Chubby Chaser Ch. 02

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Double Penetration

My new branch at the rival is a much stricter environment but mostly it’s the same old same with me occupying a teller window for most of the day and covertly checking out most of the female clientele on the side. As far as the female percentage here at this new bank; none of them fit the bill if you know what I mean.

“Hey you; I’ve been looking for you for a minute.” I was roused from my inner musings by a rapping on my window.

Standing there looking at me was this youthful looking dark skinned Asian woman. She had shoulder length wet looking curly hair that partially obscured her roundish face.

“Have we met before?”


“Well, who are you?” I was burning with curiosity at this smiling teen from all appearances. She was tall enough to look me in the eye and appeared to be overweight to say the least.

“I’m the next girl you’re going to fuck.”

Her answer blindsided me as she back away from my window and went to have a seat in the customer waiting area of the branch. Despite myself my eyes took stock of this bold teen finding that she had an acute pear shape and one of the biggest asses I’d ever seen in my life. I’d definitely seen monster sized butts before but this one was simply intimidating and attached to an Asian woman. This girl seemed like a kid and that gave me pause because it seemed like things had gone full circle. I’d originally been fooled by a con artist at my previous job and forced to cash a bunch of fraudulent checks before being caught by my supervisor Melanie Santos. That one incident had changed my life leaving me with a predilection for women of the big and tall variety for better or worse depending on your perspective.

The girl sat in the lobby apparently waiting for me to get off work and I became a little nervous because my private life was somehow intruding on my professional once again. She behaved like she knew me or someone connected to me on some way and I honestly didn’t have a clue who that person could be. The girl comically seemed to have trouble sitting in the lobby chairs which somehow lost the battle as she forced her massive butt down into it. She seemed taller than the other patrons sitting beside her and possessed of a carefree demeanor as she played on her phone. She was definitely on the young side from her long greasy looking unkempt hair, the make-shift Hello Kitty t-shirt, jean capris to the floral print sandals on her feet.

“Excuse me uhm?”

“Fanny.” She never looked up continuing to text in nonstop movements that made her fingers blur with speed of which only a teenage girl was capable.


“Yeah I know how it sounds considering all this ass I’m hauling around; name’s Fanny Budiman if you’re interested in last names and all.” She looked up for a second flashing me a kid’s smile and making me worry even more that I was going to be in trouble later.

“Look I don’t think we know each other and you look a little young.” I squirmed inside at my choice of words which implied that there was a chance of hooking up if she was of legal age.

“Don’t worry I’m legal; but you’re not going to be thinking about shit when you’re doing me doggie.” There was an old Mexican woman sitting within earshot that shot us both disgusted looks. Fanny simply stuck her tongue out at the woman who quickly got up and sat in another section.

“Look you’ve got to go Fanny; you’re going to get me in trouble.” Other patrons were shooting us looks as well.

“Well I see your point; but I’m not going to leave unless you let me get a selfie with you.”


“Yeah baby; I think we’re totally cute together.” It took her a moment to get out of the narrow seat and I obliged her before noticing my supervisor glaring from a corner of the floor. Fanny snapped a few shots before bouncing out of the branch leaving me to face the wrath of my supervisor. Thanks to that chubby little Asian girl, I received my first reprimand not even a week into my new job. I finished my day feeling like big brother was looking right over my shoulder and finally escaped my employment to find that my plus sized admirer had never left opting to wait in the parking lot adjacent to the employee entrance.

“Hey baby; ready to go fuck?” Fanny Budiman’s childishly crude nature gave me pause once more as I noticed a security guard lurking nearby. He was looking at me but the expression on his face was infinitely familiar. The brother definitely wanted a slice of Fanny but her focus was directed solely on me.

“Look I don’t really mess with youngsters Fanny so why don’t you…”

“CHECK IT OUT!!” She pressed her driver’s license into my hand before I could say another word as I noticed the security guard doing his best to take a covert shot of her monster sized donk. The ID indicated that she was twenty-one years of age but I was still unsure of its validity.

“Okay you’re legal I guess; but wouldn’t you like to be with someone your own age? That guard looks like he’s interested.”

“Ah he don’t want no fat chick.” She bursa escort never seemed to stop smiling pinching my bicep and giggling like a school girl.

“Well for the last five minutes that guy has been trying to take a picture of that ass.” I offered up as the guard looked shocked at having being outed and alternately pissed at me for snitching.

“WHAT; REALLY?!!” Before I could answer; Fanny was running at the hapless guy with the speed of a freight train. It looked like he’d considered running at the last moment but it was too late as she caught hold of his bicep.

“Suh-SORRY MA’AM!!” He blurted out a nervous apology as she moved the hair from her eyes and began rubbing his chest.

“It’s cool brother; I just wanted you to get a good picture is all.” I watched the lucky guy’s eyes go wide as Fanny unsnapped her jean capris and begin comically peeling them down her unnaturally wide hips. My curiosity was peaked and I wanted a look at that ass too. We were partially obscured by a short brick wall and a few errant cars that were illegally parked there but I don’t think Fanny gave a shit.

“Holy shit; I can’t fucking believe this man!” We were both caught off guard by how immense, meaty and actually huge Fanny’s butt was as she revealed the hot pink, sheer panties that failed to cover her completely. Hypnotic is the only real word you could use for such a massive booty as it seemed to go on forever vertically speaking. It was perhaps a slight shade darker than the rest of Fanny and I noticed some dimples on those cheeks but I was definitely reconsidering my position.

“Sixty-five inches in case you’re wondering boys.” Fanny Budiman seemed to be a mind reader as well bending at the waist making her butt appear even wider than it already was. The security guard’s hand was trembling as he snapped more than enough pictures with his phone.

“How about these thirty-eight D’s fellas?” Fanny rolled her t-shirt up revealing a sloping belly and some nice looking tits in a sports bra. Fanny’s large areolas were peeking from her bra cleavage. The security guard looked as if he would faint snapping a few more pics. She squeezed and massaged her tits for our viewing pleasure content without a care in the world.

“Shit-Fuh-FUCK IT MAN!!” The guard whose name was Jerry started cursing as his phone ran out of battery power. He stomped his foot looking as if he would start sobbing any minute now.

“What’s your problem bro?” I realized that we had somewhat of an audience noticing some skater kids with their camera phones out as well. Fanny pointed her nude chest in their direction as well laughing at one of the kids who toppled from his bike at the sight.

“It’s okay I got a tumblr account; just look up Mt. Fuji cause that’s my screen name.”

“Mt. Fuji?” I thought it was silly and a little ethnically clichéd for a screen name.

“Do I really gotta explain all this?” Fanny demonstrated her point by grabbing the top of the wall and twerking. She was able to get her enormous ass cheeks to clap loudly as the security guard and the skater kids applauded. Fanny was really getting into the whole exhibition thing when a police siren interrupted everyone’s fun. I started running off towards a taxi port across the street and looked back to notice that Fanny was following me with her new fan base in tow.

“ST-STOP FOLLOWING ME!!” I yelled back at her not wanting to be corralled by the cops.

“COME ON; THE FUN’S JUST BEGINNING!!” She yelled back as I noticed Jerry running behind us as well.

“Hey man; aren’t you supposed to be working back there?!!” We’d reached a befuddled looking taxi driver.

“DON’T WORRY ABOUT IT-AAAAARRGGGHH!!” Poor Jerry lost his footing and was sent rolling in the street. Unfortunately for the us the Indian driver of the only cab available perceived Fanny and myself as threats driving off before we could reach his vehicle.

“What are we going to do now?” She was breathing hard and her round face was glistening with sweat.

“I don’t know about you but I could use a drink Fanny.” I eyeballed the small group of guys that had followed us from the employee parking lot finding most of them to be pimply faced kids. I didn’t blame them for their actions; shit I would have done the same thing when I was their age. That was as far as my sympathy extended as I walked into a dive bar knowing they couldn’t follow. It was also a covert way to find out if Fanny’s I.D. was legit.

“Did you really think you’d shake me that easy?” I manufactured a look of surprise at her glib accusation.

“You probably thought you’d shake me when they checked my I.D. at the door huh?” She grabbed a stool uncomfortably close to me making a play for my beer.

“Guilty as charged Fanny; what do you want from me anyway?”

“Dick.” I choked on a gulp of beer while some drunkards within earshot laughed. The large girlish woman went so far as to rotate on the barstool so that her massive butt was facing me eliciting even more laughs and catcalls. I couldn’t help but notice bursa escort bayan that she was taller than me in a seated position because of her monstrous backside and wondered if I could even handle this wild flower.

“So are you gonna buy me a drink at least?”

“I don’t know Fanny; you still seem so young and I really don’t want to get in trouble by purchasing alcohol for a youngster.”

“Come on baby; I got past the door didn’t I?” I waved the bartender over and Fanny ended up with a straw in a bottle of Heineken.

“You know I didn’t have to show you my ID to get in here; the security guy just wanted to get a handful of this.” She slapped her own rear loudly before laughing at my reaction with some of the other patrons. I’d gone through much of the same semi-humiliation with Ankine weeks before and was in no mood to continue with this very familiar comedy routine. But staring down at her backside with the top of her pink undies prominently on display made me think otherwise.

“So what’s the catch?” I dead panned completely serious.

“Me quite naturally; geez how many time do I have to explain this shit to you? Trust this gift horse, the grass is GREENER on the OTHER SIDE of the ROAD and I’m literally the NEXT GIRL you’re going to FUCK! Man; I’ve been looking for you for a minute and you’re acting all sheepish!!”

“Why were you looking for me?”

“Uhm; well you come recommended so to speak.” I was intrigued at Fanny’s curious answer.

“By whom?” Her eyes widened for a moment telling me that I’d caught her off guard. The big girl leaned forward looking solely at her drink apparently trying to come up with an answer to my query.

“Come over to my place and I’ll explain it to you in detail.” Fanny placed her elbows on the bar batting her lashes at me seductively. I noticed that she had a button nose in the center of her face that almost made her look cartoonish.

“Sorry you’re a stranger and I don’t trust strangers; that shit tends to be dangerous.” I briefly recalled the circumstances of the last time I’d gone after a big but and a smile and the resultant trouble with my former supervisor Melanie Santos. It had been a minute since I’d been laid but I was going to look this gift horse in the mouth and everywhere else. It was true that being blackmailed had resulted in my current predilection for larger women but Fanny was being a little bit too mysterious.

“You’re scared of me?!!” She was back to securing laughs from the other bar patrons and making a general nuisance of herself. I could see how this was going and became determined to take control of the situation. Fanny if that was her real name had burst onto the scene seemingly determined to take me on some adventure whether I liked it or not.

“Oh you got jokes huh?” She shrugged her shoulders with an impish smile on her face. I was still amazed at how her huge butt made her almost a head taller than me when we were sitting. She seemed slightly mesmerized by everything around her failing to notice me scrutinizing her every move.

“ID please.”

“What?!!” Her almond eyes widened as I held my hand out with a stoic expression on my face. She cautiously placed the card in my palm and watched as I rolled over to door security and had him read her identification with his card reader. Surprise of surprises, Fanny Budiman was barely legal and now a target for my raging libido.

“I can’t believe you did that.”

“So does that mean you don’t want to fuck?”

“Well I didn’t say that.”

Fanny had been clowning so much that we actually received some applause and catcalls as we left the bar. She was a ball of energy constantly chattering and waving at some male pedestrians that got a good enough look at her huge backdoor. She attempted to give the cabbie instructions to her home only for me to veto them. I wasn’t taking her to my home either directing the ride to a nearby motel. I attempted to place my hand over her own but she quickly withdrew her hand.

“So you really don’t trust me huh?”

“I trust you enough to fuck…with a condom.”

“My house is a better than some motel.”

“Is it better than “The Standard” Fanny?” I had a friend at the front desk who worked as a Night Manager for the expensive hotel franchise. I was guaranteed a laughable rate to get into one of their themed rooms. Fanny looked a little apprehensive at the prospect of going to a hotel with me to hook up. She seemed to have something up her sleeve and I was mischievously curious about the whole affair.

“Something wrong Fanny?”

“Uhm, it’s just that I feel kind of bad having you spend that kind of money for a one-night stand.”

“What do you care; aren’t you here for some dick Fanny?”

“Yeah, uhm sure.” She sat silently looking out of the window and texting without a word until we pulled up in front of the hotel. The cabbie was already turning off his meter but I held up a hand stopping him.

“Can we be honest with one another Fanny?”

“Sur-uhm; yeah.”

“The plan escort bursa was just to get me to the house right? There’s somebody waiting there who I probably want nothing to do with and you, you’re the sacrificial lamb. Those INCONSIDERTE ASSHOLES don’t even care enough about you to even come with you to the bank…FUCKING LOSERS!!”

She looked a little shaken by my outburst and I noticed her hand on the doorknob which wasn’t what I wanted at all. Fanny randomly stared own at her phone but continued nervously smiling in my direction.

“You don’t really wanna fuck me do you?” She nodded looking even more nervous which told me to dial it back a little bit. The cabbie was going to say something but was held at bay by the fifty-dollar bill I was waving under his nose.

“We just met and you seem like a really nice girl, but I had the whole thing figured out the minute we started talking. You should probably go back and tell those idiots to fuck off. I-I mean they sent you to a bank to mess with some guy you don’t even know.” My words seemed to take effect because II noticed Fanny’s lower lip trembling a little bit.

“Yeah.” She solemnly replied.

“Hey you good girlfriend?” She was deep in thought shaking her head a bit. I put my hand on the door handle feigning an imminent departure.

“Hey can I ask you a question before I go Fanny?”


“Do you really have a tumblr under the name Mt. Fuji?” I manufactured an earnest expression on my face.

“Yeah; you gonna take a look at it?” Her demeanor seemed to lighten up a bit after being busted and verbally skewered.

“Shit girl; are you kidding? Even though things turned out the way they did; that’s still one hell of a monster you’re working with Ms. Budiman.” She was all teeth again with a goofy smile all her own.

“I got Instagram too; there’s some good beach pictures there too.” She offered seemingly reestablishing the semblance of a rapport between us. She brought up the website on her phone showing me some pictures of her frolicking on some beach in a wholly inappropriate bikini. The picture was cut short as Fanny’s phone went dead. We both almost forgot the cabbie who alerted both of us by turning his meter back on.

“Shit gotta go Fanny; have a nice night!” I turned the door handle as she grabbed my arm.

“Uhm; I don’t got no money.”

“Well I already paid for my room on the way over; think you feel comfortable with me long enough to call someone from my room?” The hefty Asian girl stared blankly at me for a few moments before sliding out of the taxi.

“Maybe you could loan me some change for a payphone?”

“I would but…I only carry plastic Fanny, sorry.” I opened my wallet to show her there was no cash present. Little did she know that there was about three hundred bucks in one of my socks. I had taken to stashing my money there after being mugged one too many times.

“Shit!” She looked anxious and afraid.

“Well I can see that you really don’t trust me at all; I’m gonna get my room and call it a night. It was nice meeting you Fanny Budiman.” I began walking away from the curb leaving the big girl there looking wild eyed at the prospect of finding her way back home.

“HEY; I’M COMING TO YOUR ROOM SO DON’T TRY ANY FUNNY STUFF!!” She yelled as she ran after me clutching her phone to her chest.


Half of my thick cock naturally found its way deep into Fanny’s throat as she sat on her huge ass with her back against the wall. We’d entered the darkened finding a single light on over the doorway when my arm encircled her waist touching her pudgy tummy with the flat of my hand. She melted into me with an exasperated sigh craning her head up touching my lips with her plump ones. “Secretly” by that band Skunk Anansie was playing lightly in the room on the clock radio. I guess the housekeeper had probably left it on while cleaning but it set the mood perfectly. I was almost a head taller than Fanny leaning into her body forcing it between the wall and my flesh. I cupped her cheek as her tongue invaded my mouth twirling and probing wildly. The girl had no technique seemingly going on fueled by lust alone.

My hand found and cupped the supple curve of her breast through her t-shirt. It was large and spongy to the touch with an extremely hard nipple pressing into my palm.

“Thirty-eight D’s huh?” Fanny watched my hand squeezing her tit like it was attached to someone else intermittently looking up at my face like she wanted approval.

“Yeah.” She sheepishly replied drawing the cotton material up over her head and tossing it to the floor. Her cleavage was impressive pushed tightly together by her bra. I noticed some slight but noticeable stretch marks near her armpit that told more of her story. Apparently she’d been a lot bigger at some point dropping a lot of weight and becoming the creature standing before me. Her dark tinted skin added to the allure of the thick Asian. I helped her unclasp the Velcro strap at her back pulling the garment away from her chest. Her tits were meaty and inviting with dark areola and thick, stubbly nipples just the way I currently liked them. Fanny cupped the undersides of her breasts and rolled her nipples with a girlish giggle.

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