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It’s the longest day, the mid of summer, the height of hot passion. The sun rises early but we’re up before it, naked and daring, you under a nearly cover-all mac, me in a shorter thin coat cos it shows more of my legs, and both in easy-to-slip-off sandals.

It’s light enough to see even though the sun still sleeps below the horizon as we zoom in your fast car to a wooded area outside town. I’m dizzy dopey with almost mid-of-night sleepiness and wild anticipation, a tingling stirring in below my tum, and i can see the eagerness you have as you drive, as a tent forms under the mac and an oozy tip pokes from between the buttons, threatening to outreach the gear stick.

This early there are no other cars in the headlights, and you speed along the country road with giddying acceleration and need, making a wild turn into the small park and screeching to a halt. Then we’re out in the fresh morning-cool air, the warmth of inside the motor dissipating under our thin clothing as our skin unaccustomedly goosebumps with its unfamiliar stillness.


We’ve walked these woods before, know its paths and ways, but never before in this lukewarm silence. Not even the birds are singing, no scritchy twitching of insects, and the long grass and towering trees glisten with dew – the only sound the scrunching of the odd stones and squishy swishing of our feet on the damp path ground. Off the beaten path we head tween the darkness under bunched trees to a private spot in case the odd early country walker is around, and leave our coats on a broken off hanger of a branch, shivering slightly in our nakedness. We embrace each other for scant warmth under the clear brightening sky, like a new Adam and Eve in our personal Eden. A blinding light suddenly illuminates us through the greenery, and the sun peeps over the horizon, making our skin glow even more than our arousal did. There’s a slight warmth to its touch, parting the cool air with its light, and making the lil clearing haven a place of love and desire.

With a smile you turn me away and bend me over to brace myself against the rough bark as I kick off my sandals and tip-toe up, keeping my thighs together. I can sense you spreading your legs so your crotch is level with my own dew-like dampness, cooling glisteningly around the forbidden fruit of my peach. Your stiff snake slowly tries to ease itself into my thigh-clenched tightness, almost hissing with steaminess as you warm me and the chilled petals of my sex thaw, soften, become liquid, allowing you to slither inside with a gasp of breathy satisfaction.

Your hands on my hips, I feel you judder back and forth as I squeeze tightly around you, making you feel bigger and harder than ever before. Each quaking broken thrust forces a moaning wail of delight from me, and I bite my outreached arm to stifle the sounds which echo loudly through the glade. beşiktaş türbanlı escort I feel you fold down onto my back, your hands reaching under to molest my drooping boobs, tweaking the swollen icy nips back to feeling, as you continue to grind squelchily.

Usually our combined orgasms result from you building up an excited speed but my continued clenching stops you accelerating. Instead my tight squeeziness brings a shuddering climax as you push in one final time and with trembling tingles you spurt a gushing fountain inside, and my own quivering bliss spasms around you. My legs threaten to give and I have to part my thighs to balance, and you decide to ram back and forth while still hard, the squelchy sucking of its plunging penetrations making me cum again as my vividly vibrating vagina seems to explode with inner light like an internal dawn.

Gigglingly giddy with glowing gratification, I let you drop dripping from me and turn to lean against the tree while my scattered senses struggle to return. You embrace me and we smooch and snog lustily as I feel your soaked stiffness tween my own wet thighs. Suddenly you take my hand and pull me out of the secret sheltered space to skip – yes, skip! – down the path with me in tow. What should we care as there’s no-one around, and I skip with you, joyous as we bounce hand-in-hand out of the trees and into a long-grassed meadow, still sleeping under its blanket of glittering dew…


Hand-in-hand we wade through the thigh-high blades of greenery, leaving a dark trail of disturbed dew behind us, our bare skins catching the glistening drops. I’m already damp from you and a extra veil of moisture from the grass coats the fluffiness tween my thighs, and I notice your sex-slicked cock and hair also starting to drip, and I feel an ache of desire deep inside.

As if my inner intimate needs have travelled down my arm and up yours, you suddenly scoop me off my feet and lay me gently on my back in the cold sodden grass. I gasp with the shock of chilling wetness as you part my thighs, knees to the brightening blue sky, and wrap long twists of grass from under my feet around my ankles in soft green bondage. When you finish I give a testing tug and the blades allow me to spread myself but remaining resolutely firm, rooting me to the ground. Slipping your knees under mind you ease forward, your tum to mine, and nibble my nips as I feel the warmth of your wickedly wood-like willy worm its way inside again. Excited by my bound submission I reach either side of me and wrap more flattened grass around my forearms and lie there, trapped by cool damp nature and pinned by your horny heat, a giddy mix of unfamiliar sensations and contrasts. You lick the cold dew from my skin, warming me with the rasping roughness of your tongue, slowly finding your way from my belly button, beşiktaş ucuz escort up over my ribs to the flattened swell of my breasts, to where your lips seek and suck on my pert air-cooled nips.

Arousal makes me writhe, the rustle of grass on my back and in my hair, the swirl of squashed blades seeking to spring up like your returning erection, tickling the space tween my thighs under where you lay. You kneel up and place your hands flat, index finger to index finger and thumbs meeting down at the thin darkness through my fluffy hairs. With the tip of your cock teasing me, you slowly thumb your way down tween my thighs and ease me apart, gentle pressure from your palms making me squeeze on you as the stiff shaft slowly slides inside once more. I close my eyes, bite my lip as the feel of you fills me, makes me tremble, sends my senses wild.

I don’t need to see you to know you’ve risen slightly on your knees to move back and forth with pleasing penetrations and relaxed but rousing retreats, as your palms kneed my tum and the softness within that surrounds your rocking rigidity. The slow sensual fucking continues for eternal unmeasured moments until with a quickening quiver you cum in me in a single prolonged squirt, and I shiver all over, nails clawing at the dirt, knees shaking and back arched, with a sighing scream of ecstasy that joins the deafening dawn chorus. With a choked gasp of blistering bliss my arms tear the wrapped grass binds from their roots and I grasp your pounding chest, eyes wide with passion.

As I get my breath back, you untie my ankles from their grassy bondage and lie beside me, letting me crawl onto you, your arms embracing and comforting me as the sun rises over the trees, its light making me seem to glow more than ever as its warmth dresses us.


Naked and entwined, we’re the new Adam and Eve, dozily drifting tween aching arousal and satisfied slumber under a brand new sky. We haven’t noticed, hidden by the untouched towering grass, we lay close to a sharp incline down a hill. As we smooch sensually, me straddled on top of you, legs twisted and arms around each other, we roll playfully towards it until…

With a shriek of surprise, bodies still wrapped in bliss and dew, we tumble down through the grass in a crashing spinning blur. Fright gives way to laughter as we both recall rolling down hills as kids until our brief flight ends in a muddy splash with you on your back and me on top in a shallow slimy ditch of a stream under some trees. As the world stops revolving around us we look at each other, mucky and dripping like dirty young kids and burst out laughing, you scooping up a handful of wet dirt and slopping it over a boob while I grab a dollop of brown porridgy goo and aim it at your face… splat!

With a ‘ho!’ of revenge you toss me off back into the beşiktaş üniversiteli escort sticky mire, and as I try and crawl away you slap wet mud on my departing bum cheeks.

‘Oooooh… right!’ I cry and roll on my shoulder with a squelch, arm flailing up to throw a mudball which sticks to your chest. The mud fight gets dirtier, in more ways than one, until we kneel giggling in churned up wet earth, looking more like primeval savages than lovers, dressing in a drying crumbling slime. We feel dirty in more ways than one, as I eye your hardening muddy cock, brought about by the sight of the wet ooze dribbling down my breasts, the sludge clinging round my tum and thighs forming a miry fluffy triangle. But the mud would get in the way of any more play, so we restrain our natural lust as you help me up and we plod through the sticky stream further downhill where it trickles into a glittering sun-splashed pond. I’ve never skinny-dipped but the need to wash the mud off makes us plunge in and wash away our devil-may-care dishevelled dustiness, until not quite but never-minding cleanliness.

Wading ashore, we kneel like hairless dogs on the grass and shake ourselves as dry as we can. Watchless we have no idea of the time and the chance of morning walkers in the bright early sunny day is getting higher. But the sight of me bent over on the grass, head down, tossing my hair back and forth to get the water and muck out, is more than you can bear.

Suddenly your wet arms are reaching over my hips to part my thighs from the front, rubbling my clit as I am roughly taken from behind. One strong hand holds me up and massages my breasts while another keeps grinding my swelling bud, and I find myself gripping it, guiding it. Your penis pounds into my pulsating pussy, animalistic, wild, as if seeing me covered in mud and dust rolls you back hundreds of thousands of years, bring out the untamed caveman in you, dominating by force and savagery. You cum once with me kneeling up, my thighs trembling and weakening until I tip forward on my arms, bum in the air and you still inside. But you don’t stop, don’t care, as I am ground raw by your rampant rousal, laid subservient by my primeval man mate. With your hands slipping tween gripping my hips and grappling my bum you quickly reach another loud climax with a grunting roar of release and satisfaction, and with a single wailing gasp I’m filled again to bursting with spurt after spurt of hot stickiness that burns through me with scorching satiety… for now.


It can’t be more than 6am – we hope – so we scamper naked, hands-held, back up the grassy meadow to the secluded clearing where our coats still hang and sandals lie discarded. Even after the pond bath and sweat-scrubbed final fuck we’re both still slightly dirty and filthy in body… scabs of mud hang from exposed skin, and knees and elbows stained green from the grass… as well as mind.

We wrap ourselves back in the semi-civilised garb of the 21st century, and as we traipse back, arms hugging, our minds wander to the dawn of time, the beginning of sex, its wild raw energy and vividness, and get a hint of the animal lust hidden in our eyes, that only you and I can bring out in each other…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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