College Days Ch. 03

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It had been two weeks since Rohit was initiated into the true joys of sex. In his nineteen years of existence, he realized, it was during the last two weeks that the mystery of life had been unveiled. He had been tutoring Priya on Mathematics every night. Every night he started off by solving at least one maths problem, and ended up by fucking Priya, with his cock buried into her, in different positions. Priya had the imagination of initiating different positions, and they were both learning from each other. He had graduated into using a condom, they were responsible enough not to get into trouble. Days were passing by in a daze, he was engulfed in a stream that was carrying him beyond, he was not in control.

That is when he snapped, he decided to gain control over himself. He decided he will not become a laughing stock, an erstwhile sincere intelligent student losing all his senses over a girl. Slowly, he started coming out of his daze. He told Priya about his decision. She rolled her eyes and told him that if he ever felt desperate to cum he should let her know beforehand! Slowly he came to know, from bits and pieces, that Priya had lost her virginity a summer before back at her native village. Rohit could use his imagination to fill in the gaps and could string up the scenario in which Priya had been fucked by her distant cousin in the village, followed by another friend. Also, Rohit came to know that Priya’s elder sister, Seema, had a steady boyfriend, and he could figure out that she was also quite experienced in matters between the sheets.

In college, he was always comfortable in mingling with girls, but his new found confidence made the girls notice him more. They could sense his confident body language. Sub consciously he exuded the confidence of knowing how to deal with a woman’s body better than before, and his casual comfort in getting close to girls while talking, chatting, walking, was noticed by the girls as a couple of months passed.

A one year senior girl, Shipra was among the hottest fantasy material in the college. She was rich, drove her own car, dressed expensive but classy, oozed enough sensuality for a twenty year old to drive the hormone loaded boys in college to ecstasy but she never behaved cheap. She had her coterie of friends, the slightly richer group in the college, but she was friendly to all, and Rohit was part of her extended coterie.

Shipra was one of the first to notice the slight change in Rohit’s behavior, how he approached girls and how he was confidently getting cozy with girls. She liked the way he would get close to her while talking, would not bother about not brushing his hand over her hands, sides, or back, and his touch felt confident. She was intrigued, and she started to respond to him.

Rohit noticed that Shipra nowadays bestowed more attention on him. She would smile a bit more, get physically close to him, and wouldn’t stop herself from brushing his body. But, this was a subtle shift in their behavior, other in the coterie of friends didn’t realize their new found closeness in the crowd. Rohit could intuitively guess that Shipra was getting a bit sexually charged by him. He could instinctively fathom that she would not be a virgin, for, he realized, a sensuous girl would have enough opportunities in her life to experiment with sexuality, and that would result in a sexy girl being more experienced, that is the law of nature.

Shipra’s cousin, Meera, was also in the same college, bahis firmaları and part of her inner coterie. And, it became known that Meera’s birthday was approaching soon, in fact it was about a week away. Plans were afoot to have a blast at Shipra’s place, as she had a bigger house, and her parents wouldn’t mind hosting Meera’s birthday. The girls in Shipra’s coterie raised an amused, knowing eyebrow when Rohit was also invited to the party. Everyone realized that Rohit was now slowly getting more into the elite group of the college.

Rohit was not used to birthday bashes that lasted late into the night, rather, early into the morning, and he needed a couple of days before he could convince his parents. For two days he was dilly-dallying about the invitation to the party, and by the time he got his parents to agree, the talk about his invitation had died down, and he was not sure if he was still invited. He wondered if he would raise the topic of his invitation to the birthday party himself, for now he really wanted to be there. He approached Meera and said, “Hey, am I still invited to your birthday?”

Meera looked at him, gave a knowing smile and said,” You really want to come to my party, or Shipra’s?”

“Well, to come to your party I have to come to Shipra’s place, right?”

“Why don’t you ask Shipra about it?” Meera smirked, good naturedly.

“Come on, it’s your birthday!” Rohit realized he was blushing a little as he said it. Meera found it very cute, and leaned towards him, to whisper,” If Shipra doesn’t mind you to go to her place, you are invited!” and gave him a wink.

Rohit was about to approach Shipra who was standing a bit further away, and then he desisted, “Do you send all your friends to Shipra for permission?” he looked at Meera.

Meera, with a meaningful shrug, said,” Shipra’s special friends are her prerogative, wherever she wants to invite them!” And then, before walking away, she looked back and said, “Of course you are invited! But we thought you wouldn’t come.”

“Hmm… I will, if you really want me to!”, Rohit said.

They continued the banter but Rohit realized, there was a shift in the conversation. He couldn’t locate exactly where the shift was, but he sensed a definite shift in the relative relation between friends. Rohit felt he was accommodated in the group because of Shipra, and people were giving him space that was not coming naturally to them. Rohit started getting a little apprehensive, and edgy, while talking to Shipra who was now seeking more alone time with him than others.

Rohit was in the midst of his edgy interaction with Shipra when the birthday bash happened. Shipra was matured beyond her twenty years. She could sense the definite shift in Rohit’s interaction, his self conscious efforts to act natural while trying to blend with her group. During the party she took Rohit discretely out for a tour of the second floor of their bungalow. This floor was kept off limits by Shipra’s parents, and hence there was a deathly silence inside the guest room once the door closed. Shipra, smiling tentatively at Rohit, took his hand, and guided her to the bed. Rohit sat stiff on the bed while Shipra, holding his hand, sat close to him.

“Rohit, you are a very special friend to me, I hope you know that,” she smiled a little nervously while looking into his eyes, “and I hope you respect me as much as I respect your efforts to make friends with my friends.”

Rohit was suddenly kaçak iddaa overwhelmed with a surge of pent up emotion and instinctively he put his arms around her waist and said, “You are so sweet and beautiful, any boy would give anything to be your special friend.” And, despite himself, he clumsily tried to put one hand behind her head and bring her mouth forward. She resisted and said, “I just wanted you to know that I am always with you.”

“Really?” Rohit whispered, as he brought his mouth closer to hers, and added, “even if I do this?”, and planted his lips on hers, both sets of lips were quivering. She didn’t resist the kiss, and naturally started working her mouth on his. Their mouths became more confident, exploring each others. The lips worked on lips, the mouths ate each other, slurping, the tongue licked each others lips, tentatively pushing each others mouth, meeting each others tongue, each exploring the inside of the others mouth, lashing the tongues against each other, wet saliva dripping by the lips, they realized they need to catch their breath when they broke the kiss. They looked at each other, and mashed their mouths against each others again. Rohit’s hands were caressing her back, while her arms were pulling his head down., while they sucked each others mouth.

When they caught their breath again, Rohit said, “I so wanted to kiss you!”

“Mmmm.. yes baby,” Shipra crooned, and planted her wet lipstick smeared lips on his lips again. Rohit broke the kiss, put his arms below her waist and pulled her on his lap. She was now sitting sideways, and her face was above his. She put her arms around his neck while he was caressing her back and her ass cheeks with one hand each, while they jabbed their mouths at each other for short firm kisses while moaning and crooning love nothings to each other. Rohit had never realized that he wanted this girl so madly. Shipra was surprised at herself that she was behaving in such a wanton manner, and feeling good about it.

“Shipra, I want you so badly, my darling,” Rohit was mumbling between the kisses.

“Mmm, yes my baby,” Shipra moaned into his mouth while eating his mouth.

Rohit’s hand on her ass cheeks was squeezing her hard, and she felt her pussy letting go a few little drops of wetness as she squeezed her thighs. She could feel his hard on beneath her, getting into her ass folds as she sat on his lap, holding on to his neck. Rohit brought his other hand on to her beasts, giving each a hard squeeze, making her groan in his mouth.

“I really want you now, Shipra, meri jaan (my love), I want to fuck you baby, ” Rohit groaned while squeezing her boobs over her dress.

“Hmm… give me a quick fuck dear, before they start missing us, give it quick,” Shipra grinded her ass on his cock.

Rohit made her stand, pulled the bottom of her gown to her waist, and pushed his hand inside her thighs. Feeling her panty soaking wet, he pulled them down to her heel, she pulled her leg out of it. His fingers slid in her cunt as he explored the second cunt in his life. Shipra was too impatient for any further foreplay. “Fuck me quick my dear,” she panted, expertly unbuckling his belt on his trousers. With one hand fingering her cunt, he used the other to unzip his pants, raised his ass off the bed a bit to slide the pants and underpants off exposing his rigid cock, standing hard.

Shipra moved forward to hold his cock in her hands, and moaned while giving it a couple of strokes. kaçak bahis She sat on his lap, her legs on either side of his waist, straddling him, while his cock rubbed her inside the thighs. She put her hands on his shoulders and pulled her ass up. He put his hands on her ass cheeks, supporting her, as she positioned her pussy lips on his cock head. Slowly, she lowered herself, impaling her wet soft pussy on his rigid hard cock. “Ahhhhh,” they both groaned. With half the cock inside her cunt, she pushed her face forward, and kissed him hard. With his hands on his waste, he pushed her down. She slid down, all the way, filling her cunt with his heaving cock.

“Mmmm…aaaahhhh… so hard you are,” she mewed. He was supporting her body with his hands on her ass, while their mouths ate each other. Her makeup was all over her face, and she was looking a slut desperate for the fuck.

“You look so hot!” he gasped, as he heaved his cock up while she was lunging her crotch down as they were furiously fucking each other.

“Aahh… I am your slut.. mmmmm,” she groaned as she rubbed his cock inside her pussy.

Rohit lost all senses of his body except for the cock rubbing her cunt, all the way inside. She was fucking incredibly, sitting on is lap, pulling her crotch up and pushing it down, while his hands supported her ass, taking all her weight in his arms.

“Fuck me!”

“Fuck me!”

“Fuck me!” … Shipra chanted, as her pussy kept on massaging his cock, grasping his cock with her cunt muscles, rubbing it with all her might.

“Take it my love, fuck your cunt, my darling slut!” Rohit panted, as his cock was mashing inside her cunt. “Love fucking your hot wet cunt, my dear, you are so sexy, so slutty…mmmmm”

“I wanna cum…mmmm oh yessss!” Shipra hissed. Rohit took her body in his arms, without letting his cock let go of her cunt, he rolled over in the bed. Pushing her on her back, and him on top, he started fucking vigorously hard. “Oh yes, oh yess, oh yesss..” she gasped, as she could feel her hole oozing her juices out. Rohit’s strokes became irregular, he could feel his balls about to drain their juices inside the hot cunt.

Their body rocked in unison, and then became still, as they were both letting go of their love juices in an incredible simultaneous orgasm. Shipra was groaning unintelligibly, while Rohit was shooting his load of cum, his body crushing hers, his mouth clamping hard on hers, although the top of their bodies was completely clothed.

Shipra’s cum was leaking over her thighs, while Rohit’s cock was shooting the last drops, with her hands caressing his ass cheeks, pushing them over her crotch. Rohit’s hands were holding her waist, stabling her lower body, while rocking his cock inside her cunt softly.

Slowly, over a few minutes, their breath returned to normal. Before sliding off her chest, Rohit planted a soft kiss on her mouth. As Rohit slid to her side, Shipra turned and continued kissing him, not letting go of his mouth.

“It was so good,” Shipra said, lovingly caressing his ass cheeks, her hands had not moved yet. With the other hand she stroked his now semi limp cock.

“I can’t believe this happened,” Rohit said. “It is an incredible dream.”

“We need to get back to the party downstairs.” Shipra said.

While continuously exchanging kisses, they both got their clothes straight. Then they shared a very deep kiss before Shipra put on her lipstick and other makeup which she was carrying in her bag. Then, discreetly, Shipra went down to the party, and Rohit followed her after a couple of minutes. None of them realized that their act had been witnessed by Shipra’s mother.

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