Calliope’s New Life Ch. 03

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Bea and Jamie left and Padraic turned his full attention on Calliope. He truly adored the young woman and how with very little training she had accepted his Daddy-like role in her life. She was young not quite twenty yet, immature, defiant at times and despite her short career as an erotic dancer and part-time whore she was very naïve in the ways of the world.

Just looking at her, knowing what the evening held for them after cleaning day made his cock harden within his pants. She was adorable, the perfect girl to suit his needs and fetishes and she had risen to every challenge he had set her. He didn’t even mind the small defiant streak that still lay just under the surface of her good girl behaviour. He had made her the baby girl to his Daddy role and imposed some strict rules upon their relationship, and though in truth like him she seemed to enjoy erotic pain, her outbursts of defiance gave him reason to discipline her.

“You’ve been such a good girl today,” Padraic said softly as he took Calliope in his arms.

“Good enough to see the play room?” She asked hopefully.

He still wasn’t sure she was ready to see his playroom, but he had said if she was good he would take her there. Unlike his past relationships, Calliope had not come to him voluntarily knowing of his lifestyle and what it entailed. He considered whether knowing the extent of his need for control and domination, more than she had already encountered, would scare her but she would find out in time regardless.

In his mind, he had thought to introduce her to the different facets of his particular kinks and fetishes slowly through the training he gave her in his study. It had worked reasonably well thus far, and he saw no reason to change it but he also realised that the mention of the playroom today had intrigued her enough to ask about it again.

Smiling he cuddled her close. “You will need to understand that we will not play in there for some time yet, if at all.” He pulled back to watch her eyes.

“Mm hmm,” she murmured and nodded seriously.

“Okay then,” he smiled and placed her down on her feet taking her hand and explaining as they went. “There was a time when I used to have a little girl that wasn’t allowed into my study. Her training took place in a schoolroom of sorts that we called the playroom.” They walked to the playroom together, and Padraic opened the door and stood back letting her walk in. “She was a very different little girl to you, baby.”

Callie took in the room. It was set up as a pseudo classroom but with odd additions. At the front of the room, there was a blackboard and chalk. The board had been washed, but lines showed faintly and as she looked closer she could see that rules had been written there in the past. A large dark wooden desk sat slightly in front of the board, on its top were several display boxes that held canes and straps. Calliope looked back at Padraic, who stood beside the doorway watching her, concern showing in his features.

Walking behind the desk, she turned to face the rest of the room. In the centre were two desks, one of the smaller school desks like the one she used in Padraic’s study, the second much like the one that had appeared in her room in place of the play table which now occupied one space in this room. At the back of the room, there was what seemed to Calliope to be a range of gym equipment; a pommel horse, rings hanging from the ceiling at differing lengths on thick chains and several knotted ropes that ran from floor to ceiling. What seemed like a ballet bar ran halfway along one wall of the large room the other half of the wall being taken up by an oversized window and a large wooden cross like structure. A swing like contraption hung from the ceiling not far from that.

Calliope turned back toward Padraic to look at the wall that the doorway he leant in was part of, several large cabinets and closets lined the wall with space in between where unusual frames stood, and it seemed like pictures had been removed from the walls. This room was not what Calliope had expected, and she looked quizzically at Padraic.

“There are different rules in here,” Padraic said as he stepped into the room and picked her up cuddling her close. He loved the smell of her fresh, clean hair and body and breathed in the scent his girl once again. His arousal at the thought of using her in here was growing and he thought it best to leave.

“How come? I thought your rules were for always,” her brow knitted in confusion.

“They are baby, but in here all the things we negotiate about normally don’t apply. In here, you must do as I say without complaint and if you don’t, you will be punished,” he looked meaningfully at the display cases on the desk as they past it on the way to the door.

Calliope considered his words carefully lifting a hand bursa escort to curl a strand of hair around her finger as she mused over his words. “I always try to do what you tell me,” she said quietly.

“Trying doesn’t count in this room, Callie. You must,” he looked at her, and she nodded not saying anything. “That is why your training is different. You learn about the things you need to in my study, not in here. Maybe we will play here once you learn all of the rules and the things that make me happy.”

“But I thought I did make you happy,” Callie pouted.

“Oh, you do baby, you do!” Padraic kissed her and cursed himself for not clearly thinking out his words, “But you still have a lot to learn and experience. You are special, not like the girl who used to come here.” He walked with her to the door and stepped outside turning off the light and locking the door.

Callie felt a disappointment that she couldn’t quite put a name to. She wanted to make Padraic completely happy and continued to look over his shoulder still not quite understanding everything she had seen in the room or everything he said and wondering about the mysterious other girl and what happened to her.

Padraic could sense her change in mood and knew she was confused by the room and his explanations. He tickled her lightly as he carried her eliciting small giggles. “You have done very well so far today baby, but we are not finished yet.” Padraic grinned at her.

“I want you to be happy, I want to make you happy,” Callie said quietly as he placed her on the floor.

“Oh baby. I have never been happier than I am having you to look after. You’re gorgeous, loving and try so hard to make me happy. What more could I want?” Padraic said sincerely. He saw her eyes wander to the doorway they had just come through, and he continued. “We will play in there one day just not yet, I love you and I don’t want to do anything you’re not ready for yet.”

“I love you too. I could be good enough to be in there and make you happy,” she looked at him with wide eyes still remembering the isolation of the night before and wanting so much to make him happy.

“I know you could, baby, but I have said no for now, and you need to show me you can do as I ask, out here, before we even think about going back to the playroom, understand?” He placed a kiss on her nose and smiled. “Now I need my beautiful baby,” he said as he began to undress her.

Callie smiled cheekily and put her hand on his jean covered groin, “Did it make you horny to be back in that room again? Do you wish I was a much more gooderer little girl?” She teased him purposely using an immature tone of voice. Her eyes danced merrily despite the pout she tried to put on for him.

“You are perfect just the way you are,” Padraic groaned picking her up again and holding her against him as he walked back to the bench he had massaged her on earlier laying her down and steeling himself against his own need to punish her and use her harshly right at that moment. He picked up a bottle of lightly scented massage oil and drizzled it over her breasts and in a line down her tummy and over her cunt. “Rub it in,” he said in a soft voice and stepped back watching her as he undressed himself. The bench was short, and Calliope’s legs dangled from the end even as she widened them to rub the oil between her legs giving him a view of her tight little cunt.

Stepping forward once he was naked, his cock leading the way, Padraic reached for her and lifted her to him kissing her deeply before turning her onto her tummy and laying her back down. He took up the oil and ran a thick line down the middle of her back before beginning a slow sensuous massage letting his hand drift down her sides to caress the edges of her breasts.

His hands moved down paying particular attention to her ass, massaging the cheeks deeply and spreading them wide to view the tiny dark star. The enema earlier that day ensured its vacant cleanliness and he felt his cock twitch as he ran an oily finger over the puckered hole. He felt her stiffen under his hands, and he lowered his other oiled hand to play over her cunt eliciting a gentle sigh of pleasure as he continued to massage and prod her tight anal ring.

“Relax baby, one hand moved up and down her back again as he slowly entered her, his cock disappearing into her hot wet cunt as his fingers continued to probe and oil her ass relaxing the tight anal ring. He saw her breath deeply and heard the soft sigh his gentle force created and smiled down on her enjoying the sensations she gave him. He slipped a finger into her ass and listened to her small whimper knowing that the training with the plugs would have prepared her for the sensation. Continuing to fuck her slowly, Padraic took his time forcing a second finger within her ass and widening the bursa escort bayan tight ring of muscle.

Callie knew what was coming, but she felt powerless to stop it. She wasn’t sure she wanted to stop it but her tummy turned at the thought of what it was he had spent the day preparing her for. She didn’t want to spend another night alone, and she knew it would make him happy but as the second finger entered her causing her to flinch in pain and making her feel overly full, she tensed up. Closing her eyes and biting her lip to stifle the growing whimpers fed by her fear that his cock was just too big to fuck her there, she tried to breathe deeply. No one had ever fucked her ass before, and just the thought of it turned the butterflies his gentle fucking created in her tummy into large dragonflies.

Padraic groaned as he withdrew his cock from her cunt and pulling her quivering ass cheeks further apart squirted a small amount of extra oil before positioning his cock there. She stiffened, and he could feel the muscles of her ass tense under his hands. He smacked her and growled, “I’m going to take the only virginity you have left to give me. You must relax baby,, or this will hurt you more than either of us wish it to.”

“I’m trying, Daddy,” Calliope responded in a trembling whimper. He waited until he saw her take a shaky large breath, but his need was overwhelming him, and he pressed forward. The head of his cock slowly pushed past the tight anal ring, and he stopped enjoying the feeling and her cry of pain.

“Ow, it hurts,” Calliope gasped, “It really hurts! Take it out please!”

“Just relax,” Padraic encouraged her. “Just wait a minute and you will get used to it.”

“No, please take it out. It hurts so much,” she cried out.

“Callie, I’m not taking it out. You are going to take my cock in your ass. Just relax, and you will get used to it.” Padraic said firmly passion filling his voice as the pleasure of her tightness gripped his cock.

She tried to squirm, but he had superior strength and position to hold her in place. He leaned over her until his chest was almost lying on her back, and he wrapped his hand into her hair turning her face so he could see the expression on her face as he began to push slowly into her. Little-by-little, he forced her to take his cock in her tightest hole pausing every so often to give her time to adjust.

Each time Padraic surged forward Calliope begged for him to stop, “Motherfucker! Please take it out, your ripping in two, please, Daddy. Oh fuck, fuck fuckity fucking motherfucker!” She cried out to him.

“There’s that little whore! The whore with the dirty potty mouth,” His growl was loud enough to silence her momentarily until he pushed into her again and she cried out without cursing. “Relax baby, it won’t hurt so much in a few minutes,” Padraic groaned filled with the pleasure of taking her tightest hole and equally turned on by her pleas for mercy. Once completely buried inside her he stilled for several minutes listening to her whimpering pleas and enjoying the moment. Pulling back slowly until only the head remained, his eyes glued to her face he pushed back in and buried himself with force making her curse in a loud shriek and his cock jerk within her in pleasure.

“Motherfucking asshole, fuck!” Calliope shrieked, “Please…..” Tears rolled from her eyes, and she felt him pull out a second time and thrust into her again. “Stop…” the one word was an elongated cry.

“Yeah, curse and cry for me baby. Be that little whore again, tell me how much it hurts,” He knew it was only in these first few minutes it would hurt so badly, and it felt so good, he had no intention of stopping. “Tell me how much you love my big cock hurting your poor, tight little whore’s ass. Tell me it hurts so good!” One of his hands had drifted down and around her thigh to her wet cunt, teasing her clit as he spoke.

Calliope cried out, “But I don’t.” She gasped as she felt him thrust into her again. “Fuck! I don’t like it, Paddy. Please…” She found though that her ass was not hurting as much now, and his fingers on her clit were sending added jolts through her body. The dragonflies in her tummy began to tingle and buzz while her brain still recoiled from the pain and nastiness of being fucked in the ass.

“Callie! Tell me you like it! Beg me to fuck your tight little ass, just like the foul-mouthed whore you are acting like!” Padraic growled. His passion for the girl beneath him so strong he lost himself in the tightness of her and indulged his own needs.

“Fuck!” She cried out and losing the small restraint she had gained she let rip a series of curse words that shocked even her. “Shit, Fuck! It hurts so good, you motherfucking asshole. Please keep fucking my little fucking ass, escort bursa you motherfucking bastard!” she punctuating it with a sob.

Tears streaked her face, and Padraic was in heaven. He had increased his pace with each thrust until he was fucking with a steady rhythm before growling again, “Beg me to fuck you harder.”

“Fuck! Harder, harder,” she yelled, “fuck my ass harder! Fuck! It hurts so much but fuck me harder!”

“Yes!” Padraic groaned listening to her whimpered words and sobs. The words were stilted and gasping, and Padraic could tell that she was definitely not enjoying her first ass fucking. She was doing her best to make him believe she liked it, and he realised that she could probably sense how much he loved taking her virgin ass.

Calliope continued to babble almost incoherently as he began to pound into her ass. His fingers worked over her clit and after a short time, not so surprisingly to Padraic, he felt her legs begin to shake in her own need. He worked his fingers harder and roared, “Cum!” at her before thrusting deeply into her ass and erupting in jets of cum himself.

Gasping and whimpering Calliope lay exhausted as Padraic finally pulled out of her holding her ass cheeks wide to watch the small hole slowly spasm and return to the tight little dark star that leaked small dribbles of cum down onto her cunt mixing with her own cum and puddling on the edge of the bench.

“Fucking hot little whore,” he growled still incredibly hot and horny. He pulled her from the bench and walked the few steps to the large comfortable chair placing her on the floor between his legs. He leaned back closing his eyes as she instinctively leaned forward to clean his cock. “Good girl,” he petted her hair as he moaned in pleasure.

Padraic pulled her up into his lap and ran his hands over her naked body kissing her deeply. “You are amazing Callie. I am such a lucky man to have you in my life.” He kissed her again, “it won’t always hurt so much and it makes me truly happy to have taken your virgin ass as mine. Next time…”

“Next time!” she squealed cutting him off.

Padraic frowned at her, and she lowered her eyes from his hard gaze. “You will get used to it over time Callie, even come to like it as much as I do,” He tilted her chin up so he could see her face. She usually responded well to erotic pain, and he considered if enough of the mental training had gone into her preparation. He would fix that over the next week. He wanted her to be able to enjoy all of his kinks as much as he did.

The wonder of her cock sucking and the feel of her small body on his lap had given him more than enough stimulus to be rock hard again, and he considered taking her ass yet again. Reminding himself that Calliope was special and perhaps it would be too much just yet, he instead guided her so that her knees lay on each side of his hips in the big chair and lowered her cunt onto his cock.

She rose and fell on his slowly purring in pleasure. His hands sought out her small breasts and played with them gently pulling on her nipples so she leaned forward to kiss him, as she moved. In stark contrast to her first ass fucking, they made slow, gentle love, each building to their own climax in a deliciously warm loving way and holding each other tightly as they came down from the high.

Automatically, Callie climbed off Padraic’s lap and cleaned the cock she loved. She was constantly surprised by how much she liked this part of their love making knowing the pleasure it gave him. She knew every mark, every vein every part of his cock both erect and flaccid and revelled in pleasure she got from his crooning voice as he praised her for it.

After what seemed an age Padraic lifted Calliope into his arms and took her to the bathroom, quickly cleaning her with a sponge. He kissed her as he carried her to his room, tucking her into bed and laying down beside her he wrapped his arms around her murmuring softly into her ear, “I love you, baby.”

Calliope smiled broadly. She had truly never felt so loved in her life as she had since coming to stay with Padraic. In truth, she was still coming to terms with their unusual relationship which was dominated by his kinky lifestyle but she knew she felt safe and loved and in turned loved him back. It was hearing his praise that lit her from within and made her feel so good, it drove her thoughts each day as she tried to accept all the things she did not like, like ass-fucking, her smile turned to a grimace as the thought entered her head.

She snuggled close to him basking in his happiness knowing that it came from her willingness to accept his lifestyle and the demands he placed upon her. “I love you too,” she finally said quietly and felt his arms wrap tighter around her. She hoped that cleaning days and ass-fucking would get easier as he had told her they would, but she was sceptical, she tried to think of ways to avoid them entirely. He spoilt her for the most part but she had the feeling that this was something he wouldn’t compromise on.


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