Crazy Sarah

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I hadn’t been back to my home town in nearly ten years. I decided to finally go back and visit a few old friends. I got into town and checked into the only motel available. After I got a shower, I decided to hit one of the local bars. I no sooner sat down and ordered a beer, when a female voice called out my name. It was Crazy Sarah.

Every small town has one. A local woman who is a bit crazy and horny at the same time. Sarah picked up her things and sat down in the empty bar stool next to me. Don’t get me wrong, Sarah wasn’t bad looking. She was tall and rather thin. She had an attractive face. Sarah seemed to have remembered me just fine. She began peppering me with questions as to where I had been and what I was doing.

I tried to answer her vaguely, not wanting to tell her too much about me. Women like Sarah tend to be the clinging type. I wasn’t interested in her, but she wouldn’t give up. She drew her bar stool closer to me and then placed her hand upon my knee.

I tried to pull my leg away, but her finger started to creep up the inseam of my pants. She was now just sitting inches from me and her fingers were fondling the zipper of my pants. I got red in the face because my cock was beginning to grow hard.

Sarah leaned over and whispered in my ear.

“How about coming over to my place now?”

I have to admit I was horny as hell. It had been awhile for me since I last got laid. I caved in to Sarah. We left together and I got in my car and followed her back to her place. We had barely got into through the door, when Sarah was all over me.

She began to kiss my mouth and run her hands all over my chest

She lifted my shirt off and unbuttoned my pants. My pants and underwear beylikdüzü ucuz escort fell to the floor. Sarah wasn’t wasting any time. She led me to the bedroom and had me lie back. Sarah then did her striptease for me. She took her top and bra off. Sarah had medium sized breasts with upturned nipples. They were already quite hard. Her pants came off and I then saw her pussy. Sarah was completely shaved down.

Sarah crawled in between and wasted no time taking my cock into her mouth. Sarah didn’t believe in just sucking the tip of my cock. She inhaled my whole shaft. She deepthroated me all the way down. I have about seven inches and I am fairly thick. Sarah sucked me down like it was nothing to her.

She latched onto my sacs and squeezed them and she worked her lips up and down my rod. Sarah had no intention of wasting my cum. She pulled off me and flipped onto her back. I then mounted her and fed my cockhead to her pussylips. I pushed in and Sarah lost her breath. I began to ram her hard, there was no buildup. I figured that Sarah liked it rough and hard and I planned to give it to her just that way.

Sarah brought her legs up and around me. She was tugging on my back, urging me to get as deep as I could. My balls were beating on her ass like a drum. Sarah’s pussy was making a sucking sound from my rapid strokes in past her slit.

Then Sarah began her rant.

“Rape me you bastard, you know you wanted to!”

Sarah was practically screaming at me. I didn’t want anyone to hear her carrying on like this. I pushed my mouth onto hers to quiet her down. Sarah was trying to bite my tongue and apply a lip lock on me as well.

I had never fucked beylikdüzü üniversiteli escort anyone this nutty before. Sarah’s eyes were practically rolled back into her head. Sarah’s cunt muscles were another thing. She had a death grip around my cock. I knew I wasn’t going to be able to hold out long this way. I figured I might as well pummel her pussy as hard as possible. A few minutes later I sprayed a hot geyser of my cum into her tight pussy.

Sarah just went nuts then. When she felt my cum she started to orgasm. It was as if someone was grabbing and releasing my cock, over and over again. I fell into Sarah’s chest and collapsed for some minutes. Sarah was far from done, however.

She pushed me onto my back and climbed on top of my chest. Sarah started to rub her cum filled pussy all over my nipples. First one then the other. Normally I need time to get an erection after I cum. Sarah was getting me so worked up, my shaft was nearly standing straight up again. After Sarah made me hard with her pussy, she pushed backwards, rubbing against my cock.

Up and down, she applied pressure to the top of my shaft. Sarah then lifted herself directly over my cockhead. She then sunk down on me. We picked up right where we left off. Sarah pumped up and down my cock. She rode me and never let up.

“Fuck me Kevin, I want your babyseed!” Sarah screamed to me.

I lifted my ass off the bed and grabbed her ass cheeks. I squeezed them as I drove my cock completely into her pussy. Sarah started to cum once more. As her pussy gripped me, I shot another hot wad of cream into her belly. I thought we were finally done.

Sarah was still on top of beyoğlu escort me and she started to grin and laugh. What was so damn funny, I asked her?

Sarah said I was one of the better fucks she had experienced. She also told me this was her fertile time of the month. I wasn’t used to a woman telling me how I rated among her lovers. It also sounded like Sarah was looking for someone to impregnate her.

I told Sarah I needed to go to the bathroom. Once there I cleaned myself up and walked back to the bedroom. I started to get dressed, when Sarah asked me where I was going. I told her I was leaving. She tried to pull my arm and get me back to the bed.

I pushed her back and I got dressed. Sarah just laughed at me and told me she got everything she needed. I drove directly back to the motel. I gathered up my clothes and checked out of my room. I drove back home that evening. I didn’t want Sarah trying to track me down later.

A few months later, I got a call from my friend Brad, who still lived back in my hometown.

“Have I got news for you, Kevin,” Brad had said.

“Crazy Sarah is pregnant!”

I thought my knees were going to give out. I asked the forbidden question, who did the baby belong to?

Brad just laughed at me.

“Christ who knows?” Brad had told me.

“She has fucked just about every guy who has passed through town.”

I just about lost it. I then told Brad my story about that night with Sarah. I told Brad he didn’t know me or know where I was living. Brad swore to keep stupid if Sarah asked him about me.

I later heard from Brad that Sarah finally delivered a baby. The funny thing was, no one ever saw her with the child. Did she put it up for adoption? No one seemed to know. Brad joked that he thought she had eaten the baby.

That night I was lying on my bed at home. I was remembering that night months ago with Sarah, My cock got hard thinking of it all. It didn’t take but a few pulls on my shaft and I came all over my chest. I knew there and then that I would be paying a return visit to see Sarah.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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