Club Exit Ch. 02

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Dylan woke the next morning with the sun shining onto his face. He was still in shock from his dream, how real it was. Kyle had already gotten out of bed and left the room. Dylan just laid there for a bit stretching before forcing himself to get up. He went into Kyle’s bathroom to rinse his face and looked in the mirror. Dylan had the worst case of bed head although it looked very adorable on him. He opened the bedroom door and was met instantly by Tim’s teasing, “Oooh shit, look who’s doing the walk of shame!” Dylan blushed and laughed it off, “Yeah yeah, Tim, nothing happened.” walking past him towards the kitchen. “Mmhmm, I’m sure bro.” Tim replied still laughing.

Tim sat confidently on the sofa in just his boxers eating a bowl of cereal. Tim had a short and tight muscular build, he was a regular gym rat and loved to show it. His chest and arms were tatted up and he had a very frat boy appeal. His arms were solid and his biceps rippled as he held his bowl with his elbows propped on his thick muscular thighs which were on full display with the way his already small boxers hiked up to his hips. Even though he was a grown young man, he still watched cartoons.

Kyle stood in the kitchen wearing running shorts and a tank. It always surprised Dylan that these two straight hunks were so comfortable with themselves around him. Most guys would cut the fun short once the first playful flirty joke came their way, but they didn’t seem to care. Kyle, Tim, and even Ben, who had finally gone home, had always been very welcoming and comfortable with gay guys. Probably because they knew that they’d always get good attention from a gay guy, especially when a girl gave them nothing or maybe they really were just that open and accepting. Either way Dylan wasn’t going to question it, especially when he always had guy-candy to appreciate. Dylan started to make a cup of coffee and as he was doing so Kyle turned toward him and leaned back against the counter.

“So guess what, I got a message from the club and they want me to go back for another trial.” Kyle exclaimed. Dylan sneered at him and then turned back to his coffee.

“What Dyl? Why the ugly look?” Kyle said knowing exactly what Dylan was thinking by the look on his face.

“You’re seriously gonna go back? That guy was a sleaze, all they want you to do is get naked, dance for some dirty queens on a box and eventually do shady back door porn like some clubs do.”

Kyle smiled and said, “Well I got news for them, I’m a terrible dancer… watch this.” He started doing a terrible white-boy-shuffle. They both started to laugh. “Stop Kyle, you’re so dumb,” Dylan said with a flirty giggle.

“Hey guy’s, are you two done blowing each other in there? I’m gonna go start my shift. It’s show time!” Tim called from the living room. He performed on a web cam site. It started out as a side gig to pay off some of his school loans and now it’s just more of a fun hobby with quick money. Who wouldn’t want to be home in just their underwear, or less, all day chatting, jerking off and getting paid for it? Tim had a faithful audience and they loved him, some would even purchase gifts for him from his amazon wish list, which he would then model on cam and strip it off slowly.

Kyle walked over and put his hands on the counter on either side of Dylan trapping him between his arms, Dylan glanced at the veins in his biceps as they popped out. “Look I’m going to go for a quick trial and if it doesn’t work out then it wasn’t meant to be.” Kyle’s chest expanded from a deep breath, his pecs peeked out from the top and sides of his tank. Dylan wanted so bad to to touch Kyle, to put his lips to his, he was still horny from his wet dream.

Dylan swooned. Kyle smelled wonderful. Dylan looked him straight on, fighting back his urge to kiss Kyle’s beautiful lips. With a deep sigh, “Kyle, I’m sorry if I seem like a nag, it just doesn’t feel right.” Dylan found himself lost in Kyle’s eyes and looked down to the broad muscular chest in view. Quickly peering down, the bottom of Kyle’s shorts that were cut mid thigh exposing his thick muscular legs. What a sight.

“Hey buddy, eyes up here.” Kyle caught Dylan off guard, grabbed Dylan’s cup of coffee and took a sip. He was so very close, close enough to kiss without even trying. “Thanks Dyl,” Kyle walked away leaving the kitchen with the mug going back to his room. Kyle’s butt filled the shorts nicely swaying left to right as he walked. Dylan sighed and made another cup and went to the living room, the tv still on cartoons. While flipping channels Dylan could hear music from Tim’s room. Tim usually had music on to drown out background noise for when his roommates were home and to keep his own moans quiet from them.

After a few episodes of some home renovation shows Kyle came into the living room and told Dylan he’d be back, time for his morning run. “Don’t have too much fun today,” Kyle said as he walked out the door.

Spence sat in his office at Club Exit, typing into his computer, he was watching cam footage. Tim was on screen, reclining on his bed playing with his nipples and rubbing his casino şirketleri stomach in between chat responses. He moved his hand down to his crotch massaging and fondling himself. It was clear he was getting hard. The chat window was flooding with users asking to see dick and ass, without tipping or private chatting as usual on these types of sites. Tim was no fool, he knew someone would pay to see him stroke his dick until shooting a huge load all over himself. He’d been practicing, teaching himself how to control his orgasm. He’d now reached the ability to shoot a few feet, and the size of his cum shots had increased greatly as well.

‘Very nice bb, big dick?’ Spence typed.

‘Oh yeah, I could use some help with it… wanna cum and watch me bb?’ Tim typed back, returning his hand back to his package.

Spence used an emoticon with its tongue out, and sent an invite to private chat. Once in the private window, Spence typed away, ‘Well here we are stud.’ Spence was always so busy working for Marcus that he never had time to have his own fun. Night after night he saw attractive men come and go, Marcus enjoyed the spoils, while he did the clean up. Spence was horny and wanted to get off with this stud, even if it was through cyberspace.

Tim sat up for this session and excused himself to gather toys and such, seeing as how the users paid extra for this he would make things more interesting. ‘What do you want me to do bb, dance… strip… jerk?’ By this time multiple users had signed into the private chat as well.

Spence reclined back in his chair unzipping his pants, ‘Flex for me, show me your body.’ Tim did so, striking poses, exposing every muscle he had worked so hard for. Other users in the chat started asking for more, tipping to reach tip goals in order for the performers to do more than just chat. Tim had some type of dance music in the background and was swaying his hips. ‘Why don’t you turn up your music and dance for me..’ Spence continued while sliding his hand against his own crotch. His briefs grew tighter with each of his strokes. Tim began to move his body more and rub his torso, his chest flexed and his abs rippled. Tim bounced his pecs, and Spence smiled, a wet spot began to form on the front of his briefs.

Soon the tips reached the required amount and Tim dropped his boxers exposing a massive thick cut cock of 9″ with balls to match nestled in a very small trimmed bush with a treasure leading up to his naval. The chat window lit up. As Tim turned around exposing his round firm ass Spence released himself from his briefs and began to stroke himself. Tim rubbed his cheeks spanking himself and started to spread them. Spence relished this sight, peering at Tim’s hole. Truly a straight boy, his pucker was pink and tight. Tips continued to flow.

‘Turn back around bb,’ Spence typed, ‘jerk for me’. Tim turned around and began to stroke his shaft. His swollen balls bounced up and down. Tim leaned back, his body was covered in sweat and glistened under the lights in his room. His strong chest heaving with deep breaths. He picked up a fleshlight from his bed and started to tease the swollen purple head of his dick with it.

Marcus suddenly entered the room. Startled, Spence covered himself and slowly tried to button his pants and fasten his belt. Marcus was holding a briefcase and asked for assistance. Spence hesitated and Marcus demanded he come over at once. While approaching Marcus stared at him, not to one to be kept waiting “The prototypes we worked on are ready, it’s time to try them out.” The two men had been working on a series of sex toys that were more advanced than that of the current market.

Spence smiled, “That’s good news, with this we can expand into the fetish market. So when do we start?” Spence asked eagerly.

“I have the perfect guy in mind” Marcus replied, with a devilish look in his eyes.

Looking down, Marcus reached his hand into Spence’s open fly squeezing his hard on, “Sure you haven’t already tried out the toys? You’re hard as a rock already.” . Marcus teasingly squeezed again and gave a few solid strokes showing his dominance and then exited the room.

Spence took a deep breath grabbing himself realizing his cam session was still going, he hurried back to his desk, Tim had finished. He was licking his fingers seeming to have tasted himself after what seemed to have been one of his trademark money shots. Spence’s charge account had been deducted two hundred dollars and Tim signed out. Pissed off that he had missed the show that he paid for Spence slammed the lid of his lap top down and adjusted himself before zipping his pants and fastening his belt. “Fuck…..”

Marcus sat in his office again, studying the items he had just spoken with Spence about. He held a remote in his hand, studying the buttons along the front. The device only had a few buttons that stated the words ‘freeze’, ‘unfreeze’, ‘fast’, and ‘slow’ and a cock ring along with a few other items.

Marcus smiled while looking at the statue of Diego, standing there in all his naked glory. Marcus walked up to him, “What a good casino firmaları time we had stud, so delicious,” grabbing the erect column of stone jutting out from Diego’s groin stroking its entire length, grasping firmly between strokes. He placed his right hand to Diego’s left pec sliding his hand up Diego’s shoulder around the back of his neck leaning in to lick his ear.

Diego could hear and feel everything. Somehow even though he is no longer a man of flesh and bone, he was still alive, his conscious mind trapped in a stone form. He felt an orgasm that wouldn’t stop, turned to stone just before shooting into Marcus’ talented waiting mouth. As one solid mass, any touch, any sound, echoed through his continuous stone form, which became even more intense with Marcus stroking his rock hard cock. A smooth bead was formed just outside the tip hanging from the slit. The first of his cum frozen and aching to release. Marcus swirled his thumb across it in a circular motion and under the head knowing that these sensations were only driving Diego mad. Diego wondered how long this would last, not that he could complain about it. Marcus licked and kissed Diego’s neck and shoulder and continued all the way down his chest and abs. Licking from base to tip, Marcus opened his mouth wide and swallowed the stone cock whole.

Later, Dylan was doing laundry at home when Kyle came walking in. It had been a couple hours, and not only had he gone for his run, he stopped by the gym as well. He was covered in sweat and his tank top was soaked and clung tightly to his muscular body. Dylan couldn’t help but steal yet another glance of Kyle’s backside as he was facing away placing his keys and phone on a table near the door.

“Hey Dyl, what’s up? Man it’s hot as fuck out there today…” Kyle said as he turned around, “oh good you’re doing laundry.” He quickly took off his tank, his sweaty body glistened as he moved. Kyle walked over to Dylan panting, and put his shirt in the laundry basket. He was only a couple feet from Dylan, who could smell his masculine scent and feel the warmth radiating off his body. Dylan wasn’t a pervert or anything, but enjoyed everything about the man he loved, even his sweaty musk.

Jokingly, Dylan looked up at Kyle and said, “Oh, so I’m supposed to wash your shirt?” He looked on in shock as Kyle smiled slyly grabbing the waist band of his running shorts with both hands, “Well these too.” Kyle bent down and swiftly pulled his shorts down to the floor and off completely. Kyle stood up straight holding the sweaty shorts in his hand to put them into the laundry basket. Dylan was caught off guard as Kyle stood in front of him wearing only very small red briefs. The small stretch of material hugged and lifted his butt up in the air rounding it even more than it already was. His bulge was held tight, standing out prominently inside the red fabric. His thick meaty thighs plunged downward to his size 11 feet planted firmly on the floor.

Dylan couldn’t help himself and let his eyes wander down from Kyle’s handsome smiling face to his heaving chest and abs, and then lingered on Kyle’s package, and then down his thighs. The veins in his body popping out from the exercise. A few moments had passed when Kyle waved his hand in front of Dylan’s eyes getting his attention.

“Well Dyl, I’m gonna go shower and take a nap, thanks for washing my stuff bro” Kyle trailed off as he walked away to his room. Dylan watched Kyle’s large bubble butt bounce in those tight red briefs as he walked away. Tim came out of his room in a small jock strap and slapped Dylan’s ass, “Hey man take a pic why don’t ya.” Tim laughed entering the kitchen to grab a bottle of water. Dylan laughed it off sneaking a peek at Tim’s bare ass and then walked to the garage door realizing he had a hard on. Was Dylan just really horny, or were these two showing off more than usual today?

A couple hours later Kyle woke up, laying on his back for a moment. Kyle was nervous about tonight, not knowing what to expect. Kyle got out of bed and stretched out his muscular frame lifting his arms up in the air. He went to his closet and picked out some clothes he was sure would impress and began to get dressed. He put on a pair a snug jeans and a button up shirt. Dylan knocked on the door and came in. “Hey Kyle, you actually going?”

Kyle turned to Dylan and said yes. Dylan again gave Kyle that look of disgust. “Kyle, you’re wasting your time there… he’s just going to…” Kyle slammed a drawer shut cutting him short. “Dyl…” Kyle walked over to Dylan, and grabbed him by the shoulders, “bro you need to chill out, I got this. I have morals and standards. I’m not going to do anything I’m not okay with.” Kyle looked straight into Dylan’s eyes, he squeezed Dylan’s shoulders tightly, “You know what? Come along with me. Come watch, it’ll be fun and I could use a friendly face in the crowd.” Kyle smiled, and Dylan gave in. Dylan couldn’t resist that handsome face and those gorgeous blue eyes. Dylan had gotten lost in the those oceans of blue many times, and this was no different. Dylan would do anything for Kyle.

Dylan güvenilir casino gave a smile and said okay, Kyle pulled him in for a hug. As he wrapped his arms around Dylan, Kyle’s biceps bulged pressing him into his firm chest. Dylan breathed in the scent of Kyle’s cologne and wrapped his arms around Kyle’s waist. “Thanks Dyl, it means a lot.” Kyle told him quietly.

Both left and headed out for the club. Once inside, Spence greeted them and took Kyle in the back rooms. Dylan wasn’t allowed to accompany. Invite only. “Hey go get a spot up front, I need you up there bud!” Kyle shouted before the door shut. Dylan made his way to a bar to get a drink before finding a spot close to the stage.

Marcus sat on a sofa upholstered in smooth deep red velvet. Kyle sat across from Marcus, the two separated by a mirrored coffee table. The music from the club was muffled but the beat of the bass could be felt. Marcus sat back and took in the sight of Kyle’s handsome face and gorgeous frame. After a moment he began to speak.

“Kyle, I’m glad you’re back. After last night I would’ve figured you had gotten cold feet.”

Kyle looked his way and smiled that dashing grin that could knock down walls. “Yeah I’m sorry about that, my buddy Dylan got nervous…” he couldn’t finish, Marcus cut him off.

“So you two have something together?” Marcus said raising an eyebrow.

“NO, not like that. We’re best friends and, well it’s personal” Kyle tried to respond. “He came along actually to watch and show support.” Kyle smiled.

Marcus sat forward, clasping his hands together. Marcus looked into Kyle’s eyes. He could sense the genuine nature of Kyle’s being, his thoughts, and desires. Kyle was caught in Marcus’ dangerous gaze again, he could feel himself being invaded like the night before and there was nothing he could do about it. The danger of this man creeping in, dimming the lights in his mind.

“So Kyle, the modeling position is a very special role in this club. People will look at and admire you. I chose to bring you back based on your looks. You have an approachable, fuckable quality about you, with that strong body of yours. I’m looking to make you into a permanent feature in the club.”

Kyle smiled and asked what the job would involve, “I don’t mind taking my shirt off. I get looks all the time, it’s nothing new to me.”

Marcus sat back and put both his arms across the back of the sofa, “Gorgeous, while I’m sure your body would get lots of attention, you’ll be wearing much less.” Kyle’s eyes widened, “How much less would I wear… do you mean naked?”

Marcus only grinned “You’d be naked right now if that were the case, but tonight’s gig is a bit more innocent. Take a look in the bag,” Marcus said gesturing to the mirrored table between them. Slowly Kyle sat forward and reached for the bag. He reached in and pulled out a jock. Kyle stared blankly, he’d never worn this little, much less in a crowd. Marcus savored the look of embarrassment on Kyle’s face then spoke a deep and commanding tone to go put it on, rubbing his own thigh and squeezing his way up to his crotch.

Kyle asked where he could change, Marcus looked straight into him and said “Right here in front of me. If I’m going to put you on my stage, I need to know what I’m getting.” Kyle hesitated, and Marcus invaded his mind again. Suddenly, and without thinking, Kyle began to unbutton his pants.

Dylan had been waiting for what seemed like forever when the stage lights began to adjust. The d.j. came on and made his announcements for the night’s entertainment. Excited, Dylan stood and walked as close as he could get to the stage.

After a couple of drag queens lip sank to the latest hit song the dj announced a new comer to the stage. The music went up and a sexy, slow but aggressive beat started. The lights came back up and there was a large box that looked like what a Ken-doll would be in and Kyle stood inside it. Two guys walk on stage and stop near the box. They both look at each other and nod their heads yes, and then looked to the audience and smiled. They turn towards Kyle and pull him out. They start to caress and flirt with Kyle, leading him around stage and dancing up on him. Kyle is still in a daze from his time in the back room with Marcus and was trying his best to play the part of an inanimate doll while struggling to clear his mind. They quickly tear his shirt open, causing the buttons to pop off and fly all over the stage. The crowd started to cheer as they rubbed his chest and slap his hard abs. Kyle was caught off guard and gave them a confused look. “Hey, my shirt…” The guys told him it was ugly anyway.

They lead him around more pulling at him like two small children that don’t want to share. He spots Dylan, who is watching. Dylan gives him a wink and cheers as well. Suddenly Kyle’s pants come off like a stripper’s, and he’s left in the skimpy jock. The two start to caress his body and legs. The crowd roared and Kyle started backing away as the two guys started to close in, with a hungry look on their faces. Kyle backed away some more. They both come over on each side and rub his body down, the one on his right leans in and starts licking and sucking his chest and nipple. The other leans in and starts to kiss and tongue his ear. Kyle’s dick was getting hard causing the pouch to stretch and stick out.

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