Doctor Visit Can Be Fun

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‘The Doctor will see you now, Miss O’Malley. Go right in.’

I walked into the doctors office and he looked up over his glasses at me and said,’ Take a seat Miss O’Malley. What can I do for you?’

Just then his phone rang.

‘Yes, Jane? Can’t see why not. Miss O’Malley is my last patient today, isn’t she? That’s okay; put the latch on when you go out. Have a lovely evening, bye.’

He turned to me, ‘Sorry about that. Jane has a hot date with her boyfriend and she can’t keep him waiting.’

‘Oh! Does that mean we are alone? I was hoping that you would be able to examine me.’

‘Why don’t you start by telling me what your problem is, Miss O’Malley.’

It’s a bit embarrassing. My boyfriend and I were having sex two nights ago and he is a bit large, you know? Down there?’


‘I was nervous and he couldn’t get it in. The more he tried, the more it hurt me, Doctor.’

‘Do you masturbate? I mean, use anything when you do? You know, like candles and things?’

I burst out laughing, a nervous giggle really. He drummed his pen on the desk and waited. He was younger than I thought he would be. Quite good looking. Too good looking!

‘My sister gave me a small vibrator for a Christmas present. I use that, but I have never pushed it inside myself, Doctor.’

‘May I see it?’

‘Y-Y-Yes, I have it here, in my…bag. Oh! Dear! I didn’t expect anything like this!’

He looked at me over his glasses again and the pen started to tap. My hand was shaking as I reached into the bottom of my bag, underneath my gloves, tampons and other things. The trembling by this time had reached my knees and I distinctly felt my vagina ooze. I was mortified! All I needed now was wet knickers. I gave it to him praying that the batteries were flat.

He looked at it and examined the mechanism and he turned the cap and it buzzed so powerfully he almost dropped it. That brought on another attack of the giggles, made even worse by his over the spec’s stare. I began to realise that the guy was pussy-teasing me and it was working. If he only knew how much it was working! I deliberately dropped my bag on the floor to check out his trouser front. That was even worse! When my handbag fell, the floor was showered with tampons and the odd condom or two. He picked up the condoms and looked enquiringly at me over those infernal glasses?

‘Oh! Those? They are for when I masturbate Tom, my boyfriend, he hates a mess in his pants!’

‘Very sensible, Miss O’Malley. I have had the same problem myself.’

Then, as an afterthought, ‘I don’t like sucking it, you see?’ Don’t know why I said that, I have always loved lollipops.

We both had a problem now, he at full mast and me with slimy wet knickers. I had guessed right, he was bigger than Tom. My clitty was being rude, sometimes I feel it can be obtrusive, like the cock of a buck-rabbit! Or is that intrusive?

Tom’s idea, I would not be here but for him saying, ‘I should see a doctor.’

‘Tell me about your boyfriend, was he forceful?’

‘No, Doctor. He knows I’m a virgin. He started off gentle enough. He tried to get in and it started to hurt when he hit an obstruction inside me. I told him to stop. Which he did. Bless him.’

‘Were you tense? Sometimes a woman can close off her vagina by sheer muscle power. Go on. bursa escort What happened after he pulled it back out?’

‘Heavens, Doc! Do you need to know all this?’

‘Let me remind you that you have asked for my help – not the other way around.’

‘Yes, I know. I am so sorry, Doctor. I am due for my period tomorrow; I should not have come to you, me being so near to it. It always makes me irritable and short tempered.’

‘I have noticed you use Tampons. Do you have any difficulty inserting them into your vagina?’

‘Sometimes. I have to stoop right down, you know? Bend my legs outwards and squat!’

‘I can imagine.’

‘You are beginning to sound like my Tom, you are!’

‘I can understand both your problems, yours and Tom’s frustrations, I mean.’

‘Why? Have you had someone try and stuff an eight inch sausage up you then?

He turned away from me and I knew he was trying to stifle a laugh, I was beginning to enjoy myself. Relaxing by the minute.

He turned back to me and announced, ‘I have no nurse in attendance so I can’t examine you internally, Miss O’Malley.’

‘Oh! Please, Doctor! I don’t mind you doing it! I can trust you to do the right thing, can’t I?’

‘Good. Go behind the screen and remove all your clothes and put this gown on, it ties at the back of your neck, Miss O’Malley. Just sound off when you are ready.’

I took the gown he offered and I got off my chair and went behind the screen. He must have noticed, as I did, that the chair seat was wet. It seemed each moment was to be an embarrassing one. Tom has never made me feel as hot as I was at that moment.

In a way I was pleased, at least the doctor would not get to see my soggy knickers. I stripped off quickly and pinched my nipples and clitty to arouse myself further. I had the feeling that I would cum the second he touched my pussy. Goose pimples started to spread over my entire body, it wasn’t the cold, it was excitement.

‘Ready, Doctor!’

‘Good. Come and climb onto the examination table for me, will you, Miss O’Malley?’

I felt his eyes removing the gown and I already felt naked. I had shaved my pussy before coming to the docs and it was still prickling and my heart was pounding.

He had put on his white coat, but it did not hide his arousal. He was as desperate for me as I was for him. I moved over to the table and turned my back to it and I jumped back onto it knowing the action would expose me to him. The gown was terribly short.

‘You are very beautiful, Miss O’Malley, what I have in my mind for you would get me struck off the register.’

‘Doctor I could have walked out of here when you told your nurse to go out with her boyfriend. I have wanted you since I saw you had a hard-on; I deliberately spilled the contents of my purse. My girlfriend, Mavis, came to see you last Wednesday evening and she came crowing to me about what a good fuck you are and about the size of your cock. You are God’s gift to lonely women. There is no way I would do anything to get you struck off. I don’t fancy being lynched by a hoard of frustrated womenfolk. I am ready, Doctor.’

He sighed and laughed at the same time and quickly stepped forward and drew me into his arms. My mouth was already open to receive his long penetrating lingum. My busy fingers unzipped his fly and unbuckled bursa escort bayan his belt. His trousers fell as he pulled the bow loose on my gown. I moaned into his mouth as I felt his palm sweeping over my right breast and grazing my taut nipple as it passed up and over. It made my pussy tingle and gave me the shivers. I tried to suck his tongue out of its roots. His cock was free, very long, very thick and very sexually thrilling to all the parts that I desired to be thrilled. I used my hand to guide it between my slippery labial lips. He guided my long legs over his shoulders and pushed forward and the whole length slipped into the hilt.

‘Oh! Jeez! I have never wanted to fuck a woman so much in my entire life, Miss O’Malley!’

‘I never thought you would get the message, Doctor.’

‘So much for you being a virgin. Sorry for charging in like the Light Brigade, Miss O’Malley but you did prolong the foreplay a bit. This is nice! You are some fuck, Sweetheart.’

He was gently moving his cock fully in and fully out, causing my juices to flow oozingly around his love shaft.

‘Fuck me, Doc! I won’t break. Bite my teats, finger my bum. Give it to me. Give it to me hard. I bet you’ve fucked some sluts in your time, I am your dirtiest slut, treat me like you have just paid me for it and you want your monies worth. Make me pay for cheating you out of a fuck the last time I was here. Hurt me, Doc! Treat me like your whore!’

He ran his hands down my back, pulling me onto his thrusting, pistoning cock and he clasped my buttocks tightly, one of his fingers prodded my anal button and I humped myself expectantly onto the finger and kissed him passionately.

‘You want what I gave Miss Murray, do you?’

‘You made her ass pretty sore, Doc! I had to rub Vaseline into it for her, to ease the soreness. She told me word for word everything you did to her, Doc. Made me terribly horny. She had to give my pussy a good licking to calm me down again.’

‘I have had enough of your games Miss O’Malley. If you want it you are going to have to beg me for it.’

‘You really want me to beg you to fuck me in the ass? That would make lovely headline news. ”Doc fucks patient up her ass to cure her of vaginal tightness.”

He laughed and pulled his hardness out of my pussy and relocated it to my bum hole after he quickly greased my anus. It slid into me with very little pain.

‘Your story about your boyfriend was a concoction, I take it?’

‘Right first time, Doc. Mavis bet me a fiver I would not be able to get into your boxers.’

All the time we were talking his cock was cruising in and out of my rectum as if he was going for a Sunday afternoon stroll in the park. His fingers gently tweaking my clitoris. Amazingly my asshole wasn’t a bit sore and I had never before felt so much pleasure from an ass-fuck. Most of the cocks I had taken were in the six and seven inch range. I moaned passionately as he moved it slowly all the way in and all the way out.

‘I take it you are not in any hurry, Doc?’

‘Actually I am waiting for Jane to come back. She has gone to see her boyfriend who is a fireman and he has to go back to work on a double shift. He may have wanted a quickie, don’t blame him as Jane is some fuck.’

‘Is she a pussy-licker? She eyed me up and down earlier.’

‘She escort bursa normally goes for any hole my spunk is running out of.’

‘Agh! Ugh! You have just made me cum, just talking about it! Fill my ass to the brim, Doctor. You must not let poor Jane die of thirst! Fuck it to me, Doc!’

We both jumped when we heard a door slam shut.

‘Sorry! Its only me, Doctor. I’m busting for a pee! Be with you in a minute.’

My mouth watered, thinking of Jane’s pussy peeing into the loo, just as the doc started to speed up his ins and outs. Mavis and I adore watersports.

Jane bounced into the room just wearing her blouse which was open and her lacy bra. She was holding her skirt and knickers in her hands. She threw them onto a chair and peeled off the rest of her clothes. All the time her smouldering eyes were on my nakedness.

‘I see you have got yourself into another asshole, Doc!’

Her pussy was shaved too and the lips open and moist. I was hoping she hadn’t washed out her Fireman’s juices, and that he had shot them into her real deep. I love to delve into a pussy’s depths for a good slurp. Her tits were large and pert. Nipples and the pigmented areolas around her nipples were swollen advertising her passions for the moment. I hoped it was me she was lusting after.

I felt the Docs sperm-cannon shooting a broadside into my ass. He must have been in automatic-mode. It felt as if it was rat-tat-tatting agains’t my colon. His leaving left a void which felt like he had left the doors wide open. He went through a door which I took to be the loo.

‘Just relax, Sweetheart’ let me attend to you.’

Her hands pressured my thighs open as I felt her lips and tongue lapping at my dripping wet orifices.

‘Sixty-nine me, Jane. I want to taste your pussy too. Is your boyfriend’s spunk still inside you?’

‘Yes, Miss O’Malley, It is, in both my holes, help yourself.’

While she was talking she mounted the couch from the other end and crawled over me. Teasing me with her breasts as she did it. I moaned heatedly as I tucked into the feast she had just given to me. When she lowered her pussy and bum to my lips.

When the Doc came back he was treated to a slurping chorus. He stood over us like Adonis, naked, playing with his still flaccid cock. He took my hand and put his cock into it and I started to stroke it back to an erection. As soon as it was hard he went to the other end of the couch and Janes mouth left my ass and I heard her gurgling and knew he had put his dick into her mouth.

My tongue was as deep as I could get it into her asshole. Then he was moving my head to one side and he slipped his hardness into her pussy just for a short while and then he offered it back to my mouth again. I sucked at eagerly because I knew there would be a cocktail of mixed sperm and juices coating its length.

‘I think your problem is solved now Miss O’Malley, just put the latch over when you go out the door. I have some unfinished business to conduct with Jane.’

‘Thank you, Doctor, you too Jane. You have both helped me immensely.’

As I got dressed I watched the Doc sliding his hard dick into Jane’s asshole. His hands cupping her 36c cup titties. Her bum was rising up off the couch to meet his inward fuck strokes. I could not wait to get home to my boyfriend, although I would not be able to tell him the real reason why I had had to go to the Doctors. He would soon forget once I started him on the mission of cock feeding my ass and pussy. There would be plenty of mouth to cock resuscitation.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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