Dolly Pt. 04

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Dan was awake early. It was new for him. He had spent months drinking himself to sleep and spending aching painful mornings lying in bed rising only when he couldn’t put it off any longer. As he gained awareness he realized Dolly wasn’t in bed beside him. He rose up on his elbows listening to the stillness of the apartment in the early morning. He didn’t hear her. He wouldn’t have given a shit a few weeks ago. He would have been happy to have her company without having to deal with her the next day. It seemed to matter though. He felt concern. He worried after her. He got out of bed and wandered through the apartment. She wasn’t there and the realization that he cared hurt.

He contemplated going back to bed, considered pouring a drink. It was Sunday on the weekend he didn’t have his kids. No one would be looking for him. No one really cared what he did. At least they hadn’t until recently, until Dolly cared. He sought out his phone, finding it in the pocket of his pants from the night before. She hadn’t messaged him. He pulled on the pants and a T-shirt that had been thrown over the chair he kept in the bedroom. It smelled like her. He had to search for shoes and deciding he didn’t care enough to put on socks slipped on a pair of flip-flops. Wearing last night’s pants he already had his keys and wallet. As he stood at the door to his apartment about to leave he realized he hadn’t had a cigarette or a cup of coffee yet. He had been concerned Dolly had developed real feelings for him. He had been worried he would have to break it off, he was sure it was the right thing to do for everyone.

Instead, he set out to find her. He was hoping she had gone home. If she wasn’t at home he wouldn’t have the slightest clue where to look for her. It was only as he pulled the door open he realized how much he wanted to see her. How much he needed her. He thought he might be thinking beyond just that Sunday morning but he was still stubborn enough to put that thought out of his mind, at least for now.

He was down the steps and through the courtyard almost to his parking space when his brain was able to process what he had seen just out of the corner of his eye. There was a girl in a black dress, a black dress with small flowers on it, lying in a lounger by the pool. The sun wasn’t up yet and there wasn’t anyone else around halkalı escort or he never would have seen her at all. Backtracking he used his apartment key to get through the gate. She was sleeping and he was able to approach her, sitting down on the concrete beside her, without her noticing. He gently placed his hand on her head and stroked her hair. It was a mess but was still soft and smooth to the touch. Her eyes, hidden beneath smeared eye liner and makeup seemed hollow and distant but when she opened them they sparkled with the steel gray-blue he had found so alluring that first night.

“I have to go.” She whispered.

“I want you to stay.” He whispered softly.

“She sat up. She was still insanely young and he was still insanely foolish to feel what he felt but there was no turning back. He really had nothing to turn back to but loneliness and self-loathing. He took her hand and kissed it gently.

“Look, Danny.” He heard her correctly. There was no frisky work play, no pet names. She had just used his name affectionately. “We have a good thing. I like to drink and I like to fuck and so do you. Don’t ruin it just because I couldn’t find a ride home.”

“What if its more than that.”

“It isn’t.” she turned away from him.

“Come inside. Ill feed you.”

“I’m fat enough.”

“Come inside. I’ll make pancakes. We can go back to bed until it is a more human time to get up. We’ll go someplace.”

“We go lots of places. I don’t want to go anywhere.”

“Come inside, I’ll make pancakes. We can go to bed and stay there.”

“You don’t love me Dan.”

“Sure I do. Who’s to say I don’t”

“I say. Will you drive me home.”

He was quiet for a while just looking at her. “If that’s what you want.”

“It’s what I want.”

“I don’t have shoes.”

“Come inside, I’ll get them.” He tried to take her hand, she resisted. At the stairs that led half a flight up to his door she waited on the walkway. He went back up and found her sandals in the bedroom. When he came back she was at the door.

“Can I have a water.” He went to the small kitchen. It opened onto the living room and from there to the front door. She stepped inside as he found a bottle of water in the refrigerator. taksim escort He returned to find her headed for the bathroom. “I have to pee.”

She slipped inside closing the door behind her. He heard the toilet run a few minutes later. He heard the sink run. When he heard the shower turn on he returned to the kitchen. He had pancake mix, his girls loved pancakes at Dad’s. he mixed them in the time it took the pan to warm. The cakes cooked quickly and he had a short stack of three of them finished when he heard the shower turn off. He buttered them and poured a cup of coffee. She moved quietly out of the bathroom. Her face was clean, her hair was wet, and he felt awkward by how young and innocent she looked like this. He thought to himself he had never seen her like this. It was scary how much she looked like his teenage daughter. He put the cup of coffee beside the plate and she sat down. She sat in silence and he made two pancakes for himself. He ate them watching her. They both ate in silence.

“You want me to stay.”


“I’m supposed to work this afternoon.”

“You can go if you have to. I will drive you when you are finished.”

“Thank you.” She said, then let the silence fill the room again. He finished and washed his plate. He cleaned up the mess and then when she was finished offered her more. She declined with a wave of her hand. As he washed her plate she finished her coffee. She stood and came around the small kitchen bar. As he dried her plate to put it away she poured a cup of coffee.

“Dan.” She said behind him.

“Yes?” he answered. He was afraid to turn around.

“I want to stay but I don’t think I’m supposed to.”

“Do either of us ever do what we’re supposed to.” He said, still looking down into the sink. “I wouldn’t even know you if I only did what I’m supposed to.”

He felt her hands move around him until she was hugging him. He turned to hold her, only then realizing the towel had at some point fallen to the floor. He moved his hands over the soft smooth skin of her back, over her fleshy arms, and down her spine to the large round swell of her ass. He loved the way her flesh filled his hands.

“Make love to me, Danny.” Her voice was small, as if she begged. He kissed the top of her head. “I don’t mean şişli escort fuck me. We can fuck any time.” She looked up at him, her eyes platinum reflections. “If you want me to stay, make love to me. Don’t promise me things you can’t do and don’t tell me things you think you want to hear. Just show me. Make love to me.”

He kissed her slowly, and she ran her hands up his chest beneath his shirt. He loved the feel of her cool skin and he loved the idea of taking him back to his bed. When finally she broke free from his kiss she took his hand. He padded after her watching her round thighs sway as she led him to the bedroom.

Slowly and delicately he hissed her. Occasionally as he ran his mouth over her belly or brushed his chin over the large swell of her breasts she would moan softly. He enjoyed enjoying her. Kissing her frequently but he did not attack her body with eh vigor he was accustomed to. Rather than grope, he gently brushed his fingers over her. Rather than nibble at her neck and shoulders he kissed her lips gently. Finally, when he couldn’t resist her any longer he moved on top of her.

Their lips were pressed against each other, he felt her soft wide thighs first open for him, then as he moved inside of her he felt her thick calves close in around his ass. Slowly they moved together, kissing, holding, touching until her head collapsed back in the pillow and her fingers gripped at his back firmly. She made only the smallest little gasp as he clamped down around him. When finally she opened her eyes again he increased his pace. She rocked against him and it didn’t take him long. He felt her tighten again and he thought he might have gotten her there a second time. Sated he didn’t move off of her a good long time. He let his body rest on her, she for her part held onto him, her round little arms grasping at him like a seatbelt. They kissed a good long time afterward and then he rolled over beside her. She pushed him over onto his back and then rested her head on his chest.

“Can we watch TV?” she asked.


“Do we have to get dressed?”

“Not if you don’t want to.”

“No one else is going to come in, are they? We can be alone all day?”

“We can be alone all day.” He agreed.

“I think I love you, Danny.”

“I think…” she stopped him mid sentence, her little paw gripping his mouth.

“Shh… don’t” She kissed his chest and she felt him moving down his body. He closed his eyes as she took him in her mouth. He thought he probably did love her. How could he not. His mind drifted away as he finally relaxed, sure he was going to enjoy his day, unsure if they would ever leave the bed.

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