Dad’s Man Cave

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Chapter One

I lived in a quiet neighbourhood with my dad. Recently mother had passed away after a long and painful illness which left my father and me on our own. He liked that I agreed to stay on after my mother’s passing, that way we could share our modest bungalow and keep expenses down. I was 23 years old.

Dad was a man of few words the kind that kept to himself. He loved his sports, hockey and football. Often he would retreat to his man cave to watch games, have a few beers and generally relax. His man cave was his sacred space. Even when mom was alive she was not allowed to go down there…it was MEN ONLY…off limits to the opposite sex. I was allowed to go down to dad’s sanctuary on the condition I asked permission to do so.

He had fixed his special place to be cozy. The room was decorated in early retro and hand me downs. It had two old comfy sofas, three big fat upholstered chairs, a big coffee table, and second hand lamps. Wall to wall carpet warmed the place up. All in all it was nothing special but it was dads. He even built a roughshod toilet cubicle…no sink…just a toilet in a roughly made cubicle with plywood sheets. One bare bulb in the ceiling. Nothing fancy but it suited the purpose.

He loved to hang out in his white briefs (the ones with the big slit on the side) a used t-shirt that came down to his waistband which meant you could easily see his manly bulge. He didn’t mind me seeing him in his underwear. I was always quick to observe how big his pouch was. It looked to be heavy and plump. Dad was a guy just being a guy and that was ok by me. I often had sexual fantasies about my dad imagining myself crawling up between his wide spread legs while he napped.

One time I went down to his cave to let him know dinner would be ready in an hour and he was lying on the couch in his white briefs and t-shirt, one leg off the sofa the other on the sofa so his legs were spread apart and his manly bulge looked to be so full and big. Dad was a sound sleeper….took a lot to wake him up. I was mesmerized to see him like that.

As much as I was afraid I wanted to crawl over on my fours so I could get a good view of his big daddy bulge. So with all my courage I got down on the floor and quietly crawled over lizard like. My face was right at the level of his big bulge….his strong hairy thighs looked massive and masculine. I summoned my courage and leaned over and smelled his musky man scented pouch. I was so excited and nervous, my cock was erect and dripping precum like a faucet. I wanted to caress his bulge so much, feel it and hold it in my mouth. I managed to cop a feel, feeling his big semi-hard cock…wow! what a feeling and it was big. My hands were shaking. Suddenly he moved his leg and that scared me. I did not want him to catch me on all fours. So I left the room and went upstairs.

He was my hero and my dream was to be there for him to service his cock whenever he needed me to. He never dated after mom passed on. We never talked about sex but I felt my dad was cool about it. He often adjusted his bulge when I was around slipping a hand into his briefs and fondling himself while watching television or even while sitting at the kitchen table. This of course always turned me on. His bulge was always plump and heavy looking. I loved the way it hung. It was masculine and it was my dad’s manhood.

One day my dad was out doing errands so I was on my own at home. Dad asked if I would clean up his cave for him. I was only too happy to help him. While I was down there cleaning I had to piss so I used dad’s toilet. As I was taking a leak I noticed one of the big knots in the plywood sheet that was to the right of the toilet had fallen out. It was obvious that the knot had dried, shrivelled up and fallen out thereby leaving a good size hole about 6 inches in diameter.

Upon checking it out closely I could see a space behind the plywood wall so I went and had a look and sure enough there was a small space between the main basement wall and the cubicle wall. It looked to be nearly a three-foot space. I bent down to see through the hole. It was eye level with the toilet. I got all excited when I realized that this was the perfect natural glory hole. I could sneak downstairs and watch when dad used the toilet. That way I could see his cock, watch him piss. I couldn’t wait to man the hole.

Chapter Two

One night I finally got an opportunity to try out the glory hole. As usual dad was having a little nap after supper. I decided it was a good time to quietly go down to his cave and install myself behind the gloryhole and wait to see if he was going to use the toilet after he woke up from his nap. Patiently I waited for about 40 minutes or so and finally I heard him stirring around and getting up. Sure enough he was headed for the toilet…my heart started beating with anticipation and excitement. I was worried he would see me looking through the hole but the idea of seeing his cock and casino şirketleri seeing him piss was worth taking a chance.

He turned the light on in the toilet. I could see him clearly and the angle was just right to see him piss. He pulled his cock out through the big white brief slit. Wow! What a view. I could finally clearly see his cock. It looked to be about 4 inches long, soft. Uncut. I loved the way his big cock was hanging there so masculine and virile. He was pissing like a horse. I was so excited to see him piss, to see his manly cock.

At last he finished pissing and stood there shaking his cock, pulling on it when I noticed it was a getting bigger. I realized he had turned towards the hole slightly as if to give me a better view. He was obviously sizing up the hole in the wall while slowly pulling on his tool which was getting bigger and bigger. My mouth was watering as I watched him do his manly thing.

Wow! I was getting so excited, my cock was rock hard and dripping precum like a faucet. I was in my underwear and t-shirt just like dad. I could smell his piss and smell his musky cock from where I was. He seemed to take forever before he put his cock back in his briefs which made his brief tent in the most incredible way. It was so hot and I imagined him slipping his big cock through the hole my eager hot mouth on the other side ready to service dad’s big tool. I would try to come down every night when possible to see if dad was going to use the toilet. I had found a new pass time. I so much wanted to please him.

After that I was downstairs after supper waiting for dad to wake up from his nap hoping he had to take a leak and sure enough, just like clockwork he would get up from the sofa and head for the toilet. I was ready and waiting to watch him piss to see his hot cock; dad was a hairy man, robust, about 5’7″ solid and rugged handsome weighing about 180lbs. Blue collar guy, hard worker like his friends were.

Anyhow he would come in, undo his belt and let his pants fall and then pull his big cock out of his white briefs and piss. I noticed he was in no hurry to slip it back into his underwear and always took his time to shake it well and pull on it slowly. I could feel he was enjoying himself and every time he seemed to be taking longer to slip that big guy back through the big slit in his underwear. It is as if he was letting his cock hang out for me to see, like showing it off and letting me get an eyeful. I sensed he was very proud of his cock. It excited me so much seeing dad’s big tool.

He slipped his cock into his briefs and stood there with his big bulge hanging heavy not saying a word. Then suddenly to my surprise he turned the light out but stayed in the cubicle. When my eyes adjusted I could see his big white bulge and to my amazement it was now facing me and really close to the opening of the hole and so near that I could smell dad’s musky cock scent. I thought I would faint.

I waited without saying a word to see what would happen and then before I knew it the big bulge was coming through the hole ever so slowly. Holy Wow! It was big. I could feel the heat radiating from it. I was excited and scared. All I could do was open my mouth and let the big bulge in. It was so quiet and dark. I could hear my dad breathing. Again not a word from either of us.

Obediently I let his big white bulge slip into my mouth and held it in in my mouth like a good dog holds a big bone. Slowly very slowly I began to mouth dad’s manly bulge. It was as if I didn’t want him to know I was there. His cock got bigger and harder as I started to nurse on his big man package.

I loved what was happening. Finally, I was holding dad’s big bulge in my mouth. He must have been really horny. He never went out, never dated other women and he was only 46 years of age. He needed to have his manly cock taken care of and here I was sucking on his big man bulge like a good son would do.

Instinctively I knew to go slow and not rush anything. I felt he liked being sucked slowly and for long. I could feel his big bulge getting bigger as I held it in my mouth like a good boy for quite some time and then resumed mouthing on it, sucking it until it was all wet and throbbing. Then without warning I heard dad let out a deep raspy moan as his cock started oozing hot liquid. It was coming through his briefs and into my mouth like hot lava. It kept on oozing out nice and slow and constant. I sucked on the wet briefs, mopping up his hot manly gravy. I was beside myself with joy.

There I was sucking dad’s big cock through his briefs for the first time. I was so happy he let me suck it for him. I held his cock bulge for quite some time before he pull it out of my mouth nice and slow. Not a word was spoken. He left and went upstairs.

I could hear him in the kitchen. The basement entrance was in the main hall so I could go upstairs to my room without being seen. After about 15 minutes I came casino firmaları down to the kitchen and there was my dad in his briefs making coffee. “Hi son, would you like a cup of coffee, sure dad I replied that would great.” It was as if nothing had happened. I noticed he had not changed his underwear. His bulge was hanging big and wet. He looked relaxed and happy. I think the poor guy had not had sex in a very long time and I felt dad was one of those men that liked to be orally serviced regularly if possible. We chit chatted away going over his day, the work he was doing and then I went up to bed.

The next day dad and I had supper at our usual time. I was the cook and bottle washer. After supper dad went down to his cave to have a nap. Still not a word was spoken about what had happened on the previous day. No tension. Things were normal. I did my chores and then after a while I made my way downstairs. and Dad was napping on the couch. Quietly I headed for the glory hole, installed myself and waited for dad to wake up. I wondered if he was going to use the glory hole again.

Before long he got up and headed for the toilet and turned on the light. He carefully pulled his big cock out of the wide brief slit and proceeded to piss like a horse. I loved watching him piss, it was so erotic and manly. When he finished pissing he stood there again pulling on his cock and showing it off. I felt he was teasing me, getting me hot and hungry for his manly tool. He knew I wanted to milk his cock.

Again he closed the light. I smelled him and then there was his big white bulge at the glory hole needing to be taken care of. Quietly the bulge came through the hole and into my waiting hot mouth. Slowly he slipped his daddy package into my mouth and with great excitement and care I closed my mouth around dad’s big cock bulge and just held it in my mouth like a good boy. I could feel dad’s cock pulsating his underwear wet with precum dripping like a tap. His cock had that cocky musky manly scent that drove me wild.

Again, I sucked on his big bulge and felt so privileged to be holding my dad’s tool, his big manly cock. It made me feel special and wanted and appreciated. This was special because obviously my dad trusted me and I knew we did not have to talk about it. I sensed what he wanted was for me to be there for him.

It had taken quite some time to get to this point and for some reason it was timely and ok to be helping my dad out with his sexual needs now. I was enjoying myself big time. I wanted to be dad’s cocksucker, his own private and personal cocksucker. And it happened after that day that every night after supper dad needed to have his cock sucked. We had our routine and again not a word was spoken about what we were doing.

After a while dad would get up from the supper table and make coffee, he loved his coffee after supper and I noticed him tugging on his bulge a few times. It looked really hot and plump and heavy. This was his way of letting me know he wanted me to head down to the cave and wait for him, to make ready to receive his cock at the gloryhole. So I got up and headed downstairs.

Sure enough shortly after dad came down and headed for toilet…this time he didn’t turn the light on. I wondered what he was up to and then I saw his big white bulge at the hole. I looked so good. Quietly that big bulge came through the hole to my waiting mouth. I was so excited and loved how dad gave me his bulge to suck. He had not pissed this time and the light was not turned on. I held that big hot bulge in my mouth proudly…I was holding daddy’s big basket being a good son for him.

To my surprise I suddenly felt his underwear getting wet and wetter and I was sucking and sucking the hot liquid coming through the fabric…. holy cow…. daddy was pissing and letting her rip into my mouth and all I could do is swallow the hot golden liquid. I did not want to disappoint him so I mopped up his piss and it was a good load a very generous one at that. I was surprised I could swallow all of it and that it turned me on so much. I kept his bulge in my mouth for a while sopping up the goodies. His cock grew bigger and bigger.

I decided to take out his big cock and slip it through the slit and into my waiting warm mouth nice and gently and slowly I proceeded to suck on his big tool. I sensed daddy was very excited that I was able to swallow his big piss load like a man and this made him even more erect and hard. I sucked and milked him for some time and finally another hot reward was coming out of his piss slit oozing thick creamy sauce into my hungry mouth. Daddy was cumming and cumming. His hot man loads were always generous and tasty. I could tell he liked having his cock in my mouth. My warm wet mouth pleased him and that made me so happy.

He didn’t have to go out to get sucked. He had his son at home to take care of his manhood. Every time after he gave me a load of his hot juice I would respectfully güvenilir casino lick and kiss his cock and big balls…my way of saying thank you for letting me suck your manly tool dad.

The next morning, I came downstairs to the kitchen to make breakfast, dad had already left for work. There was a note on the table, it was from him, I read it: Son I am very proud of the way you suck. I never dreamed my son could suck so well. I know you have a cum fetish and that is just fine by me. You never have to ask me to suck my cock. It is yours to suck whenever you want. I am glad to have you as my son. Dad. I was totally overwhelmed and impressed that he would leave me a note. This was indeed a first.

Chapter Three

Every Saturday night dad liked to have some of his buddies over to watch the game on television. He was a bit of a hockey and football nut. The man cave was set up for that: big television screen, beer fridge and comfy seating. He usually had 3 to 4 guys come over and hang out, drink a few beers and watch a game together. Some worked with him at the warehouse. Two or three of the guys were neighbors dad chummed around with. Most were married men. Sometimes one or two showed up on Friday night just to hang out looking to get way from the wife for some relaxation and let their hair down.

One thing dad insisted upon is once you were in the man cave it was underwear and t-shirts only. Time to let loose and let things hang out. The guys loved being able to relax and just be guys. No constricting clothes. I wasn’t much of a hockey fan at all and sometimes I found it quite boring actually when Saturday night rolled around. Most of the time I stayed in my bedroom and watched a movie or two on my own.

During the week dad mentioned the guys were coming over on Saturday. Hockey season was back on again. At first I was disappointed the guys were coming over. Then it struck me like lightning that it might be very interesting after all. Now that I was servicing dad regularly I knew he was proud of me and might want to show off how good a son I was to his buddies. I thought this a great opportunity to see if the guys were going to try out the glory hole.

I figured out how to go about this and thought it best to install myself behind the glory hole before the guys arrived. The guys usually got to our place a good half hour before the game started giving ample time to get comfy. This way they could get into their underwear and t-shirts, grab a beer and catch up on what was happening in their lives. Dad saw me go downstairs and head for the toilet before the men arrived. He gave me a wink.

Four turned up, three work buddies and one neighbour. Guys in there 30’s and 40’s, all were married. The game got underway and patiently I waited at the glory hole hoping for some action. The guys were drinking beer so I knew they would be using the toilet a lot.

Sure enough after 30 minutes or so someone got up to use the toilet. I looked carefully to see who it was. It was Bill…he worked with dad. He was about 35 years old. Average guy, good shape. He was in a pair of pale blue briefs that sported a really long slit. He got up to the toilet and pulled his cock out of his slit and began to piss.

I was excited to see his manly cock. It looked to be about 3 inches long in its soft state. He sure was pissing a huge load…as he was finishing he suddenly reached over and put his finger in the hole, it looked like he was checking it out to see if it was hollow. He stood there with his cock in his hand slowly pulling on it. Then he swung around and put his cock at the opening. I was feeling so horny and brazen I decided to show my mouth at the hole and let him see my flicking tongue. I had a feeling he was horny and slowly he slid his big cock through the hole and into my waiting mouth.

Bill was sporting a big hairy bush….I carefully wrapped my mouth around his beautiful cock and lovingly I started to suck on it relishing its cocky taste. His cock was getting harder and harder and I was sucking and milking his big man tool and could tell he was loving having his cock in my warm mouth.

He began to moan and groan and before long Bill was giving me a big hot creamy load. I greedily swallowed every drop of his precious married cock juice and made sure I cleaned his cock and balls up thoroughly. Bill pulled his cock out of my mouth and slipped it into his briefs and as he left he gave me a thumbs up. Again, nothing was said. He returned to watch the game. I was wet and excited, jerking my hard cock thrilled Bill had given me a thumbs up. Hockey night was turning out to be not so bad after all.

A short time after another one of dad’s buddies had to piss. His name was John. He was tall and well built around 42 years old, he also worked with dad. Quiet man. He came in wearing white regular briefs. His bulge was huge. Wow! I was licking my lips salivating and hungry for his man tool. John pulled his briefs down to piss, as I looked on through the glory hole…what a show stopper. His cock was a big juicy piece of man meat, long and fat and cut. His bush was sandy blond bush. I could tell he was proud of his big cock just by the way he was holding it.

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