Curing Tummy Troubles and More

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The following story is about some girl-on-girl action with a measure of medical procedure, enemas specifically, thrown in. If that kind of thing isn’t your cup of tea, then you might want to stop reading right now. All characters depicted are over the age of 18.

It was another busy Fall week when Ellie looked at the medical office’s schedule and let out an audible sigh. The medical office was the downtown Seattle location for a large OB/GYN practice where Ellie was one of several nurse practitioners. At 30 years old and an attractive enough blond of average height, what made Ellie memorable was her 38D boobs that even when wearing scrubs you one could not help but notice. Over the years Ellie had had several boyfriends, but nothing was going on in her love life at the moment.

The office schedule was so hectic that Ellie had ignored the need to have a daily bowel movement and on Wednesday night she took a docusate capsule hoping that things would resolve themselves the next morning. But nothing happened so just to further encourage her body, she had a large glass of prune juice and a bowl of bran for breakfast. Much to her chagrin nothing had happened by lunchtime, not even the slightest urge. That night, becoming more concerned, she inserted a glycerin suppository, but 30 minutes later only managed to pass a little translucent bullet. So then she took another docusate capsule and went to bed. On Friday morning, still nothing was happening other than the fact that she was now feeling unbelievably sluggish. Thinking that she now had to resort to some more drastic measures, she found a Fleet enema that she had in the linen closet. After her shower, she knelt on the bathroom floor, inserted the tip in her bum and squeezed its contents into her rectum. She waited several minutes all the while hoping that it would work. It didn’t and instead she only passed four ounces of cloudy water.

On Friday, the busy routine of the office was all consuming. By mid-morning Ellie had already seen 10 patients and decided to take a break. After getting a cup of coffee she took the first sip and realized how much her body was craving the caffeine. She had no sooner taken the second sip when her colleague, Rachel, another nurse practitioner came for a cup of coffee.

“Hey, Ellie, how are you this morning?”

“Not so good. Sorry, I should have said ‘OK, thanks for asking.”

“What’s wrong”

“I’m am so awfully constipated! Bound up doesn’t begin to describe it.”

“Oh, Oh. We’re nurses so I know that we’re also our own worst patients. You better tell me about it.”

“Today is Friday, but I haven’t had a bowel movement since Sunday.”

“That would certainly make me grumpy, too. What have you done about it? Anything?”

“Everything I could think of. I added fiber to my diet, took a laxative with stool softener, inserted a suppository, and had a Fleet enema. Can you believe nothing worked?”

“I think we need to get out the really heavy artillery. Stop by my place after work and I’ll give you a serious enema if you think you are up for that.”

“At this point, anything. OK, I’ll drop by but don’t want to cause you any trouble.”

“It’s no trouble. Besides, it is what nurses are supposed to know how to do. I’m sure that you remember bursa escort growing up when all of the medical procedures had to do with your butt—temperatures, enemas, shots, you name it.”

After work Rachel headed home and Ellie was mere minutes behind her. Rachel had barely taken her coat off when Ellie knocked at the door.

“Wow, you are eager.”

“No time like the present, I suppose,” replied Ellie perhaps unenthusiastically.

“Well, come on in and let me take your coat. Everything that we need is in the master bathroom so follow me.” Rachel led Ellie to the back of the condo and through her bedroom to the bathroom and opened the door to the linen closet.

Ellie was a bit taken aback at the array of enema-related items and other obvious sex toys that Rachel had. “Do you use all this?” she asked in amazement realizing that Rachel had a serious fetish.

“No, at least not recently. But there was a time when my ex and I would occasionally get into some kinky stuff. Right now we just need to get you a good cleaning out,” replied Rachel with a faint naughty smirk. “All we need is the enema bag, the colon tube, some enema soap, and a tube of lube, she said gathering the necessary supplies.

“I haven’t seen an enema bag since I was in nursing school. We had to learn how to give one, but that was the last time,” said Ellie looking still overwhelmed at the huge collection of kinky items that Rachel had.

“You really should get yourself one of these,” said Rachel as she proceeded to fill the red rubber bag with warm water, then adding the soap and attaching the hose. “I probably do a couple every month. Now for the moment of truth. Spread a couple of these towels on the bed and take off your scrubs bottoms and panties.”

Ellie did as Rachel instructed and then intuitively went to lie down on the bed. Rachel donned a pair of latex gloves, lubed her index finger and inserted it into Ellie’s bum. While the intent was to lube Ellie, she also wanted to see how impacted she might be.

“Are you ready for this?” asked Rachel inserting the nozzle.

“As ready as I’ll ever be.”

At that Rachel started the flow and the warm soapy solution began to fill Ellie.

“So far, so good,” said Ellie.

“You are really full of poop, so you won’t be able to take that much,” explained Rachel just as water began seeping out from around the nozzle. “Like now. I’m going to let you go to the bathroom, but this is probably going to take some time.”

Ellie headed for the bathroom and in the distance Rachel could hear that there might have been some progress. When Ellie came back into the bedroom she said, “Well, that was more than I’ve gone in a week. So, it’s a start.” At that she positioned herself again on the bed, Rachel inserted the nozzle again and Ellie took more enema. In the meantime, Rachel couldn’t help but admire what a great firm little butt that Ellie had and began to fantasize what fun she might be able to have with it.

Ellie finished taking the bag and once more headed off to the bathroom. This amount of enema had the desired effect of cleaning much more out of her. Her poop literally came in waves and no sooner did she believe that she was finished when even more flowed from her bowels. After cleaning bursa escort bayan herself up, she returned once more to the bedroom and said, “That was awesome. Thanks.”

“Can you believe that you’re not done? I think you need to take another whole bag,” said Rachel, but surprisingly Ellie didn’t argue about it. It might have been Rachel’s imagination, but for some reason she began to think that Ellie was enjoying this. “Maybe she’s anal erotic?” thought Rachel.

Rachel headed off to the bathroom intent on preparing more soapy solution. As she did so, Rachel could not help but think of using her strap-on once Ellie had been suitably cleaned out. Rachel was also getting horny and the thought of her getting an enema from Ellie and having Ellie use the strap-on on her also entered her mind.

When Rachel returned to the bedroom, she showed Ellie that she had replaced the rectal nozzle with a long flexible colon tube so that the next enema would be a high one and totally clean her out. Ellie seemed agreeable and rolled over. Rachel lubricated the first few inches of the tube and introduced it into Ellie’s bum. Then once she started the flow she twisted and pushed the tube carefully up, not stopping until nearly two feet of the rubber tube was inside Ellie filling her.

“I’ve never used a colon tube before. It’s really comfortable because I can hardly feel a thing.”

Rachel thinking that this might be the opening for more play time replied, “That’s good. If you want to get some practice with it, you can try it out by giving me an enema once you’re finished.”

Ellie didn’t even have to think about that offer and readily agreed.

Some half hour later after Ellie had finished taking and then evacuating the enema, the two girls returned to the bathroom where the bag was refilled. Rachel got Ellie a pair of latex gloves and they returned to the bedroom where Rachel removed her scrubs and bikinis before lying on the bed. Ellie lubed Rachel really well. “That’s really deep, too. She’s seems to be enjoying herself, which is a good thing . . . for both of us!” thought Rachel as she enjoyed Ellie’s finger up her butt.

Then exactly as Rachel had done to her, Ellie inserted the colon tube and gently pushed and twisted it in all the way. It had been done correctly because Rachel could not feel a thing, yet the bag continued to empty its warm soapy contents deep into her bowels.

“You have great technique,” said Rachel. “My ex used to do this to me whenever we were getting ready to do anal and it brings back some fond memories. An enema makes anal go a lot easier.”

“I had a boyfriend who would like to do anal on me especially when I was having my period, but we never did an enema first.”

“You’re all cleaned out so if you want we could try using the strap-on. It feels really great when done right.”

“Gee, I don’t know,” responded Ellie.

“If you want you could wear the strap-on first and do me.”

“OK. I’ll try that.” At this point Rachel had finished the bag of enema and Ellie removed the tube. Rachel headed off to the bathroom to empty but was secretly elated that Ellie wanted to give the strap-on a try. As expected the enema really cleaned her out so she knew that the strap-on anal fun would go just escort bursa fine.

When Rachel returned to the bedroom she brought the strap-on with her, but was surprised that in the meantime Ellie had removed her scrubs top and brassiere. “Gosh, but her 38D tits were nice,” thought Rachel to herself as she then proceeded to take of her top and bra revealing her much more modest 34B tits.

“On second thought since I’m new at this maybe you should do it to me first,” said Ellie completely catching Rachel by surprise. Rachel wasn’t sure what was going to make her pussy wetter, using the strap-on on Ellie or having Ellie use it on her. Either way, she was looking forward to it.

“OK, so this goes around my waist but gets worn low on the hips,” began Rachel, “It fastens here on each side, but the next thing is to make certain that we use plenty of lube. Since you’ve never done this before I’m using one of the smallest ones.”

“Smallest?!” exclaimed Ellie looking at its length. “How many of these do you have?”

“Three, but I’ve never used the biggest one. It’s just plain scary. I’ll have to show it to you later.”

“This size will be fine I’m sure. I’m ready when you are, just be slow,” said Ellie as she felt Rachel lube her bum for the fourth time this evening. Rachel then lubed the tip of the strap-on and introduced it to Ellie’s bum. Slowly but steadily she pushed it in. Ellie moaned with delight.

“Can you believe it’s all the way in?” finally said Rachel.

“Yes, it feels huge but I can’t imagine trying this without doing an enema first.”

“Me neither,” said Rachel now thrusting the artificial phallus in and out.”

“Oh, that feels great. Except I think I’m going to cum!” exclaimed Ellie. “It just feels soooo good.”

“The only thing it’s missing is a nice load of cum for when you climax.” Ellie was in extasy as she had a good climax and pussy juice ran down her legs.

After a few minutes of post-climax relaxation with the phallus deep inside, Ellie was spent. “OK, you’re next!” she exclaimed just as Rachel withdrew the phallus.

After taking the strap-on to the bathroom to wash it off, Ellie seemed like the old pro as she strapped it on and had it properly adjusted on the first try. Rachel couldn’t wait any longer and urged Ellie to lube both her and the phallus. No time was wasted with any preliminaries and soon Ellie had the device up Rachel’s butt moving it in and out like she had been doing it for years. Rachel, too, was driven to climax as pussy juice drained from her. The two eventually collapsed on the bed exhausted from the workout.

“That was great,” said Ellie. And to think that I came over here tonight just to have you help me with my constipation. But now I’m starved so let’s go to the deli on the corner and get something to eat.”

“Sounds good to me. I haven’t had this much fun in a long time. Maybe we should try the strap-on in our pussies some time. What do you say?” asked Rachel as they walked to the corner deli.

“That sounds a little too much like girl-on-girl at the moment,” she said just as they walked past a pharmacy. “I think that the first thing I need to do, however, is get myself an enema bag. We might have to stop in here on the way back from the deli.”

“Not a bad idea,” replied Rachel. “I wouldn’t think of being without one because they do come in quite handy.”

“They do, don’t they,” said Ellie with a giggle. “You just never know, do you?”

“No, you don’t, do you?” agreed Rachel.

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