Broken Birds, Part 18, Full Circle

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Part 18
Full Circle

They found her on a fairway of an exclusive golf course.

She lay where she had fallen, curled in a fetal position, her face resting in a pool of vomit. Duct tape wrapped around her head, eyes and ears prevented her from most sensory input. It had some writing on it. One earlobe hung down, ripped when they had used her earrings to impale her mouth. She still tasted the female juice, semen, feces and piss. She smelled foul. Her hands were taped behind her back. Dried blood caked her knees and one of her nipples. Fresh blood dripped onto her hideously bruised inner thighs. Dark, angry lines crisscrossed her ass, thighs and breasts.

The message written across the duct tape said, “Tell Robert how it feels.”

Mercifully, she would never remember the ride to the hospital or the horror of her examination.

Her first conscious memory was of her father yelling into his cell phone about castrating the bastards.

The nurse touched his arm, nodding to the bed. He quickly terminated the call and went to her bedside where his wife sat, holding her hand.

The girl lay perfectly still, staring at the ceiling, one eye covered with a patch where her eyelid had ripped when they removed the duct tape. Caked blood lined one nostril.

Her mother spoke in soft, gentle tones, trying to reach her. It was no use. The girl was reliving a nightmare she could not understand.

Finally a nurse came in and injected a liquid into the drip and the girl closed her eyes, never having moved an inch or uttered a sound.


“I’m sorry Senator,” the graying female trauma counselor said softly, “She’s trying to process it all. She’ll begin reacting when she’s ready. I have no idea when. When she does come out of it, she’ll need a lot of love and help.”

“But she’ll be OK, right?” asked her mother.

“I don’t know, Mrs. McDale. I hope so, but there are no guarantees.”

He took his wife in his arms as she started sobbing uncontrollably. Senator McDale’s blood pressure caused his face to redden and bulge, but he comforted her.

A State Police Captain approached him.

“Do you have the bastards that did this to her?” he demanded.

The Captain looked unhappy. “They apparently used condoms, so there’s no DNA. They washed her down, flushed her colon and douched her thoroughly, so most forensics are gone. No fingerprints that we could find. They used common tape and marker. She walked quite a way based on her foot cuts, so we don’t even know where they put her out. No fingernail scrapings. They apparently came up from behind and used an electric prod to subdue her. She’s not able to tell us anything. This was a planned attack. Based on the message, it was by someone angry with your son. We’ll look into other complaints against him. There were a number of girls that came forward after that Shannon girl’s message. We’ll check them out.”

“In other words, you have nothing.”

The Captain nodded.

“Do you think it has anything to do with the Shannon girl?” he asked reluctantly.

“I don’t think so. It would make no sense. That was several years ago. If her family or friends wanted to hurt Robert, they had a perfect opportunity. Instead, she helped him. She’s a rape victim. After what she went through, I doubt she could even think about hurting another woman that way,” he thought a minute, “I think it is probably the brother of a victim. Unfortunately, we have no way of knowing if the victim is one of those that came forward.”

Actually the Captain had a pretty good idea of the attackers, or at least two of them. He also knew he would never prove it. Sons of the rich almost never got charged. His sister had not been raped, but his girlfriend had.

The nurse scuttled in, asking the McDales to come with her.

The doctor sat with them. She was a younger version of the trauma counselor, slender with kind eyes.

“Physically, your daughter sustained a number of injuries. First, when the cops ripped the tape off, they damaged her eyelid. That needs to be repaired immediately as those nerves and muscles are pretty complex and can be permanently damaged easily.” They nodded. The doctor signaled to the nurse. “Get the room ready.”

“Second she has sphincter and vaginal tearing that we’ll need to repair. Fortunately, her cervix and uterus are OK. She has esophageal bruising, but not so severe that we needed to do a tracheotomy.”

“She has jaw bruising and possible ligament damage from having her jaw stretched too far by some sort of dental device. She also has some lung damage from ingesting urine or vomit.”

Mrs. McDale sobbed uncontrollably. The doctor patted her hand. “All of that we can fix, but I can’t promise anything about her emotional health.”

Senator McDale was famous for holding composure when others lost theirs. His mind raced, knowing there was something that had been said that might help.

His eyes tightened at the thought. The Shannon girl had come through her hell. He wondered how. He knew Peter was dead, but Senator McDale had many friends. He had to find out, completely forgetting his word to Peter.


Two days later Tim called on the sattelite phone, never a good sign. He explained what had happened and what the Senator wanted for his daughter.

The last thing Michael wanted was to help McDale again. Beth had nightmares for weeks after giving her statement. Now he wanted her to break cover and expose herself.

First he went to Alice and explained. Alice knew Beth well. It had to be her decision.

They found Beth in animated discussion with Maria. Maria had blossomed in the casino şirketleri days since they made love, becoming quietly confident rather than insecurely cocky. She had been right after all. Even Alice agreed. They had fixed her, after a fashion.

After explaining that the McDales wanted Beth to come to them, she looked at Michael. Inside she fought her natural empathy with her own needs. It was a testament to her recovery when she said, “No. I won’t be away from you or the girls for months helping her.”

Alice put a hand on Michael’s arm. “Would it be safe to bring her here? We have Alice and Jennifer.”

“I’ll have to think about that one,” Michael said trying to buy time, his mind racing, slowly shaking his head. Rafaela and the Walsh women were still too vulnerable.

He phoned Tim. “Tim, what if we brought the girl to a neutral place or here? Beth won’t be away from us and, I Goddamn well don’t want to be away from her. What about the safe house in South Australia?”

“Let me check if we can get some surrounding houses.”

“Don’t commit to anything yet, I just want to know my options.”

He returned to Beth and Alice and explained the possible option.

Tim called back and said he could make it happen, though it would be expensive, but the Senator would pay.

Tim contacted a friend who, in turn, contacted the Senator. It was weak security at best, but Tim also saw the upside. If he helped the Senator’s daughter, his security work would double or triple.


Senator McDale took his laptop into his daughter’s room, her refuge from the world since being discharged from the hospital. The doctors were hopeful that her eyelid repair would work, but privately they doubted it. The tear had cut major nerves.

The trauma counselors were concerned with both Kat and Robert who blamed himself for her rape.

She had been lying on her bed staring at the ceiling. She rolled away from him, hiding the bandage over her eye. She gasped as the movement ripped new scar tissue from the stitches in her vaginal floor.

“Come on Honey. I wanted to show you something.”

He opened the laptop and played the message from Beth.

A lovely blonde woman was on the screen, “Hello Kat,” she said softly, “my name is Beth, and yes, I was raped by your brother.” She paused as a brief flashback of Robert on top of her sent chills down her back.

“I won’t lie to you. I still remember that terrible night and will for the rest of my life. But with the help of an incredible man and my family, I’ve learned to live, love and laugh again.”

“I’ve been told you’ve seen my before and after video, so you know it can be done. I can’t promise it will help, but if you like, we’d like to try to help. But I will not abandon my family, even for you, so it will mean leaving your family for a time, maybe a long time. I know, I am still healing.”

“So it’s really up to you. Reach out to people that have been through the hideously painful hell you’re in or sink ever deeper into it.” Beth paused.

“If you’re coming, Honey, come soon. You won’t be sorry.”

Kat looked up at her father, her lower lip quivering. The pain in her eyes ripped his soul.

“Do you want to go, Honey?”

She nodded many times, over and over, “it can be done…” For the first time since her rape, she slept without pills that night, clinging to the hope of salvation from another tortured soul.

Robert came home from his University two days later to say goodbye. He and Kat had always been close. Kat was preparing to leave. He looked into her eye and saw the unbearable agony, understanding for the first time the terrible impact of the rapes. He reached out to her. She just looked at him, her face blank.

“Now do you understand?” She walked away, tears filling her eyes.


Tim had arranged the trip so Michael, the harem and Michaela would be settled into the safe house in St Kilda before Kat arrived in Melbourne. It was far smaller than the main house, but comfortable nonetheless with three stories. The difference between Queensland and South Australia in winter was, however, quite large.

Michael began to regret the trip. The girls were uncomfortable and snappish being away from their home for a total stranger.

The moment Kat walked in the door, however maternal and empathic instincts kicked in.

Beth hugged her first, feeling Kat shaking, then handed her off to Rachael who stroked her hair, telling her it would be all right. Each of the girls hugged her. Finally she stood in front of Michael who held Michaela.

He put one arm around Kat’s shoulders and spoke to Michaela, “Meet your aunt Kat.”

Alice watched with open admiration as Kat began to relax, “Hi Michaela,” she cooed putting out her finger to be grasped. Alice thought wryly that she should just give up and let Michael sort things out.

After three days, Kat was part of the family; after seven, she knew the basics, but no last names or geographic information about each of them; after two weeks of intensive therapy she had stopped descending into her private hell. Now she had to climb out.

Unfortunately, her eyelid nerves had been damaged and the lid drooped disconsolately, so she was reminded of her rape every day. It became the center of her hell until one day, feeling sorry for herself, she wailed, “I’m ruined” in front of Shoshana and Beth. Shoshana slapped her. Not hard, but it was a slap. Shoshana was so kind and gentle that you could have heard a pin drop.

“Don’t say that. You’re not perfect, but you never were! Stop feeling sorry for yourself. Beth my mom or I would trade places with casino firmaları you in a New York minute! You can create life. We can’t. What’s more important, holding your child to your breast or a drooping eyelid? We gave up our lives to help you and all you can do is feel sorry for yourself!” Shoshana stormed off.

Time seemed to stand still.

Slowly, as if in slow motion, Kat’s face seemed to come apart, tears of shame streaming down her face, as she repeated, “I’m sorry.”

Alice took her into her arms. Shoshana had played her part perfectly. Not even Michael knew, but his eyes suspected.

That night was a harrowing trip through hell for both Kat and Alice. By taking away her sight and sound, her rapists had intensified her other senses, indelibly printing each and every moment in her brain. As Michael rose early the next morning, he found Alice sitting at the kitchen table with a glass of wine.

“Shoshana slapping her was a set up wasn’t it?”

Alice nodded, “Kat was stuck. I didn’t want you to un-stick her, so Shosh and I worked out the little play.”


“A couple more weeks and she’ll at least be functional.” Alice hesitated, “She could use a change of scenery. We all could. Can you see what Tim thinks about us going home?”

Kat slept till noon, coming out as they were eating lunch. She looked different. She went over to Shoshana, pulled back her hand as if to hit her and, seeing Shoshana’s eyes widen, threw her arms around her. “You’re a pretty good actress.” Giggling.

“I think I would have liked Michael’s way better,” she said smiling.

As they ate, she interacted with the family as an equal, not a victim.

“Kat, I have a big question to ask. Can you keep a secret? I mean really keep one, no matter what?” Michael asked, searching her face.

She looked at him a bit fearfully, but answered with conviction, “If it’s important, I swear I will.”

Each of them looked her in the eye, “then I think you better pack. We’re leaving tomorrow. We’re going home. A home you can never tell anyone about. Deal?”

She nodded firmly.

Their relief was obvious when they entered the main house. Within hours, they were in the lap pool with Michaela cooing happily in Kat’s arms.

Whereas the focus had been on helping Kat at the safe house, the focus in the compound switched back to the Michael and his harem. How a woman could share her man puzzled Kat. She approached Beth and asked, knowing that it had been her decision.

“Two parts to the answer. First, I had come to love Rachael, Lynne and Shoshana while we were in hiding. The others came one at a time. Rafaela, Alice, Jennifer and Maria joined. It’s a little sad for me, but they all need my Dad and they make sure I am happy. When I get down, he makes sure to refill my love bucket, and I don’t mean my pussy.” She grinned, knowing she had shocked Kat.

“The other part was practical. I can’t make a child. God knows, I would give anything to hold a baby I had made with Dad, but it just wasn’t possible, so I will be the aunt who looks great in a bikini!”

Kat realized just how much Beth meant to her. “Do you think your Dad would let me give him a child?

Beth shook her head slowly. “He could never live apart from his child and you have a world to return to. Besides, any sharing has to be agreed by his entire harem.”

“But you come first. Everyone knows that.”

Beth just smiled and left the room. In the bedroom, she wept for happiness. Dad was right, he’d loved her longest and would never leave her.


That night, Kat had a nightmare reliving her rape in vivid detail.

She felt a jab of something with two points. Her body exploded as the stun baton discharged into her back.

The strong arm across her throat, while others grabbed her arms, quickly taping her hands behind her back. She tried to kick, but her legs would not obey. Each leg was caught, effectively immobilizing her. Then the tape across her eyes and ears. She was on the ground, twisting and trying to get enough air to scream…”

“Get it in her Goddamn mouth,” she heard faintly through the tape. Something metallic tasting was jammed in her mouth, the lips of the device folded over her lower and upper teeth. Two strong hands pried her mouth open wide. She could hear and feel it clicking by her ears as it ratcheted open, holding her mouth obscenely stretched open. A rag was stuffed in to prevent any sound escaping.

Her captor twisted her around and slammed her face first into the ground, knocking the wind out of her. Other hands picked her up and she felt herself being thrown in the trunk of a car. She tried to kick, but her body wouldn’t obey her. As the short circuits calmed, she tried to make enough noise to attract help, but they had chosen their route carefully.

She heard and felt the trunk open and kicked out hoping to catch one of them unwary. A hand slapped her face hard.

She was carried down a flight of stairs and dumped on a bed. As she continued to struggle, something with points was pressed against her pussy with only her thin thong as protection. Unimaginable pain shot through her body as electric shock passed through her clit into her body. Whoever used it, knew how to cause a woman unbelievable pain!

She could hear faint mumbling, but the center of her being was her clit. They stripped her, cutting her shirt and bra clear so her hands remained bound. Once naked, strong hands pulled her into a kneeling position. She felt the bed sag near her head. The rag was pulled from her stretched mouth and was replaced by a man’s shaft. She had performed a few blow jobs, but this penis tasted and smelled funny.

Behind her a man fumbled a bit and slid his condom güvenilir casino clad cock along her opening to part her inner lips, finally finding his target. He grasped her hips and thrust forward brutally. The condom insulated his cock from the brutal chaffing of her dry tunnel. As she tried to scream, the cock in her mouth slammed against the back of her throat. The man in front pinched her nose, forcing her to gasp for air and open her throat. On the next thrust into her pussy, his cock entered her throat.

Her mind reeled at the double penetration. The man in front pulled her forward violently by her ears, ripping an earring out as it tore through her earlobe. His cock started to pulse, sending jets of semen down her throat. She desperately pulled back, trying to clear her air passage. His hands let her go and she violently impaled herself on the rapist behind her. In her dark, silent world of pain, another pair of hands pulled her face up and another cock shoved roughly into her mouth.

She felt the man behind pulse and shoot his cum into the condom. Another man took his place, but aimed higher. He at least used a lubricated condom, but she felt her sphincter rip as he thrust forward without preparing her in any way. She felt every bulge and vein of the impaling cocks. They hammered her in rhythm. The man at her head shot his cum into her mouth.

The man behind began circling his hips, ripping her sphincter a little more with each movement. A thin wooden switch slashed across her back. Her muscles tightened involuntarily, her damaged ass contracted. Again and again the switch found her back and ass. After an eternity of pain, he shot his semen into his condom.

They used it on the back of her thighs, then her feet.

They flipped her over. A woman lowered her dripping pussy over her mouth, rubbing her slit on her nose and lips, brutally twisting her nipples. She screamed into the wet folds, unintentionally extending her tongue. The pain in her nipples subsided. She understood and began to lick the slick labia above her mouth. Another man pushed her legs high, the woman on her face pulled them further, locking them behind her back, effectively bending her in half. The position exposed her violated ass and ravaged pussy.

An enormous cock slammed into her ass. Mercifully, she had passed beyond pain into numbness. After him, another man slid into her pussy. The woman moved and a man’s ass replaced her pussy, twisting her nipples until she extended her tongue and licked his ass hole.

Six men and one woman used her. Finally they released her legs. They picked her up and laid her on a cold tiled floor. A woman’s hands pushed her down. She lay on her back as they began to urinate into her open mouth. Female fingers pinched her nose closed so she had to swallow the pee to breathe. She vomited. More pee poured into her stretched mouth. She swallowed and vomited again.

A feces covered cloth was finally shoved into her mouth to keep her quiet. Soft, female hands spread her pussy lips. The cold prongs pressed again and Kat’s world exploded into a universe of pain.

She remembered being in a cold shower and then being back into the trunk of a car. She curled into a ball n the trunk, in part from cold, but more because she was broken. They pulled her from the trunk. She could feel them writing something on the tape, removed the rag and mouth device and kicked her to the ground. Someone delivered one final kick to her solar plexus to immobilize her as they escaped.

She heard them drive off and began to crawl and stumble away from the car noise. She could feel the blood running down her leg, smell their urine and taste their feces.

She was screaming, feeling the pain and humiliation. She violently shoved away loving arms until steely arms engulfed her. She slashed with her nails and connected. Then her arms were pinned to her sides. She tried to knee him, but he easily dodged. He lowered his lips to hers. Her eyes snapped open. Her first thought was that Michael was raping her. But she saw the other women.

“You back in control, Honey?” he asked with genuine concern in his voice.

“God, you’re strong,” he felt the deep scratches on his face now dripping blood, “and good with your nails,” he chuckled.

“Why’d you kiss me?”

“You were out of control. We were afraid you’d hurt yourself. When that happened with Beth, I kissed her. She snapped out of it. I took a chance you’d wakeup too.”

Kat surveyed her room. Broken glass from broken picture frames littered the rooms. She looked at her hand and saw blood.

Jennifer had been riding his cock in a reverse cowgirl position when they heard Kat’s screams. She looked sadly at the retreating harem. Now she was their doctor.

“We’ll clean it up in the morning. Use the spare bedroom.”

“Go with them,” Kat said to Alice and Jennifer. Kat felt very guilty. Both shook their heads.

“Michael, you better come too. Those are pretty deep,” Jennifer said as she looked carefully at the scratches.

They led Michael and Kat to the infirmary.

As Jennifer treated her hand, Alice listened as Kat detailed her rape. After detailing the use of the taser on her clit, Jennifer put on a band with a magnifying glass. She had Kat lie with her feet in the stirrups. She found a tiny burn scar with a little blood clot beneath on the underside of Kat’s clit.

“Fuck!” Jenifer spat, “What kind of an OB/GYN missed this?” Turning to a frightened Kat, “Sorry Honey. Why didn’t you tell me you hurt?” Kat looked near to tears.

“I was afraid I’d been ruined.” She wailed, sitting up.

Jennifer gently pushed her down. “I’ll fix you up.”

Then Jennifer went to Michael. “Dueling scar or stitches?” Normally Michael really didn’t care, but he thought about Kat. “Better stitch it up, Honey. I don’t want Kat looking at my mug and remembering her rape.”

Jennifer went to work.

Twenty minutes later with Michael stitched up, they slowly walked back with them to the main house, to home.

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