Dawn Visits a Female Gloryhole

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Dave and I were looking for something different to do for the evening. It was a very nice summer evening, so we had dinner and drinks outdoors at one of our local small city establishments. There was a very good band playing great Irish tunes there. While we ate and talked, we decided to go to Providence to walk around afterwards.

Later while walking, a place caught my eye that seemed plentiful with men and women. It looked like the perfect place to mingle, dance and wind down an evening. I grabbed his hand and we entered inside.

It was a very comfortable atmosphere, with the sound of light jazz filling the room. My husband proceeded to get us a couple of jack and coke’s. I started feeling a little frisky after our first few dances. The mix of drinks and finally being able to let my hair down, gave me a second wind. I noticed my risky dancing and husbands roaming hands, had attracted attention by several people. We didn’t care, because I know he loves knowing other men are watching me.

My husband then disappeared for 5 minutes, or better. As I danced and drink alone, I was enjoying being stared at by all the young men. I saw Dave at one point, talking to three young good-looking, well-built black guys at the bar. When he came back, I asked him, “Where did you run off to?”

He replied, “I went to the bathroom and was checking the place out.”

Another half hour or so passed. We had another drink and another dance. Then my husband took my hand and said, “come with me”. He took me down some dark stairs and into a small room with two doors.

I asked him, “what are you up to?” casino şirketleri

He replied, “I have a special treat for you.”

The door squeaked as Dave opened it. He took my hand and we entered into the room. There was a small padded table in the center of the room. My husband told me to take my clothes off and climb up and bend over and face him on the table. The table was elevated a little bit with wheels. I was a little hesitant at first, but felt horny and tipsy, so I agreed. He gently helped me on the table. The light in the room was very dim and there was a very pleasant smell of flowers. I noticed at the end of the table where my feet were, was a large opening in the wall to a dark area of another room.

My husband leaned over and kissed me, sticking his tongue in my mouth and playing with mine. Then I felt him push the table through the opening, that was just wide enough to fit me and the table through it. Dave stopped, when I was a little more than half way through. My ass was facing in the other half of the other dark room.

Dave began to unzip his pants and pulled his hard cock out. I began to lick and suck his cock. The next thing I know, I soon felt a wave of chills come over me. I could feel a tongue run from the inside of my thigh across the top of my clit. I couldn’t see who this was, that was sucking and licking on my clit. They were twisting a huge cock like tongue, in and out and swirling around my clit, It felt fantastic. I could feel large hands massaging my thighs and calves, as I continued sucking and licking my husband’s cock.

The next thing I felt, casino firmaları was something larger pressing against my clit. It was rubbing up and down and then it slowly pressed in the opening of my wet and getting wetter pussy. It started to enter my pussy and I just felt a warmth come over me, as I spread my legs wider. I was inviting this huge strange cock in so willingly. The strangers cock was sliding in and out, over and over. I started moving with his rhythm, as his paced picked up and then it slowly withdrew itself from inside of me. It left me wanting more.

Within seconds, I felt the head of another cock against my pussy lips. This one, seemed harder than the last. As this strangers cock started to push inside of me, it was larger and longer then the guy before. It stretched my pussy and I felt it inch by inch push deep into my insides. This cock, was filling me completely and I moaned louder and louder, with each thrust of this massive tool. As he quickened his pace, I did all I could to move closer and accept every inch.

I felt a long finger start rubbing back and forth against my ass hole and then enter me. I couldn’t control myself and started to cum in waves. My body was shaking as warmth from inside my pussy took over me and I felt my pussy contracting on this huge cock. The orgasms exploded from my stomach through my legs as I screamed. As this huge cock pulled out of my pussy, I could feel my own juices dribble down off of me. My breathing was heavy and fast and I could feel my pussy was still wide open.

Before I could catch my breath, another tongue was lapping at güvenilir casino my swollen clit. I didn’t think I could take anymore, when I looked into my husband’s eyes and the only words that came out of my mouth were, “more please”. My husband stuck his cock back into my mouth and I sucked on him as he moaned. He pulled his cock out and held it in front of me, as he came all over my face and in my mouth.

Then I felt fingers massaging my clit, sliding in and out of my wet hole and spreading my pussy lips apart. The stranger opened my hole as wide as he could and pushed a very fat cock all the way in me. This one was fucking me hard and fast, pounding and pounding. I could feel his heavy massive balls slapping against my ass.

I couldn’t control any of my senses and I started humping against this cock. I was pushing him against my pubic area, making me take more and more. I started to cum and it wouldn’t stop. I had never cum like this before. The waves kept coming and liquid was flowing out of me, like a faucet. Then I felt this convulsion inside me, as this man started emptying his balls. I could feel his hot load filling me. As he pulled out, I could feel it gushing out of me, warm and slippery.

After that my husband pulled me back into the room with him. I heard the other men closing a door and leaving the other room. I was still so turned on, not knowing who had fucked me. I loved feeling so used and slutty. I had never been fucked like that before. I could only assume, it was the black boys my husband was talking to at the bar. My husband then used his fingers and lapped up cum on my pussy and brought it to my waiting mouth. I could taste my own juices and cum from the stranger that just finished filling my pussy, mixed with my husband’s cum. I went home, with an amazing memory of a female glory hole. We are going back soon!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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