Carmen’s Fantasies Ch. 3

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Carmen hit a soft lob over her opponent’s head and charged to the net. The blonde she was dueling hustled back to the baseline and returned a cross-court shot that made the professor lunge and lose her balance The ball died on her racket, as did the match, and the blonde jogged up to the net wearing the victor’s grin.

“Great shot,” Carmen mumbled. “I thought I had you where I wanted you.”

“You never can tell,” the blonde replied. “Looks are often deceiving. So do you want to tangle with me again?”

“Definitely!” the competitive professor said, barely hiding her anger at losing. “But before I kick your ass, I’m going to catch my breath and watch you demolish another sucker. You must have a weak spot somewhere I can exploit.”

“My game’s pretty solid,” the blonde boasted. “In fact, some of my partners say I should turn pro. But you’re welcome to scout my moves.”

As the blonde started a new game with a clumsy brunette, Carmen picked up her gear and climbed the steps to the deck overlooking the courts. The tables were all vacant, and she sat at one close to the action below. After ordering a screwdriver from the waitress, she propped her feet on the rail letting the breeze blow under her short skirt. Exercise and heat normally made her sleepy, but the defeat at the hands of the athletic blonde kept her animated and steaming.

“This should cool you down,” the waitress said, serving Carmen her drink.

“It will probably make me hotter!” the professor snapped. For alcohol always brought out her mean side, and after a single sip, she felt the urges of fantasy pluck her harshest mental strings. As images of pain and suffering burned in her head, she slumped back in her chair to plot her revenge–taking out her anger on her favorite student.

Sandy receives word from the Register’s office that she needs a physical education credit in order to graduate. It seems stupid to her, especially at her age, but she signs up for a self-defense class that meets once a week in the afternoon.

Not knowing what to wear, she brings a short skirt and a halter top to the locker room, dismayed that the other women in the class are much younger and have brought sweat suits. Disrobing in a corner, she tries to ignore the naked bodies around her, but her eyes stray toward the other lockers and steal glances at the various shapes.

Most of the girls are small-breasted and lean, and many sport body art on their ankles, shoulders, and breasts. But one dark-haired coed seems to have grown up in a tattoo parlor–and a seedy one at that. For a virtual menagerie of insects adorn the canvas of her flesh. The young woman has beetles crawling across her shoulders, hornets stinging her breasts, a scorpion clinging to her bush, ants marching down her arms, flies buzzing on her back, roaches biting her thighs, and spiders weaving an intricate web over her butt.

As if this weren’t enough to drive her mother to suicide, the girl has also pierced her nose, navel and nipples with gleaming silver rings. As she bends over to pull up her shorts, Sandy sees that the girl’s pubes have not been spared either, for a triple set of large hoops dangle from her shaved pussy lips like an X-rated candelabra.

The girl senses Sandy’s prying gaze and turns to confront her. No words are spoken, but Sandy blushes at being caught snooping and turns her attention to her shoes. As she bends over to tie the laces, she’s suddenly aware that the tattooed girl has turned the tables, for Sandy’s halter top has fallen away from her body leaving her hanging breasts in full view. Afraid to meet the girl’s gaze, Sandy spends much time on her laces, and when she finally looks up, she’s relieved to find that the circus freak has gone. But a scrap of paper has been left next to her on the bench. And on the paper, a blue pill.

Sandy reads the note several times as if it’s written in code. There are only four words–THIS WILL HELP YOU. But who left it? The tattooed girl? And what was the pill? A sedative? Acid? Sandy’s inner voice suddenly intrudes to tell her to shed her fears and relax. “Loosen up, will you? For Christ’s sake, not all people are evil. Some can be regular sweethearts if you give them half a chance. Besides, that girl turned you on, and you know it! So accept her little gift and go with the flow. What’s the worst that can happen?”

Torn with indecision, Sandy bites her lip and swallows the pill. Immediately, a surge of heat invades her gut, and the image of a menacing spider flashes in her mind. Feeling frightened and dizzy, she stumbles out of the locker room and makes her way to the gym where the other girls and a tall, tough-looking blonde are waiting for her.

“Nice that you could join us,” the blonde coldly greets the redhead. “Now that we’re finally all here, let’s see if I can teach you something about abusing the human body.”

The instructor, an ex-Marine, introduces herself as Ann, and begins the class by showing her casino şirketleri students a chart detailing weak spots on males. No one is surprised that the eyes, throat, and groin are targeted, but few have ever considered attacking the shins or the knees. Ann asks for a volunteer to play the attacker so that she can demonstrate a few techniques on a real body, and not surprisingly, no one lifts her hand. Ann’s eyes fix on Sandy, and though the redhead tries to become invisible, she’s drafted into service anyway.

“Now we’ll have to use our imagination,” Ann says, “because Sandy could hardly pass as a guy–not with her big D-cups!” Everyone laughs except the tattooed girl who just grins and licks her lips.

Ann now orders Sandy to grab her from behind, and when the redhead does, Ann slips under her arms and throws her over her shoulder. The action is completed gracefully and with finesse, but the redhead lands clumsily, and the momentum swings her breasts free of her halter. Stunned by the impact, she’s slow to stow her jugs back in their wrapper, and several girls giggle while one in particular murmurs approvingly.

“You see out effective that was?” Ann says to the class. “Now if I was really pissed off and had chosen to finish her off–I mean him–he would be totally at my mercy. A few few kicks to her cunt–I mean, balls–would leave him gasping.” Not satisfied with merely stating her strategy, Ann demonstrates the maneuver to drive her point home. Grabbing one of Sandy’s legs, she holds it aloft and feigns several kicks to the redhead’s naked crotch. The action causes Sandy’s skirt to ride up, and her pantiless pussy is exposed to all.

The instructor clearly notices it, too, but meanly keeps a grip on Sandy’s leg. “And don’t be afraid to grind your heel in,” Ann adds, placing her foot on Sandy’s hairy mound and delivering a mock attack. “This pervert is trying to hurt you, after all, and you’ve got a right to punish her–I mean him–to the max.” The action, though simulated, prevents Sandy from covering her crotch, and her red pubic curls draw more giggles from the class–and one admiring leer.

“It appears,” Ann now says to her class, “that Sandy has yet to discover a razor! A few of you girls ought to drag her out of her cave and make her look more civilized!” Only now does the blonde release Sandy’s leg–but she’s far from finished with the redhead. “Now get up, you hairy beast, and come at me from in front.”

Embarrassed and sweating, Sandy gets to her feet but hesitates.

“Come on!” Ann orders. “Make a big play for me. Think like a drooling pervert and try to satisfy your animal lust!”

Sandy isn’t sure what the instructor wants her to do, but being a good sport, she rushes forward. With one smooth motion, the blonde pivots, grabs Sandy by her arm, and wedges a foot between her legs. The action sends the redhead flying, and once more she winds up both topless and exposed.

“I think she likes flashing her charms!” Ann says to the class. “Something tells me she’s more at home in a bar–probably working on her knees! Now I’ll demonstrate one last technique with the help of our hairy lecher here. But this is only for women who know what they’re doing and want to live dangerously. I’m going to let my stacked assailant think she’s–he’s–getting lucky, but that’s only to gain the advantage. Okay, Sandy. Pretend I’m standing on a street corner, and you’re intent on getting in a cheap feel. And don’t say you’d never do such a thing because you’ve got closet pervert written all over you!”

The girls all laugh, but Sandy nearly panics. She doesn’t like the direction this class is heading and feels like running away. But her conscience steps in to rebuke her for her fears. “Forget about fleeing! You’re going to stay put and follow your instructor’s orders! Now this blonde obviously knows you very well, and she can teach you a lot about yourself! So swallow your pride and do everything she says! Understand?”

Fearing punishment from her inner voice, Sandy cautiously approaches the tall blonde. She reaches up and grabs Ann’s firm breasts and…nothing happens. The instructor just smiles. Sandy then slides her hands down Ann’s hips and grabs her firm buttocks. Again, she encounters no resistance.

“Want a kiss, honey?” Ann purrs, stroking Sandy’s hair. “Come and get one.” She pulls Sandy close, seductively. But just as their mouths are about to meet, the blonde’s hands get busy, one grabbing the redhead by her throat, the other commanding her crotch. “Now if Sandy had a pair of balls,” Ann says to her charges, “she’d be in trouble, especially after a good squeeze like this! And if that doesn’t do the trick, there’s always this!” Ann suddenly swings her knee up into the redhead’s crotch. The blow is more simulated than real, but it sends the redhead crashing to the mat anyway.

By now the whole class is aroused and itching to try these moves on each other. No one teams with casino firmaları the tattooed girl, so Sandy is forced to work with her. The girl, named Randi, prefers to practice the last maneuver that Ann demonstrated, letting Sandy get very lucky before grabbing her crotch and strangling her. Sandy senses that the girl is interested in more than self-defense, but all the falling and jostling have taken their toll. So has the pill she’s swallowed, raising her body temperature, increasing her heart rate, and disorienting her terribly. So when it’s Sandy’s turn to invite her assailant to a quick feel and a kiss, she’s so flustered that she lets Randi play with her nipples until they swell as large as walnuts.

“You’re supposed to grab me now,” Randi says, guiding the redhead’s hand down to her crotch. “I don’t have balls, but you can feel my rings. I saw you staring at them in the locker room. And I see that you got my note.” The tattooed girl then grinds her pelvis into Sandy’s fingers while breathing heavily into her face.

“And how are we doing here?” Ann asks, coming over to the odd couple. “Neither of you is groaning on her back, and something tells me that’s where you both want to be!”

Randi grins at the double meaning of the instructor’s words, but Sandy just blushes. Her body is overheated, she’s sweating like a pig, and strange waves of dark desire threaten to overwhelm her. The bell rings dismissing the class, and she feels that her torment is over. But Ann has other ideas. She wants to photograph Sandy and Randi in various poses as illustrations for a training manual. The tattooed girl is eager to help. Sandy just nods dumbly and follows her new friends like a sheep.

The other girls have left without showering, so the trio have the locker room all to themselves. Ann collects her camera and innocently suggests that the girls get naked. Only other women will be seeing the pictures, she argues. And this way, the target zones can be clearly illustrated. Randi strips naked in a flash, exposing her many piercings and bug tattoos. Ann is aroused and doesn’t hide it, giving Randi a smile that’s anything but coy. But Sandy is totally captivated by the insects, staring at them literally bug-eyed. They seem alive to her, ready to crawl off the girl’s body and go after her flesh instead.

“Sandy obviously loves your tattoos,” Ann says to Randi. “Why don’t you dance for her a bit and make them move?”

Randi readily complies, mimicking the creatures adorning her body by crawling on the floor and emitting buzzing sounds. Her ‘dance’ brazenly displays her intimate parts, especially her web-covered ass which she purposely gyrates directly in Sandy’s eyes.

Ann begins taking photos at once–just to make sure that her camera is functioning properly–and she continues to do so when Randi assists the redhead in getting undressed. Clearly, Randi isn’t intimidated by the camera. Rather, she seems accustomed to posing nude with another woman. As for Sandy, she’s totally unaware of what’s happening, for the girl’s dance has hypnotized her, leaving her a zombie. Now naked, the two women make for a truly odd couple, and Ann takes several shots of them just standing together, delighting in the contrast of figure and flesh.

“You two should make a naughty movie together!” Ann says. “You complement each other so nicely! I know I’d run out and buy the tape! Anyway, let’s start with a few classic situations. Randi, you be the attacker, and Sandy will defend. Now squash your inhibitions and make it look good!”

The action begins with a lewd titty grab in front of a locker, Randi tugging on Sandy’s nipples as if they were made of rubber. This is followed by a forced kiss, the young woman plunging her tongue down the redhead’s throat while straddling her on a bench. Now moving to the floor, Randi thrusts three fingers into Sandy’s snatch as if looking for her lost car jeys.

Ann’s pictures–all terrific–are also all failures. For they have nothing to do with self- defense. There’s too much kissing, for one thing, and not all the kisses are on the mouth! For Randi has a sweet tooth, and the sugar she finds in a certain candy-red pussy make her repeatedly attack Sandy below the waist.

But the snapshots fail for another reason–Sandy refuses to fight back. In fact, she seems inclined to let Randi mug her, surrendering to every one of the tattooed girl’s desires. This is partially due to Sandy’s powerful inner voice which urges her to explore all outlets for her repressed sexuality. But the tab of Viagra she has swallowed contributes too, sending a flood of blood swirling into her anxious loins and making them drip juice hotter than grease on a griddle.

Swirling too are the insects in Sandy’s eyes–especially the spiders. These she sees up close, for her face is being smothered by female ass, one covered with an intricate black web spun around a gaping anus. Ann urges the redhead to defend herself, and she güvenilir casino tries to comply, using her lips to smash the spiders which stubbornly refuse to die. “Attack their nest!” Ann orders, her voice now taking over for Sandy’s conscience. With blind zeal, a long tongue gallantly labors to root out the detestable spiders. At last the redhead is fighting back, and Ann’s camera clicks away.

But Randi, teeming with wicked strategies, throws Sandy’s legs over a bench so she’s nearly inverted. The girl’s sharp teeth and metallic tongue then swoop down on the red pussy like a vampire. Within seconds, hot juice spurts into the air like a geyser and is accompanied by deep groans. It’s one of Sandy’s best orgasms, and her cries resonate off the concrete walls like bestial cries in a cave. She responds by trying to swallow Randi’s gleaming pussy rings, but though she gulps down mouthfuls of nectar, the rings sneer at her efforts and stubbornly stay in place. However, it makes for a terrific struggle, and the blonde takes a whole series of close-ups.

“Outstanding!” Ann says. “This is going to make a great fucking manual! It’s even better than the one I made while in the military! But let’s push the envelope and take it up a notch! I want you to get super mean and tough, Randi! Pretend you’re the drill sergeant in boot camp, and Sandy is a naughty recruit! Better yet, pretend she’s also you’re slut-slave! Punish the bitch hard and make her suffer like a pain-loving whore!”

Straddling Sandy like a wrestler, Randi begins slapping her face with both hands, delivering sharp blows that knock her head from side to side. After a good dozen whacks on each cheek, Randi goes to work on the redhead’s tits, using them like punching bags and delighting in watching them swell.

“Excellent!” Ann says. “That’s exactly how I disciplined naughty girls in the Marine Corps! But don’t forget the nips! Sandy needs them punished as well!”

Randi doesn’t forget. Pinching Sandy’s buds with her thumbs and two fingers, she twists the nipples as if winding an alarm clock, then stretches them out till they snap back like knotted rubber bands. The girl does this over and over until the nipples extend nearly two inches. But though the pain is real, it’s also perversely married with pleasure, and Sandy moans for more of the harsh treatment.

“Give her what she wants!” Ann orders, finding the action so steamy that she now gets naked herself, baring the long limbs and hard flesh of a dominant used to the dungeon. “Get her on her hands and knees and punish her fucking ass!”

After positioning Sandy in doggy, Randi does just that, using her feet to abuse the redhead’s butt–letting her kicks occasionally fly up into the red-haired mound.

“That’s it!” Ann praises her tattooed pupil. “Don’t hold back! Punish every inch of her sluttish flesh! Believe me! She’s loving this! Aren’t you, you worthless piece of shit?”

“Yes!” Sandy cries, straining to hold her submissive stance. “I’m a cheap fucking whore who deserves to suffer! Please punish my sluttish body as hard as you can!”

“You heard her!” Ann says to Randi. “Do a number on this pathetic bitch! You’ll find that redheads bruise easily! And it’s so much fun to watch them suffer! But this one is special, so you’ll need my help to do the job right!”

Lending her hands and feet to the cause, the sadistic blonde works on Sandy’s tits and belly while the tattooed girl keeps punishing her ass. When Sandy slumps to the floor, Ann twists her arms behind her back and forces her to her feet, allowing Randi to concentrate on her front again. Before long, Sandy’s body is covered with bruises, but she keeps begging the women for more. For every slap brings a deep tingle; every kick, a psychic shudder. And when the women double up on her nipples, she nearly comes from the titty sensations alone.

As if intent on cleaning up their act, Ann and Randi drag their slave by her hair across the floor and dump her into the showers. All the nozzles are directed at the redhead, and the hot water is turned on full blast. Randi kneels on Sandy’s shoulders to keep her from squirming away from the stinging downpour, and Ann holds up one of her legs so the water can scorch her open crotch.

By now, Sandy’s thoughts are a swirling mess, and she’s forced to run on instinct. That means totally surrendering to her hidden nature which demands the most primitive and masochistic responses. As a result, she arches her cunt up high to catch the steaming water all the sooner, and when her battered breasts swell even greater in size, she revels in the heat and begs for punishment on her nipples. Grasping them like door knobs, Ann nearly pulls Sandy off the floor, and Randi turns her spiders loose on the redhead’s face again.

Sandy greets the attack with bestial lips and tongue, servicing not only the spiders but Randi’s scorpion as well, madly sucking the curving tail stinging the ever-aroused clit. To deepen Sandy’s anguish, Ann roughly probes her cunt, driving four fingers into the red-haired gash and rubbing hard on the clit. Sandy trembles from this hand-job like a hot sack of jelly, and she and Randi explode into orgasm like a pair of mismatched twins.

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