Our tongues were French kissing.

Sliding the dildo around her slit I could tell her love box was lubed enough for more penetration. I removed my hand from her left boob and slid down the bed. I inserted the dildo crown in her slit and circled it clockwise, pushing it 1/4″ to ½” per revolution. The deeper the dildo went the more her gradual moaning increased.

Once Margie took it all in my right hand pumped the dildo up and down, faster and faster. My left hand played with her clit. Her body moved from side to side. Her moaning increased. She gushed 2 or 3 times. She was spent. My right arm was spent. We laid next to each other while Margie caught her breath.

Margie broke the silence. “I could use a shower.”

“Need some help?”

“Sure. That’s something else my ex- never did.”

She sprung from the bed and bolted for the shower. I anxiously followed. By the time I got to the shower Margie had the water on and was turning around. Upon entering the shower, she handed me a bar of soap.

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