Don’t Stop Me

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Nikki walked out of the bathroom and Don yelled. Nikki walks into her room and he was lying naked on her bed. There is nothing hotter then walking into a room with Don laying on your bed, ready to be taken. But in truth Nikki was taken. Nikki stepped out of her shoes and walked over to Don and gave him a hug. She gave him a kiss and walked back to the bed. She finished taking her clothes off and crawled up and laid down on the bed beside him.

“How was you’re Vacation?” Nikki said.

“Which one?

“What do you mean which one?” Don said “I took two.”


“It was fine, but visiting the relatives was better.”

Don guides Nikki’s hand down to his cock. Nikki begins to stroke it. Soon she drops her head and begins to suck Don’s cock into her mouth.

“Oh yeah that’s what I missed. No one sucks my cock like you do.” Don said.

Nikki continues to suck Don’s cock until he pushes her back off him and gets between her legs. Don says “Let’s see if sucking my cock still makes you wet.” Don slides his cock into Nikki’s pussy.

Don says “Yes it does still make you wet.” Don begins to thrust his cock in and out of Nikki’s pussy. He reaches up and pulls her hair and makes her look into his eyes. “Are you still my slut?

Nikki is unable to speak and very close to orgasm.

“Tell me I want to hear it, are you still my slut?” Don asked.

Nikki bağdat caddesi escort begins to moan and still can’t answer Don.

He pulls her hair a little harder. “Are you still my slut.”

“Yes.” Nikki finally answers.

Nikki’s pussy begins to tighten more around Don’s cock and he quickens the pace. Nikki moans as she comes. Don lies down on the bed and tells Nikki to clean up the mess she has made all over his cock and balls. Nikki drops her head and licks and sucks Don’s cock and balls clean. Once they are clean he pushes Nikki back down on the bed again and slides his cock back into her pussy. Don changes his paces, sliding in and out of her slowly and then quicker. Nikki’s hips rock up and down to meet him.

“Are you going to cum again?” Don asked, “You are fucking me like you are.”

Nikki moans and locks her legs around Don’s hips as she cums. Don tried slide further into Nikki’s pussy but can’t because her legs are held him back.

“Nikki, Don’t lock me out, I will stop. Don said.

Nikki’s pussy is throbbing and she needs to catch her breath as well as control of her head. Nikki reaches up and pulls Don’s mouth down to her and kisses him. (Thinking that a little bit of time would help her to regain her head.)

However it didn’t work. Don broke the kiss which only caused her to melt deeper into him.

“Don’t bahçelievler escort block me from any of your holes or I will stop.” Don said.

Nikki needed to breathe and wants him to stop for the moment, she just squirted and her pussy is throbbing very hard around the tip of Don’s cock. But knowing he would stop Nikki opens her legs again and gives her pussy to him. Nikki moans and squirts again and once again tries to stop Don from moving.

“Don’t move, please don’t move.” Nikki said.

“I want you to cum all over my cock and balls; I want you to squirt all over them and then clean them off.” Don still thrusting in and out of Nikki’s pussy as she begins to moan a little louder. Don Says, “When I am ready to cum, you are going to tell me not to, you are going to take my load down you’re throat and after I have cum you will get me hard again and take the other in you’re ass.”

Nikki moans and squirts all over Don’s cock and balls.

Don says you want to lick my ass don’t you? Nikki is too wrapped up in the sensations she is feeling to answer. Don pulls her hair and tells her to answer him. Nikki says “Yes.” Don slides out of Nikki’s pussy and stands on the bed turns around and lowers himself to Nikki’s waiting Mouth. Nikki’s tongue licks the length of Don’s asshole and then she pushes it as far into his ass as she can. Don’s fingers stroke Nikki’s bahçeşehir escort clit. Don lifts himself off Nikki’s face and slides his cock back into Nikki.

Don asks “You love it when I fuck you slow don’t you?”

Nikki doesn’t answer and begins to moan. Don reminds Nikki, when he is ready to cum, she is to tell him no and quickens his pace. Nikki moans and cums, her pussy tightening around his cock. Don tells Nikki he is ready to cum and asks her what she is supposed to do. Nikki’s pussy tightens as she cums again and she answers,

“No, Don’t cum.” Nikki said.

Don slides out of Nikki’s pussy quickly and asked Nikki again.

“What are you supposed to do?” Don asked.

“I swallow it.” Nikki said.

“Open, just open.”

Don cums a little and Nikki bring her mouth up covers Don’s cock with her lips and sucks him until she has taken all of Don’s cum.

Don fell back on the bed. He laid there with his eyes sparkling and body spent, Or what Nikki thought to be spent. But as soon as Nikki’s back hit the bed he had his hand between her legs, stroking her clit.

His fingertips rubbing the very tip of her clit. Nikki move her hips against his fingers.

Nikki moaned and came.

Don pulled Nikki up and she sat on the side of the bed.

Her head dropped and she sucked Don’s cock into her mouth.

She slid him out to the tip, licked around the tip of it, licked over his hole and slid him back into her mouth. Don pulled his cock from Nikki’s mouth.

Nikki stood and turned to the bed and leaned over it. Don slid into Nikki’s ass.

“You like that don’t you?” Don asked.

“Yes,” Nikki said.

Don slid slowly in and out of Nikki’s ass until he came.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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