Collar and Cuffs

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She was starting to feel the weight of everyday life push her down again. Desperately trying to cling onto the person she was becoming was getting exhausting.

Then the call came. She was pleased to hear from him and talk to him again. He always knew what to say to make her laugh and put everything into perspective. He calmed her.

After kidding herself she was going to think about it she accepted the fact that she needed to get away to be herself so she jumped at the chance.

As soon as she stepped through the front door he pulled her into him and kissed her hard and passionately. She melted into him wrapping her arms around his big strong body.

After breaking from their embrace he spun her around and bent her over so that she was leaning on the sofa. Stood behind her he slowly pushed her dress up so it was bunched up around her hips. As he brushed one hand over each butt cheek she could feel a familiar tingling feeling. Taking her knickers in his teeth he pulled on them playfully before stripping them off her. He then bent over and planted small kissed on her delicious rounded cheeks.

He let go for a brief second to undo his jeans and let them and his pants fall to the floor, his mighty erection standing proud in front of him. He plummeted himself in to her with ease and a sense of desperation. She let out an involuntary scream of surprise at the force.

Bracing herself on the sofa as he started to hammer in to her she felt the beginning of her pleasure spasm rush through her body. He got faster and faster until she couldn’t help herself anymore, she let out a moan of pleasure as her pussy contracted around his cock. As she did this he groaned and his balls rose up and emptied. His seed filled her, their juices mingling inside her. He pulled out of her, kissed her on the bum again and pulled his pants and trousers back up.

Smiling and with wobbly legs she stood up and straightened herself out.

Handing her a glass of wine he gestured to her to come out in the garden. She took a big mouthful. Stood in the early evening light everything had a hint of gold washing over it. The garden looked peaceful and beautiful.

He looked her up and down smiled and tenderly slid his hands inside the shoulders of her dress and pulled it down. With hardly any effort it fell to the ground. He quickly reached around behind her and unhooked her bra to reveal her complete, pale, curvaceous, naked body. Her body instantly covered in goose bumps from the combination of the warmth in the air, the chill in the breeze and the rush of excitement.

Without saying a word he pushed her hard against the wall, took her hands, reached into a bag on the ground, he had put there earlier, and produced a pair of soft pink leather handcuffs. Her eyes widened at the sight of them with excitement and nerves.

Locking his eyes onto hers he gently put the cuffs on her, kissing each hand bahis firmaları as he did so. Letting her hands fall in front of her he reached into the bag again. This time he had a collar in his hands. It was pink leather too and matched the handcuffs. He swept her hair out of the way as he buckled it gently around her neck. He cupped her face in his hand and kissed her tenderly before clipping a chain lead onto the collar, a fine chain with a pink leather handle.

He then fastened a matching pink leather blindfold around her head. The world went dark, her breathing went shallow and the anticipation tore through her.

“kneel.” he commanded. She obeyed and knelt on the spot where she was stood. Still holding on to her lead he took off his clothes and stood naked in front of her, she couldn’t see his huge hard cock waving in her face.

“Open your mouth.” He commanded again. Knowing what was going to happen she happily opened her mouth to take him. With her hands and arms constricted he could choose his own speed and rhythm, which drove him wild. Still holding on tightly to the lead with one hand he held onto her head with the other pushing himself into her as hard as he could without making her gag. His legs started to buckle under him as he came hard in her mouth. She pulled herself away from him and swallowed her mouthful.

Breathing heavily he stumbled backwards slightly. She started to stand up. “You will only stand when I tell you to.” He said forcefully to her. She stopped moving and bowed her head.

After he had composed himself he walked over to her, took the lead and tugged on it again. “You may stand.” He said. She stood up, before she had a chance to brush the grass off her legs he pulled her into him and kissed her, her mouth still warm and sticky from his load.

She couldn’t see him grin at her as he took the end of the lead. Tugging on it playfully he led her inside and up the stairs to the bedroom. She didn’t say a word as she followed him up the stairs.

The bedroom was dimly lit with candles, the curtains closed and the bed made neatly.

He guided her to the bed and told her to lie down. Still blindfolded, collared and cuffed she tentatively led down. Taking her cuffed arms he tied them above her head, to the bed stead, with some soft rope. He leant over and kissed her cheek working his way down her body he kissed her neck and then her nipples, circling each one with the end of his tongue. Her body reacted to his touch in a way that pleased him. She started to moan a little with pleasure which pleased him even more.

He used his tongue to caress her entire body, down her legs and then sucked each of her toes before slowly working his way back up her legs to her pussy. He slid his finger inside her with ease. She was dripping wet with arousal and still moaning. Thrusting his finger in and out of her and his thumb flicking her clit she started bucking kaçak iddaa against him with the sensation. He kept going until her orgasm exploded out of her.

Feeling very pleased with himself he stood back and watched as her whole body, still tied, seemed to rise and fall with her deep breathing.

As her breathing worked its way back to normal he separated her legs again. Seeing her pleasure juices glistening on the inside of her thighs he licked his lips. Bending over her he used his tongue to lap it up. Still feeling very sensitive after her orgasm she flinched at the touch of his tongue on her skin.

When he had finished he got up off the bed and left her there tied, naked and satisfied. “Masters slave will stay here” he said to her as he shut the bedroom door behind him. She sighed loudly with a little bit of frustration but mostly satisfaction.

Downstairs, in the lounge, he looked from the clock to the front door and back again. As his eyes wandered back to the clock the doorbell rang.

Upstairs she listened intensely to hear who had come to the door but all she could hear was her own heart beating loudly inside her, she felt vulnerable.

She tried to relax and ignore the fact that she had been left tied up for god knows how long. She must have relaxed more than she thought as the sound of the bedroom door opening made her jump.

“Are you ready for more my sexy slave?” he asked. She didn’t answer. “Answer your master when he asks you a question!” he said with a raised voice.

“Yes master I am.” She said. He leant over her and kissed her forehead, her cheeks and then her lips as he untied the rope her hands were tied with. He took the hand cuffs off her and told her to get up on all fours. “I have a surprise for you!” he said with excitement in his voice.

She didn’t respond but wondered what it could be.

Still blind folded and collared she braced herself on all fours on the bed. He knelt behind her, bent down and kissed down her back whilst taking the lead in one hand and using the other to reach underneath her and stroke her pussy until it was wet enough for him to enter her.

As he slowly moved in and out of her she could feel herself starting to get lost in her pleasure zone again until she heard what she thought was a groan, a manly groan that came from across the room and not behind her.

“Yes, we have company.” He said as if reading her mind. “Come and join us.” He said over the top of her whilst still buried inside her.

She felt the weight of another person join them on the bed. The other man knelt in front of her and stroked her hair. “Open wide again.” The command came from behind her. She obeyed and felt a large, warm, hard cock slide slowly into her mouth.

Using his hands to hold onto her head the guest started to fuck her face slowly as she was fucked from behind too. Almost as if they had planned to do so both men kaçak bahis started to moan and speed up.

Leaning all of her weight on to one arm she used the other one to reach down between her legs and slowly rub her clit. She couldn’t believe just how wet she was, she was dribbling down the inside of her legs.

The guest was starting to groan heavily, he stopped thrusting and she could feel his cock throbbing and filled her mouth with his salty juice as he held her head.

Still being pumped from behind she could feel her own orgasm looming. He let out a loud moan from behind her and pushed deeper as he too shot his load into her. As her pussy filled with his cream she too let out a cry of pleasure as her orgasm took over her body and made her shudder.

Still on all fours she panted and wobbled as both men climbed off the bed.

She went to remove her blindfold to see who the other man was. Feeling a hard tug on her lead she stopped. “You don’t have permission to remove that.” He said sternly then leant over and kissed her.

“Stand up.” He said with a softer tone in his voice. She did as she was told.

She could hear the two men moving around the room and get on the bed. She had got a real kick out of being ‘spit roast’ but didn’t think she could do it again.

“Climb on.” He said. She tentatively felt around her and climbed back on to the bed. “No. Climb on me.” She used her hands to feel down his body until she came to his cock. She couldn’t believe just how hard he was again. With a smile on her face she leant down and kissed the end of his cock before lowering her aching wet pussy on to him.

He shut his eyes with pleasure as she started to slowly ride him. He held on to her thighs tightly. She felt a slight tug on her lead and then a hand on her back forcing her forward. She leant as far forward as she could. She felt the guest weight leaning on her back and his hard cock prodding at her. He rubbed it down her back before gently pushing it into her ass. She let out a loud cry of surprise.

Finding a rhythm between the three of them the feeling was intense she had never known anything like it. It didn’t last long.

Within minutes there was an explosion of cum and she was filled again, but didn’t care. Her own orgasm seemed to consume her and she let out cries of pleasure louder than both men put together.

The guest pulled out of her and got off the bed. She heard the bedroom door open and then shut. He was gone.

Still straddling him as he breathed heavily he reached up and took her blind fold off. She looked down at him as he smiled back at her. He reached a big strong hand up around her neck and pulled her down to kiss him unbuckling the collar at the same time. He rubbed her neck with affection.

She climbed off and led down next to him. “Who was that?” she asked. He turned to face her, stroked the side of her face, kissed her nose and said “You are never going to know!” She playfully pushed him away from her with a giggle.

They led there in each other’s arms for a while before she asked him to get her a drink. “Yes master.” He replied with a wink.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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