Day Work

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It was already hot. Sarah wiped small beads of sweat from her forehead as she crossed from the house to the barn. When there was a breeze it was just barely enough to stir the dust in the yard, usually blowing it straight toward the clothesline where her sheets were hung.

As she approached the barn she stopped, listening to an engine coming down the dirt road in front of the house.

It didn’t sound like a car or truck, a little like a tractor maybe, but not exactly.

The sound drew nearer and Sarah found herself turning from her path toward the mailbox to see what it was, just as the motorcycle and rider came into view from around the curve.

The man looked her way and Sarah caught herself waving, and grinning.

The rider slowed and pulled into the yard, cutting the engine to his machine.

He wasn’t a really big man, Sarah thought, not like her Leon, But something about him made her feel a little sheepish, as he looked at her and smiled.

Hello, Ma’am,” He said as he removed the goggles and cap he was wearing.

“Hi yerself,” Sarah said, feeling her stomach muscles tighten just a bit at the soothing sound of his voice.

He pulled a handkerchief from his back pocket and began to wipe his face and neck as he introduced himself.

“Names Bly, like the Captain. Johnny Bly, and I was only a Sergeant, not a Captain.”

“Well Sergeant Bly, My names Sarah Haskell, what can I do for ya? You lost?”

Bly smiled, and Sarah felt a slight quiver deep insider he as he answered.

“No, Ma’am, I’m not lost. I’m headed for Opelaka, but I’ve gotten myself in a bit of a fix. This motorcycle of mine broke down a few days ago, and fixing her took up most of my reserve money. I was sorta wondering if you might have some day work I could do. To get myself a meal and, if you’re able, two bits for some fuel to get me a little further on my way.”

Sarah thought a moment, she wasn’t in the habit of enabling Hobos and the like, but for some reason she didn’t want to tell Sergeant Bly to go just yet either.

“I’ve got some wood needs choppin’ and a few other chores you can do,” She said finally, “That’ll get you a hot meal, some coffee, and an overnight grub for your trip. We’ll see about that two bits though, may need to wait till my Leon comes in from the field about that.”

“Thank you Mrs…”

“Sarah’ll be fine,” She said, “Now if you don’t mind, that wood is over’t the other side of the house there. I’ve got a few chores of my own need tendin’ right now.”

“Yes Ma’am,” was Bly’s only reply as he headed for the wood pile.

As she headed to the barn to turn the chickens out she stopped at the door and turned to watch Bly.

He was standing at the water trough in front of the house rinsing his face and neck and Sarah grinned to herself as she watched him.

Back inside the house, Sarah began fixing lunch. Leon and their two boys had taken their buckets with them to the field early this morning, but there was enough of last night’s stew left for her and Sergeant Bly to share.

She set it near the stove to warm as she made biscuits and fried a plate of apple pies.

She listened to the steady rhythm of the axe biting into the dry wood and occasionally stole a look out the window at the Sergeant. Then she would look away and ask herself why she hadn’t just sent this man on his way, as she had always done before.

Sarah ladled the warm stew over a couple hot biscuits, added two pies and a pot of fresh coffee to the tray and carried them out on the back porch.

Bly had been splitting wood with a smooth, constant motion for nearly two hours.

“Lunchtime Sergeant,” Sarah said as she rounded the corner and suddenly stopped.

Bly had stripped to the waist in the hot Southern sun and his exposed body was deeply tanned, well muscled, and glistening with beads of sweat that made Sarah’s breath catch in her throat and he knees a little rubbery.

Bly stood up and smiled at her, “Thank you Mrs. Sarah, if you’ll allow me a second to clean up, I hope you’ll join me.”

Sarah smiled back at him, “I wouldn’t be much of a hostess if I made company eat alone now would I Sergeant?”

“No Ma’am I guess you wouldn’t,” Bly said as he gathered his shirt and headed back to the water trough to clean up and redress.

Sarah set the tray on a stump in the shade of the house. And though she tried to convince herself she was absently picking up the sparse, dusty yard, she kept stealing glances at Bly as he washed the sweat from his chiseled body, and she felt her heart quicken.

Finally, Bly returned and the two sat in the shade to eat and make small talk.

Bly was traveling to meet an old army friend who had promised him a partnership in a sawmill operation he’d begun.

It was the first real opportunity to come his way since leaving the army in ’21, almost four years ago.

Sarah spoke mostly of the farm, the people in town, or from church. All things Bly had no reason to have any interest in, but esenyurt anal yapan escort he listened intently just the same and Sarah found herself enjoying the chance to speak with someone who actually engaged her in conversation.

After one humorous exchange about the antics of one of Sarah’s fellow church members, both were laughing pleasantly and Sarah suddenly found her hand on Bly’s knee. Almost before she realized she’d done it, she had squeezed it lightly, feeling the muscles of his leg and rubbing slowly about half-way up his thigh before coming to her senses with a shock and quickly pulling her hand away and standing up.

Bly sat silently, sipping the last of his coffee and looking up at Sarah.

“I’ve got to get the afternoon milking done Sergeant,” She said curtly, “If you would please just collect the dishes and set them on the porch I will carry them in the house shortly.”

“Yes ma’am,” Bly said as Sarah set out for the barn at an almost hurried pace. Her mind was such a swirl that she never ever recognized that he’d called after her.

Once in the barn, Sarah closed the door and tried to catch her breath.

She grabbed up the leather-seated three-legged stool she used for milking and her bucket, heading for the stall.

Milking was by far her favorite chore on the farm, she found it…relaxing… and rarely delegated it to either Leon or their two boys.

Sarah greased the webbing between the thumb and forefinger on each hand as she lifted her dress over the stool before kneeling down on it, letting the seat’s saddle cradle her bare crotch and ass cheeks.

Sarah had learned at an early age that something about the way the stool cradled her felt better than it should, and as she grew up she’d learned ways to move her body as she stroked and squeezed milk from the cows udder that made it feel even better.

Sarah had never had an orgasm from intercourse with Leon, She enjoyed it, but it was always over too quickly.

And she’d been raised to believe that a woman wasn’t supposed to enjoy her “wifely duties” but merely to submit to them without complaint, of any kind.

So Sarah found “satisfaction” in the twice-daily milkings.

And the way she felt right now, this poor cow may end up dry for days.

Sarah reached out and gently began to stroke the cows udders, squeezing the milk slowly into the pail with first one hand, then the other as she began to rock and grind against the front tab of he stool.

She felt the pressure building up inside her and began to milk, and grind faster, as she thought of Bly’s hard, sweat glistened body and his easy smile.

She put one hand against the cows side to steady herself as she began to moan, grinding against the stool more furiously, sweat beginning to cover her forehead as she continued to milk with one hand, careful not to jerk the udder too fast or too hard and upsetting the cow.

She began to gasp and cry out softly as she felt herself nearing orgasm.

Steadying herself with both hands now, sweat began to slowly run down her face as she moaned louder, unconsciously calling out Bly’s name as she came.

After the wave of orgasm had passed she rested, her forehead laid against her crossed arms on the cows side as she caught her breath.

A sound to her right drew her attention and she looked to find Sergeant Bly standing at the door of the stall, silently smiling.

Startled she gasped, wondering how long he’d been there.

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone milk a cow with such zeal before,” he said softly, letting Sarah know he’d been there long enough to get a good show.

Sarah noticed he must have enjoyed what he saw as well, judging by the bulge in his trousers as he stepped closer to help her up.

Sarah turned scarlet as the realization of being caught by this stranger sunk in, but Bly merely offered her his hand and said; “I didn’t mean to interrupt. I came to tell you I was finished with the wood, then I heard you sounding like you might be in trouble. And when I heard my name I thought you might really be needing some help.”

Oh God, Sarah thought, had she called out his name? She couldn’t remember, but he had been the subject of her thoughts, and now here he stood, close in front of her.

She could feel the heat radiating off of both their bodies rising between them and she thought again of the bulge in his pants as she found herself reaching out with one hand to caress his strong jaw and chin.

“Maybe I do have another chore for you,” She said as the other hand slid down, over and firmly began to squeeze the hard cock hidden in Bly’s pants.

Without a word, Bly pulled her closer, running one hand down over her ass, squeezing the firm cheek as he bent to kiss her.

She began to tear at the buttons of his trousers, finally freeing the cock beneath, and as she began to stroke it, to milk it, she took a moment to look down at it and absent-mindedly licked her lips at esenyurt escort the sight of it.

It didn’t appear as long as Leon’s, the only other one she’d ever seen, much less held, but it was much thicker. So thick she wondered briefly if it would fit insider her without doing damage, but she knew she’d have to find out regardless.

Bly threw his head back and began to moan softly and squeeze her tighter to him as she stroked him.

Tearing open the front of her dress he began to fondle and kneed her breasts, rubbing the pads of his thumbs around her nipples and making her moan and grind against his thigh as she squeezed harder, stroking his cock faster.

As he leaned to kiss and suck her neck, she locked a thigh on his hip and seemed to be trying to climb his stout frame.

Bly lifted her off of the barn’s dirt floor and as she locked both legs around his hips he walked her to a nearby workbench and set her down on it, slowly pushing himself back from her, she reached for his cock again, but he stepped back.

Her hair, face and body wet with sweat, breathing hard she looked at him angrily and he just smiled easily.

“I’d like to show you something I learned in France, during the war, he said softly, “If you’ll just lean back,” he said as he placed one hand on her exposed breast and gently pushed her shoulders against the wall and stepped between her legs, “and bear with me for a few seconds.”

Bly slowly lifted the skirt of her dress up over her thighs, the tip of his cock touched the wetness of her slit and made her gasp as he began to stroke her thighs with a firm but gentle touch.

Sarah arched her back and moaned softly, closing her eyes and gripping the edge of the bench tightly.

Bly slowly spread her legs further apart and knelt to kiss the inside of her thigh, licking up her leg, following the trail left by the stream of juices from her encounter with the stool, Sarah moaned loudly, wanting to be repulsed, but wanting more as well.

Bly gently nibbled the inside of her thigh, making her gasp as he lifted her legs onto his shoulders before licking further up her thigh.

“God!” Sarah cried out as she felt his tongue brushing over her soft wet bush.

Suddenly her clit was on fire as Bly’s lips locked her wet pussy in a deep, sucking kiss and his tongue darted around and stroked her clit.

Sarah’s legs involuntarily contracted, trying to pull him deeper into her as she reached with one hand and ran her fingers through his sweat soaked hair. Pressing his face harder, deeper against her pussy, she began to cry out his name as she ground herself against his face.

When she came, it was so sudden, and with such force that Sarah wasn’t sure she would survive it, or that it would ever stop.

She cried, screamed and clawed at Bly’s head and shoulders, gouging them deeply as she squirted her juices into his mouth.

When it was over, almost ashamed of what just happened she tried to push him away, afraid he would be repulsed by what she had done on his face, only to find him resisting her push.

Bly was still furiously lapping and sucking at her wet pussy, when he finally submitted to her pressure, he stood up and Sarah noticed a thick stream of her own juices dribbling from his chin as he leaned to kiss her deeply.

Sarah looked up at him in amazement and wonder at what he had just done to her, the way he’d made her feel.

He smiled softly and said “It works both ways, if you’d care to try it.”

At first Sarah wasn’t sure exactly what he meant, and as she tried to piece it together she realized her hand was already stroking his erect cock pulling it closer between her legs.

“You want me to take you in my mouth?” She asked a bit apprehensively.”

Bly nodded, “If you’d like to,” he said.

Sarah couldn’t decide if she found the idea disgusting or exciting, but after what she’d just experienced she knew she’d have to try it. So she lowered herself off the bench and knelt before him without ever taking her hand off his cock.

She felt a little foolish, but excited as she wondered what to do, or how to start and she looked up at him, a bit apprehensive as she slowly stroked his cock, he smiled back at her before closing his eyes and tilting his head back and whispering, “just do what you think might feel good.”

She stroked him slowly several more times, marveling at how firm his cock was in her hand, almost hypnotized by the way the hole in the end opened a little as she pushed her hand back and wondering again, now that she was looking so closely at it if it would fit in her hungry pussy, much less her mouth.

Finally she tenderly stuck out her tongue and licked the bottom the head.

Then she circled the ridge along the back of the head before closing her lips around it as though she were about to bite into a large strawberry, but instead of biting she sucked, darting her tongue against the hole, pressing as though she were trying to get inside it.

Bly esenyurt eve gelen escort moaned and ran his fingers through her hair.

“That’s it,” he said softly,”Now take a little more.”

Sarah eagerly moved her lips down the shaft of his cock, pressing the head between her tongue and the roof of her mouth as she continued to stroke and suck him.

Bly moaned louder and began to slowly rock her head back and forth on his cock.

Sarah thought briefly that it he were any bigger at all, she would never be able to do this without biting him.

He began to moan more loudly and Sarah found herself reaching between her own legs with her free hand, stroking her dripping slit as she tried to take him deeper in her mouth.

“God yeah,” Bly said as Sarah began to moan on his cock, wanting to cry out at her own excitement, but unable to do so with her mouth full.

“Faster Sarah, please” he begged as he looked down into her eyes.

She complied letting him push deeper into her mouth at the speed of his own choosing as she stroked his exposed shaft with one hand and her burning clit with the other.

Sarah felt her own excitement building. Unable to open her mouth and cry out, she sucked harder as she moaned, the gasps Bly let out as he neared climax only excited her more, feeding the process until Sarah knew she was about to explode into another violent orgasm.

Just as he own orgasm started, Bly cried out loudly and suddenly her mouth was filled with his hot, creamy, salty cum.

Sarah found herself amazed that there was so much of it as every push into her mouth seemed to bring another squirt of the milky liquid.

Sarah felt it running down her throat, out the sides of her mouth and down her chin and she felt her own orgasm break loose as she eagerly swallowed first his cum, then with a gentle push, the entire length of his cock.

Sarah was amazed she could still breathe with Bly’s huge cock down her throat, but still she held him there, his public hair tickling her nose as she came in a great puddle on the dark dirt floor. Sarah slowly backed off of his cock letting her tongue flick at the exposed tip before eagerly taking him deep several more times, making sure to milk every last drop of his cum into her mouth.

Finally she looked up at him and smiled softly as he lifted her off the floor with a hand on each side of her face.

“What did you think?” he asked softly as he lifted her back to the bench and slid her skirt up.

“I think I’d like to go to France,” She said with a wink and then a little gasp as Bly pushed the head of his cock into her.

Sarah felt her pussy grabbing for more as Bly slowly entered and retreated with just the head of his cock, she moaned softly each time she felt the ridge spread her lips each way and she clawed at his back trying to pull him deeper.

Bly slowly slid his hands over her body, they slid smoothly against her soft, sweat soaked skin until he found purchase on her hips and held her tight as he plunged his thick cock into her.

Sarah Cried out in both pain and exhilaration, her nails biting deep into Bly’s muscular shoulders, drawing blood as he pulled her to him, pushing deeper inside her and holding her down on his cock.

Sarah squirmed trying to find relief, or release from the huge cock inside her, but wanting more. She felt her wet pussy stretched around the throbbing shaft as Bly began to rock back and forth, slowly pulling his cock almost completely out of her before reversing direction and gently pushing back deep inside her.

Sarah put her hands on either side of Bly’s head and alternated looking deep into his eyes and down to watch his cock slide slowly into her.

Bly bent down and took her nipple in his mouth, biting is gently as he rubbed the tip with his tongue then sucking it deep into his mouth before pushing hard into her.

Sarah cried out loud enough to startle the chickens pecking idly near the barn door and locked her fingers against Bly’s neck as she began to buck against him, grinding on his cock with each powerful stroke into her.

Bly began to fuck her harder, faster pulling her toward him with each stroke grunting as his shaft hit bottom but still trying to push deeper before retreating to pump into her again like the piston of a steam engine.

Sweat poured off of Bly, dripping off his chin to fall on Sarah’s exposed breasts as her own sweat fell in great drops from her tangled hair and ran down her body in huge drops.

As Bly pumped hard into her, he knew she was about to cum again, her cries changed from a high pitched squeal-like sound into a throaty, urgent one.

Bly felt her already tight pussy lips squeezing harder against his shaft and involuntarily began to thrust faster.

Sarah screamed herself almost horse as wave after wave of orgasm sent her body into convulsions. She squirmed, scratched, bucked and clawed as Bly continued to pound into her.

She felt her own cum splashing back onto her as it shot out around Bly’s cock and over his body.

“Look at me,” Bly grunted as she shuddered and thrashed.

She did as he commanded, looking deep into his eyes with an almost pleading look, not sure if he wanted him to make it stop or prevent it from ever stopping as he began to make a deep guttural grunting sound with each hard thrust.

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