Descent into Darkness

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Unspoken Pleasures: Descent into Darkness

There exists an unknown world, a world of delightful, dark delights and unspeakable pleasures that the mind fails to comprehend and which is unknown to most and flirted with by a few. This world holds deliciously decadent and lascivious carnal delights of the flesh that once tasted, can never be forsaken.

This unseen world has many names and many hierarchies. Most people see the surface or what lies just below and this is mostly known as gothic or sometimes called “Goth” or “rave”. This level is what is “acceptable” by general society and most people dismiss it as a fad. However, there lies a whole darker “netherworld” with deeper levels and it is into this netherworld that our journey takes place.

Meet Harold Myers, a 33 year old middle level account manager at a top New York investment bank. Harold is a single male with average looks and build, about 5’9″ tall, weighing about 170 with sandy brownish blonde hair and hazel eyes. He is not overly handsome but he is not butt ugly either.

He is just your “average white guy” whose luck with women is less than average(lousy to be exact) and is stuck in the rut of “middle management blues” and sees no hope or no way out of any thing. In short he feels like he will be the preverbal old man who dies alone in a house full of cats.

Harold is further frustrated by an office mate and his arch nemesis, Brad Perkins or “The Bradster” as he likes to refer to himself. Brad is one of these pretty boy frat boy types and fancies himself a ladies’ man and thinks he is the best thing that God ever put on this earth.

To give you a general idea of what Brad is like, picture the old 1970’s sit-com “WKRP in Cincinnati” ™ and the character of Andy Travis, the slick, handsome program director. That is what Brad is like and Harold would be a cross between Les Nesmin and Mr. Carlson.

Harold’s only saving grace as he sees it and was that as a teenager he was that he was bright in school and was successful at the popular fantasy game “Dungeons and Dragons.” He had an uncanny way of playing the game and was a good at it, and began to secretly open himself up to the world.

As he aged, other things forced him to “grow out of it,” at least on the surface so he pushed it into some secret corner of his mind and never really “closed the door” on it and some part of him still believes in this that world and its magical powers It will be this fact that allows him to become part of this world.

Enter Sara Franklin who also shall be known in the underworld as “Luna.” She will be the one who guides Harold into this dark world and helps him eventually take his rightful place as “The Dark Lord Vlad 16th “

Luna is from a “troubled adolescence.” Growing up, she was somewhat an outcast with the hip crowd in her high school and had trouble fitting in seeing she moved constantly with her father being military. As a result, Sara turned to the “Goth crowd” and was immediately accepted into their group and became quite popular.

Physically speaking, she was a natural, with long jet black raven hair and black eyes with milky creamy white pale skin. She also had ruby red lips and the “goth” look. She was a little on the “pudgy” but not overly so. She maybe weighed about 5-10 pounds overweight(130 pounds) which was not bad for her 5’4″ 34C-24-34 body.

The people in the goth crowd accepted her she was and she made friends fast and since she began getting into Wicca. After high school, she made more goth friends and got deeper into he world and started experimenting with black magick and was a natural. At the age of 19 she committed her life to it full time and joined the underground coven to which she is now a member.

Looking at Sara now, you would never suspect she was as deep as she is into the underworld and as high as she is the coven(a level four when the story begins) At this level, she possess intermediate magical powers to make things happen at will by slight of hand or if she concentrates by thought and has moved past simple spells and incantations.

Harold and Sara share a connection a long time before they actually lay eyes on one another or physically meet for the first time. Sara first Saw Harold when she had come up to the floor to be interviewed for her current position. Their eyes met and Sara smiled at Harold and when he wasn’t looking, she glanced behind to watch him. She knew Harold was the one for her but Harold never really gave it another thought believing nothing would ever come of it.

Un known to Harold he would come to be drawn to Sara and would experience her in a way he never imagined possible Sara had found a way to enter Harold’s dreams and there she made love to him on a nightly basis, each night’s dream being more and more intense and more and more realistic until Harold doesn’t know whether his dreaming or actually getting lucky.

The first night Harold dreams he is standing in a loft apartment with circle of candles lit all around. canlı bahis The room is obviously a bed chamber and a king sized canopy bed with blood red silk sheets, the finest money can buy and a royal purple canopy is in the center of the circle of candles.

One the wall behind the bed is a large red pentagram with the ancient writing Harold is not familiar with It doesn’t not look like Latin and turns out to be an ancient spiritual language.

Standing before him is Luna in a long hooded black cape, black thigh high fishnet stockings with matching lace garters and black panties and is wearing the scent of Jasmine. On her neck she is wearing an silver Ankh and pentagram with the same writing on it as the one on the wall

Luna approaches him removes her hood smiles and kneels down before him and suddenly they are both naked. Luna smiles at him as she takes his rock hard 8 inch cock and slowly inserts it into her mouth and she begins giving him a blow job that curls his toes and straightens his hair.

Harold can feel his cock swell with cum and it is like Luna knows what is going to happen because she just grins and goes all the way down on it and just then Harold spunks his load down her throat and she smiles as she drinks it all down, not missing a drop.

The next thing Harold knows Luna is lying on her back and Harold is going down on her nicely trimmed raven haired pussy and Luna is bucking her hips up to meet his motions. Deep inside Luna’s orgasm is building and Harold knows by her moans of pleasure that she is ready to explode.

“Oh yes-s-s-s-s-s-s-s Harold make me cum” Luna cries as Harold finds her flooding his mouth with her sweet sticky cream.

The dream doesn’t stop there; Luna is on top of him riding him cowgirl style. Her hot sweet body writhes up and down as her sweet sugar walls grip sides of his cock and milk it for all it was worth.

Luna pulls Harold up so that they are now rocking back and forth as they continued to fuck and are passionately kissing.

It isn’t long until Harold spunks his load inside Luna again and soon they are fucking missionary style and Luna’s luscious legs are wrapped around Harold’s body and are pulling him in.

Their passions rise and Luna recites something in the ancient language, a language that is not human but is spiritual. She tells Harold to repeat it and he does and their souls become inexorably linked at this point not only in the dream but in reality.

Just as they are at the height of their passions, Luna transforms from a normal human into sexy but ravenous succubus demoness. Her hair is still jet black but her face has changed and has become angular and serpent like. She still has the form and beauty of a human but the soul and looks of a demon from the underworld

Her eyes that were beautiful brown are now blood red, her pretty pale skin is now bronze her ruby red lips are black and here ears are pointed and elf like. Also her fingers are slender with fingernails that are almost razor sharp and protruding from her hair is a set of horns.

Harold notices the transformation and instead of being afraid, he willingly submits himself to her as she continues to make love to him but with more sinister and evil things in store for him

Luna bares her fangs and sinks them into Harold’s neck. Harold knows he should fight but is not afraid and succumbs to the pleasure, allowing her to drink his blood.

After she has had her fill of his blood she smiles and proceeds to suck his soul from his mouth by kissing him. Just as Harold feels his soul slipping out of his body and becoming a part of Luna, he sits upright in his bed with a jolt and is back in his own apartment.

Harold is unsure of what to make of this and doesn’t know whether he is dreaming or not. His is soaked with sweat, his body is cum soaked as his sheets and the place where he was supposed to have been bitten is dripping a little blood and appears to be like a bug bite

Harold writes it off as a very vivid wet dream and falls back to sleep and wakes the next day thinking nothing more about it . He then sits up and finds a red rose with a pair of black pair panties lying next to him with the scent of Jasmine still on them

Was Harold dreaming or was this real? He doesn’t know and tries puts it out of his mind but it still is there with him, haunting him like a phantom spirit.

These dreams go in for 23 nights and each night they are more intense and during this time he is visited by Bella who comes to his room and makes love to him as well as two sexy blond vampires who make love to him dressed in Nun Habits and instead of having a cross on the white part of the robe there is a blazing red pentagram looking like it is dripping blood.

Sara and Harold meet for the first time three weeks after Sara had been promoted up into Harold’s department. The rumor mill had Sara as a “dark horse” in that she was a nobody, one of the many clerical assistance stuck down in the secretarial pool then bahis siteleri suddenly as by magic she was promoted to an account manager.

When Sara and Harold met it was instant attraction The chemistry was there from the beginning Harold knows that it is the woman that had been haunting his dreams but is still drawn to her.

A strange female voice whispered mysteriously in his ear sounding like she was in an echo chamber but the message was clear. The voice said “Talk to her,”

He listens and approached Sara and had found a new boldness he had never had before and much to his surprise Sara smiled and started talking to him.

“You can call me Luna sweetheart,” Sara said with a smile. “It is a name reserved only for my intimate friends but I know we will be that at much, much more.”

Much to Harold’s surprise Luna said yes when he asked her out that evening. They had sex and the sex was passionate wild unbridled and somewhat on the dark side, just like his dreams only better and more intense but Harold didn’t care.

As part of their sex, Luna had tied Harold up on the bed as she rode him cowgirl style. As she fucked him she recited an ancient Latin incantation and had Harold do the same. Harold and Luna mystically bonded. Harold and Luna became one as their souls and spirits united and Harold could see visions flashing in his mind.

Some of the images were of the coven while others were of strange ladies he had never seen before, two of which were Bella and the Coven Mistress, Raven

Harold could also see Luna at various stages of when she was in the coven, some at 19 when she first joined and was a sex slave, others when she was a trainer or keeper of a slave and when she had become to her present level.

Harold also saw Luna engaging in hot lesbian sex with Bella and Raven at times One time Luna was tied to a wooden Cross and Raven and Bella took turns eating her out and making her cum with dildoes.

Harold and Luna would also do it doggie style while Harold pumped his hard cock in and out to her pussy until she creamed all over his cock and he spunked his load deep into her pussy.

Harold and Luna would have hot passionate sex every night for 23 nights. During this time, Harold had moved into Luna’s spacious 1150 square foot loft in a renovated warehouse in one of New York’s trendy new developments and given himself over to the dark side and Luna was teaching him basic charms and spells and he was picking up on them.

On the 23rd night Luna told him it was time for him to become a member of the coven. She was dressed in an almost short black over cloak made of an almost see through mesh material with only her black fishnet thigh high stockings and garter on underneath and black stiletto heels. She was also wearing her pentagram and had a small silver ring shaped like an Ankh.

Luna blindfolded him called a taxi to pick them up. Once inside the cab she handed the driver a slip of paper and told him to drive to the address .

The coven was in what looked like an old abandoned warehouse and was in a dark remote alley just off New York’s alternative party district. Once there she removed the blindfold.

“Sorry for this sweetie, ” she said apologetically. “It is coven rules. It’s all part of the ceremony. Anyhow when it is time you will know where to come.”

Luna and Harold descended the stairs to below the street level where stood huge set of wooden Medieval Gothic double doors with a pentagram on front and speaking in Latin she recited the phrase that would open the door.

Once inside, Harold was amazed to see just how decadent this world could be but he was not taken aback, on the contrary he was quite intrigued and fascinated and mumbled to himself “Oh yes I am finally home”. Just then he heard a ghostly female voice in his mind sounding like it was a voice in the wind speak to him saying “Not yet my beloved but soon,” as she had replied to what he had just said.

“Come Harold” Luna said as she led him past cages filled with men and women with nothing but a tiny leather collar on and past other men and women with leather outfits on and huge spiked choke collars on with leashes on all fours while their mistresses were in leather dominatrix outfits walking them around treating them like dogs.

Once past that outer chamber they went upstairs to a bar where there were people dancing in cages suspended from the ceilings and others making out in the corner and some sitting around talking.

“The usual, Luna honey,” Stella the hot looking well built 38DD-28-37 5’11” waitress said wearing a sexy black fishnet cat suit and had almost pinkish- plum colored hair and had a huge silver pentagram around her neck that was nestled in her sumptuous cleavage.

“Yes please, and one for Harold here too,” Luna replied as she leaned over the bar and the two sumptuous vixens kissed.

“Two blood wines coming right up sugar,”

Blood wine was a what the name suggested, a mixture of mostly bahis şirketleri wine with a portion of blood mixed in

“Come,” Luna said taking Harold by the hand and led him to a table where they watched couples dance and people making out in the cages

Harold scanned the room out of curiosity and noted that some of the men that were sex slaves on the leashes were people he had met in the business world and who were quite successful.

Just as he was about to ask Luna about it she smiled and said “Yes my beloved there are successful people here, more than you will imagine. It would amaze you just how many successful people really belong to this underworld.”

Harold then got a flash in his mind and heard the same female voice speak to him as before and saw the woman dressed in a long black hooded cloak clearly in his mind and then he saw her stand in the midst of the crowd smile at him and blow him a kiss.

The mysterious woman remained in the room and Harold was going to asked Luna who she was but before he could form the sentence, Luna said “That is Mistress Bellatrix, the personal assistant to the Coven leader, the Princess Raven. Occasionally she appears and if she takes a fancy to you, you should be honored, for it is not everyone she blows a kiss too, only those whom who are worth and you have been one of those who are chosen.

“How did Luna know so much about what I am thinking,” Harold asked himself and just before he could verbalize that to her she replied “You forget my beloved, we are intimately and inexorably linked. I know everything you know and by sunrise, our souls and minds will have been joined and we will be able to communicate without the use of words.”

Harold pondered on what Luna had said for the next few minutes and finished his drink He then looked over and saw that the Bella was gone and just at that time two beautiful blonde women dressed in what looked like to be nun’s habits standing beside them.

One held her hand out to Luna and said “Come Luna you have done well. The mistress Bella wishes to reward you,” and before Harold could blink, the three of them disparated suddenly as they had appeared.

Moments after Luna had left, a tall slender well built woman with long midnight black hair and ruby red lips dressed in a two piece leather outfit stood before him. The top was a black leather halter and the bottom being a pair of form fitting very short leather pants She was also wearing a pair of thigh high leather boots with a 3 inch heel and had a pentagram around her neck.

“Come Harold I have been sent by our mistress to make sure your pleasures are taken care of while Luna is away,” the mysterious woman said as she held out her hand to him which was painted with black nail polish and was very soft to the touch almost like silk.

She led him to one of the many areas known as “private dungeons” where anything could be happening and usually was. “I think you will like what we have in store for you, she said with a purr as she opened the door showed him in and then saying with a smile “Have a seat, The fun is about to begin.

When Harold entered the room it was empty except for a huge wooden cross that spanned 6 feet wide and 6 feet tall made of cross ties that were cross ties that were 8 inches thick It was set in a platform measuring eight feet by eight feet and made the cross it about 18 inches off the ground

On the cross where was draped a red velvet cloth that hung down on both sides Below the cross on the wooden platform was a mattress where a small golden metal cross laid which was one inch across the base, 4inches from side to side and six from top to bottom

The door on the other side opened and two tall women evidently twins entered first dressed in what looked like to be a nun’s habits. However these were not your traditional habits in that instead of having a cross on the white part over their chests there was a blazing red pentagram that was designed and sewn to look like it was dripping blood from each point.

The two beauties entered solemnly and you could tell under their habits each had long golden blonde hair. The blonde women sat beside Harold and smiled and as they did Harold could tell these were no ordinary women.

The two girls turned and smiled and one spokes as with the voice of a siren’s song My name is Annika and this is Ursula” one of the twins said with a smile “Ursula and I have been sent to make sure your desires are satisfied while until Luna returns, so lie back and give in to your pleasures as we show you sensual delights you never dreamed possible

After about an hour and a half on unbridled sex where Annika and Ursula both took multiple turn fucking Harold and he spewed his hot load up their waiting pussies, they could hold back their blood lust no more. They would attempt to satisfy their blood lust by biting him in the neck and inner thigh just at the base of the crotch area but before either of them could draw blood they suddenly hesitated.

Luna’s voice echoed through the room as she spoke lovingly but with unmistakable authority. She uttered something in the ancient tongue and Ursula and Annika backed away from me like two girls who were about to be scorned.

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