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Shuffling through the line at security Lauren saw the bored expressions on the TSA agents faces and realised that none of them were particularly motivated to get this line moving. Slipping off her red heels she put them straight into the gray container and took off her fitted blazer and jewellery in anticipation.

In front of her people seemed shocked each time they were asked to remove their iPad or watch and Lauren felt despair fill her. Usually she could go through the premium security line, but due to a last minute change in flight she had been downgraded to economy. Now she was in with the people who either didn’t fly often, or had no idea how to read and anticipate what was coming ahead of them.

When she finally got to the body scanner she stood there and raised her arms, always acutely aware that the man behind the computer could essentially see her naked and it made her cringe just a little. While she respected the reason why such securities were needed she always felt a little violated and demeaned when she flew these days, feeling more like cattle being herded from place to place than a customer.

Wandering through the departures lounge she picked up some sushi and put her journal down on the table, taking the time to jot down her thoughts over the last week. It had been a big summit and her first international speaking appearance. The morning before her slot she had stood in front of the mirror practising her speech to ensure she didn’t stutter or sound too rigid even if many of her comments were well rehearsed. When you were a woman in finance you had to work twice as hard and when you were a stylish woman in finance you had to work three times as hard to be taken seriously, as if enjoying makeup and clothes meant that you were somehow inherently lazier and less intelligent than your other counterparts.

Lauren was a feminist down to her core, but still enjoyed lipstick and lingerie and didn’t see that to be a crime, much to the chagrin of many of her co-workers. It was okay though, she just had to stay true to herself and ignore the noise surrounding her life and her destination.

Pushing her thick red hair over to one shoulder as she wrote, she was about to take another bite of sushi when a shadow filled her table. Looking up Lauren set eyes on a woman probably just a little older than herself in her early thirties, with ombre blonde hair in beachy waves just above her shoulders and a tan that was clearly natural. “Hi?” she said with a polite smile. “Can I help you?”

“Do you mind if I sit here? It’s super busy…” The woman said and held up the bento box she had just purchased as if to prove that she were there to eat.

Lauren smiled and removed her Mulberry handbag from the chair for her and set it on the floor. “Of course, take a seat…” she murmured and moved her things back a little on the table so she had to eat.

The woman smiled gratefully, revealing bright white street teeth hiding behind her dark red lipstick. “Thank you kindly,” she murmured and sank down into the seat opposite her, crossing one leg over the other and then digging in, her cell phone in one hand as she used chopsticks to attack her bento box with the other.

Smiling politely again Lauren went back to to her own book but couldn’t help but breathe in a little deeper as she smelt something gorgeous coming from the other woman. It was clearly her perfume but it was something she had never smelt before and she debated asking her where it was from, wondering if that was too weird. ‘Oh hi, I’m smelling you and it’s great. What is that?’ Deciding it would be too awkward she just glanced at her every now and then, the flash of her black nail polish catching her eye every now and then as she continued to write.

Lauren was just finishing off writing when she heard her flight being called out and so she started to pack her things up. Giving the woman another polite smile she murmured, ‘…have a safe flight.’ in a crisp British accent before taking her rubbish and putting it in the bin before heading towards the gate. Wondering why she had said anything she rolled her eyes at herself, wishing sometimes she could just be a little more bold. It was an attractive woman, why couldn’t she just make chit chat, flirt a little, see if the woman was responsive?

Lauren had always been the one to be pursued simply because she was too shy to go for it herself and she hated it about herself, wishing for once she could just make the move. As she hurried towards the gate, her heels tapping with each step she ran these thoughts around in her head, knowing it was all linked to being found out at work to be a lesbian, worrying of the whispers and rumours and possible consequences for her career that always held her back. It was a ridiculous, lonely situation she had put herself in and yet she never seemed to be able to get herself out of this spiral.

“I’m sorry, I know you don’t I?” a female voice said, snapping Lauren out of her thoughts.

Turning around she blinked when she saw the woman who bahis firmaları had been sat opposite her now at her side. “Sorry?”

“I was going to say something earlier but you looked busy,” the woman said with a shy smile, moving the strap of her handbag further up her shoulder. “You were at the conference this week, right? You spoke?”

Lauren blinked owlishly at her for a moment, unable to believe that this woman was now approaching her. “I was at a conference yes…”

“- You wore that gorgeous Gucci pussybow jacket? The yellow one?” The woman said with a smile. “I knew it was you… Hi I’m Jennifer but everyone calls me Jen… I thought you were great.”

Lauren shook the hand that was outstretched and she smiled a little tightly, ever so thankful for being a complete pansy now as if she had tried to flirt with this woman the jig almost certainly would have been up. “Thank you, that’s very kind. Pleasure to meet you properly… are you with a bank or a corporate?”

“Neither, I’m a PA to someone who does though,” Jennifer smiled, walking along with her towards the gate. “You’re going back to London? We must be on the same flight.”

“Great,” Lauren smiled and took the opportunity to admire her for a moment as they walked. Jennifer was in a pair of white converse sneakers but even without Lauren’s heels she was probably two or three inches shorter than her. “Did you enjoy the conference?”

Jennifer made a face and laughed softly. “Not…really? It was all a little over my head to be honest. I’m not really into finance?”

Standing at the gate Lauren nodded with a smile. “I am in the industry and some of those talks just went on for hours.” she said with a roll of her eyes. “It’s a long few days.”

Jen nodded and slipped her fingers into the tight grey jeans she was wearing and smiled. “True. But that’s why I noticed you… your talk was really good and well, I just thought you looked amazing. I love your hair… and you’re so pale! You look like a doll!”

“Uh – thank you? I think?” Lauren laughed softly, knowing that the deep red of her hair and the paleness of her skin often set her apart from other people.

Jen gently squeezed her elbow and shook her head. “I mean it as a compliment. We don’t really get people your colour in these parts…”

“I know. California has meant that I’ve been layering up on the sun lotion since I stepped off the plane. I fear I wouldn’t last long here…” Lauren teased and rolled her eyes at herself. “How come you’re heading to London?”

“I’m going for an interview. I’m hoping to make the big move across the pond. Try some crumpets and all that. Meet the Queen,” she winked and laughed softly.

Hearing the stewardess starting to let people onto the plane Lauren offered her hand. “Well good luck with the job interview? I hope it all goes well…” Lauren knew it was a bit of a brush off but she loved an American accent and really, talking to this woman had only made her more attracted to her, liking her easy going demeanour and how casually she held herself. It was a stark contrast to her own straight backed, prim and proper way of being whenever she was around someone new.

Jen tilted her head to the side, clearly having wanted to chat more but she nodded. “Of course. Good meeting you…” she smiled and shook her hand again only to wave as she walked away.

Sinking down into her seat Lauren contemplated taking a sleeping pill as she wanted to arrive fresh and alert back in London. She had deliberately chosen a red eye for the hope that she could acclimatise back to her normal bodyclock more quickly but was always concerned of the half asleep half awake fog that sometimes happened when she took these pills and someone next to her was too fidgety to really let her fall asleep. Deciding against it she opened her Kindle and put her headphones on, draping a blanket over her front so she was snuggled up as much as she could while on a plane.

Tipping her head against a pillow she read through take off and through the first two hours of the journey. She had been reading ‘Fingersmith’ for some time now and it was in one of the more erotic moments that she become uncomfortable. Even as she tried to ignore it and continue reading she could feel herself getting wetter and wetter as eyes scanned over the words, the Victorian lesbian fiction affecting her more than she would like in such a public space. Thankful for the blanket she had draped overself to stop her hard nipples showing through her tight white silk blouse she shifted a little uncomfortably and swallowed thickly, debating whether to continue reading.

Glancing to the right she saw that the two men in their early twenties who had sat in her row were both fast asleep, mouths agape and she was thankful that they were not there to witness the pink blossoming across her fair cheeks. Telling herself that at the age of twenty-eight she should be able to read a novel without sticking her hand into her pants and yet… the more intense the scene became the more kaçak iddaa she could feel the delicate lace of her panties getting soaked, could feel her clit almost aching to be touched.

Biting into her lip and worrying it between her teeth she took a deep breath, just the idea of doing something about her arousal making her even more turned on. An air hostess walked past and gave her a saccharine smile as she passed with a hot pot of coffee and Lauren just smiled back, finding it so strange how her body could be burning up with the need to touch herself, to be fucked and yet on the surface she still looked normal. It wasn’t like her at all but the idea to test this theory was burrowing inside her mind, wondering if she really could get off there in her seat without anyone knowing. Despite being a quiet, shy person in her everyday life around most people in bed this had never been her style and even alone she could never stop the soft whimpers and keens of pleasure even from her own hand.

Even as she debated whether to do it she was casually hiking up the tight black pencil skirt she had been wearing beneath the blanket, casually moving in her seat as if just adjusting her position as she brought it up to her mid-thighs. Glancing around no one else seemed to be paying attention and so she let her hand slip down, still keeping her Kindle in the other hand as if still reading as her fingers slid across the damp lace and slipped beneath, touching her wetness as she dragged her fingertips over her lips lazily, collecting it on her fingertips only to drag them around her entrance. It was such a thrill to be doing this surrounded by other people and such a relief to be touching herself when her pussy was aching so badly for attention.

Letting out a slow breath Lauren moved her fingers over her labia and up to her clit, not touching it directly but just dragging her index finger around it in a slow measured movement, feeling her internal muscles clenching in delight from the slow tease. As she started to move her fingers lower once more her eyes sank shut as she pressed two fingers into herself only to pause when she felt her hips arching to force her fingers deeper inside. It was so easy to lose herself in pleasure that she had given no thought to how this might look to anyone walking past. Despite how much she might want to slide two fingers inside her soaking pussy and fuck herself hard, she couldn’t. That would not be discreet. The restriction was driving her crazy as she went back to her clit, alternating between teasing her lips and clit with feather light touches and then something more firm but as Lauren started to enjoy herself more she felt her breathing getting a little more laboured and even despite herself, her body moving in reaction to the pleasure she was causing herself.

Her fingers were covered in her own juices but she realised that while she could cause herself pleasure there was no way that she was going to be able to make herself come without it being obvious. Frustrated she removed her fingers and wiped them on a napkin that had come with her gin and tonic only to sit there angry with herself for even trying and frustrated with the situation she was in, still aching for release. It was as she was mentally huffing that a message came up on her television screen, asking if she would like to accept a private message.

D47: Didn’t get what you wanted huh?

Lauren looked at the message for a moment, completely confused until realisation kicked in and she felt shame and horror flood her at the idea that someone had seen and knew what she had been doing. Deciding to play it cool before completely freaking out she wrote back:

A:40 Excuse me?

D47: Didn’t get the release you wanted?

A40: I don’t know what you’re talking about.

D47. Uhuh. Sure. I can help?

A40: No thank you.

Even as she typed it Lauren felt a little excited at the prospect but knew it was a terrible idea. What if it was a man? It most likely was. What if it was some weird man? As much as she liked living in a fantasy most of the time it was extremely unlikely that Zooey Deschanel was on the flight and happened to want to get with her.

D47: Are you sure? You must be frustrated. I can help.

A40: No thank you.

The idea of somehow having a quickie with Zooey was now on her mind and Lauren had to wonder when she became such a slave to her mind. Sometimes she was like this though, completely cold for days on end and then out of nowhere it was like she was in heat. Waking the guys next to her she excused herself and carefully wiggled out from beside them only to wait for the bathroom, seeing two people already in line. Pacing back and forth she crossed her arms over her chest to hide her nipples that were straining through the white boustier she had on beneath her shirt.

As the last person waiting for the bathroom she waited patiently but as soon as one freed up she was in, about to close the door when Jennifer appeared there in front of her.

“Hi.” she said kaçak bahis with a smile, her hand on the other side of the door.

“Hi – I was just about to-” Lauren started, already flustered but with this beautiful woman now in front of her she was a little lost for words, but that didn’t matter as before she could finish her sentence Jennifer was stepping into the bathroom with her, closing the door behind them.

“So. I want to help you… I was walking the aisles and I saw you and… it was clear what you were doing and I just…” Jennifer didn’t wait for a response, curling her hands around Lauren’s hips and lifting her up onto the counter with ease, her slim tanned biceps straining for a moment as she sank down. “It’s so fucking small in here,” she laughed as she started to push Lauren’s skirt up her toned pale thighs.

Lauren’s eyes widened as she found herself perched on the narrow counter, one hand shooting out to brace herself against the wall as she sat there shocked for a moment. “We can’t – we – stop -” she began even as she felt Jennifer’s plump lips starting to kiss along her inner thigh, her fingers pulling her damp panties down to her ankles and then off.

“Shhh…” Jennifer smiled up at her as she pushed her legs wide now that they were free of her skirt. Kissing along the crease of her thigh she pushed her tongue out and dragged it along the length of her lips only to spread them with her tongue and moan at the taste of her.

“We really shouldn’t…” Lauren began but her voice lacked any sort of authority in that moment as her jaw dropped at the feel of that warm tongue on her pussy. “Fuck yes,” she whispered, biting into her lip hard as her other hand pushed into Jennifer’s soft blonde hair, her fingertips sliding over her scalp lazily.

Swallowing hard Lauren tried to keep quiet, biting hard into her lip until the pain went dull as she focused on how good it felt when Jennifer’s soft fingertips started to ease inside her. Dragging them around her entrance they soon sank deep inside her and started to rock eagerly inside her, firm and fast as Jennifer’s tongue started to move fast and then slow all over her clit, not allowing Lauren to relax or sink into the sensation as it kept changing. “Oh fuck – fuck yes… your mouth feels so fucking good,” she moaned out softly, aware that there were probably people waiting outside to use the bathroom.

“Mmm your pussy tastes so good,” Jennifer said with a dirty smile, her bright blue eyes tipping up to meet Lauren’s as she slowly licked around her fingers, collecting her wetness only to move back up to her clit, sucking on it slowly only to work it with the flat of her tongue. “I could eat you out all day,” she mumbled, blowing cool air on her clit.

Lauren laughed softly at that, shivering at the feel of the cool air only to arch her hips, not wanting her to stop.

“You’re so eager,” Jennifer murmured, her fingers moving slow but firm inside her tight pussy now, curling and scissoring her fingers inside her. “I didn’t think you’d be so easy,” she admitted with a smirk as she lapped at her clit lazily.

Letting out a soft huff of frustration she pulled her hair to try and bring her closer to her aching heat. “Jennifer,” she said as sternly as she could muster.

“Yes Ma’m?” Jennifer said, clearly amused at the fact that Lauren was trying to take control and authority back now, despite the fact that her skirt was hiked up to her hips and she was spread eagle on an airplane bathroom counter. Dragging her tongue down over her lips she started to move her fingers a little more forcefully inside her, pushing her fingertips against her walls just trying to find that perfect spot.

“P-please,” she managed to get out as she let out a slow breath, reaching up with her free hand to pinch and tease her nipple through her shirt as she ground her hips eagerly to meet Jennifer’s fingers.

Not wanting to annoy her too much and knowing they were still short on time Jennifer pushed her legs wider, admiring how wanton she looked in that moment only to press her face close, working her clit skillfully with her tongue as she fucked her steadily with her fingers. As Lauren’s thighs started to tremble she was tempted to make her wait again but a sharp knock at the door and an air hostess asking if they needed any assistance spurred her on. Glancing up she saw Lauren’s chest heave as she gripped the counter so tight her knuckles turned her white, her head tipping back exposing her beautiful pale neck as she moaned out softly. Curling her fingers inside her walls even as they started to tighten around them she moaned against her pussy, her own soaking wet from the experience as she watched Lauren come undone for her.

Lauren panted harshly as she came, her knees closing slightly only to be forced back wide by Jennifer as she moaned out only to clasp a hand over her mouth to keep quiet. Grinding her pussy against her face even after she came she knew she could go again, wanted the opportunity to explore this woman herself but as Jennifer stood up and licked her lips, her lipstick long gone she got the sense she wouldn’t be able to. “Th-thank you,” she panted softly, giving her an almost drunk looking smile, her pale cheeks flushed bright pink.

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