Dream Lover

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Anri Okita

After being released from a Montana prison my hopes of joining my lover was nothing shorter than a dream. Standing outside the prison gates where I done 10 long years with other women. Waiting for an hour and hoping that my dream lover hadn’t stood me up after all I’ve done for him once we were all alone, late at night, in the open bay when other prisoners were sleeping soundly to the sounds of each other’s headphones. Soft echoing sounds of another kind of music sent me into another dimension, another place and time, where only I could see and hear ringing within my ears the closer I came to the old oak desk. Brushing back my long thin blonde hair back over my ears, taming his savage appetite with my sexy walk, and eyes that weigh heavily on his mind.

The very first time I engaged him was out on the yard where I was all sweaty and panty wet, sticking to me, from playing volleyball with some friends not to mention the way he would stare at me. Like he was undressing me behind those dark Polaroid’s that he wore that causes me to cum quickly. Then two weeks later I lay in bed with my careless eyes, thinking long and hard about this handsome man and what I could do to a specimen like him.

It wasn’t until late that night, third shift relieving the second shift, when I got all clammy and nervous about seeing him again. Like I was a virgin all over again when I looked him over, admiring his wife, slipping slowly my nervous fingers down the front of my bikini panty that was slightly exposed. I was never more a shambles and a glob of frustration as I was that night when he walked into the dark bay. Wondering if he’d noticed right away what I was doing to myself right in front of him, well, halfway down one of the isles anyway. Felt like a tone of bricks had suddenly fallen on top of me, stimulated by the darkness and the way he walked. Drawn into this web of deceit even more when I rub briskly to the way he leant over Mary, good friend, and inform her harshly to close her legs and pull down her white gown that all of us wore.

I will never forget all the times we spent together, many times he would beg for me to lie atop my hard lumpy mattress and masturbate. Knowing in my mind he was jacking-off behind the desk, while watching me squirm in place and get my- self off with two fingers inside my panty. Often wishing were his two fingers and tease the middle-age man with a kind smile while I was screwing myself atop the covers as my weary eyes were all over him.

I know I wasn’t the most intelligent girl he’d ever met, but having to help support a family of ten wasn’t easy, after my father deserted us when he fled the Country, taking up with a Filipino. Dropping out of school when I was but 15, getting a job at my age were nearly impossible. But when my older friend Sara told me about her job, how I can make fast cash. I become extremely interested in how she be- came a millionaire over night. Soon I was flashing my tits around, sleeping with any man, and returning home in the early morning hours; tired and worn out with pockets full of cash that would indeed help my mother that had no skills.

It was like a fairy tail, guy meets girl, type of relationship that mounted into an open affair. Then telling me repeatedly how much he loves me while we were doing it in the shower, toilet, and even under his guard desk where I would crawl under and unfasten his loose gray trousers. Taking his massive hard cock that I love to wrap my fingers around to admire, envy, while his wife was asleep, all alone in the lovely home he would speak often of. Taking his enormous cock and working it around my curvy lips and pale cheeks to endure its smoothness and warmth. Admiring such kağıthane escort strength and power to curve my appetite before inserting him deeply between my soft rosy lips to hear and vision my lover. Suckling my handsome lover with sharp licks and occasionally a bite to his cherry knob that always brought a smile to his face.

It was indeed hard to believe that he could be a…no show! Especially after the way we carried ourselves on the yard, behind the cafeteria, kissing and hugging and even allowing his tiny fingers to retreat down my green pants that was issued to me by this fine establishment…hehe!

Letting his soft sweet lips to drain me. Cup my wet dark fiber. Even to go down on me while I try to keep my focus on any intruders that might pass by and notice our erotic behavior. Having him inside me was indeed a feeling I’ll never forget as long as I live. Having his sweet succulent lips feast upon my hairy vagina, and draw small circles inside me with his hard tongue was more then I can handle that felt so damn comforting. Wondering if he was dragging my love around, experiencing other women, laying them with me in mind or just laying them in an effort to pleasure each gal.

Thinking back when everyone was fast asleep on their old lumpy mattress, and I moving slowly down the row of beds with my pussy throbbing and lips aching for his soft caresses. Then I would take down slowly my bikini panty, as I would stare deeply into his warm eyes with my teeth biting down hard onto my lower lip. Touching and feel my lovers soft black beard against my damp pink folds that always made me quiver all over. Especially when he would instruct me to sit on the edge of the desk so he could carefully open up my legs with both of his warm hands and gaze for what seemed hours into my moist, nude pussy.

He was an amazing guy with a tool that would bring any woman to her knees and lick the sweat from his beautiful balls. But maybe it was that I gave him too much at one time, or perhaps he found out I was a prostitute on the streets that landed me here. What ever it is, I do wish he were here to soothe this throbbing inside of me that craves his blessed cock. Even though he was twice my age, twice intelligent as me, I still can feel his mighty sword burrowing inside my wet folds and indulging my naked breasts with both firm lips. Tracing my harden nipples of off brown with the tip of his tongue to enhance, entice me even more.

But I think I can relax, knowing now he was using me, wondering if he indeed is taking my love to different towns and shedding his blessings onto other’s that too are simply a number. Thoughts of committing another crime rushes inside my frustrated noggin, somehow finding my way back into his arms. But realizing at a glance that I would be wasting my life on a dream if I were to return to a life of prison. Knowing I can find any man I want now, realizing he was simply a mere mirage as the moist tears smears my make-up. Walking down the familiar streets I grew up on, raining harder, pouring down onto my young carcass that begins to work inside the silky material. Hair was drenched; eyes burning from the streaked mascara, and exposing more than it should as a few handsome guys that walk by were exploring my nipples.

It seems that I was lost, not on the road, but rather inside my head. Never have I felt so alone, so abandoned as I do right now. Following the winding path that I shouldn’t be taking as the rain begins to let up, leaving me damp and cold when my eyes scans the two cars parked in front of the humble estate he would tell me a lot about. Heart soaring to my throat, hands perspiring under my short kartal escort silky skirt with printed flowers, and wanting to scale the tall white trellis and leap into the sack with him. Scorn his body, make him feel what I feel, then leave him alone to scorn his beautiful wife that lies before me wearing an orange two-piece to add to her tan body, the suns rays.

Suddenly I found myself rushing from one huge tree trunk to another, escaping the enemy with short almond hair and a body much greater than mine lying out under the sun that escapes the gray clouds. Finally I was facing the trellis that I know leads to his bedroom. Scaling, often looking over my shoulder, climbing higher and higher up the side of the two-story home like a young woman with a mission. Horny to fuck this man with well trim beard, lovely eyes, and a dong on him that I need to feel once more inside me.

After I’d located the window and lifted the heavy glass up my entire body felt waterlogged, felt weaken by his sudden presence. Lying naked before me on his backside with both eyes shut and the floor fan blowing his massive pubic hair around in circles. Lowering one bare foot to the hardwood floor, then the other while I stood before him with eyes wide open and a finger inside my damp hole.

Fondling myself beneath the wet short garment as my head moves slightly east and fingers moving deeper south. Then carefully I begin to undress myself with both evil eyes atop his cherry knob, shiny tip that begins to make my mouth water and teeth tremble.

I know I shouldn’t be doing this, but I couldn’t help myself. He had spoiled me to the brink of obsession and dishonesty that reeks within my weary soul as I release the skirt to the floor. Standing here, inches from him, appearing horny, obligated to share my lust with such a man. Massaging my damp dark hairs with my palm and pinkie, desiring such wealth that I hadn’t felt in three long days. Studying him repeatedly while I unconsciously lower the twin strings, gradually exposing the jet-black filament that he use to enjoy touching and moving softly his wet tongue over.

Suddenly my intuition was telling me to leave at once before I get caught by the enemy and sent back to prison if I stay any longer. But my stubborn and deprive body took over my mind. Refusing to listen to my inner’s as the left knee follows quickly the right, pressing down onto the satin sheet, throbbing all over when I took hold of the man’s softness and move slowly the shiny tip across my panty to feel the magic again. Lowering the panty as I sat back on my knees to admire such a cock, seed maker if you will. Then combing my fiber with such a tool as I tingle all over to such a feeling, much desire for this instrument to begin stretching and extend outward another inch or two. Reluctant to leave until I was satisfied and relieved of this tension, this urge to swallow him whole. Until I saw the photo on the stand by the waterbed, picture of two human beings in love and dressed in white and black before the preacher.

It was hard but I knew I couldn’t make him love me no matter how hard I get him or try to love. Pulling up my sexy panty and leaving his bed, down the trellis I went and regretting every second that I didn’t pursue more of him, take him inside me and bang the hell out of this man that used me. Dropping the remaining few feet, hurting myself when suddenly I was face to face with the enemy. She stood with both hands on her narrow tan hips that put my tan to shame, and then ask the question.

“You okay…hurt bad…why are you here?”

“I was taking a short cut home when I ran too fast I guess and stumble over the base küçükçekmece escort of your trellis,” I said, legs spread apart and rubbing my sore ankle.

Sara helped me up and tosses one arm around her until I could almost reach a tit with one hand. Hobbling through the rear sliding doors I went and helped by their eldest son Peter to the kitchen table. Lad not quite my age and just as handsome as his father despite not having a beard.

I studied briefly the bulge in his tight ass jeans and then thank both for aiding me even though neither one knew where I’d been. Sitting beside me was Peter as the grateful mother pass judgment on me with her eyes, knowing I’ve become quickly fond of her only son.

Peter suddenly laid his hand on my knee when Sara went to the icebox for some much-needed ice to control the swelling in my ankle. Just as she left the room to return with a rag or something Peter’s hand already scaled up my semi-dry skirt and onto my sexy panty.

“Do you have a boyfriend?” he asks, politely.

“No.” Gradually raising up the hems of the shorten garment in order for Peter to examine the color of my panty.

“Why?” I replied, twisting one side of my hair around my finger and looking painfully sexy at this handsome stud.

“No reason, just wanting to know if you are seeing anyone,” Peter added.

By now I was feeling mighty sinful from the touches I was receiving which lead me to believe he was interested in fucking me right now, at least seeing me nude or something.

“Do you want me to get you off?” I asked, hearing the man upstairs yelling out for his mate.

“Sure,” he said, uncertain of himself.

Planting my hand over his that was embedded in my silky bikini. Then working his fingers up and down, in and out, of my wet pussy. Holding onto his nervous hand tightly as I leant over to kiss his quivering lips and slide my tongue down his virgin throat.

Carefully I rub the outside of his tight trousers to get him hard enough to take him down my own throat. Fear of getting caught wasn’t exactly, but what was, was the size of Peter’s vital organ that appears to be larger then his father’s that I see from his out stretched pants. Then unfastening the tight britches, taking it out, looking up into his eyes just before inserting the magnificent tool of massive hardness on my knees and into my mouth. Moving his cherry tip across my lips, onto my titty nipple and then straight into my mouth where I begin to polish the head and suck hard the warm cock. Moving my head back and forth vigorously, wrapping my long locks around my ears, taking hold of his beautiful testicles and fondling them as I bite down softly on the wet knob.

Watching the lad’s gestures were like seeing his father’s the very first time I went down on him. Feeling his fingers in my hair was more enticing then ever; even the way he forces me deeper was a thrill by itself. Then after I made him cum, I too, was in dire need of fulfillment.

After taking my panty off, chew my lower lip, and work my eyes all over this lad he became even more nervous. So I undo my top for him to gaze into my rounded breasts that were dying to be caressed by two hands, and place both my hands over each one, while I know the man upstairs was being satisfied by the little lady he spoke of often. Swaying my goddess like hips to entice the lad even more, to allow him to gaze upon my clitoris and pussy hair when I turn loose the shoulder straps. Eyes begging for satisfaction when I saw his huge penis standing upright, wondering how it would feel between my wet flaps. Then applying a soft warm kiss to his lips as I sat down, forcing his cock between my moist lips, feeding him harshly my tongue and to soothe my cravings of a mere lad that made me hurt and moan harshly that his father couldn’t accomplish.

After we were through, I gave the lad a bold wink then left, hobbling noticeably on my sore ankle and never to return again to the house on 40th & Main.

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