Cowboy Wannabe Rides Again

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I last wrote about a guy I met at the clubhouse gymnasium of my apartment complex. Almost from the day of our first tryst I had thought about another encounter with this man. While it is not uncommon for me to fantasize about past conquests, it is very uncommon for me to want to go back for seconds. Since I had become sexually active in high school I realized there are just so many swinging dicks in the world I don’t have time to fool around with the same one twice.

What changed my mind about my policy regarding this fellow, I wasn’t quite sure. It could have been his innocence, the fact that I was his first man-on-man encounter. Or it could have been his great physique. But most likely it was his horse cock. It was truly a work of art. It was nice and velvety to the touch. Smooth, but incredibly hard. I lay at night thinking about it, and no amount of jerking off or hooking up with other guys seemed to quench my longing for it.

I returned to the gym, where I first met and seduced him, everyday. At first it was only to complete my own exercise regimen, but then, with increasing urgency, I hoped to see him. After two weeks without success, my mind struck upon an idea. When I first got to the gym, I signed in as normal, but then looked at all the other signatures for the last several days. There I saw it, exactly two weeks ago today. I thought I could make out “Chuck Shoemaker”.

He looked like a Chuck – I still marveled at the fact he wore cowboy boots to a gym. Granted, he didn’t intend to do any aerobic exercise, but still! And those denim shorts, cut off and frayed above the knee. Where did this suburban cowboy come from?

Next to his name on the sign-in sheet was his building number and apartment number written neatly in the columns provided for this information. At that point, I decided to seek a workout in his apartment instead of at the gym.

I know it was brazen to walk up to someone’s door after a totally spontaneous fling, but I was not thinking with my mind at the moment. In fact, the throbbing head of my penis led me to the door of his building even though I had never been there before. When I reached the security door I saw it had failed to seal after the last person who had entered or left the building.

Seizing the opportunity, I entered the building and climbed the stairs. His building was laid out just like mine and all the other buildings in the complex, so I no trouble finding his apartment. I paused before I knocked, hoping he was at home.

After knocking, I heard movement on the other side of the door and the deadbolt being unlocked. When he opened the door he was wearing only blue jeans and what appeared to be some sort of Indian necklace. His nipples were tiny, hard and dark next to his white skin.

His mouth hung agape after recognizing me as the man who had deflowered him in the clubhouse shower room. Did I forget to mention that the encounter was not entirely consensual? After recovering from his initial shock, his face turned from white to red and he tried to shut the door on me. I, of course, stopped him by grabbing the door myself. “We need to talk, Chas,” I said firmly.

“Oh God! Oh God! You have AIDS don’t you?” he said.

At this point, I was impressed by his inner drama queen. I could tell he had been worrying about this possibility since our first tryst, but I laughed out loud and took him by the shoulder. “Don’t worry, Chas, I am positive that I am negative.”

“What?” he stammered.

“I don’t have AIDS, HIV, or even a cold,” I said in my most comforting, reassuring tone.

“Okay. What do you want then? And why do you keep calling me Chas? My name is Chuck,” Chas said.

“‘Chuck’ is short for ‘Charles’, so is ‘Chas’. And I prefer ‘Chas’,” I informed casino şirketleri him.

“I prefer you not be in my apartment,” Chas said.

“Chas, we had real chemistry. We made beautiful music together,” I argued.

“I live with my girlfriend. That’s all the action I need,” Chas said, trying to convince himself as much as me.

“Is this her?” I asked, pointing to a frame on a shelf near the door.

“Yes,” he sighed.

The woman pictured with him seemed to be every straight-boy’s fantasy – skinny, blonde-haired, big-breasted, and with a vacant stare to top it all off.

“Nice enough, if you like that kind of thing,” I chided.

“I do like that kind of thing… I mean, I do like her… I mean, I love her. And besides, I’m not gay,” he demanded.

“I know you’re not gay. That’s why I like having sex with you,” I confided in him.

“Whaaa…What?” he finally managed.

“Look, why don’t you have a seat and I’ll get us a beer?” I told him. “You do have beer, don’t you?”

“Yeah, there’s a couple left in the fridge.”

“Great, I’ll get us some,” I replied, and did just that.

I peeked in the fridge. Oh great! Cheap, domestic stuff, I thought. Still, I hoped it would act like liquid blue jean remover on my reluctant cowboy.

I opened both cans and handed one to him, then sat at his feet while he sat on the couch. He drank deeply then stared at the can instead of looking at me.

“Like I said, Chas, I know you’re not gay.”

“Then why are you here?” he interrupted.

“Because I also know you like to cum, and I have the suspicion you don’t get all the satisfaction you need at home.”

“Why do would you say that?” he asked.

“Because I don’t think that skinny, little thing can take your huge horse cock, or at least not most of it.”

“She likes it – she loves it!” he protested.

Again, I wasn’t sure if he was trying to convince me or himself.

“Well, tell me about it, stud,” I coaxed him.

“She takes it whenever she can… whenever she’s not tired or busy.”

“How often is that? Once a week, a couple times a month?” I asked.

“Sometimes that often… it depends,” he replied.

“That often?” I mocked. “You need your balls drained everyday,” I assured him.

His eyes widened at the thought of being serviced that often.

“Trust me, Chas, I just want you to feel good,” I stated.

At this point, I moved up to my knees and took his left nipple in my mouth. He had a beautiful chest and I licked, sucked and lightly bit his left tit. As I worked my way to right nipple I stopped and slowly tongued the cleft made where his two pectoral muscles meet.

His nipples were small, tight circles and they looked dark against his fair skin. I enjoyed teasing both of them simultaneously, one orally and the other manually. I could also tell he enjoyed the experience as I felt his manhood stir and rise to life under my stomach.

Slowly, I kissed my way down his torso to his well developed belly. While he didn’t have a six-pack, he did have the beginnings of one. Two of his abdominal muscles were very well defined and I circled each with my tongue.

Next, I tongued his shallow belly button and started licking his happy trail of pubic hairs that lead to his gargantuan member. I sat back on my heels a second and allowed his hands to unbutton and unzip his jeans. Then I saw what I had come for, his beautiful fully-erect penis fell out of his pants.

The idea of conquest had always driven my sex life, and to consume and experience as many different cocks as possible was a goal of mine. But this prodigious phallus took the cake. It was perfectly sculpted: balls, shaft and head.

The head was bulbous with casino firmaları a large opening capable of expelling untold amounts of semen. His shaft was so long and thick I was sure I was dreaming and had to taste it again to believe it. Finally, his balls were huge, dangling orbs that over-flowed with nectar that I just had to have.

I dove down and started frantically licking his testicles. He squirmed with delight as my tongue darted from large ball to the other. I enjoyed tea-bagging him, taking one of his monstrous sperm factories in my mouth after the other.

All the while his steel erection rubbed over my face, leaving his musk everywhere it touched. I grabbed the pole with my fist and stuck the fat head in my mouth. The taste was unbelievable as the soft, yet hard gland was tickled by my tongue.

I then began bobbing up and down on his cock, taking a little more with each stroke. He was breathing hard and applying evermore force to the back of my head on down strokes. I believed I could taste his pre-cum so I stopped and sat back on heels, not wanting him to cum so soon.

“Hey Chas, I want to change positions,” I cooed at him.

With that, I took off my clothes and lay on my back on the floor. Following my hint he mounted me in the 69 position, lowering his cock into mouth. In this position I could more easily deep- throat his rod and on down strokes his large balls covered my face.

Meanwhile, I could feel his hot breath on my genitals. He panted as he fucked my mouth and the sensation was driving me wild. Best of all, however, was his longish hair falling on my testicles; the feeling was incredible.

Finally he was working his piston in and out my face with increasing speed. I don’t know if it was my desire for his tool or the position we were in, but my gag reflex had disappeared and I was able to take each stroke all the way down my throat. His dick was now completely submerged in my mouth and I had a beautiful view of his ass.

With a shout he came and I saw his taint pump with each shot of cum delivered down my throat. He stayed balls-deep in me, ass clinched, squeezing out more and more of his man seed. Then he withdrew his softening but still-massive member slowly from the depths of my gullet, and I thought my sore throat and split lips were completely worth it.

He shakily got up to his hands and knees, his cock dangling over my face. It continued to leak little of strings of cum and I wanted to taste them. Hmmm… a little cold but still delicious, I thought.

He moaned and shivered as I continued milking his dick. “Thanks,” he said, pulling his cock out of my mouth and sitting on the carpet near my head. “That was unbelievable,” he admitted.

“You’re quite welcomed Chas,” I grinned at him.

He sat for a moment, recovering from his earth shaking orgasm, and then he looked at me, “I guess it’s time to pay the piper now.”

“You guessed it!” I said.

“What do you want to do?” he asked.

“Well, where would you rather take it, in your mouth or in your ass?” I quizzed.

“Last time it hurt when I shit for three days,” he whined.

“Don’t worry Chas-baby. Last time I popped your cherry, it will be smooth sailing from here on out,” I replied.

“If you’re sure,” he said.

“Chas, would I lie to you?” I asked with my most innocent look. Before he could answer, I stood up and moved to where he was sitting on the floor. My erection stood, pointing at his face and I suggested, “Why don’t you get it wet, just to be extra easy on your asshole?”

He looked at my dick and then looked up hesitantly at my eyes and then back down to my dick before taking it into his mouth. It was nice to know that mine was the first cock he had sucked and güvenilir casino that now I had experienced him in both holes. That said though, he was terrible at sucking cock – he needed to practice on a ketchup bottle or something.

“That’s enough Chas, I’m sure it’s nice and lubricated,” I assured him. “And lay on your side over here,” I directed.

Chas obliged and I spooned up behind, rubbing my cock up and down his ass checks. His perspiration and saliva was the only lube I wanted. I felt lotions and oils always ruined the smell of coitus that resulted from two men having sex.

After a few trips up and down his ass crack, I positioned my dick at his warm, little hole. I grabbed the base of my cock and slowly started to shove the head into him. He tightened up at first and this only added to my ecstasy as I pushed pass the muscles trying to keep me out of his bum.

My dickhead entered his ass with a pop and he moaned. I continued pushing and my hard shaft slid into his body. I continued thrusting forward until in my cock was into its hilt, and again he cried out.

Next, I slowly started rocking in and out, enjoying my hard cock between his hard ass checks and his choking asshole. He was so tight, and his sphincter muscle only reluctantly let me go with every out stroke. Being in the spoon position, I was holding his left leg up to give me access to his love hole, but then I decided to grab his third leg.

Letting go of his leg, I reached down and took his massive member into my hand. It was lying limply on its side and still leaking cum onto the carpet. I began stoking his cock in rhythm to my fucking his ass.

I picked up speed and was plowing into him and jerking with cock faster and faster. His dick, which was so heavy and bigger than mine even while his was flaccid, began to regain its rigidity. He moved his left hand up to his nipples and began stimulating them while I fucked him.

I was glad to see Chas enjoying himself; I know I certainly was. I was now wailing away at his asshole with all the force I could muster. And I never left go of cock: stroking, pulling and choking it for another load of his semen.

Finally, I roared as my orgasm filled him with my seed. Just after I pumped my last shot into him and my cock began to soften, he reached another orgasm and his entire body clinched with reaction. His prostate gland and ass muscles smothered my cock deep inside him and milked out the last of my boy batter.

Still spooned up behind him, I rubbed his semen into his hard belly. I asked, “Did you enjoy it this time, Chas?”

“Yeah! I mean it was okay…” Chas said changing his story.

“Good, I thought it was okay, too,” I replied.

I got up and began putting my clothes on. Chas did the same. We had just finished when the door opened and his live-in girlfriend walked in.

She stopped in the doorway, holding several large shopping bags and staring at us blankly.

“Hey, honey…” Chas began.

“You smell… it’s stinky in here,” she interrupted.

“Sorry, honey, we were working out… at the gym… in the clubhouse… we just got back,” Chas stuttered. “This is the guy I told you about… he lives in this apartment complex and likes to work out, too.”

His girlfriend said, “You didn’t tell me about any guy.”

I bet you didn’t, Chas, I thought.

“Oh… uhhh…” Chas searched for a response.

“Well,” I interrupted, “thanks for being my workout buddy today Chas. We’ll have to do it again, sometime real soon.”

Chas looked at me nervously, hoping his girlfriend would continue to mistake the heavy smell of sex in the air for regular man-sweat.

“Okay… whatever…Chuck, you need to take a shower and I need to light a candle… my mom is coming over in a little while,” his girlfriend informed him.

“That’s great, baby,” Chas offered.

At that point, I excused myself and made for the door. Chuck… I mean Chas was a real find. I was happy to have made his acquaintance… twice now.

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