Dressing Room Tryst

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We’ve kept close all the way through the store. Our fingers reach out and brush lightly against each other’s thighs as we browse the silky frills and lace. We’ve gathered a small bounty of frothy, delicate underwear, and as we move toward the dressing rooms a look of mischief flashes in our eyes. A shop girl eyes us as we approach. Clearly we’ll have to work around the restrictive fitting room visitor’s policy.

The attendant shows me to a plush stall, complete with an upholstered stool and a beveled mirror. I can see your feet underneath the door as you pretend to wait decorously outside. When I open the door again, my jeans and top have given way to sculpted satin. The tops of my breasts kiss each other lightly over a foam of lace, and my waist now curves out and down into silk-clad hips, full and ripe and yours for the taking.

You stride quickly through the door and shut it quietly behind you. I retreat against the far side of the stall, my eyes beckoning you forward. Your strong hands come to rest on the wall on either side of my head, but as you lean towards me I slip under your arm. You turn to me and rest your back against the wall.

I lean into you and kiss you softly, lingering, then flick my tongue against your top lip. I press my lifted breasts up into your chest as I grab your wrists and hold them at your sides. I inflict slow, sweet torture on your mouth and brush myself against you. It takes all of my will power to push your hands bağdat caddesi escort away. I want them grasping, dragging, holding me against you, but my power over you is intoxicating and I can feel your cock rising against me. My teeth move to your ear and scrape lightly over the lobe. My hand tangles in your hair at the nape of your neck, and as you open your eyes in a rush of pleasure you catch sight of us in the mirror on the opposite wall. The material of my panties is stretched lightly over my ass and I can’t hold you back anymore. Your hands seek the curves of my butt and pull me against you quickly. I moan softly as you take over briefly, but I slither out of your grasp and down to my knees. I drag my hands down the front of your shirt to the waistband of your pants. You can feel the warmth of my breath on your cock through the material of your slacks.

I rub my hands over your crotch and smile as you lean into me. I reach up and undo your fly, drag the waistband down around your ankles. Your boxers gape slightly as they tent over your erection. My hands travel up your legs from your ankles, slide underneath your boxers and into the damp warmth beneath. Your fingers tangle my hair as you sigh with anticipation.

My fingertips trail lightly over your package as I pull the waistband of your boxers down over your hard-on. The glistening head of your cock bobs lightly in front of me. I reach my tongue out to touch bahçelievler escort it lightly. I feel the smooth surface gliding under my tongue and between my lips as I open my mouth to welcome you in. I run my tongue over the underside of the head while my hands fun down the length of your thighs, around to the crease between your cheeks and your legs. I take as much of you as I can into my mouth. I let your length stroke the ridges and planes of the inside of my mouth, let the taste of you mingle and grow in the warmth of my mouth as I pull back. The salt of your precum lingers on the back of my tongue. My hands move to grasp your shaft. You groan as I milk you with mouth and hands. I roll my tongue around the head of your erection in time with the strokes of my hand on your member. I add my other hand to your balls, lightly cupping, and then your torso. My nails rake your stomach lightly to your nipples. I pinch you as my lips tighten around your cock. As I begin to feel you throb in my mouth, feel your fingers clench my scalp and your breath quicken, I know it’s time.

I pull you down to the thick carpet of the dressing room. You’re on your knees, you’re your back, then you yank the delicate crotch to the side and I’m over you, sinking down on you, savoring the contact of our sensitized corners. I arch my back away from you and begin to ride. The head of your dick hits my G-spot just right, again and again and again. Your bahçeşehir escort hands wander over my hips, my stomach, my satin-clad breasts as I rise above you. You reach behind and unclasp this new and unknown barrier. My breasts spring free from the cups of the un-bought bra. I start to lean down to bring my nipples to your mouth, but you sit up to meet me. My arms come around your shoulders and my thighs around your waist as we clasp each other and begin to rock. We pitch and moan quietly through gritted teeth. I lean back in your arms until you are over me, breaking into me. You hit that spot at the end of my tunnel and I move to accommodate you, grant you access to every inch of my body. Your teeth capture my nipples. I move against you in earnest, silently screaming as your cock strokes and stokes my insides. I can feel myself moving closer to orgasm and my hips move accordingly, faster and stronger and more determined. Your hands move beneath me and grip my shoulders as you move above me and within me with a momentum that can no longer be denied. Our bodies stiffen and our mouths capture each others’ groans as we climax. Inertia carries us for a moment, but as we slow we start to quiver and clasp each other. The floor of the dressing room comes into focus around us. Remnants of sales tags stick to the light gloss of sweat on my back. Your hands run down the length of my body, coaxing the last shivers from my nerve endings. My body follows your fingers like iron filings follow a magnet, softly and with the surrender of long yearning. I kiss you.

“I love you,” I whisper. I don’t have time for more. The sales clerk is coming to check on me, to make sure everything’s okay.

“Everything’s fantastic!” I call cheerfully, smiling broadly into the handsome face hanging above me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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