Doctor’s Privilege

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Tierney blinked into the sun as she pushed through the heavy doors of the hospital ambulance bay. She’d been working six hours straight, a rush on the emergency room, and at some point, it had become daylight. She took a deep breath of the fresh morning air. She didn’t have long, and she had to grab a bite to eat, too. But sometimes, it was nice to remember it wasn’t always dark.

Plodding back through the corridors, she headed for the break room and the refrigerator where she’s stored the salad she’d brought but stopped in the doorway, considering turning around and disappearing back into the grind. Joey stood there, doctoring up some coffee, those deft hands catching her attention as much as the perfect swell of ass that even loose scrubs couldn’t hide. She was exhausted, and if he turned that movie star smile on her with his mussed dark hair and sparkling green eyes, she probably wouldn’t have the strength to hold it together.

It was bad enough in the emergency room, sometimes elbows deep in blood and tenuous threads of life to save. His confidence was distracting, and the looks to match sometimes had Tierney using every ounce of willpower she had to focus on the job at hand. But here, where there was nothing else going on, she tended to stumble over her words and have no better than awkward, halted conversation with the man.

“Hey, Tierney. Catching a breather?”

Dammit, she’d stood there, admiring him too long. He stood, leaning against the counter with his coffee in hand, looking at her like she was a medium rare steak fresh off the grill. She didn’t know how he could make her insides melt like this. It was like the minute he met her eyes, she couldn’t think of anything but stripping down and begging him to take her right there on the table, no matter who might walk in on them.

Clearing her throat and trying to maintain some dignity, she forced a smile. “Finally. What about you?”

He held up his cup. “Decaf. I’m taking two for a power nap, then I’m back on for another twelve.”

“You should get to it, then,” she told him, hoping that would end the conversation and then she could have her embarrassing fantasies in private.

“Why don’t you grab a cup and walk with me?” Joey made it sound like a casual suggestion, but something in his demeanor made it the sort of command that came from Dr. Joseph Long in the ER. Tierney didn’t think he’d take no for an answer, and she wondered nervously what he wanted to talk to her about.

“Sure,” she said with a shrug. She could pretend not to be so overwhelmed by him, right? Except her hands shook as she poured the coffee and added creamer. If he noticed, he didn’t say anything, though he watched her every move like a hawk. And as they left the break room, his movements were just as refined and graceful. She knew he was still working towards his surgical, and he’d be amazing, with his precision and ease of movement.

“I’m moving into a new house this weekend,” he said, drawing her out of her thoughts. “My brother’s throwing me a housewarming party next weekend and told me to invite whoever I wanted. I hoped you might come.”

Tierney looked up at him in surprise. They hadn’t really spent much time together. She assumed that meant he was inviting most of the ER staff. When she didn’t answer right away, he added, “I’m not having a lot of people over. I don’t really like a lot of people, to be honest.” He chuckled a little.

That made her raise an eyebrow at him. “And yet, you’re a doctor.”

“I don’t want people to die, but I don’t necessarily want to be best friends with them,” he winked, pushing open the door to an empty sleep room. Tierney hesitated, then entered, noting that he locked the door behind them. Her heart pounded hard in her chest, and she stared at him, trying to calm herself. “Come on, Tierney. You have to know I have more interest in you than just medical practice. And you blow me off constantly.”

“I…” she stammered, but she couldn’t think what to say as he took a step toward her.

“The way I see it,” he said, reaching out to play with a tendril of her kadıköy escort hair, “you either really can’t stand me, which means that you’re going to start screaming at me in a minute, or you want me as badly as I want you, and I’m about to rock your world.”

Shocked, Tierney let the words sink in, and her lips parted as a moan escaped. Maybe she’d tripped and hit her head during her break and was imagining all of this. But somehow, she didn’t think so as his warm breath fell across her cheek with the scent of coffee and chocolate and something masculine and almost heathenistic.

His lips pressed against hers without any further warning, and she molded under him, welcoming it. He tasted just as good as he smelled, and as his hand crept around behind her back and pressed her pelvis against his, he prodded with his tongue, begging entrance. She opened for him, and his tongue swept in, full and testing. Her palms itched to touch him, but she held back, not sure yet where this was going and not wanting to read anything into it that wasn’t there.

But then, she felt the swell of his erection as he held his hand firmly at the small of her back, and he grinded his hips against hers, giving her a taste of the size of it while he deepened the kiss, one hand curling around the back of her neck and tilting her head back further. Feeling like she’d float away if she didn’t hold on, Tierney threaded her arms around his neck and pulled him in tighter, her fingertips brushing against those silky locks of his, giving her chills of delight that merged with the shivering desire she already felt.

Breaking the kiss, Joey drew his lips over the tendon in her neck. “I’ve wanted to taste you for months,” he groaned, and she sighed with pleasure, goosebumps forming on her skin. “Tell me the thought hasn’t crossed your mind.”

“I’d be lying,” she breathed.

He laughed, and the vibration carried deep through her body and straight to her core, making moisture pool in her panties. “You say that to all the doctors around here?” he teased, his hand sliding lower, over her hip, and then squeezing her ass.

Tierney bit back a cry, and he nipped at her throat. “No, just you. But I bet you hear that from all your conquests.”

“That’s pretty accurate, since you’re the only one.” He lifted his head and met her eyes, his own swallowed by pupils blasted with arousal. “I don’t play around, Tierney. I don’t mess around with coworkers for no reason. But I’m pretty sure you want me as much as I want you.”

Tierney didn’t make a lot of snap decisions, and she didn’t live dangerously. But something about Joey killed all her rationality and reasoning ability. Taking a step away from him, she watched him frown, thinking she was denying him. Then, she reached for the hem of her scrubs shirt and pulled it over her head. She could see him gulp, and then his scrubs went the same route. For a long moment, she just stared. She knew he worked out but she’d never seen him shirtless, and it was a sight. Chiseled abs, hard chest, and smooth skin with a light smattering of hair that led to a point at his waistband. Her mouth ran dry.

But she grew distracted as he stepped forward, his hand finding the clasp of her bra at her back and opening it with a flick of his fingers so the thin lacy material slipped down. Her breasts were already heavy and swollen with her desire, and as she let the straps fall down her arms and slide to the floor, his hands caught her, his thumbs running circles seductively around her nipples as he inhaled sharply at the way she filled his palms.

The skin on his hands was rough from the bleach and constant washing, but as he molded her and closed his much softer lips back on hers, it made her feel delicate, and the sensation drove her wild. Unable to keep her hands from roaming, she cupped his ass, feeling the hard muscle and soft swell as she moved back toward the bed and drew him with her. She grew bolder, letting her tongue flick out to explore his lips, the corner of his mouth, üsküdar escort and he tipped his chin up so she could nibble at his throat.

It elicited a growl from him, and he shoved her back onto the bed, yanking at the drawstring on her pants and letting them slide to the floor around her ankles. Tierney kicked off her shoes and left the pants pooled there, completely exposed to Joey and not even nervous about it as he appraised her with a salacious look. She felt sexy with the way his gaze devoured her, and it didn’t stop there as he dropped his own pants, revealing his erection, which stood tall and thick for her.

“I’ve had one of these for you for months,” he grunted, stroking himself to emphasize his meaning. Tierney licked her lips, hungry to feel him, taste him, and have him touch her. His hands settled on her hips, and he drew them up her sides, making her skin tingle and burn, leaving a searing trail in their wake.

Pushing up on her elbows, Tierney reached out and ran her palm over his length, delighting in the way he shuddered at her touch. It gave her confidence, and she closed her fist around him, his cock so thick her fingers barely curled around him, and she stroked from base to shaft and back, biting her lip as he thrust into her hand with abandon. Her pussy clenched at the motion, her imagination creating images that sent signals to her core.

“You’re trouble,” Joey growled, suddenly shoving her arm away and pushing her down again. Twisting her body, he grabbed one of her knees, bending it so it was tight against her chest. He dropped to his knees, shoving a hand against the inside of the other thigh, spreading her wide, and before she could even let out a gasp, his tongue licked over her slit from back to front. Tierney cried out, so close to coming she felt moisture pouring from her and quaking inside. “That’s right,” he muttered, his lips pressed against her clit and driving her wild. “Tell me how much you like it.”

“More, please,” she moaned, and she screamed with an unexpected release as he shoved two fingers inside her, curling them to press against just the right spot while he sucked on the swollen mound above. She writhed and bucked against him, but he was relentless with his ministrations, and she finally fisted her hands in his hair, pulling him closer and letting him have at her, lapping at the moisture that flowed from her pussy and sending her into complete oblivion.

His tongue circled several times, slowly, and then he lifted his head as she finally came down from the high. He kissed his way up her body, between her breasts, and she moaned as he crawled over her, his mouth glistening with her juices. And when his lips found hers, the taste of herself, mixed with his masculine energy, had her blood thrumming through her veins with heat and pressure that scorched.

Arching her back, Tierney made it evident she wanted more, begging wordlessly with a grind of her hips against him, rubbing herself shamelessly on his cock. Joey broke the kiss instantly, gasping for air and throwing his head back with the pleasure of the sensation. “You think you’re ready for that, sweet cheeks?” he managed.

“Ready and waiting,” she panted, thrusting her hips up again for emphasis.

“Fuck!” Joey cried with a shiver. Suddenly, he was on his feet, and Tierney felt the loss of body heat instantly. She had a brief moment to wonder if she’d done something wrong, if this was over and she’d lost her chance. Then, his hands were on her waist, and he had her on her feet, lifting her like she weighed nothing. He spun her around and, with a hand splayed across her back, bent her over the bed with her ass in the air.

He ran his hand over her cheek, groaning, and then his fingers swept over her folds, teasing at her so she whimpered with need. He kicked her ankles further apart, and she felt the head of his cock, hot and swollen, pressing against her. Unable to control herself, Tierney pushed back against him, taking him in just an inch, and he groaned, jerking his hips and delving deeper.

Tierney tuzla escort felt herself stretching as Joey’s cock pulsed inside her, his fingers digging into her waist as he slid slowly, inch by inch, into her. She fisted her hands in the rumpled sheets, gasping and letting the wave build to massive proportions within her. She wasn’t ready to let go just yet, wanting to sheath him entirely before she erupted. Just as she thought she couldn’t take anymore, he pulled back out and slammed into her, bottoming out, and she screamed as she hit that breaking point between pleasure and pain.

But her body exploded, despite her resolve, and she shuddered uncontrollably with ecstasy as Joey pounded into her with relentless speed and force. Her orgasm soared, and she couldn’t think, could only feel. His hands on her ass and on her waist, holding her and stroking her. His cock inside her, filling her and hitting all the right places. The only sounds were her cries, his grunts, and flesh slapping against flesh as they melded together. Tierney knew she was headed toward a massive release, and she felt Joey stutter in his rhythm with his own impending culmination.

“I’m about to cum,” he gritted through his teeth, and while she didn’t think it was possible, he pushed harder into her, three long, brutal thrusts. And then he spilled over, surging into her, and Tierney let go of every inhibition, the world going black and the floor spinning as she came with him. Her whole body tingled and burned, and she writhed with the incredible tidal wave that consumed her.

For a while, she forgot where she was, who she was with, and she just basked in being sexually fulfilled. But as she remembered herself, the idea that it was Joey who had given her such a delicious feeling made her smile, even as he weight bore down on her from behind. He stirred finally, and as he pushed away, he helped her to her feet, turning her around and sitting her down. He stroked her hair back behind her ears with both hands and smiled down at her with heavy eyelids. “Are you okay?”

A laugh burst from her lips, and she nodded. “I’m better than okay.”

“Good. That was the goal.” Taking a deep breath, he stepped away, collecting her clothes and handing them to her before bending to grab his own. “I wish we had more time, but we don’t need anyone to come looking for either of us.”

“Agreed,” she said, already feeling the comedown and certain things were going to be weird between them from now on. As if she hadn’t been awkward enough with Joey before!

“You up for dinner?” The question threw her off, and she blinked at him as he tied the drawstring on his pants. He grinned. “I told you I’ve had a hard on for you for months. You think I just wanted to fuck you once and walk away?”

Tierney tilted her head, considering. “So, you’re inviting me to dinner?”

He sighed, pulling his scrub shirt over his head. “It’s not just about sex, Tierney, if that’s what you’re thinking. Now, are you going to answer my question so I can get a nap in before I go back out there? I’d really like it if you agreed to have dinner with me.”

Her stomach started doing somersaults, and Tierney thought maybe her heart might finally jump through her throat right out of her mouth. She hadn’t thought that far ahead, but it was sort of nice, knowing that Joey didn’t just want her body. He was apparently interested in her as a whole. Nodding she told him, “I’d like to have dinner. Thanks.” She paused and added, “It’s going to take more than dinner to get me back in the sack, you know.”

He laughed heartily, and it sent a chill of delight down her spine. “I certainly hope so. I was thinking more along the lines of dinner, some live music, maybe a walk around the lake. And even if we fall into bed together after that, I had some other plans.” He moved toward her, his eyes serious and his smile fading. “Don’t make the mistake of thinking I’m that guy. I told you, I haven’t made an invitation to anyone else, and I’m into more than just your body. Even if that is what caught my attention first.”

Tierney bit her lip. “It was your hands,” she admitted and laughed when he blinked at her. “You’re so good with your hands, I couldn’t stop thinking about what it would feel like to have you touch me.”

“Well, now you know,” he said simply, placing a kiss on her nose. “And you can tell me how much you like it after dinner. Now, get back to work, and let me get some sleep.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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