Dennis Does Self

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Note to Readers. For all you macho guys, I’d pass on this one.


After we became empty nesters, my wife Jan and I experienced some wild, fun, and stimulating sex between ourselves and with others including fellow workers, a bi male, a student, Jan’s girl friend, the UPS guy, my audiologist, interracial, a she male, sister, and niece. We have pretty much done it all.

One night Jan and I were having a great oral time. Her pussy never tasted better as my tongue found those secret folds, clitoris, her sex fluids and that hot luscious sex hole. Her female scent was so intoxicating I was already close to cuming. My hot wife sensed this and suddenly swung around to a ’69’ position. We climaxed seconds apart, my sperm flooding her sucking mouth. Then she whirled around and was poised over my lips. Spent cum began oozing out of her mouth and dropping into mine. Our lips now locked as we both savored my jism. Earlier when she tried this, I was sickened by the though of tasting my own cum but over the years that has changed and now it is like dessert after a scrumptious meal.

“Foxy wife, you are the most unlucky person in the world.”

“Why would you say that? I have everything I want including you!”

“But you are the only person who can’t taste nor savor the world’s most delectable pussy. Think about it.”

“You sweet talker you. I love that you crave my pussy but what about you? You also can not suck your hard, beautiful, and so appetizing cock either.”

I never mentioned this to Janice, but what the hell. When I was younger, I was on my school’s gymnastics team because of my very flexible body. I also am pretty well hung at 7+ inches and not long waisted. I was intrigued to hear about some guys able to suck themselves off, read up on it a little bit, and gave it a test. Much to my surprise, with some stretching, contortions and determination I could tell it was possible. That’s as far as it went, however, because frankly, I thought the güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri act was sickening.

“So you think you can suck yourself! No way. But, that sounds so nasty and yet sooo extremely exciting. Please do it for me. I want to watch! This would be something new and exciting.”

“That was years ago and it certainly didn’t turn me on then. Today I feel the same way plus I’m probably not as flexible anymore.”

“Why my husband. That sounds like a cop out to me. Are you saying you’re afraid to try it?”

“Guess that’s what I’m saying.”

“Husband, you really have my interest. I am challenging you to at least try. Tell you what. How about a wager. If you can’t perform, you are my sex slave for a week. If you do put your dick where your mouth is, I’ll be your slave for a week!”

Now that did stir me up a little. Either way, we could get into some really kinky sex. I am not interested in sucking my own cock so would gracefully “fail” and be my honey’s sex slave. It’s a win-win situation.

“Okay deal. I’ll need about two weeks to get in shape.”

Jan retorted. “Yes, and no sex. I want you hot and full of cum.”

A week later I was getting really horny but continued doing a lot of stretching exercises and slowly testing how much further I had to go. I was surprised and pleased with my fitness. My spine being still limber, met success was possible even though unwanted. I really wanted to prove to myself I could do it but would back off at the last instant. The first few days I about three inches away, then each proceeding day it was closer and closer.

On the 12th day after lots of effort, it was obvious I could suck my own cock. I was excited about beating the challenge but not about the actual act.

After two week Jan was obviously excited. She keep purring “hope your ready, I sure am.” I couldn’t believe the interest she had in my self-blowjob.

That evening I dressed in Jan’s favorite- güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri my skimpy boxer shorts. Jan returned the favor appearing in her shorty blue wrap around silk robe opened in the front and exposing just enough of her ample tits and a peak at her pinkish pussy to make me feel 21 again.

I was sitting on the couch when Jan standing next to me, began running her fingers through my hair. My left hand now found her ass. My middle finger discovered her ass hole, then pussy, which was already slippery and inviting. My manhood was hard with anticipation.

“Ok, husband, enough of this. Let’s see you do your thing.”

After a couple of glasses of wine, I did some stretching and bending.

“Are you ready to watch, my hot pussy cat?”

“Oh yes, suck yourself and eat your hot cum, my stud husband.”

Jan then positioned herself so as to get a very close-up of all the action. I did notice her right hand had disappeared between her legs and her eyes glazed over as she began humping herself. That too turned me on.

I felt like a jerk faking it but then again she would love controlling our post kinky sex slave thing. Maybe I could just briefly make contact and say that’s as far as I could go…

Slipping off my shorts, I laid on my back and took a deep relaxing breath. Slowly I brought my legs overhead and pressed my feet against the wall. My hard pulsing cock was now positioned a few inches above as I slowly began “walking” down the wall. My hand began guiding my cock closer and closer until finally it was poised to be sucked.

Then some pre-cum dropped on my tongue. Not bad. Now I made my move. With cock in hand I quickly pressured it to my mouth’s entrance. At last my tongue contacted my cock.

STOP, ENOUGH, THIS IS SICK, but suddenly I succumbed to a latent pent-up desire and uncontrollably continued licking the contours of my cock head.

The first taste of my pre cum covered head güvenilir bahis şirketleri was beyond description. The spongy and creamy shaft totally turned me on and briefly I wondered why I had never tried this before. No this is wrong. STOP RIGHT NOW.

No use. Getting limber and comfortable, I began tonguing more and more. This was like having two bodies. My mouth was tasting ‘this cock’ and my cock was enjoying a very stimulating sensation. Now I slowly sucked more and more into my mouth, tonguing the hot, slimy, velvety, but hard penis with increased urgency.

I can’t believe I was doing this. This was the best of both worlds. I was in a detached state, which met double the pleasure.

I pulled out briefly saying, “oh Jan, this is so gooood. I don’t know how much more I can take.”

“Oh do it my darling husband, yes do it. Show me!”

Now I swallowed about half of my pulsing manhood and continued sucking and tonguing. I was in total control and fine-tuned any impending orgasm by slowing down at critical times.

Only so much of that helped. Now I could feel my volcano about to erupt. I began rising up uncontrollably to consume as much cock as possible. Then it happened. As I popped my cock out of my mouth, that huge saved up load of cum erupted onto my waiting tongue followed by a second and third spurt. I could not believe how good this mouthful of very fresh jism tasted.

Jan too had gone ballistic at the sight of her lover devouring his own cum. She greedily pulled my legs down and did a little cock sucking of her own, then straddled me, and crushed her lips to mine.

Later I suggested that “since I can ‘do myself’, being a gentleman, I think it’s only fair for me to act on your behalf and eat out your so delicious pussy for you.”

“Oh yes, do eat me.”

With that I was now between Jan’s t opened legs, briefly admired her puffy, gooey gash, then lapped up all the remaining female juices. The taste and smell of her fragrant womanhood was sooo intoxicating. Now we kissed as she tasted her sex juices second hand but still scrumptiously delicious. Suddenly I felt myself getting hard again….

Looks like we have a new act to add to our sexual repertoire if my flexible body holds up a little longer. Also, I won the bet…

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