Dull No More

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They weren’t different than any other couple. They were together because they had fallen in love. But as so many relationships do, they do started to keep secrets. They weren’t as honest and open with each other as they had been.

And, as a result, they didn’t know that they had a connection stronger than what they’ve already experience with each other.

Most days were routine and there was a little bit of drifting between the two. Their sex lives were the same- it isn’t that they didn’t want each other- but it seemed to be more of a chore. The sex wasn’t bad.

Her hot little body would ride his cock for a few orgasms before he spurted, but it was the same most times. They were each reserved and this resulted in lack of experimenting. Coupled with being reserved they didn’t do what they wanted to the other, for fear of being shunned.


She was working in her office as usual. There was a new guy, his name was Steve. He was very friendly- a taller man, maybe 6’2″ and a solid 200 pounds or so. He was attractive and toward over the 110 pound 5’2″ Sandra. They shook hands- his stern blue eyes locked with her green eyes and her right knee couldn’t help but shake a little.

She came home that night with reignited vigor. She approached Mark, grabbed him by the tie and led him into the bedroom where they quickly stripped each other down. She got down on her knees and starting sucking his quickly hardening cock. In length it was an average 6″ but it was thicker than most. She bobbed her pretty face up and down on his shaft. He groaned slightly. He was erect, and she was dripping wet (thinking of Steve).

She pushed him back on the bed like an animal, and straddled his cock. They humped and fucked, he bucked into her and she leaned down and bit his ear. Her tongue swirled around his earlobe.

“Mmmm,” she moaned. “Oh yeah,” Her eyes closed and she envisioned that it was Steve pounding her cunt with long, firm, deep strokes.

“Harder, Bitch.” Mark heard the words escape Sandra’s lips and he fucked her harder, pounding into her pussy. The noise of sloppy sex echoed throughout their room.

“OOOHHHH, yeah” Sandra normally canlı bahis didn’t wake up the neighbors, she was usually a quiet girl. But tonight she needed it.

There was a banging on their wall. “Shut the fuck up and let me enjoy this Mrs. Baker.” There were no more knocks as Sandra rode Mark to several vigorous orgasms.

She pulled off Mark before he could cum.

“What the -” he began.

“No, not tonight- it’s my night. Now, lick my pussy.”

Mark obliged his wife as she climbed up and straddled his face. Her sloppy, wet pussy dropped down onto his face. His tongue snaked its way inside and she rode it. She came several more times as he sucked her clit.

She swivelled around on his face and her rosebud was licked by Mark’s tongue. Usually this was a taboo area for Sandra. She let Mark lick her asshole one before, but she was far to conservative to enjoy it. This time was different. She was into.

“Lick it Marky, lick my ass” She slithered. “Shove it up there, bitch.”

Mark responded with pure enthusiasm at being called a bitch. He sucked and rimmed and licked her gorgeous asshole. When she had enough she went back down and straddled his still stiff shaft, his balls full and rode him once more.

“Ugghhhh Fuck Me, Mark, Fuck Me, BITCH.”

He bellowed back, “Can I cum?”

Her head nodded three times before she answered, “Yes, YES, YES, fill up my pussy.”

He let go and jettisoned his load into her cunt. She screamed with delight and came herself.

She fell off him, he ample buttocks still waving in the air. She then roll onto her back and her legs parted ever so slightly.

This was Mark’s chance, he thought to himself, as he deeply gulped in air. He crawled towards her legs- she thought nothing of it- he kissed her up her thighs and made his way to her dripping cunt.

He licked.

A quick moan escaped Sandra, and then she realized what Mark had done. Her legs wrapped around his back and pulled him in closer. This was quite unorthodox for them, but they were both enjoying it, both expressing their true kinky sides.

He sucked his own bitter, salty cum from Sandra’s sloppy cunt. He drank it down.

She shuddered bahis siteleri one last orgasm before she fell asleep.

Mark lay in bed, his eyes wide awake wondering what tomorrow would bring.

The rest of the week went by quickly. Nothing was said and Sandra and Mark hadn’t fucked.

It was Saturday morning. Mark felt a shuffle on the bed, and suddenly felt claustrophobic.

His eyes peeked open and his wife’s asshole was in his face. He breathed deeply And then licked.

“Mmm, yeah… Bitch,” she emphasized bitch and Mark’s cock stirred.

“I’ve decided,” She began. “I remember everything that happened Monday night Mark. Keep Licking and Listen.”

“Obviously, we both have some repressed desires. We are going to change Mark- because we love each other, and this will be good for us. Mmm…”

“For whatever reason, we never did what we are both built to do. We’ll do it from now on.”

She got up from Mark’s face and looked at him.

“Honey, I love you, but… I must confess.” There was a pause. “I’ve always known that you’ll do what I tell you. And I am going to tell you do to something, now. I expect you to obey.”

Mark kept listening.

“Get up, go over to my panty drawer and pick up that blue thong that you like me in.”

Mark obliged.

“Put it on.”

Mark had one leg through.

“Now, Bitch.” Sandra teased. Mark completed his task. His meat grew harder in its confines. “Mark, there is something that I want, my little cum slut.”

“Sandra, anything.” Mark replied.

“I want you to watch me… Fuck another man. Then, when he leaves, I want you to suck his cum from my cunt. Will you do that?”

Mark’s stomach turned over, but his cock jutted out from the dainty blue thong he wore.

Sandra smiled, “I’ll take that as a yes, Bitch. There’s also something else I want to do to you.”

Mark came to Sandra. He kissed her feet, and up her calves to her thighs. “I want to fuck you in the ass,” she plainly said.

Mark was more of a man of action than one of speech. He raised his ass up in the air and placed his shoulders down.

Sandra was giddy. Like it was Christmas Morning. She reached under bahis şirketleri the bed and pulled out a harness with a black, realistic cock attached. It was maybe 8 inches long. She placed it to Marks mouth. “Suck.” His tongue circled around the head.

“Oh you dirty slut. You love this.” She shoved the dildo down his mouth and watched him gag. She watched him bob up and down on the phallus, her pussy getting wetter and wetter. She took back the rubbery cock and moved behind her slut.

She took out some Vaseline from the night stand and lubed up the cock, she applied some to the waiting hole of Mark, who was about to be de-virginized and made into a cock craving whore (little did he know).

She put on the harness, the black cock jiggled, her knees trembled at what she was about to do. She placed the tip of the dildo at his asshole and slowly pushed it in.

Mark groaned out loud, slightly in discomfort. “Shut up whore, you know you like it.” She lightly spanked his ass. She pushes the cock in and then pulls it out. She pushes it in about 2 inches, holds it and then pulls it almost all the way out. She can feel his ass start to relax and she pushes more of the fake cock into his ass- about half way down.

Mark makes a noise like humming- but he is actually purring as he enjoys the feeling of the cock in his ass. His dick is hard, and sways between his legs, his balls tight.

She starts to fuck him harder, they work up a sweat. And the cock slowly goes all the way into his ass. He starts to moan like she was the other night.

“Ohh, yeah you Cunt,” Sandra abruptly says, “this is how he is going to fuck me. He’s going to fuck me like a whore and I’m going to scream, like you are now, you bitch! I’m going to let him fuck me anyway he wants to with his big cock.

“Ugghh, SANDAAA!!!” Mark moans into the bed. Sandra is slowly approaching climax herself. She keeps fucking Mark, harder and harder. The cock rubbing up against his prostate- he starts to moan.

Sandra slaps his ass hard “TWACK!!! Cum for me Mark, shoot that load my faggot princess!”

“OOHHHH SANNNDRAAAA” Mark let out his load, shooting it into the thong. Sandra quickly followed suit and let out a shuddering orgasm.

She collapsed on top of him, the dildo still embedded within his ass. And whispered in his ear, “Oh Margaret, that was so good of you.” She patted his ass and they took a nap.

(To be Continued…)

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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