Did You Ever? Ch. 02

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Tony sat straight up on the fold-out couch mattress and scooted back a little. His cock exited Max’s mouth with a pop. He looked down and saw his best friend on his knees, stroking his huge cock. It was obvious Max had been masturbating while sucking on Tony.

“Max, geez, what the hell?” Tony said, pulling the waistband of his boxers over his hard cock.

His face twisted as if in pain and his hand furiously stroking his dick, Max blurted out, “Sorry, sorry, uhhh, I should have, ughhh, I should have asked, Oh, oh, wait, I should have, uhhhh, I,I,” and he dropped to his side, rolled over onto his back and let loose. Max’s cock pulled tightly against his belly, he came and came, a pool of cum forming just above his navel. It took just a few seconds, but to Tony it seemed to be much longer. He watched as Max groaned, and fought to take in air. With each squirt of cum, Max’s hips lifted off the mattress, as if he was fucking the air.

Finally, it was over, and Max lay still, his deflated cock against his thigh. Even when it was soft, Max’s cock was larger than Tony’s cock hard. Tony sat in stunned silence after witnessing Max’s wild, almost violent orgasm. In the seconds after it ended, Tony realized that his hand was tightly cupping his balls. He silently admitted to himself that watching Max had excited him. He wanted to experience the casino şirketleri same wild release. His cock was still hard against his boxers, which were damp with Max’s saliva from the interrupted blowjob.

“Holy shit,” Tony thought. He was receiving his first-ever blowjob, and he stopped it. In his dreams, that first BJ would come from a girl. But in reality, it came from a friend, his best friend for many years, whose head had bounced up and down over Tony’s cock.

Without thinking, he slid his hand up and began to squeeze his cock.

Max, still on his back, finally spoke.

“Tony. Tony, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have done that without your permission. It was wrong. It was wrong because we didn’t decide on it together. I woke up and your cock was hard and moving. I could see it through the fly on your boxers,” Max said. “I was thinking about last night, how we made each other cum, that it looked like you needed to cum again. I was thinking about my roommate at school, how he wanted to use his mouth on me. I was imagining how good it might feel; people say it feels better than anything to have your cock sucked.

“You’re my best friend. I wanted you to feel what it was like. I wanted to feel what it was like to take a cock in my mouth. So I just did it, and it was so exciting to feel you get harder and harder, to hear you mumble casino firmaları in your sleep, to feel your hips move as I sucked you.”

Max fell silent, his chin dropped to his chest and tears began to form in his eyes.

A long minute passed.

“Tony,” Max whispered. “I’m sorry. I hope you don’t hate me.”

“Max, it’s OK,” Tony said. “I never felt anything like that in my life, the wetness, the softness, the heat of your mouth. If you had asked, I might have said no, but I’ll tell you this, it felt good as hell.”

Both friends shared nervous laughs. Everything with OK with them, as always.

“Hey Max, I gotta finish what you started. I feel like my balls are in a vice,” Tony said, pulling down his boxers and grasping is cock.

As Tony fell into a rhythm, he closed his eyes and enjoyed that sensation of masturbation. Max crawled alongside to watch his friend jack off, his own cock beginning to twitch.

“Tony,” Max said, interrupting the moment. “I didn’t ask before, which was wrong. But I’m asking now: Can I finish you off.”

“It felt pretty good,” Tony said. “And I don’t think I will be able to do the same for you, but I have to cum pretty soon, and if you want to do it, go ahead.”

So Tony flattened out on the bed and watched as Max took hold of his hard cock and bent it toward his mouth. güvenilir casino Tony’s eye were wide open as Max swirled his tongue around the tip of his friend’s dick and then opened his mouth and slid his lips over the rigid column of hard flesh. His head bobbed up and down, sucking on the downstrokes and dragging his tongue on the underside of Tony’s cock on the upstrokes.

Thirty seconds last, Tony felt every muscle in his body tense, his cock swelled, and he grunted, “now, it’s coming, I can’t hold back, Max, I, Unnnghhhhh.

And the cum flowed in heavy spurts. Max had pulled back his face, and the cum splattered against his cheeks. He pumped Tony’s cock to the finish, and then rolled back.

“Tony, I didn’t have the guts to take it in my mouth,” an apologetic Max said.

“That’s OK,” said Tony, who rolled over and began to masturbate Max. “I wish I could do the same for you. But I can jack you off if it is OK.”

“OK, hell, pump away, brother, jack, jack, jack,” Max said, laughing. “This might take a while. I emptied out pretty good before.”

Max was true to his word. Tony had to change hands a couple times, his arms aching, but after about 20 minutes Max came. It wasn’t the huge orgasm he had experienced earlier, but it felt great.”

The friends showered together playfully, grabbing at each other’s cocks.

Each friend ate at home on Thanksgiving, each with something for which to silently and privately gave thanks.

But the journey into sexual exploration for the two 19-year-olds did not end with the Thanksgiving morning revelations. …

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