Detective Dick

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It was a night like any other. Detective Dick Osborne sat behind his solid timber desk, closing files and getting ready to go home for the evening, or maybe to a bar, since there was nothing at home for him anyway, and he hated drinking alone.

There was a knock at the door and he looked up to see her standing there, all legs and breasts. Her curly blond hair hung in ringlets about her shoulders and her cold blue eyes warned him she was a dangerous woman. Her red leather skirt covered little more than her panties, though he had his doubts as to whether or not she was wearing any. The back latex tank top she had squeezed her more then ample breasts in to, was stretched to capacity, the fabric threatening to burst under the incredible strain.

The way she moved reminded him of a Persian cat his mother had owned when he was a child, her perfectly manicured red claws sliding down the length of her slender thighs as she moved closer to his desk. Leaning against the polished timber, her heaving cleavage dipping lower before his inquisitive eyes, she spoke in a pleading, exasperated voice.

“Oh Detective Osborne, I’m in terrible trouble, can you help me? I’m more than willing to pay you anything you ask. And I do mean anything.”

He could tell this woman was desperately in need of his assistance, but with what, he wondered. She showed all the finesse of a million-dollar call girl, sleek and smooth, her perfume intoxicating. Yep, she was his kind of dame all right and he was willing to assist her with more than just her inquiry. Taking his notebook from the pocket of his tweed jacket, he reached for a pencil, the growing bulge in the front of his pants brushing hard against the edge of his desk. Leaning back in the chair, propping his feet up on the desk, he gave her a serious look.

“Ok Ma’am, just give me the facts.” He held his pencil at the ready, not wanting to miss a single detail of her account. Propping her tight little ass on the edge of his desk, he could see the inside of her thigh. Either she has the furriest bush he had ever seen or she was hiding one very lucky kitty up her skirt. The thought of how he could make that kitty purr made him press a little hard on his pencil, snapping the lead and leaving a dark imprint on the paper. She gave him a wicked smile, knowing full well the affect she was having on him.

“What’s the matter detective? No lead in your pencil?” She reached to the pencil holder and retrieved another, sharpened tool, handing it too him, running the tip of her well-formed tongue over her perfect white teeth.

He raised an eyebrow at her. “I have more than enough lead to suite my purposes, but it never hurts to keep your pencil sharpened. Now Ma’am, the facts?” She bit her bottom lip timidly, looking at him through puppy dog eyes.

“It’s a terrible mess Mr. Osborne, I’m certain my lover is cheating on me. I think he’s sleeping with his wife. He was always a terrible lover, blowing his load in no time at all, but lately, he’s been lasting for hours, pushing and thrusting into me until I climax over and over again. You see, he can only do that on his second load, so he must be fucking that shameless slut before he comes to me. And then yesterday, he smelled of perfume, more expensive than the one he buys me, so he’s obviously spending money on her well. He’s such a cad. I want pictures Detective Osborne. Pictures, videotape, everything. I want to know if he really is fucking his bitch.”

Osborne gave her a confused look. After all, it was hardly a crime for a man to fuck his wife and buy her perfume. A fact he pointed out to the woman.

“Please, call me Kitty, Kitty DeLuth.” Her voice was soft and sultry, her red fingernails tracing lines up and down the inside of her thigh. “You see Mr. Osborne, he said that he loved me, and as soon as she died, he would marry me and keep in the manner I deserve. He swore I was the only one he would ever fuck, and if he’s lying to me about that, he could be lying about everything. I have to know if he’s true to me, I just have to.” She pulled a silk hanky from her purse and dabbed the corners of her eyes, but Osborne was no fool, he doubted this feline ever shed a tear in her life.

Tapping his pencil on the edge of his note pad, he considered the possibilities of taking this case, and the repercussions.

“I will need to know the name of your lover before I can give you an answer Miss Kitty, though I doubt any man that would chose a house wife over a dame like you could be much of a man.” Her sexy smile and cruel eyes told him she was thinking the same thing. Opening the bottom draw of his desk, he produced a bottle of cheap bourbon and two glasses, filling both glasses and handing her one. She threw her drink back in one shot and held the glass out for another.

“His name is Witherspoon, Drake Witherspoon.” Osborne had just taken his first mouthful of the cheap liquor when she named the quarry. Choking, he coughed, ataşehir escort spluttering and spraying the delectable Miss DeLuth with a mouthful of bourbon. She seemed unperturbed by the dousing, using her hanky to blot away the droplets of liquor that ran down into the bottomless depths of her cleavage. Wiping his mouth with the back of his hand, he gave her a flat look.

“Lady you have got to be kidding. Drake Witherspoon must be pushing eighty, and his wife can’t be much younger, not to mention he’s the wealthiest, most powerful and eccentric man in the state. What’s a sweet dish like you doing porking an old bore like him?” He knew that was a stupid question, it was obviously the money, still, the thought of that old mans body slapping around on her young tender flesh was enough to put him off his third glass of bourbon. Well, almost.

“No Detective, I’m not kidding. But if you think the job is to hard to handle, I’ll take my twenty grand and give it to some one who can handle themselves a little better.” Picking up her purse, she made a move for the door.

“Now hold on there a moment Miss DeLuth, for twenty grand, there is no such thing as I job I can’t handle. Actually I’m pretty damn good at handling myself and do regularly. I am kind of intrigued as to how that old bastard gets it up to begin with, let alone keeps it going for hours. I’ll get you your dirty pictures. Call me in a few days and I’ll let you know what I find out.” Opening her purse, she took out a wad of bills that made his mouth drool.

“Alright Mr. Osborne, you can have your shot at it. Here is ten grand, you get the other ten when I have pictures and video. One week, that’s all the time I will give you, not a day more. Do we have an agreement Dick?” She flicked her hair and pushed out her breasts, her tongue moistening her glistening red lips.

Slipping the money into his coat pocket, he gave her an overconfident grin. “I would say we do Kitten.” The way she wiggled her ass as she walked out his door made him think she really should have a tail to swing. What a woman. Shaking his head he reached for the open bottle and took a long hard swig. He could not believe that his wonderful career had led to his. He was to be little more than a peeping Tom. A charge he had been acquitted of in a county court thanks to the help of a good lawyer friend.

Recapping the bottle, he picked up his hat and his digital camera. He chuckled a little at the amount of money this thing had made him. It could do just about anything a normal camera and video cam could do, and the zoom was the best to be had. Closing the office door behind him, he headed out into the street, flagging down a cab and reading out the address Miss DeLuth had given him. He muttered another curse at the cop who had booked him for driving under the influence. How was he expected to conduct an affective steak out in a cab? It seemed ridiculous when he had a perfectly good Austin sitting in the garage at home. He had a long night ahead of him and he was beginning to wish he’d brought that bourbon with him.

The lights in the Witherspoon mansion burned bright as Dick had the cab drop him off near the front gate. The security in this place had to be the best available, and there was little if any chance he would be able to get inside the boundaries without being noticed by a burly guard, or mauled by large hungry dogs. He grinned wickedly when he spotted a tree that leaned against the boundary wall; it’s branches hanging over into the property. It was perfect for both his entrances and his escape from the estate. Swinging the camera over onto his back, he quickly climbed the tree, badly misjudging the strength of the branches. No sooner had he reached to height of the fence, than the branch beneath him snapped, toppling him over the fence and onto the ground on the other side, his head connecting with well placed tap, setting off the sprinkler system and knocking him unconscious.

When Dick awoke, he found himself buck naked under a fresh white linen sheet with an ice pack on his forehead. It took him a few moments to figure out just where in the hell he was. He was about to get out of bed and look for his clothing when the door opened and a maid entered. She was a cute little thing in a gathered black skirt and a white blouse. Her short black hair curled around under her ears and her deep brown eyes fixed on him with a steamy gaze. He wondered for a moment if she had been the one to undress him. He certainly hoped so. She came closer to the bed, her cute little wiggle excentuated by the tight fit of her skirt.

“Ah, Mr. Osborne, you’re awake. How is your head feeling?” She reached for the ice pack and replaced it with another, bending forward so that he was afforded an excellent view of her very impressive cleavage. He wasn’t sure what to say. He knew he could be arrested for trespassing if the police had been called, but perhaps he could bluff his avcılar escort way out of it if questioned. His head throbbed a little when he went to move and he paced a hand over his forehead.

“It’s felt better.” It was quite an understatement really, he doubted getting hit by a truck could have hurt less. He was about to ask the girl where his clothing was when he door opened again and another woman entered. She was a little taller than the maid was, and her dress was much more refined. Her shoulder length blond hair was cut into a neat bob, and her pale blue eyes sparkled with intelligence.

“Mr. Osborne, I’m glad to see you conscious. For a while there I was worried our lawn ornaments might have caused you irreparable damage, and we can’t have our guests dropping in and getting damaged now can we?” Picking up the digital cam that was sitting on the bed stand and turning it over in her hand, she gave him a curious look. “You should be careful bird watching at night Mr. Osborne. You never know when your perch is going to give way and drop you on some one’s front lawn. Would you like to tell me what you were trying to capture on film, or should I try an guess?”

It was obvious this was no stupid woman, and his chances of getting out of this unscathed were definitely slim. Scratching the back of his head he searched his scattered mind for a reasonable excuse.

“Actually there was a cat caught in the tree and I was trying to rescue it.” He knew it was lame but it was about the best he could come up with on short notice. The woman threw back her head and laughed.

“I think you were trying to get to a pussy, but I doubt very much it was up that tree. Tell me Detective, just who’s pussy were you trying to capture?” He swallowed hard. “Or should I be asking, which pussy hired you to take the pictures?” At this point Dick figured saying nothing was probably the best course of action, but mostly because he had no idea what to say. On the other side of the room the maid bent to pick up some obscure little thing that was on the carpet, giving Dick a full view of everything that had previously been hidden by her skirt, which did not include panties. The other woman did not miss the surprise on his face and smiled wickedly.

“Mr. Osborne, do you have any idea who I am?” It was an effort to pull his eyes away from the maid and look the woman in the eyes.

“Sorry ma’am, you’ve got me on that one.” She nodded her head thoughtfully.

“I didn’t think you did. I am Lee, Lee Witherspoon, Drake Witherspoon’s wife. From the look on your face I can tell you’re a little surprised.” He was more than a little surprised. The last Mrs. Witherspoon he had known about would have been close to eighty, this woman could have been no more than thirty. “Perhaps your weren’t aware that the former Mrs. Witherspoon passed away some months back. Drake and I were wed three weeks ago, and don’t look at me like I am a money hungry whore, with the addition of a little viagra, Drake’s nine inches makes for a pretty reasonable ride.”

Dick was stunned. Not only was that all guy fucking two of the most delicious women he had ever seen, he was doing a good job of it. That damn viagra was robbing younger men of some really great sex, but it did explain how he managed to plug Kitty for hours on end.

“My apologies Mrs. Witherspoon, but I am sure you understand that I can’t reveal the name of my client, or the nature of my business. Now if you will just return my clothing to me, I will be on my way.” She laughed mischievously.

“I don’t think so detective. You see you have been a naughty boy, and for that, you must be punished, added to that you have some information I desire, and will have. Are you ready to talk business Dick?”

“I am a business man Mrs. Witherspoon, and always open to a good proposition. What did you have in mind?” The maid can back to the edge of the bed, taking the ice pack off his head and laying him back on the pillow. He thought she was tending to his wound until she produced a pair of handcuffs, his handcuffs, and snapped one end to his wrist, and the other end to the bed head. “What the fuck?”

“Here’s the deal Dick. You tell me, who hired you to take the pictures, and I won’t torture you, and I won’t call the police and tell them I caught a trespasser. Do we have a deal?” The idea of being tortured by such an outstanding display of womanhood didn’t bother him one bit, in fact it made him kind of hot, but one more arrest would see him in prison, and that was something he wished to avoid at all costs. A three hundred-pound boyfriend named Bruce was not his idea of a good time. He had no option other than to tell her about Kitty, and her husband’s dalliance.

The woman’s face was unmoved as he told her about Kitty, and the kinds of pictures he was to take. He was a coward at heart, but that was something that had never bothered him in the past. Lee tapped her fingers avrupa yakası escort on the edge of the bed; her mind running over the information he had just divulged. He tugged at the handcuffs a little trying to bring her attention back to the fact that he was still attached to the bed.

“Ok lady, I told you what you wanna know, now how’s about letting me loose?” She raised an eyebrow at him.

“Yes, you did, but there is still the little matter of you trespassing to be dealt with. You have invaded my privacy and that is not something I take lightly.” Reaching over, she grabbed the edge of the sheet and pulled it back, leaving him completely naked and exposed. At the sight of his half hard cock, her eye’s lit up. “Mr. Osborn, do you have a permit to carry that weapon around in your pants?” Dick was well aware that he was well endowed, but was not fond of having is cock size pointed out to him. “I still have to punish you for being naughty.”

The maid began to strip, removing her blouse, skirt and bra in quick succession, leaving her naked as the day she was born. Dick’s cock became a little harder at the sight of her well-rounded breasts and shaved slit, a reaction it was impossible to hide without the sheet. Coming a little closer to the head of the bed, the maid lifted one leg and set her foot on the mattress, opening her smooth shaved pussy for Dick to see. Slowly she ran her hands down over her breasts, cupping them and massaging her hard dark nipples. Dick licked his lips at the thought of having those hard little gems in his mouth, to suck and taste, but she stayed far enough back that he could not reach her. Working her way down over her belly, her fingers slipped between her thighs, sliding along her wet, glistening slit and spreading her lips wide.

A soft moan escaped Dick’s lips as her fingers vanished into her wet hole, the musk scent of her feminine odor reaching his nose and sending wild messages to his now very solid cock. Lee watched on approvingly. If this was her idea of torture, she could torture him every day. His free hand reached for his throbbing cock, aching to stroke it while he watched the maid finger fucking herself, but Lee smacked his hand away, replacing it with her own.

“No, no Dick, you’re not to touch anything, and I do mean anything.” Her hand slid easily up and down his shaft, slowing as her palm circled the engorged head, squeezing and pressing as she went. The maid climbed up onto the bed, standing with her feet on either side of his head, her pussy directly above him, her fingers still working her wet slit. He reached up to touch, only to have his hand smacked away again. It didn’t take him long to work out that the torture he was that he was not allowed to participate, and that was a torturous indeed. The maid lowered to her knees, her delicious smelling cunt only inches away from his out stretched tongue. She was so close he could almost taste her.

Something warm and wet wrapped around his cock and he looked down to see Lee running the tip of her tongue around his shaft. He moaned softly, wanting more, not wanting to be teased like this, but loving every moment of it. The maid turned and looked at Lee, and deciding she wanted a little of that action as well, turned her body so that her pussy pressed hard against his nose and her ass stuck up in the air. This was an open invitation for his tongue to reach out and taste her pussy juices, which he quickly did. With Lee leaning down to suck his balls into her pretty little mouth, and the stunning maid was trying to find out just how much of his ten inches she could fit down the back of her throat, his tongue got busy licking and lapping the slick little cunt sitting on his face. She tasted better than she smelled, and she smelled like heaven. With he free hand he pinched and squeezed the cheek of her tight little ass, and expected to have it smacked away again, but when it wasn’t, he became a little daring. With his tongue darting in and out of her wet hole, licking up and swallowing all he could find, he slipped his finger into her pussy and covered it in a combination of slick juices and saliva. First he teased the sensitive area between her pussy and her ass, rubbing his finger back and forward, then teasing around the rim of her puckered little delight. She moaned and wiggled, pushing back against his finger, trying to take it into her ass, and he was never one to deny a lady.

Pushing gently, he worked his finger into her tight hole, keeping the same rythem as his tongue, pushing and probing as she sucked his filling sack. The maid’s mouth pulled back from his cock and he hoped she would not take it away for long, he was very much liking the warm feel of her mouth around his shaft, and was hoping for the chance to spray his hot cum into the back of her throat. What she did though was even better, lifting up, Lee climbed over him, straddling his cock and sliding her hot box over his impressive tool. He lay still, letting her work her way onto his huge cock slowly, lifting and lowering her body until her cunt was filled to capacity with throbbing meat. He could hear both women panting and groaning as they used his body like a sex toy, a very willing sex toy at that, and one that came with batteries included.

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