Dressing Room Encounter

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When shopping at an upscale department store Rachel found a golden opportunity. The hottest woman from her sorority in college, Andrea, had just ducked into a changing room. Nearly three years before, Rachel had a massive crush on the other woman. Tall, busty and a former cheerleader, Andrea was the kind of statuesque blonde that stars in movies, turns heads and marries as wealthy as she wants. It all started one night near the end of senior year.

After several years of contemplating coming out to her friends, Rachel had the courage to tell a few people. But, she had a crush on Andrea and didn’t want the other woman to re-interpret her behavior. One Friday night, they were playing truth or dare, and Andrea had ended up with a dare. Somehow, another friend had persuaded Andrea to kiss Rachel. In the end, it wasn’t just a kiss they shared.

“Kiss me,” Rachel said, playfully. She crooked a finger at the taller blonde girl and smiled. “You took dare, not truth, so pucker up, baby.” Somehow, the banter came easily, even though her heart was pounding. The tequila shots helped, and Rachel just brazenly asked her best friend and crush to kiss her. “Come on,” Rachel continued, leaning forward and tilting her head, “It’s just a game.”

Andrea smiled then and leaned in, placing one hand on top of the other woman’s as she did. With her head tilted down, she covered the smaller woman’s face with her long blonde hair and slid her lips, briefly, against her friends. Then after a brief hesitation, she slid her pink tongue out, surprising Rachel for a moment before she responded in earnest. Slipping her tongue out to quickly caress the blonde’s pink lips, Rachel started to kiss her friend passionately, probing her mouth with gusto. Andrea, taken a bit by surprise, allowed the other woman to explore freely and just let her tongue hold still.

Moments passed as Rachel continued to kiss her best friend, with their other two friends watching and giggling even louder. Andrea took no notice of their laughter but started to kiss Rachel back, raising a hand to wrap around the smaller woman’s head. Holding her long black hair, Andrea continued kissing her, tilting her head, flicking her tongue and playing with the other woman. Their kiss lasted several minutes, while eventually, the other two girls just stared, getting excited themselves. Andrea could barely believe what they were doing, but it felt so good, so natural, that she kept going long after putting the, “Dare,” out of her mind.

Exploring her friend’s mouth, tasting her sweet, soft lips was unlike anything the blonde expected. While she heard rumors that Rachel might be bisexual or lesbian, it never occurred to her that the other woman might be interested in her. Sure, Andrea had tons of attention from men. But never before had she been so close to a woman who might find her attractive in a non platonic sense. For her, the idea was just foreign. Not a bad idea but just one where Andrea had never given it any real thought, one way or another. Kissing Rachel, in those minutes, made her question a great many things about her own sexuality.

Rachel, unfortunately, broke the kiss and was feeling overwhelmed with emotion. Heart pounding, she looked into her friend’s eyes and then at her other friends, swallowing hard. “Well,” she said, breathing hard, chest rising underneath her tight cotton top. “Impressive. Okay, so who’s turn is it now?”

Looking around, anywhere but at her friend, Rachel tried to reconcile what just happened and not give away her completely hard nipples. Poking through her bra, on display for anybody to see, she was wearing arousal like a thick perfume. Only, after the sudden split, Andrea felt less confused and slightly hurt, though for no reason she could really name. For a minute, the idea of exploring with her friend, of doing something most straight women would never try, seemed like a good idea.

Then when Rachel pulled away, Andrea told herself that she had imagined it and that Rachel wasn’t interested in her, only playing the game. How wrong the blonde would never know until three years later. While out shopping in a local boutique, she was getting some special lingerie to entertain a guy she had just started dating. None of her relationships had lasted, and it was almost a year since she lost touch with any of her college friends, except for one, Susan. She had not seen Rachel since graduation, despite their being Facebook friends and still living in the same city. Their social lives had drifted apart, mostly because Rachel had started acting odd around the other woman. Meanwhile, Andrea’s first real boyfriend moved in with her after graduation while he finished medical school, and Andrea didn’t have time for a lot of things in her life, including some of her former friendships.

Not only that, but the dramatic breakup with her boyfriend that followed a year after graduation, moving in with her parents for a while and changing jobs had rocked Andrea’s universe like nothing else. Having been used to so many people, casino şirketleri men and women, just doing what she wanted, the professional world, where she couldn’t always trade on her looks, made for a difficult transition. Doing well for a while and just starting to date a new guy, she felt her lift was on track once more for the first time in years. The lingerie department was upscale and her first big, fun purchase to splurge and say, “I’m worth it,” since being on her own.

That late June, Rachel was walking towards the dressing room where she just saw Andrea enter, when she could not help herself. She followed the other woman up to the door, then almost knocked. Instead, she looked around and took a deep breath.

After she changed out of her clothes, Andrea was just about to put on this sexy black mini skirt and tube top to try them on. Normally, her bust, 36c, is hard to find a fit at any size, even though Andrea stood only five feet six. Lost in the act of folding her pants, she didn’t notice the door open.

In walked a shorter woman, five three, with long black hair and a sheer blouse on over a small black mini-skirt. She quickly locked the door and stripped out of her blouse before noticing the other woman standing there, clad in lacy black satin underwear, blue eyes wide. Her long blonde hair was pulled over one shoulder and she stood there, staring at the intruder, until she finished taking off her own blouse and kicking her heels to the side.

“Excuse me?” Andrea asked, embarrassed and frustrated. She’d never had somebody barge into a dressing room before, in all her twenty-five years. The few times something close to this had been where the other person blushed and shut the door.

Looking startled, the shorter Asian woman glanced over and saw Andrea standing there, pink nipples growing hard underneath her lacy black bra. Stunned, she looked at Andrea as if she was from another planet, or simply couldn’t be real. Three years later, and her friend’s body was as lovely, or even more so, than before.

Not knowing what else to say and already clad only in her mini-skirt, the Asian woman stuck out her hand, “I’m Rachel.” Confused, Andrea took the other woman’s hand and shook it, not sure if she was being pranked or what was happening.

“Nice to see you, I guess,” she said, quickly disengaging the handshake as quickly as she could. “Why are you here?”

“Trying on clothes,” Rachel said, giggling. “I didn’t expect to find such an attractive blonde in here though, I thought it was empty. And I certainly didn’t expect to see one I know!”

“Did you knock?”

“Nope, just tried the handle.” Rachel leaned forward, stepping uncomfortably close to Andrea, even in the large changing room. “You have amazing nipples, by the way.”


“Your nipples,” Rachel said, smiling, showing her pearly white teeth and naughtiest smile. “Near as I can tell, you have beautiful aureolas,” she continued. “Even if I didn’t like women, I’d be tempted,” she said, reaching out casually towards Andrea’s chest.

Andrea could not believe the other woman barged in, said she was lesbian or bi and was only an inch away from getting to second base. Normally if she was drunk, another hot woman like Rachel coming on to her would be flattering, and perhaps she’d consider kissing or making out. The truth or dare game flashed through her mind, along with the rumors, and she got confused. Irritated.

“What do you think you are doing?” She finally demanded, making no move to step back but also enjoying the feeling, despite the awkwardness, of the other woman’s fingers on her nipples.

“Why, I think I’m hitting on you,” Rachel said, laughing softly. “These are amazing,” she said, “And I know they are real. Wow.” She paused, looking up into Andrea’s blue eyes, her brown, slanted orbs intense. “I’d love to see them,” she said. “Please? I’ve wanted to see them, to touch them, for years.”

Without saying another word, Andrea reached back and removed her bra, too tempted to not let the incredibly hot Asian woman at least touch her. She let the pink bra fall to the side and slid her hands up her sides, shivering, wondering how far she would go. Rachel reached out and grabbed her hands before they got to her breasts and slid them over her own shoulders. “Here,” she said, leaning forward. Grabbing the taller blonde’s breast, she whispered, “These are beautiful,” squeezing even harder. “You are so sexy.” Flicking her tongue out, Rachel licked the blonde’s stiff pink rosebud, red lips shinning in the fluorescent light. The blonde’s knees wobbled as the other woman started to flick her nipple, the wet, warm sensation seeming to drive electric shocks all the way through her toes with each flick of the woman’s tongue.

“You’re not leaving this booth,” Rachel said, “Until I’ve tasted you.”

Andrea could not believe the confidence in the smaller, petite woman’s voice. Shivering, she started to lose any remaining inhibitions, feeling the other woman’s casino firmaları soft, delicate lips caressing, sucking on her nipple drove any notion of rationality far from her mind. Moving her hands up to Rachel’s silky black hair, she pulled the other woman’s head tightly against her chest, trying to stifle the moan the threatened to escape her lips. Inwardly, she felt herself grow weak in the knees and her legs started to buckle as the Asian woman’s skilled lips and tongue moved from one nipple to the other.

“Oh,” Andrea finally blurted, low and husky. “Mmm,” she said, “That feels so good.” She tried to keep her voice a whisper but the words seemed to hang in the air, louder than she expected.

Feeling the blonde’s hands wrap themselves into her long black hair, Rachel could not believe her luck. Today was not the first time she had fantasized about being in a dressing room with another hot woman but it was the first time she had ever tried such a bold move. She licked and sucked each nipple in turn, loving the texture of Andrea’s soft, pink nipples against her mouth. The saliva she was drooling across the other woman’s chest left a wet, shiny trail in between her breasts. The sight and sound of the other woman’s moans, soft as they were, drove Rachel wild with lust. She started to kiss the other woman’s collarbone, moving her lips up to the blonde’s exposed earlobe.

Nibbling softly, she bit Andrea’s earlobe, careful not to bite the gold earring. “I’m not sure I can do this without screaming,” she said, licking down the other woman’s neck, shivering as she did. “However, it’s been too long since I’ve had a woman underneath me and I simply can’t let you go.”

“Oh?” The blonde asked, arching her back, pushing her panty clad center harder against the Asian woman as she started to slide her tongue further down her tight, toned stomach. “If you can’t let me go, then you’ll have to have your way with me.”

Rachel hardly heard the last thing the blonde said, so caught up in the mesmerizing sight of the other woman’s belly button ring. She looked at it for a long moment, licking and biting the tender, pale flesh around her belly button before moving down. With one hand, she gently pushed the taller woman, who sat back abruptly, feeling the hard, cheap bench collide with her bottom in a not gentle fashion. Leaning down, Rachel looked into the other woman’s brown eyes, gauging her desire. Feeling her own center heat up, she leaned in further, pressing her red lips against the blonde’s pink ones in a long, soft kiss. Parting her lips, she gently slid her mouth against the other woman’s, sliding her tongue out after a moment. Licking, she slid her tongue and lip together against the blonde’s mouth, her saliva drenching their chins.

Hungry, she slid her right hand down to Andrea’s left breast and started to play with her nipple again. The pin nub grew even more stiff, at which point, the Asian woman slid her tongue back down the blonde’s chest so she could suck on the tiny, erect nub. Feeling her tongue slide down the other woman’s chest sent a tingle in between her thighs, and by the time she pressed her head against Andrea’s chest to suck on the pink nipple, the blonde was moaning softly.

Feeling the asian woman’s tongue slide down her chest, the blonde could hardly believe how wet, how excited she was. The kiss had felt amazing, Rachel’s mouth sweeter than she could have imagined. The other woman’s expert tongue stroked her nipple with finesse, sending a constant stream of pleasure tingling through her thighs and wet panties. Biting down on the blonde’s nipple, the Asian woman looked up through her thick, dark eyelashes, hoping it was okay to give the blonde a tiny bit of pain. Seeing only lust, Rachel bit just a little harder, making the hot blonde shiver against her as her right hand slid down, roving over the blonde’s panty clad bottom, slick from her leaking pussy.

Giving Andrea’s hip a little smack, Rachel then stood up, face flushed, and leaned forward to give her friend a kiss. Pulling Andrea up from the bench, she wrapped her arms around her waist. Eyes closed, she brushed her lips against the blonde, sliding her tongue gently into the blonde’s mouth. Her chest touched, their stiff nipples pressed together as the flesh of their soft, creamy breasts melded together. Moaning, the Asian woman squirmed, tongue swirling. Rachel drowned in the heady sensation, grinding her luscious chest against the other woman. Thighs on fire, she reached around and slides her hands along the slightly taller woman’s back, eagerly tracing her flesh.

“Tasting your mouth is driving me wild,” Andrea moaned, pulling her head back. “Lick me,” she begged, reaching back to grab the Asian woman’s hands. Rachel slid her arms down to her friend’s lower back, then griped the blonde woman’s panty line. Pulling down, she got the other woman’s panties half way down her thighs before Andrea gasped, sliding her hands down her soft, smooth ass cheek. Inhaling deeply, Rchel’s nostrils filled with güvenilir casino the scent of the blonde’s exposed mound, the smell of her arousal sweet. Mouth soaking with saliva, she leaned in, kissing Rachel deeply once more. With her butt crack getting probed by the smaller woman’s fingers and her mouth dancing, sucking, Andrea started to grow light headed.

Pulling back from the kiss, Rachel’s eyes grew slitted as she grinned impishly, sliding her hands down her hips to push her lacy panties down to her ankles. Stepping out of them, she leaned forward and pushed Andrea, who sat back abruptly on the bench. Stiff nipples exposed, she looked up at the smaller woman who started to slide one hand in between her legs. Covering her bald nether lips, Rachel started to slide a finger in between her labia, soaking the digit, before sliding it inside. Moaning, she closed her eyes and bent her knees, fingering herself, pushing her finger in and out. Red lips quivering, she withdrew her fingers. Grabbing the blonde’s hair, she pulled her head back and stuffed her fingers in her mouth.

All three which were slick from the Asian woman’s pussy pushed into Andrea’s throat. Gagging, she swallowed hard, the taste of the other woman’s cum cloying in her mouth, driving her wild. Thighs leaking, Andrea spread her legs wide, blue eyes looking up at Rachel pleadingly. Unable to say the words, the blonde simply reached up to her nipples and squeezed them, one tit in each hand. Then she slid her right hand down to her thighs, tracing the line of her groin. Before she could start to give herself the relief her pussy was aching for, Rachel grabbed her hand, shaking her head, “No.” Black hair swishing hypnotically, Andrea watched, unmoving, as Rachel slowly knelt in front of her.

On her knees, the petite, busty Asian woman seemed even more slight to the taller blonde. She only had to tilt her head slightly to kiss the top of Rachel’s forehead, before the other woman knelt down further. Kissing her stomach, she made her way down to her thighs in one long movement. Slipping her tongue out, Rachel gently lapped up the skin of Andrea’s inner thigh. Moving her head, tickling the blonde with her long, raven black hair, Rachel slowly kissed her way along the other woman’s leg. As she did, her nose filled with the scent of the blonde’s desire, her pre-cum filling her nostrils.

Inhaling deeply, Rachel grew hungry and only one taste would satisfy her craving. She slid her tongue along the blonde’s inner thigh, pushing her legs wider apart. Almost on all fours, she reached up with her right hand, gently revealing her slick inner lips. Labia swollen, the blonde’s pussy was slick, a trail of pre-cum stretching from her lower lips all the way to the wooden bench. Moving her face down, Rachel started to lick around the edge of Andrea’s labia, driving the woman wild.

Reaching down with her hands, Andrea nearly cried out as she felt the other woman trace the edge of her slick, swollen outer pussy lips. Digging her hand into the smaller woman’s long, black hair, the blonde spread her legs wide, pulling Rachel’s lips harder against her inner thighs. She bit her lip, wanting to cry out, knowing she couldn’t in the upscale department store. Just thinking about getting caught made her anxious but the pleasure she felt as Rachel’s tongue slid over her inner lips drowned out any thoughts of stopping.

“You’re sweet,” Rachel said, looking up for a brief moment, her lips slick, shining under the fluorescent light. “I’m going to eat you up.”

“Please,” the blonde moaned in response, using her left hand to squeeze her pink, pert nipple. “Stick your tongue in my pussy.”

Without a moment’s hesitation, Rachel slid her tongue sideways, sucking up and mixing her saliva with the slick rivulet of pre-cum. Hungrily, she started to slide her tongue into Andrea’s dripping pink lips, making slurping sounds as she did. Kneeling down, she could feel her own lips dripping in response to the heady, sweet scent of the taller woman’s slit, filling her nostrils and mouth. She wanted to cum so bad, Andrea could not help pulling the Asian’s head harder still, feeling the edges of her lip covered teeth pressing into her pubic mound.

On fire, she started to lift her ass off the bench, with her heels on the floor, she balanced with her left hand on the wood. Bucking and whimpering, loud enough for the other dressing room occupant’s to hear, the blonde started to breath harder and harder. When Rachel finally slipped her tongue upwards, towards her clit, she sat down hard on the bench. Leaning back into the wall, she pushed herself off the bench, into the Asian’s hungry, soft lips.

Licking her right hand, Rachel reached up and spread the blonde’s pussy lips wide, starting to play with the entrance. Through dark eyelashes, she looked up at Andrea, lips and chin slick, grinning. Just as her finger started to slide inside, she slowly stretched, moving her face upwards. First kissing the pale, hard expanse of Andrea’s pubic mound, then sliding her tongue upwards, towards her stomach. Teasingly, she pushed her finger deeper inside, feeling around for the blonde’s g-spot. Sliding a finger into her waiting, parted folds, the Asian woman loved the smooth, slick feeling of penetrating the busty woman.

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