Descent into Marital Depravity

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The big king sized hotel bed shook and I glanced at the clock on the night stand. It was after two and I had to get up for a seminar in four hours. I’d left her in the hotel bar downstairs almost four hours earlier and at the time she was standing next to a group of five young men who all looked to be half her age.

“Did you have fun?” I asked as my wife climbed into bed and pressed her naked body against mine. She never slept naked at home but everytime she accompanied me on a business trip she did and I loved feeling her warm flesh against mine. She smelled like beer and sex and I felt my cock start to swell.

“Yes,” she slurred drunkenly. “Lots and lots of fun. Wanna see?” She rolled onto her back and spread her thick shapely legs wide. The pungent smell of cum wafted up from her pussy and a deep, low moan spilled from my lips. I slid my hand down the valley between her big natural tits and across her soft, supple belly to her sloppy, soiled pussy. My heart raced and my cock throbbed incessantly. At home in New England we lived very vanilla lives but when ever we traveled my wife assumed her alter ego. She dressed sexy and picked up strange men where ever she could. Then she returned to me and described in lurid detail all that she’d done with the other man. She preferred younger men and at 40 she was still hot enough to get them. She was a full bodied woman with big natural tits, a trim waist and wide hips. Her stomach was flat and her big ass was round and heart shaped with little cellulite or dimples thanks to hours of work at the gym. She had a pretty round face with full lips, bright eyes and a mischievous smile. It all combined to make her look ten years younger than her actual age.

“Bare back?” I asked. My fingers, three of them, slipped effortlessly into her usually tight pussy. I curled them into her and pressed my palm against her engorged clit as her eyes closed and her lips quivered.

“All of them,” she said in a deep tremulous voice that conveyed the depths of her depravity and excitement. She loved being a hot wife and I enjoyed it too, though I had been dubious at first.

“How many of those boys did you fuck,” I hissed. I felt my temperature rise, not from anger but from intense excitement. We had experimented with the cuckold/hotwife lifestyle a half dozen or more times during our travels but she had never fucked multiple guys in one night before and I was beside myself with waton desire.

‘Three of the five fucked me back at their frat house. I blew one in the car on the way back here and the other chickened out,” my wife replied in a thick raspy tone. Her chest was heaving as I continued to rub her clit and finger her cum filled hole. She was close and I sped up my assault until she clutched at my hand. Her entire body tensed and her legs trembled as waves of pleasure washed over her. I didn’t know how many times she had climaxed with them but the quickness with which she came with me made it clear that she was far from sated.

“Did they spit roast you Baby?” I asked excitedly as I pulled my fingers out of her well fucked pussy and slid them into my mouth, tasting their combined juices. She and I had often fantasized about having a threesome and while I wished that I had been there, the mental image of my sexy, curvaceous wife on her knees with a cock in both her pussy and her mouth was the hottest thing I could think of.

“They did baby and they dumped three loads of fresh cum for you to eat.” She rolled over and lifted her leg over my face in a smooth fluid motion. Her torso faced the wall and she braced against it as she spread her legs wider, settling her cum soaked pussy onto my hungry mouth. I’d eaten dozens of loads of cum from my wife’s pussy over the years. Most had been my own and I had come to crave the taste of cum mixed with pussy.

My mouth sealed tight to her twat and I sucked hard while digging my tongue deep inside her. A huge dollop of cum dropped into my mouth, filling it to the point that I had to swallow quickly rather than savor the rich taste and creamy texture. Several more globs of cum drained into my mouth before I moved my mouth away from her hole and flicked my tongue over her engorged clit.

My wife released a deep guttural cry as a second powerful climax shook her thick sexy body. She’d been a short petite girl with nice D cups when we’d first married fifteen years earlier but two children and the comforts of marriage had caused her to put on twenty well placed pounds over the years. She was self conscious of her weight gain at first but the truth was that she looked even hotter with her small waist, full hips and DD breasts and I was far from the only one to think so. She was always getting hit on, often by much younger men and while she’d resisted their advances for over ten years one day she confessed that sometimes she got tempted by young fit men. I had been bothered at firsts because I feared that I would lose her but she assured me that her temptations were purely physical. She casino şirketleri had read articles about cuckolds and hot wives before she confessed her fantasy to me and afterward we read them together. We started with just fantasy and role playing and I started to get into it. At first I wasn’t sure if I would ever be able to watch her with another man in real life but the fantasy was incredible and eventually we’d gotten to the point where we both wanted her to pick up a guy, fuck him and tell me all about it. It seemed easier to me than having to watch her get fucked.

“I need you inside me now,” my wife purred as she slid down my body, her wet pussy leaving a snail track down my torso, and guided my cock into her silky womb. Her hips gyrated and she bent down, pressing her supple lips against mine. Her fingernails raked down my chest and dug into my flesh sending jolts of pain through me as my climax began to build.

My tongue entwined with hers and my hips thrust up into her, lifting her off the bed. My chest heaved and my breathing labored. I was close to cumming and she pulled away from my lips and looked into my eyes with a hard stare.

“Are you gonna cum Baby?” She asked in a velvety tone. She put her hands on my chest and moved the to my throat.

“Yes,” I hissed loudly, my voice shaking with tremolo as I struggled to stave off my impending climax.

“Do it,” she groaned. Her pussy ground onto my dick. “Dump your load in me and add it to the mess the frat boys made.”

Her words rang true and they pushed me over the edge. It’s been said that the mind is the most powerful erogenous zone and the ferocity of my climax was proof that was true. I grunted and groaned as I came hard inside her, spewing ribbons of hot cream into her soiled womb. She continued to ride my cock as my body shook from the power of my orgasm and as my warm seed filled her womb another climax washed over her

My beautiful wife quivered and quaked until the waves of her orgasm ebbed. She collapsed on top of me as my spent dick went soft and slipped from the warm embrace of her well fucked pussy. I felt incredibly close to her as my cum drained from her depths onto my pelvis.

“Did you really fuck three of those frat boys?”

“Mmm hmmm it was so hot and you cleaned all of their cum from my pussy. Your such a cum slut Baby,” she teased. “The only thing that could have made it better is if you were there with me. Are you ready to join in next time?” She had recently been pressuring me to watch and join her with another guy and while I knew that watching her get fucked by someone else would be simultaneously painful and exciting I had another reason to want to be there. For most of my life I had considered myself totally straight but in recent years I’d developed a curiosity about bisex and part of my cuckold fantasies were driven by a desire to suck another man’s cock. I had been honest with my wife about my evolving sexuality and it excited her as much as watching her with a woman had excited me but it was a big leap to go from fantasizing about sucking dick to feeling a warm throbbing cock in my mouth.

“I am,” I said quietly as I took a long, deep breath. Just the thought of watching her with another man made my heart race anew, though my 44 year old cock was spent for a while.

“And what about the other thing that we talked about?” She was of course talking about me pleasuring a man and I nodded as my cheeks flushed crimson with embarrassment. I had gotten somewhat comfortable with my bicuriosity but 40+ years of straight living was a hurtle to leap.

“Good because the guy who drove me home thinks you’re hot and wants to come by the hotel tonight for both our pleasure. He didn’t fuck me yet but I blew him in the car and he has a fantastic dick. You’ll like him, I promise” She rolled over and just moments later she was sleeping soundly as I wrestled with the very real possibility that my long time fantasy could become a reality in less than a day.

I slept little and the seminar was a blur. My wife text messaged me several times during the day, keeping my mind on sex rather than business, and when I returned to our hotel room before dinner she met me at the door naked and ready. Her chest was flushed and the smell of her arousal hung heavy in the air.

“Did you start without me?” I said, pulling her warm, soft body against mine and kissing her deep and wet. Our tongues entwined and she untucked my shirt as she pawed excitedly at me. She made quick work of my suit and dropped to her knees before me as my cock jutted proudly from my still athletic body. I’d worked hard to keep myself in shape as I entered my mid forties and it showed. I looked good for my age but despite my hard work I knew my body would pale by comparison to the young frat boy who was going to join us later that night.

My wife noisily slurped on my hard cock working me into a frenzy before she turned around and offered me her dripping wet pussy. I sank quickly casino firmaları into her and fucked her hard from behind. I could feel her fingers on her clit and it didnt take her long to erupt in a powerful climax. Her pussy clenched rhymically onto my dick as spasms shook her body and when the final wave washed over her she pulled away and thanked me for her orgasm while denying me a much needed release.

She slipped away and dressed quickly as I sat on the bed with a hard wet dick. My head was spinning and I knew the method to her madness was to keep me in a state of intense arousal until we hooked up with the young frat boy.

I stuffed my hard dick into a pair of boxer briefs and then into a tight pair of jeans. My erection eventually subsided and we went down to eat but all I could think about was sex.

I couldn’t think clearly while we ate in the bar and we drank a bottle of wine with dinner which only exacerbated by hyper-excited state. My pretty wife continued to tease me mercilessly, rubbing my cock under the table as we waited for our guest to arrive and I was ready to burst by the time he joined us. I was eager to bring them both upstairs but my wife made me wait another hour while we talked and drank. She continued to rub my dick through my pants and took turns kissing her young friend and me until the sexual energy between us was electric.

They cornered me in the elevator as we rose to our sixth floor room. We’d chosen to stay in the same room at the Reno Atlantis that we’d stayed at the first time we went away. That weekend we’d had sex eight times in 36 hours. It had been the perfect mix of raw hot sex and tender love making and I had replayed it in my mind hundreds of times in the years since. I felt four hands on my body and my eyes closed while my wife kissed my lips and the frat boy teased my hard throbbing dick through my pants. I couldn’t believe what was happening. A man, a hot young frat boy, was teasing my hard dick. I was aware that there was a camera in the elevator and that it was likely that someone was watching the beginning of what I knew would be a night to remember. The fact that a stranger was probably watching us made the entire scene even hotter.

Precum oozed from my cock and soaked my boxer briefs leaving a cool wet spot in them. I felt him guide my hand to his cock and my heart thumped in my chest as my wife kissed down to my neck.

His lips approached mine and I inhaled sharply. I had never even considered kissing another man. In my fantasies the sex between me and another man had always been raw and primal without any hint of intimacy. Kissing was the very definition of intimate but when his lips met mine I instinctively opened my mouth and welcomed his tongue inside it.

A low moan spilled from my lips and I will shamelessly ground my body against his strong hand. I felt my need to cum consume me and my body started to tingle.

The chime announcing that we’d arrived at our floor momentarily broke the spell I was under and the three of us quickly separated and stumbled into the hall. My head was spinning and my hard cock made it difficult to walk the short distance down to our room. I recalled the nerves I’d felt the first time I’d entered that room with her and I smiled as I opened the door and let them both inside.

We tugged and tossed our clothes onto the floor in a frenzied mess as we groped and kissed one another indiscriminately. I pulled my wife tight and kissed her hard while I gripped his hard cock in my hand. I’d never touched a hard cock besides my own and I was surprised at how comfortable yet different it was.

He groaned as I squeezed his dick hard and he pulled me from my enbrace with my wife and pushed me to my knees. He was twenty plus years my junior but he made it clear that he was in charge and I liked that. I had long known and accepted that I was sexually submissive and my wife had often dominated me but the truth was that while she identified as switch she preferred being submissive like me.

The musky scent of his body engulfed me and sent my libido rocketing skyward. I leaned closer and inhaled deeply drawing it into my lungs as my tongue flicked out instinctively and caressed his silky flesh. My hands rubbed up his legs and stroked his inner thigh making his legs tremble ever so slightly.

I could feel my wife’s smoldering gaze as she watched me surrender to my powerful, hedonistic desires. I closed my eyes and opened my mouth wide,wrapping my lips around the head of his cock. A long low moan spilled from his lips and he ran his fingers through my thick, salt and pepper hair urging me to take him deeper.

My wife released an excited squeal and joined me on her knees in front of him. Her hand rested on my back and caressed my skin as she leaned in and planted kisses on my face and neck. She slid her hand down my spine and her fingertips teased the crack of my ass.

My focus was divided between the thick throbbing dick in my mouth and güvenilir casino my wife’s fingers. She pushed them against my sphincter and eased them inside of my ass. It wasn’t the first time that she’d penetrated my ass and in fact she had often pegged me with her girl cock. Pegging had hurt at first but over time I had not only begun to like it, I had come to crave it and I wiggled my ass, silently urging her deeper as I slid my lips down his pulsating shaft.

His hips jogged gently fore and aft, fucking my mouth and making me gag each time his cock touched the back of my throat. Tears filled my eyes as I struggled not to gag on his big delicious cock.

“You look good with his dick in your mouth Baby,” my wife purred. She slid down and took his balls into her mouth while pumping her fingers into me. I was in heaven. I had long fantasized about sharing a cock with my wife but I’d been afraid to do it.

“Mmm,” I moaned and hummed. Tears streamed down my cheeks and saliva spilled from the corners of my mouth. It dripped from my chin onto my wife’s lips. My head was spinning and my stiff dick pointed skyward as a signal of the depths of my excitement.

His breathing started to quicken and I could tell that his climax was building. He guided me off his dick and pulled me to my feet. His strong arms wrapped around my waist and he pulled me tight as he mashed his lips against mine. Our throbbing cocks ground together as my wife ran her hands over both of our bodies making us both shudder with excitement.

She guided us over to the bed and the three of us fell in a heap of naked writhing flesh. My wife straddled his waist and impaled herself on his dick. She leaned forward and kissed him while I moved behind her and pulled her ass cheeks apart.

My tongue slithered up her ass crack and pushed into her asshole making her moan like a greedy whore. Her hips gyrated and ground slowly letting me wetly tongue her ass before I eased two fingers inside it. I could feel his cock inside her pussy and I added a third finger to my anal assault. It was mind blowing to see my wife impaled on a young stud’s cock and even more so to feel it inside of her.

“Are you ready?” I asked playfully. I pulled my fingers from her gaping ass and spit onto my cock before easing it inside of her anal canal. A long deep moan spilled from her trembling lips and I started to fuck her with long languid strokes as I savored the sensation of my cock rubbing against his, separated by only a thin membrane.

Her body responded to our dicks and her chest heaved. Her squeals and grunts filled the room and her breaths came in short gasps as a powerful climax rocked her body. He and I rocked back and forth, our balls rubbing together as our cocks moved in opposite directions separated from each other by a thin membrane, until the final spasm of her orgasm abated.

I pulled my dick from my wife’s ass and she climbed off his. He glistened with her juices and I lowered my hungry lips to his juice covered dick. The distinctive flavor of my wife’s pussy filled my mouth as I swirled my tongue around his swollen glans. I felt completely comfortable with his dick in my mouth and I sucked hard on his throbbing manhood until my jaw grew sore and tired. A new set of desires washed over me and shook me to my core.

I looked up at him with warm pleading eyes and reluctantly removed his cock from my mouth.

“I want you to fuck me,” I said in a voice that was so thick and raspy with lust that it sounded foreign to me. I had on occasion fantasized about taking a real dick into my ass but I hadn’t been sure if I’d ever be willing to make it a reality. I’d made the decision hastily but I knew what I wanted.

“Are you sure?’ He mused as he looked down at me and fisted his big dick.

“Very sure.” I rolled onto my back and spread my legs wide offering myself to him in the ultimate act of submission. A warm smile danced on his lips and he moved between my splayed thighs. He lubbed his dick and I shivered with randy anticipation of what was to come.

My wife laid beside me and kissed me as he positioned his hard, slippery dick against my eager sphincter. I relaxed and moaned into her mouth while she stroked my rigid shaft as he sank the length of his manhood into my depths. The sensation was incredible. Pain mixed with pleasure as his girth split me wide open and he paused, balls deep inside me, and flashed a Cheshire cat grin that made my knees weak and my cock throb.

He backed out slowly and the thrust hard. I grunted with each stroke and the room filled with the sound of slapping flesh. My wife’s hand made quick work of my needy cock and I sped past the point of no return as he fucked my ass hard and fast like a jackhammer. I felt a building pressure before the damn burst and spasms of pleasure rocked me like never before.

Ribbons of cum jetted from my dick and I cried out loudly as an intense orgasm threatened my consciousness. He continued to fuck me hard and fast. Sweat rolled down his smooth chest and his breathing labored. He looked sexy as fuck. His taut muscles rippled with each thrust and his tan body glistened. I had never been physically attracted to a man before but at that momemt you would have known it.

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