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This story is a fantasy involving man to man sex with multiple partners, some rough stuff and bareback sex. If this offends or does not interest you, move on. Inspired by a Falcon movie of the same name.


When ya need it bad
     and wanna get it good,
Who ya gonna call?

I was between boyfriends. There had been a string of less-than-successful relationships, but all had one thing in common, the sex had been lousy. The latest ex had been Mr. Romance. Don’t get me wrong, romance is a good thing. But every time we had sex it was a two-hour ordeal. And no, it wasn’t two hours of sex. It was finding and lighting all the candles, it was setting up the bedroom just so (no quickies in another room of the house) it was kissing and stroking until his mood was just right. And it wasn’t like the sex after all that was mind-blowing, just some tame oral after which I rolled over and let him fuck my ass for five minutes until he came. He went on and on about how it was the greatest sex he’d ever had. I mean, the first time was good and made me feel special. But after two months when we had to go through the same routine EVERY time, I had had enough. I told him so and walked out one night. He didn’t seem all that upset, you see it never was about me or us, it was about him. The whole scenario was like a fetish; he had to have all that stuff or he couldn’t do it. I’ll never forget his expression as I slammed the door behind me (after telling him he really wasn’t that good a fuck), he just stood there looking at me like Gene Hackman in Young Frankenstein: “Wait! Where are you going?! I was gonna make espresso!!”

I needed to get fucked. I hadn’t been well and truly fucked in ages. I just couldn’t imagine going to a bar or a club and having to scout out the possibilities, perhaps for days, before I could bring home a hard cock I could introduce to my asshole. But what was I going to do? And then, there it was. Right on cable. I’m sitting at home alone, naked and nursing a beer when I see this commercial on cable access for The Buttbusters! They were advertising just what I needed. A good, hard fucking. As much as you want or can handle. Let us take care of your “hole” problem. I think my cock dialed the phone for me.

Soon I was talking to their receptionist. When? I made an appointment for Friday night. How many? Hmmmm, that posed some interesting possibilities, such as, how many could I get. Well, for Friday she said, I could have anywhere from one to eight, however if I was willing to go for another week night I could have as many as twelve. Eight?! Twelve!! Yoiks!!! I wanted to get fucked but my asshole positively ached at the thought of twelve cocks having their way inside me. Maybe some other time, but for now I settled on three. Fine, she said. How big? Again some intriguing possibilities crossed my mind, but after hearing what was available, I settled on 8, 10 and 11. Everything else was set. I was sent specific instructions for how to prepare and what space would be needed for their equipment. Equipment? Oh my…

Friday afternoon I arrived home after work giddy with anticipation. I showered, trimmed and shaved according to my instructions. I was so worked up and horny that I knew I couldn’t finish my preparations in this state. I poured a glass of wine and lit up a joint. A few minutes later, in a much more mellow state, I was able to finish my personal prep with an enema and then move some furniture around and cover it with sheets.

Although I kinda hate the way I first feel when I have an enema, later there is this warmth that spreads through me. Then after emptying myself, my asshole craves to be filled. I was just at that point, wanting something up my ass – a dildo, the bedpost, anything – when the doorbell rang.

It was them – 8,10 and 11. They were all dressed in black leather. Handsome, from what I could see under their black hoods. And loaded with packs of equipment. They swept into my apartment and began to set up. A padded block with restraints, toys of various sizes, lubes, poppers, blindfold, ball gag, spreader bar, more restraints… my mouth began to water and my asshole began to twitch in excitement. I let my robe drop to the floor and stood before them naked. My shaved 7 inches was already hard and I could hardly wait to let them use my ass. I stood by and watched as they stripped, admiring the ripped bodies, the muscular asses and then one by one those cocks that were going to ravish me appeared. 8 inches, cut, light purple mushroom head, tapering to the base, smooth all over, muscular, hot. 10 inches, cut, dark purple head, thick, oh my thick all the way to the base (this one was going to open me up royally!) shaved balls and ass, small patch of blond hair just above that magnificent cock, incredible. Then 11 inches, oh my, why did it look soooo much longer than 10, thin cock, uncut, purple head peaking out from that delicious looking foreskin, bahis firmaları all smooth, muscular, a fucking machine!

All wore cock rings and all were semi-hard. I was raging hard at this point, my cock already oozing. I knelt in the floor in front of them and went right to work. I started on 8. I licked up and down his shaft then tongued his balls before sliding that big purple head into my mouth. Oh, it tasted sooooo good. Clean, salty, kinda hard and twitching in my mouth. I bobbed my head up and down on his cock, getting him hard and wet. I played with his balls and ass while I sucked, slurping down as much as I could.

I became aware that 10 and 11 were standing on either side of me. I let 8 slide out of my mouth and took a few turns sucking on 10 and 11. 10 was so thick I couldn’t take him very deep but he seemed to like what I did with my tongue. 11 just slipped in and tickled my tonsils while I wriggled my tongue under his head. After getting them all wet, I went back to 8 and sucked his now very hard cock while I jacked the other two. Every few minutes they would trade. Now 10 was in front of me stretching my mouth while he took his pleasure. Then 11 would take his place, sliding in deeper because I was stretched open a little more. I heard each of them taking snorts of the poppers and then they held it to one of my nostrils while pinching the other closed. I took a deep breath, my mouth now filled by 8 again. Then the other side. My head expanded and exploded. I saw the whole Milky Way galaxy and when I returned to earth my nose was pressed against 8’s smooth stomach and my lips were pressed against the cockring. I had him all the way down my throat. I was sucking hard, working my tongue against the base of his cock. He was holding my head down and fucking my face. I felt his cock swell and his balls draw up against my chin. He cried out and fucked my face as his cock jetted hot cum down my throat.

When he was through, he stepped back and let 11 take his place. 11 slid his cock into my mouth as he gave me another hit of poppers. I left my body again and this time when I got back 11 had almost all of his cock down my throat. I sucked hard on the veiny shaft, loving the salty sweet flavor. I looked up into his stark blue eyes and pleaded. He gave me another hit of poppers. I closed my eyes and leaned forward. The last inch of his cock slid in just as he shot off right down my throat.

That left only 10 for the time being. Even with poppers, there was no way that cock was going all the way in my throat. I took as much as I could and worked my magic with my tongue. I licked and kissed the shaft. I sucked his balls. I played with his ass while he worked his cock in and out of my mouth. I savored his earthy smell. I felt his cock throb and looked up into his dark brown eyes as he groaned and shot and shot and shot his cum into my mouth. I sucked hard and swallowed. Oh wow, did this guy shoot for volume and distance! I almost choked. My insides fluttered as I imagined what that was going to feel like in my butt.

I had sucked all three cocks and swallowed their loads. My jaw ached. My head throbbed a little from the poppers. My knees were almost raw as I knelt in a pool of my own pre-come that had dripped from my still-hard cock. I needed a little break. We took some liquid refreshment – wine, beer, water – as well as some aroma therapy – ooh fine weed! While we all stroked and fondled each others bodies. When 11 went to get the blindfold and the ball gag, I knew we were ready for round 2!!

As I stood and allowed them to put the blindfold on me and slip the ball gag into my mouth. I heard some kind of contraption being put together behind me. Then someone was standing behind me. I felt the warmth of a hard muscular body pressed into my back, a hardening cock slipping between my cheeks. Someone else stood in front of me and began kissing and licking my face, neck and ears. My cock was as hard as it has ever been. I felt oil being poured on me and rubbed in – shoulders, back, legs, ooooh my butt, ahhh god my cock and balls. The cock behind me got harder and more insistent as its owner reached around and began tugging on my nipples -mmmmmmm. I would have shouted out loud except for the ball gag when a hot mouth closed over my cock and began to suck me.

I was somewhat yanked out of this sexual state when I felt padded cuffs being fastened on my wrists. Still, I tried to concentrate on the wonders of the mouth on my cock and rubbing my ass on the cock behind me. Suddenly all stimulation stopped. I nearly fell over when everyone stepped away from me. But then I was led to the padded bench and guided to lie face-up. My arms were spread wide and my wrists were attached to whatever frame I had heard being assembled earlier. Between my legs, my ankles were cuffed and attached to the spreader bar, which was then also hung from the frame. I was wide open, helpless and horny as all kaçak iddaa get out!!

I felt hands all over my body. Stroking, fondling, probing, tweaking. A lubed finger slipped up my asshole. I moaned and writhed. A hot mouth descended on my cock. Fingers pinched and tweaked my nipples. Another lubed finger went up my ass. I was moaning, screaming, huffing and puffing behind the ball gag. The fingers left my ass and my nipple pincher moved away. The hot mouth lifted off my cock only to lick down to my balls. I grunted and writhed in pitch blackness as my balls were tongued and sucked. The spreader bar was lifted further back completely exposing my asshole. The mouth on my balls began to kiss my inner thighs and butt cheeks lightly. Hands spread my butt cheeks wide apart and the tongue began to dance toward my asshole as I screamed in pleasure around the ball gag. The tongue began to lick over my asshole. Behind my blindfold my eyes bugged out and I panted furiously with the ball gag in my mouth. Now the tongue was making love to my ass – licking, probing, sucking, nibbling. Oh my god!!! this felt so fantastic. My hole opened up, the tongue slipped inside me – oh fuck! Mmmmm god this was amazing. The mouth and tongue on my asshole continued their assault for several minutes until I thought I would cum just from that. But I needed more and they knew that.

The mouth left my asshole. At first I cried out from the lack of stimulation, but then a nozzle introduced a copious amount of lube to my asshole and the fingers were back inside me, fucking me, opening me. And when the fingers left me to a cry of frustration, a dildo was introduced that soon had me moaning. As the dildo fucked me harder and deeper, the mouth came back, this time to my balls. I bucked against my restraints as the mouth sucked and licked my balls and a new, bigger dildo was introduced to my ass. Oh holy fuck this was getting intense!! This one had a handle and my fuckee was doing naughty things with it to my asshole. Holding it deep and wriggling it around. Pulling it almost all the way out and teasing my hole. Long, deep thrusts from head to handle making my asshole spasm with delight. And oh that mouth working magic on my balls…… Oh Fuck!!!

As before, the dildo was removed from my ass and the mouth left my balls. I was left hanging there writhing and screaming in frustration. Hands soon moved in to calm me and soothe. The ball gag was removed and I was lifted slightly and offered some water. After calming down a little I was asked if I was ready to get fucked. I hope the neighbors didn’t hear me as I shouted “Fuck me, Fuck me, Fuck me, Fuck me!!! PLEEEEEZE fucking fuck me!!!!!”

I heard 11 say that I needed something in my mouth to shut me the hell up. I was laid back down on the bench with my head hanging over the end. By the size, I could tell that 10 was teasing my mouth and was soon thrusting his cock into my face. I sucked hard as I felt fingers on my ass again. I moaned around the cock in my mouth as two fingers slid up me, opening my ass. Fingers returned to teasing my nipples and I got so totally into the sensations happening to my body that I almost missed the moment the fingers slid out of me and 8 started to slide his cock up me.

As it was, I clamped my mouth down around 10’s cock and let out a long low moan as 8 hard inches of cock were inserted into my ass. 8 immediately began to fuck me with long, slow strokes, working my hungry asshole into a frenzy. 10 meanwhile began to tea-bag his balls into my mouth. I would suck and lick on them, allowing him to place them where he wanted. He ground his balls and then his cock into my face before sliding most of his dick back into my mouth. I sucked him hard and then panted for air as 8 began to really work my asshole with his cock. I felt 8’s hips pound into my bottom, his cock slicing in and out of my hungry hole, the cockring on 8’s dick rubbing against my asshole on every deep thrust, there were fingers tugging my nipples and 10 was fucking my face. I saw nothing behind the blindfold and all I could smell was sex, lube, cock, cum, butt and man. I heard a roaring sound and then 8 slammed his cock home deep. I felt it spasm, felt it shooting a hot load of cum deep inside me. 8 pumped his load up my ass as I milked his cock with my anal ring.

10 slid his cock out of my mouth. I hung there for a moment, mouth wide open waiting for it to come back. But then I felt 8 pulling out of my asshole. I was empty at both ends for a moment. Before I could say anything, I was repositioned on the bench so that my head was supported again (I have to say, my neck was getting sore and my mouth had been worked hard). I felt someone stepping over me, but instead of a cock my lips touched butt cheeks. I knew what I needed to do. As the cheeks were spread above me I began to lick and suck at this asshole the way mine had been earlier. The rimmee was appreciative of my efforts as I heard many kaçak bahis moans and felt 11 inches of cock throb and ooze onto my chest.

Of course, my ass was not entirely idle at this time. First, some fingers went back up me, wriggling, opening me wider. Then I felt 10 rubbing his cock up and down my crack – its width and heft were unmistakable. I hoped I would be able to take it. More lube was applied to my ass and to 10’s dick. My asshole started to seize up when he first fitted the head against my anal ring. I was trying to relax because I really wanted to get fucked by this monster, but I think I was a little over stimulated. 11 got up off my face and they pushed more poppers under my nose. As my head exploded yet again and the universe was created before my eyes, my tongue slipped back up inside 11’s ass and I felt the head of 10’s cock pop through my sphincter. Slowly 10 opened up my ass with his amazing cock until finally with a grunt I felt him bottom out inside me, his cockring firmly nestled against my asshole. Once he had it all the way up me, he ground his hips into my butt in circles, his cock mirroring the effect on the inner walls of my ass. It felt fantastic. Oh god I was in heaven….. soooo fucking good. I love being stretched open and fucked. I moaned and nibbled on 11’s asshole. 10 began to fuck me. I gasped as my hole was stretched in each direction by 10’s thrusting cock. Oh my god it was huge!! I now got a noseful of 11’s funky man-scent as he ground his ass into my face.

10 picked up the pace and was now fucking me good and hard. From this angle, he was hitting my prostate on each forward and back thrust. My cock was harder than I have ever felt it and oozing pre-come everywhere. 11 got off my face and removed my blindfold so I could watch 10 as he fucked me to heaven. 10 loved seeing my reactions as he fucked me hard and fast – shocked, open-mouthed panting – or took long, deep strokes – eyes rolling back in my head, oh god that feels soooo fucking good!!!

Now 10 was just pounding my ass into submission. My anal ring was on fire as those 10 thick inches relentlessly split me open. Unbelievably, I felt him swell and then punch-fuck my asshole in short rapid bursts. Holy fuck!!!! I felt his cock spurt four, five, six times in my ass!!!! I felt his hot load coating my insides. And then he fucked it deeper inside me as I lay there panting from his total cock assault.

10 pulled out and I felt the two loads in my ass begin to leak out. 11 knew I was tired and almost worn out, but he also knew I would let him do my ass too. I whimpered as he slid all 11 inches up me. I felt the cum and lube deep in me squishing around. I was wide open for his cock as he took sloppy thirds. He started with deep slow strokes, pushing his cock all the way inside my ass. Even though I was sore and tired by this point, I started to get into it. His cock was hitting something deep inside me that even 10 hadn’t reached. 8 and 10 saw this. They came over and started to work on my nipples and cock while 11 just sawed in and out of my butthole.

“Oh man, this is soooo hot seeing their cum on my dick in your asshole!” 11 said. He got turned on more and more by the fact that I had been fucked twice before he fucked me. He started to vary the depth of his thrusts. I was writhing and moaning as 10 played with my nipples and 8 sucked my cock.

11 was steadily churning his cock in my ass as 8 and 10 worked me to a feverish state. Finally, I could hold back no longer. The cum I had been holding back practically since their arrival came shooting up through my cock and into 8’s mouth. I shouted and screamed in ecstacy as I came harder than I had ever cum in my life. The spasms of my anal ring caused 11 to begin to cum in my ass. As he cried out, I kept up the rhythmic milking of his cock with my asshole and felt him pump another huge, hot load inside me. When he finally slid out, I felt a huge glob of cum come with him. 8 and 10 took turns felching my hole while I moaned and begged them not to, it felt too good, it was too much, I couldn’t stand any more pleasure at that moment.

They freed me from my bonds and we took a break. Wine, beer, water and some quick vitamin supplements helped restore our strength. Some very fine weed began to re-stoke our libidos. We adjourned to the showers to clean up and prepare for the next round.

After the shower, I was led back to the bench where this time I was shackled face-down. The next part of the evening I can only remember through a haze of purple smoke and poppers. I know they did more experimenting with toys up my ass. They took turns spit-roasting me over the bench – one in my mouth, another up my ass. At one point, I was in the middle fucking 8 in the ass on the downstroke while getting fucked by 10 on the upstroke – Oh man, if you have never done that it is simply mind-boggling to give and take at the same time!!!

For the grand finale, 8 sat back on the couch and I slowly rode up and down on his cock. 10 came around and held my face. Looking deep into my eyes he said, “We are going to blow your fucking mind!” I was totally clueless as to what was about to happen.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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