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I’m standing at the kitchen sink, cleaning dishes. I glance out the kitchen window, and my breath intake is sharp and sudden. I knew you had gone outside, but I am not prepared for the vision before me now.

I stare, gaping at your beauty as you sunbathe naked on the deck. The sun kisses your flesh in every place I’d like to. Your eyes are closed, I think — so I stare openly at you.

After a few seconds, my trance is interrupted by movement. Your right hand lifts from the deck and traces light touches up your skin, along your waistline then to your belly. Your caress of your own skin is tantalizing and sensuous.

Another moment passes, your hand still rubbing lightly along the skin of your belly, and I continue to stare at you, the dishes forgotten. Then your hand strays upward, from your belly button to your sternum; the fingertips of just your middle and ring fingers are feather-light against your skin. Your hand strays sideways, and the very tip of your middle finger crosses your nipple. It immediately stands upright on your breast, a reaction not unlike that of my cock inside my shorts.

You bring your other hand to your chest, and you squeeze both breasts together, slipping the pads of your thumbs along and across both of your nipples. What a tease! I subconsciously reach down and grip the head of my hardening penis through my shorts. I notice one of your legs bends at the knee lightly, which I know to mean that the movement of your hands on your chest is having an effect on your pussy as well.

Stroking my cock through my shorts, I watch as one hand strays from your erect nipples upward, along your skin to your collarbone, where a fingertip again caresses that sensitive place, drawing a gasp from you. My left hand strays to my own collarbone, mimicking your motions.

As your fingertips stray higher, my eyes remain riveted on your body, becoming more squirmy by the second. I watch as you stroke the outline of your lips, then dip a finger halkalı ucuz escort into your mouth, sucking the tip of it seductively. Squeezing the head of my cock with my hand, I exhale audibly in the kitchen.

You trace your fingertips both down your body now, impatiently reaching for your sex. A middle finger dips between your now-spread legs, slipping between your lips slightly. The thumb of the other hand taps your flesh just above your clit, and I can see your hips wiggling in response to that sensation. Your chest heaves and I can see a flush coming to your skin there — a sure sign for me that your excitement is intense.

I can’t just stay inside and watch this. I leave the window and head for the door. Exiting the door to the deck, I catch you off guard by slamming it. You start, sitting up partly and looking at me. I suppose my face must betray my own excitement, because you just grin at me, lie back down, and spread your legs apart, giving me an open view of your masturbation.

I stand for a moment, watching your hands work magic on your pussy. You slide another finger inside, drawing a gasp from yourself. “Fuck,” I hear you say quietly, and I watch your hips rise up off the towel you’re lying on.

My shorts hit the deck. I lift my shirt off my torso and take the few steps needed to reach a spot at your feet. I have a great view now, especially since you have bent your knees and continue to lift your ass off the deck. You pump your fingers into and out of your pussy now at a much faster pace than the teasing one you used before. My cock bobs before me. Your thumb works your clit quickly. I can see in your face that you are getting closer to climax, and I kneel between your legs, putting my hand over yours but not slowing you down — just letting you know I’m here.

You open your eyes at my touch, and they are glazed over with your desire. I look from your eyes down to your hand, still pumping into halkalı üniversiteli escort and out of your swollen sex. You’re so wet that the slippery sounds of fucking are quite loud, but soon that is drowned out by your mouth. Moaning and raspy breathing overtake the sloppy sounds of your fingers as you near orgasm. You slide your fingers out and begin concentrating on your clit, and I bend over you, the tip of my cock positioned perfectly at the entrance of your pussy, but I do not enter you yet.

Each hand finds a nipple of yours, and I tweak them both at the same time, drawing a loud moan from you. “Fuuuck!” you cry, lifting your hips. You are frantically fucking yourself now, and your whole face and chest are flushed with the color of your lust. “Fuck me, love!”

I release your nipples, but now run my fingertips back and forth across them each at the same time. I flex my penis, and the head shifts against the opening of your lips. I feel you slide your body downward, trying to force me to fuck you properly. But I am not ready for that yet. I remain at your nipples, relentlessly flicking across them as your fingers work your clit. You begin to shudder.

I move a hand to your neck, pressing the heel of my hand into your chest as my fingers wrap around your throat and apply simple pressure. My other hand now slaps at your breasts, raising redness to each one in turn and bring burning pleasure to your nipples.

“Aghhhh, FUCK!” you call, your pussy spasming into an intense orgasm. “Ugghh ugh ugh!” Your thighs lock, which means I couldn’t push into you now if I used all my strength. I feel as your entire body tenses, your ass lifts off the deck, and your shake, a powerful orgasm taking you over.

As the initial wave subsides, you release the clinched muscles of your legs, and my opportunity arrives. As your knees spread just slightly, my hand moves from the front of your throat to the back, my haramidere escort other hand mirrors that one, and I pull your body downward, toward me, with both hands on your shoulders and neck. You are still shaking with pleasure from your orgasm as I pull our bodies together, filling your sopping wet pussy with a single thrust and bending my neck to put my lips on one of your nipples.

I am immediately relentless with my hips and my mouth, sucking hard on your nipple as I piston into you with hot desire. Your first orgasm never stops — unintelligible sounds just flow from your lips as you come and come and come, my penis driving into and out of you at a steady pace. Your body shudders and your mouth utters non-words as you drown in an endless orgasm.

I continue to fuck you recklessly, releasing your nipple gain with me mouth and leaning up to kiss you, my mouth engulfing yours. As your body shudders, you turn your head and bite my shoulder, your fingernails digging into my back. “Fuck!” you whisper between gasps. “Come for me, Love.. come inside me right now.” I am pushing into you so hard that our skin slaps against each other with every stroke. It sounds sloppy and wet on the deck as I drive toward my orgasm. You tilt your head backward, overtaken by your pleasure, and your body shakes.

My cock pulses and flexes. I release your mouth from my own, and rest my forehead in the crook of your neck as my own ecstasy washes over me. Knowing I can’t stop from coming now, I drive into you a few more times quickly… then hold, buried within you. You wrap your legs around me, pulling me tight and milking my pulsing cock within you. You continue to shudder in the pleasure of your own orgasm as I begin to come. My body is overcome, and I grunt, “unnnhhhh ohhh huhhhnnnnn,” my breathy release sounding in your ear as my semen fills you. I strive to drive in and out more but your legs are wrapped tight, and I just pulse inside you, shooting my semen inside you over and over until I am dry.

I collapse, and our ragged breathing is the only sound. Still inside you, I relax and my body falls, sinking onto yours as we come down together. Every few seconds you squeeze me within you, causing me to shudder and inhale sharply again. The sun beats down on us as we relax together.

Sure do love our new deck….

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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