Crista Meets Her Match Ch. 03

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Laura was bored. Each morning she would wake expecting a text and by nightfall her hopes were dashed. Five endless days had passed since her tryst by the pond and she was beginning to look back at the experience as if it had been a dream from a different lifetime. Strangely no one seemed to have noticed any difference in her. At first she had felt like she must appear a little changed, after all for a few too brief moments she had become all she had ever wanted to be and had felt a belonging never before achieved or imagined. She even spent some time looking in the bathroom mirror and saw clearly her new knowing but the reflection she saw must have been an illusion, to her companions she was still the conservative, reliable homemaker without any depth beyond cooking, cleaning and making ends meet.

As soon as the children left for school and her partner was safely on the way to work she would reach into the back of her underwear drawer and retrieve the anal plug and lube. Inserting and wearing it had become her freedom, a constant reminder of the wondrous world she had tasted. The first day she wore it to the store it felt like every glance saw straight through her jeans and focused on the deeply imbedded toy. Strangely this made her quite proud and she definitely noticed a new swagger in her movements. She knew the glances were just imaginary but found her total lack of embarrassment empowering. Laura would work her muscles against the stem at the checkout, feeling her juices trickle down to the pad she was obliged to wear for fear of too obvious damp patches and the took any opportunity to sit just to feel the extra penetrating pressure as she settled with a squirm. Suddenly a quick trip to the coffee shop became a whole erotic adventure as she perched and swiveled on the high counter stool.

Laura had noticed the listing in the free paper earlier in the day. Something about the wording just captured her attention and chores finally done she decided to take a second glance.

‘Satifa Karu, Qualified Hypno-Therapist, Specializing in the treatment of Addiction and Sexual Problems.’

The number was a local one and the address given just a few blocks from her home. Laura decided that rather than phone she would take a look at the premises first. She wasn’t sure if the needs she felt were either an addiction or a problem but maybe just talking to someone professional about her feelings would make more sense of her desires. Something had to change or she knew her life was going to implode and she had spent too much time keeping everything together to just let go now without good reason.

The building was truly breathtaking. Laura couldn’t believe she had never noticed it before especially considering she must have driven down this street almost every day. The house had two floors, a turret in each corner rounded to match the central domed roof. The whole facade had been painted the purest white and was covered in what looked from a distance to be highly ornate carvings. The lot was covered in lush green grass, a miracle in the climate, and occasional trees formed shade over welcoming benches.

The path leading up to the double arched doors was of a crunchy chalk and Laura smiled sheepishly as she bakırköy türbanlı escort tried to walk as quietly as possible. At closer inspection the carvings were far more erotic than they seemed at a distance, portraying couples and groups performing unimaginably complicated sexual couplings. Laura was really happy she had decided to insert her plug as the comfortingly stretched sphincter kept her from being reduced to a nervous wreck. The doors had a simple hand written sign announcing ‘enter’ and taking a deep breath and one last glance at a particularly gymnastic carving Laura pulled open a door and stepped inside.

The interior of the building was as brilliantly white as the exterior, the walls ceiling and lush carpet merging to give the impression of standing inside an ice cube. Apart from a central open flight of stairs disappearing up to the next level the only break in the emptiness was a desk and chair directly ahead occupied by a young Asian girl dressed appropriately in a white silk sari.

“Hello. How can I direct you?”

The girl was astoundingly beautiful and her dark eyes sparkled as she spoke. Her broad smile disclosed two rows seemingly perfect teeth.

“I saw your listing in the local paper so thought I would call in and see what exactly you do.”

Laura tried to sound as casual as possible but inside her stomach was fluttering both through nervousness and a sudden desire to kiss this eastern delicacy hard on her succulent glistening lips.

“Well if you could give me a few details I will try to answer all your questions. Lets start with your name, mine is Anya by the way.”

Several seconds later Laura realized she needed to reply. Her lips formed the words but try as hard as she could not a sound would come out. Embarrassingly she realized he was staring far too obviously at the golden jewelry that connected the girls left nostril to her left ear.

“It is quite normal for girls to wear body jewelry in my country. I have quite a few different adornments here and there.”

Laura swallowed hard trying not to imagine where here and there might be.

Laura my name is Laura.”

“Ah yes of course we have been expecting you for several days. If you would care to follow me I will show you up to Doctor Karu’s study immediately. Please remove your shoes and leave them by the desk.”

For a moment Laura was dumfounded but before she could muster a response the girl rose from her seat and beckoning Laura to follow started to climb the stairs. The stairs seemed to rise directly into extraordinarily bright light and in order to avoid being dazzled Laura focused her eyes on the girls back and quickly came to the realization that the sari she wore was so sheer to be almost completely transparent. The cleft in her buttocks was clearly defined and Laura was amazed to see what appeared to be a bejeweled metal plug glinting from her ass bud.

The girl’s hips swung seductively as she ascended and by allowing her to get a little ahead and therefore higher Laura was able to view between her thighs the outline of what seemed proportionally large labia lips and the glinting of numerous gold piercings. She also realized bakırköy ucuz escort that the rhythmic tinkling of bells she at first assumed came from the girl’s ankle bracelets was actually coming from her swaying pubic area.

The upper level was if anything whiter than the ground floor. The majority of the space was open with just one wall having a series of doors leading away. The whole area was lit by large glass ceiling panels which seemed to capture and amplify the rays of the sun into almost laser strength light. Doctor Satifa Karu sat a large desk that was with a double chaise longue the only furniture. The carpet was thick and felt like a perfectly trimmed lawn, soft and sensuous to the touch of Laura’s bare feet.

“Welcome Laura. Please take a seat on the chaise longue whilst I just check my notes.”

Laura nodded and smiled as serenely as possible under the circumstances. Obviously they had confused her with some namesake and the problem once resolved would be an incident for amusement. The couch was covered in the softest white kid leather, buttoned in European style but having voluptuous curves that indicated its Eastern origin. She sat nervously and whilst waiting studied the rest of the areas at first glance blank appearance. The walls were at a closer look not one continuous panel but were made up of sections at different distances. This clever optical illusion allowed for a considerable amount of what she could only assume was space for storage or records. The Doctors desk seemed to be carved from a solid piece of white crystal although how such a weighty piece of furniture could be supported within such an open building was quite mystifying.

Turning her attention to Doctor Karu herself Laura was perplexed. The Doctor was stunningly beautiful but not in the conventional sense. Her hair was cut in a very close crop that accentuated the numerous very heavy piercings in each of her ears matching the prominent rings in her left eyebrow and nostril. Her neck was long and slender and her shoulders surprisingly muscular, echoing what seemed to be a toned and well defined anatomy. The Doctors sari was of the same silk as Anya’s and Laura couldn’t help but wonder what a clearer and less casual study might reveal.

Satifa closed the file she had been perusing and leaning back slightly in her chair smiled broadly at Laura.

“Well Laura I am so happy you decided to come and see me. We have been expecting for several days and were beginning to worry you wouldn’t feel like taking advantage of our help.”

Laura was beginning to feel decidedly awkward about the confusion.

“I am sorry but I think you have the wrong idea, this is the first time I have contacted you. To be honest I was just driving past and called in more to make inquiries than anything else.”

The Doctors smile broadened considerably and rising from her chair moved to sit on the couch between Laura and the raised end. Laura caught the scent of her body as she sat, the exotic mix of jasmine and patchouli invaded her nostrils.

“An open appointment was made for you a few days ago by a very ardent admirer. He suggested you might call and was adamant about paying for başakşehir escort you to receive our most suitable treatments. Please feel free to talk and act quite candidly. Nothing you say or do here will travel beyond the confines of the White Room.”

Laura took a few moments to talk all this new information in. She was surprised that the mere indication that he had some hand in this adventure made her stomach tighten noticeably and she gripped the stem of the anal plug tight in her sphincter.

“I am really not sure what to tell you. Everything is so confused I don’t even know where to start unless it is to simply say I suddenly find myself a total stranger in my own life.”

“The feelings you speak of are not that unusual. Often we enter into situations or relationships with misted eyes, perhaps through deep emotions or even simply because we are young. Life can be good for a while, full of the very essences we have been taught are desirable, then suddenly we realize that a whole universe of experience has passed us by like a ghost.”

Laura listened to the melodious voice and found herself calming noticeably. Her breathe deepened and her pulse seemed to quieten as each syllable massaged her mind.

“Women have always had the hardest choice, whether to look after the longevity of our race through the conceiving and raising of children or to stay true to her own nature and miss out on that fundamental part of our being. We are natural nurturers and without that connection from past to future we often feel incomplete and inadequate.”

Laura tried to focus on Satifa’s face but the edges had started to become hazy and only her voice seemed to have any substance.

“You seem drowsy Laura why don’t you relax fully on the chaise longue. I will get my assistant Anya to assist you to get fully comfortable.”

The Doctors voice seemed to become distant and Laura felt Anya’s hands helping her disrobe and recline, the couch was amazingly soft and pliable like laying on a bed of down. She didn’t even protest as she felt soft hands ease the plug from between her ass cheeks and gently massage her gaping sphincter into relaxation.

Laura found herself floating in that wondrous state between reality and fantasy, betwixt sleep and wakefulness, senses heightened so a degree that only comes when subconscious and conscious meld into complete unity. She imagined herself laying stretched in total relaxation upon a sun drenched beach, the gentle lapping of waves playing around her thighs and caressing her labia and anus. Warm gentle moisture that carried total relaxation yet also the deepest insistence of tactile arousal. The sun seemed to kiss her skin with its brightness, drawing her hardened nipples upwards towards its welcoming rays. Momentarily her throat parched but then her lips tasted the sweet saltiness surrounding her and she drank endlessly from a bottomless vessel.

Anya settled between Laura’s open legs, her tongue lathing the swollen and slick inner and outer surface of the velveteen target of her lingual ministrations. As Satifa sat astride Laura’s mouth, her hands spreading her vulva to allow the thirsty tongue below to drink from her flowing cup, Anya reached a hand forward and gently pushed her index finger through the already pursing sphincter of Satifa’s ass and stroked the soft walls within with a perfectly manicured nail. The Doctor climaxed almost immediately, the combination of tongue and penetrating digit too much to bear and Laura suddenly found her mouth awash with a flow of treasure she swallowed joyfully.

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