Confessions of a Check-Out Chick

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Amber looked up at the large wall clock. It read 4:55. Only five minutes until freedom. The boys had collected most of the scattered shopping trolleys and corralled them into one place. They worked on releasing the supermarket security shutters and fastened them to the floor.

One customer, a rotund lady in her late forties, waddled passed them, muttering, ‘I need some milk. I’ll be right back.’

Amber rolled her eyes and waited. Within minutes the lady returned with three cartons of milk securely pressed to her ample but sagging bosom under one arm. The other was attempting to reach her purse from the depths of a large shoulder bag. Amber swiped the three cartons over the bar code scanner and finalised the transaction. The lady paid in cash and quickly hurried away muttering about something else.

Amber had just about met them all. Customers of all types and persuasions. Different sizes and shapes. Good looking and ugly. Sincere and dishonest. Every day there was someone who stood out from the rest. Today it had been a good looking but narcissistic guy in his early thirties. By the type and number of items he had purchased indicated that he was moving into new accommodation. Mops, buckets, cooking spices, frozen dinners, cleaning agents, tinned food, paper plates, etc.

Amber caught him eyeing her as he queued at the check out. She had seen the look before – catching men undressing her with their eyes – craving to see what was under the dark-blue tunic of the uniform she was required to wear.

She smiled back at him quickly, if only to increase his anticipation.

By the time his turn had arrived to be served, he was keen not to let an opportunity like this pass him by.

‘Hi there… how ya doing,’ he opened with.

Amber just smiled back and continued to process his items.

‘Cat got your tongue?’ he asked with a dry smile.

‘Nope,’ was Amber’s single word answer.

Not the least put off, he said, ‘You have beautiful eyes – in fact beautiful everything…’

Amber smiled and said, ‘Thank you Sir,’ as she gave him a longer look.

He was cute, she agreed to herself. But there was a touch of over confidence in his manner, which she both liked and disliked. She wasn’t sure about him. What he did next would push it either way. He dropped his car keys in front of her deliberately. The emblem of a prancing horse stood out. Bad move. Amber disliked guys that attempted to impress her by the type of car they owned. She paid no intention to the enticing move and quickly finalised his account and said, ‘Are you paying cash or credit?’

Realising that his opportunity was about to pass, he pulled out his AMEX card and said, ‘Put it on this, and, oh yeah – there’s enough left for me to take you out to dinner tonight. Interested?’

Amber smiled a knowing smile. She kept him in suspense as she finished the credit transaction and watched him sign the chit. He looked at her waiting for a response.

‘Well?’ he asked.

Amber gave him his receipt, AMEX card, then looked him in the eyes. She let her full lips part slightly to reveal two perfect rows of white teeth, waited, then picked up his car keys and dangled them in front of him. ‘Don’t forget you’re pretty horse, and hold onto the reigns real tight, ’cause that’s all you’re gunna ride tonight…’

Amber would get at least one of these approaches every day on average. She liked this guy because he was predictable. Some others were plain disturbing. Some men would touch her on her hand when she picked up grocery items for scanning. Other men would just leer at her. On one occasion, a disgusting old man played pocket billiards the whole time she was serving him. Part of the job she always put it down to.

Within five minutes after the muttering lady with the milk had left, Amber had balanced her till and stuffed the journal rolls and takings into the canvas security bag. Passing the bag to her supervisor, she smiled, said her goodbyes and walked out of the supermarket. The shopping-trolley boys were about to secure the last shutter, but instantly stopped as she walked past to drool on her shapely figure and confident walk.

Reaching her car, a dark green Mini Cooper, she unlocked the driver’s door and threw her bag onto the passenger’s seat. The first thing she did when seated was to reach down and untie the laces on her pumps. Sliding them off, and then her white socks, she stretched her perfect white toes.

Free at last, she thought.

The Mini’s engine barked to life; the automatic selector was set to drive; Amber pressed on the accelerator with her big toe and the Mini moved out of the staff car park and onto the street.

Amber was tired. After four late nights in a row she was feeling it. She knew that if she didn’t get sufficient rest soon, it would tell. Small dark rings would start to appear under her eyes; her skin would become dry; and, hopefully not, like last time – she would get a rash at the back of her long slender neck. She promised herself that after tonight, she would stay home for the next three avcılar elit escort nights and get some proper rest.

Arriving at her apartment, situated in a swank modern complex overlooking the river, she unlocked her front door and went inside. She dropped her pumps on the floor and let her bag down on top of them.

The apartment was exquisitely furnished. Expensive items purchased from the best furniture and electronics stores. The drapes were heavy and of fine texture. There were prints of her heroes on the wall.

The Bang & Olufsen phone chimed three times. Amber walked towards it. The soft moist soles of her bare feet made padding sounds as she walked on the beautifully polished timber floor. She acknowledged the caller and stood listening for a moment.

‘OK Honey… I’ll be there at eight and I promise I won’t be late – unlike last time, I promise. Is there anything special you want me to bring?’

Amber listened to the male caller’s request and laughed, ‘Naughty Nurse again! OK – Just for you Honey,’ she answered, ‘See you at eight sharp. Bye.’

Amber hung up and looked at her watch. Just over an hour to spare. She walked into the bedroom and looked in the dresser mirror. The reflection showed a young twenty-something year old that stood about 5’9″. She looked at her blood-shot eyes – a result from the day’s work. Reaching for the eye drops she knew within minutes they would look substantially better. Her round and slender face had the softest snow-white skin. There was not a blemish to be seen. Her eyes were of darkest brown – bedroom eyes, a customer had told her once. Her hair was jet-black and styled into a cute pageboy bob. With her cute nose, it gave her face an intriguing geisha girl quality with a touch of the Roaring Twenties. She would have made the quintessential ‘flapper girl’ of the 1920’s.

Amber walked into her well-equipped kitchen and retrieved orange juice from the fridge, poured a large glass and sipped from it.

The phone chimed again. The caller was inquiring on a date for a night next week. She agreed to the following Wednesday and scribbled out the details on a well-used note pad next to the phone. She hung up and sighed. Time for a long hot shower, she thought.

Amber’s bathroom was huge. Complete with up-market fittings; double basins; ceiling to floor mirrors; enclosed toilet; separate shower recess and a large spa-bath. You might imagine Amber spending long periods of time enjoying its ambience. She unzipped the back of her tunic and let it fall to the immaculate white-tiled floor. She stepped out of the tunic and stood there for moment in her white bra and panties. Then with slender dainty fingers she reached behind and unclipped her bra strap, leaned forward and shook it down her arms into her hands. She slipped off her panties and threw them with the bra into the wooden antique laundry basket that was near the door.

Amber stood naked and looked to her reflection in the full-length mirror.

She had the most perfect breasts. And she knew it. They were well proportioned to the rest of her body and were identical in shape and fullness. They were ripe and firm and due to their natural shape hung magnificently in front of her. Soft rounded under sides, smooth white skin and well-toned breast muscles allowed Amber to admirably present them unfettered under a tight-fitting tee shirt.

Her nipples were cushioned by soft cone-shaped honey coloured areoles. They took some stimulation to get hard, but when aroused they became cute extended buttons. Soft and pliable, they were very attractive to the mouth. The first instance when seen conjures the desire to suck long and softly on the areoles, then move the protruding button nipples between your teeth, as you gently pull on it whilst flicking your tongue back and forth. Finally releasing the hold to let it recoil back to its loving breast.

Amber’s butt was also gorgeous. You could chew on it all night long and get off just on that alone. It always smelled fresh and babyish. It was a butt you would want to smack; chew; smother your face into, or screw all at the same time. It was so perfect that on occasions you might leave a blemish or bruise just to feel satisfied that nothing was meant to be that perfect.

Her mound was hairless, except for two finely preened vee-shape lines of dark blue pubic hair. The point of the vee emanated from the top of her pussy slit, with two meticulously defined forty-five degree angled hairlines that diminished as they reached either side at the top of her mound. From a distance, it looked like an arrowhead pointing directly to the hood of her clit. Amber spent a small fortune keeping her pussy smooth, shaved, dyed and chic. Her pussy lips were dainty and beautifully crafted.

Amber had the flattest stomach one could wish for. An almost perfect belly-button, with a ruby stud covering its indent.

Her legs were long and slender, with well-formed muscles without a skerrick of fat. Her feet were beautiful and looked fantastic in any shoe – avcılar escort from flip-flops to open toed stilettos. Not too long and not too wide – they were just right. Amber didn’t paint her toenails. She left them natural and that suited perfectly. Each toe was snow-white and formed to perfection, blending with each other proportionally in length and shape. Her toenails were trimmed short. The heels and the skin folds on her soles were smooth and moist. For some, it would not be difficult to instantly get a hard-on when you first laid eyes on them. Yes, even her feet, you could chew, suck or cum on all night, if you were that way inclined. From head to toe Amber was drop dead gorgeous.

Turning on the shower and waiting for the water to warm, Amber pulled on a shower cap, opened the shower glass door, and walked in under the warm invigorating water that sprayed from a large chromed showerhead overhead. Filling her hands with shower gel, she washed her arms and breasts, then ran her hands down between her legs to wash her pussy-lips and butt-hole.

Twenty minutes later she was done. She stood on the bathroom tiles towelling down her perfect skin that now had turned a rose pink from the hot water.

Another thirty minutes saw her with make-up on and fully dressed. She decided to wear a tight pair of designer denim jeans with red leather Italian sandals; a red bra and red silk sleeveless top. The red looked mesmerising against her snow-white skin and jet black hair.

She looked to the clock in her bedroom. In five minutes she needed to be gone. The phone chimed again, but this time she let it go to the answering machine.

Soon she was in the elevator going down to the basement car park, when she realised she had forgotten something. She swore and waited until the elevator reached its destination then punched her floor number in. The machine instantly responded and started to go up.

Quickly opening the apartment door, Amber walked briskly into her large walk-in wardrobe and flicked through the hanging clothes.

‘Found it,’ she said to herself unconsciously, as she removed the clothes and hanger from the rack. She lifted it up to the light to ensure it was not blemished, then put it to her body and looked into the mirror. It was the cutest and shortest nurse’s uniform ever created. Once on, it would ride up just below Amber’s crotch, and would provide unhindered movement of her legs in any position. Noticeably it had only two big buttons at the front. Even a blind man would be hard pressed not to locate and undo them, allowing the warm desirable flesh to spill out into his hands. A thin red belt promoted the curves at the right places, with a large zipper extending all the way down the back for quick removal when required. She carefully folded the uniform; picked out a pair of scuffed white shoes from a large box; found a pair of white stockings and matching suspenders in a drawer; and stuffed them all into a large black material bag.

Within ten minutes, Amber was driving her Mini through the traffic while she hummed to the radio. Another five minutes and she’d be there, right on time as promised.

Amber pressed the security buzzer for Apartment 22. A voice inquired, ‘Is that you Amber?’

‘Sure is.’

The buzz and associated metal click of the door lock disengaging sounded immediately after. Amber pushed hard on the heavy oak door, which gave her access to the building’s lobby. She walked briskly to the lift and pressed the up button. The lift doors opened and she walked in. At the second floor the doors reopened. Amber, carrying her black bag in toe, exited and headed for door number 22. She had been here about half a dozen times. She liked Nick and usually had an enjoyable time with him. Nick was a successful lawyer who handled major criminal cases – murder; rape; embezzlement; etc. He was a workaholic and had established a very successful legal practice over the past ten years. But his dedication had taken its toll. Divorce was one price he paid. That was three years ago and he had not entered into any meaningful relationship since then. He just didn’t have the time, or the inclination for that matter. But, he had Amber, and for the present she was all he needed. He saw her every fortnight for an evening of unbridled sex and fantasy.

On occasions, Amber stayed a bit longer than the agreed time, but only if she was enjoying herself. Most times she was in no hurry to leave Nick and usually stayed with him into the wee hours. Her rate was $1,200 for two hours. For that her client was able to do anything he liked, within reason. She picked her clients carefully and was scrupulous about sex hygiene. Some guys however, like Nick, she didn’t insist on using a condom. In Nick’s case, Amber was his only fuck at present and so he was a ‘clean-skin’ as she called him. He could put his cock anywhere in her without a thin film of rubber coming between them. Nick on his part, was happy with this arrangement, and with the exception of his rendezvous with Amber, stayed away from other women avcılar eve gelen escort who might approach him. Amber was all he needed for now, and then some.

Amber knocked lightly on his door and after a short pause it opened.

‘Hi Doll, how’s my girl?’ Nick smiled.

‘Fine babe,’ Amber purred back and lightly kissed Nick on his lips.

Nick’s nose took in Amber’s expensive perfume.

‘I just love that smell,’ Nick sighed. He looked down at Amber’s sandals. ‘And I like them too, but not as much as what’s in them.’

Amber laughed, ‘You and your foot fetish. I just don’t know what to do with you.’

Nick was an attractive male, who maintained good fitness, although over the past few years he had put on weight which had collected around his stomach and back. The beginnings of ‘love handles’ were starting to appear. His hair was healthy light brown with greying at the temples. It gave him that distinguished gentleman look. Standing at six feet, with an attractive face he had the brains to go with it. Recently he had won a significant case for a client who was wrongfully charged with fraud. The case wound up yesterday and he was looking forward to quality time with Amber to celebrate.

Amber walked into the large and well-appointed living room. Nick followed her and went to the bar fridge, removed an ice bucket brimming with ice surrounding a chilled bottle of vintage Bollinger.

‘My favourite – yum,’ Amber purred.

Instead of doing the party pop thing, Nick delicately removed the Bollinger’s cork wrapping and securing wire, then slowly twisted the cork until he removed it without the preverbiable pop. A small hiss of escaping gas was all that was heard. This was the true way to open champagne. It keeps the gas in the wine longer, allowing for a much finer presentation in the crystal flutes he slowly poured it into.

Passing a glass to Amber, she replied with, ‘Merci Monsieur,’

Nick filled his and then motioned for Amber to sit next to him on a large leather sofa that faced a lace curtained window, with views over a large tree-filled park opposite. It was early winter and the deciduous tress had all but relinquished their leaves to nature and stood gracefully naked patiently waiting for the spring sun to clothe them again.

Amber flopped down on the sofa, took a sip from her flute, slid off her sandals, and tucked one leg under her as she waited for Nick to sit beside her.

‘That’s just what I needed,’ Amber smiled as she took a longer sip of Bollinger.

Nick sat close beside her and put his hand on her bent knee. He took a long drink from the glass and relaxed back into the sofa. For the next twenty minutes they sat and talked about mundane things – traffic; his work; her family. Amber liked Nick for this. No rush. Nothing to prove. Building intimacy in a most civilised way. The Bollinger was now in Amber’s veins and she was relaxed and energised.

‘So, its Naughty Nurse again, eh,’ she smiled giving Nick a cheeky grin.

‘I’m just a hypochondriac for you babe,’ Nick replied, leaning forward and kissing Amber more passionately. She let the kiss linger and gently bit his bottom lip as he withdrew, whilst stroking his thigh.

She then jumped up and said, ‘OK, you just wait right here.’

Amber picked up her black carry bag and disappeared into the bathroom. Nick filled his glass and topped up Amber’s.

After a short time, to Nick’s obvious delight, she returned to the living room wearing her petite tailor made Nurse’s uniform, complete with white suspender stockings and scuffed white-laced shoes.

‘Surgery is open for business,’ she said as she walked towards Nick with a cheeky grin.

She wore no bra or nickers, and Nick was able to get passing glimpses of her pussy as she approached him. He felt his cock growing and buckling between his legs. He shifted uncomfortably on the sofa, reached down into his trousers and pulled his member up straight towards his stomach.

‘Feeling uncomfortable?’ Amber teased at his adjustment. ‘I think I need to examine you to make sure you are haven’t damaged anything,’ she winked.

‘Fine with me Nurse,’ Nick replied.

Amber walked over to Nick and sat over his legs straddling him to the sofa. He could smell her freshly washed pussy and it turned him on. It always did.

Amber put her arms behind Nick’s neck and lent forward. Nick reached up and slowly undid the two large buttons on the front of her uniform. He parted the top wide open. Two magnificent breasts fell out before him, necessitating the immediate movement of Nick’s hands to them. He looked at the beautiful shapes and then into Amber’s eyes and said, ‘They are just beautiful,’ while gently rubbing and massaging each tit with the whole palm of his hands.

Then his fingers took over and started to gently pull on her button nipples. He just adored seeing the soft areoles move out with the pull on the nipples. He repeated the process over and over, and felt his cock press against Amber’s leg. Amber just lapped it up. Relaxed; no hurry; enjoying the intimacy with this fine gentleman. She moved her tits up to his mouth and he consumed them with relish. Long drawn out sucks and gentle bites on her areoles and nipples. She swapped one nipple for another to his lips and enjoyed seeing them swell and become firm from the attention that Nick was plying them.

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