Enjoy Your Flight

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Sid settled into his seat on the flight. It would be a rather short flight, but still, with how seating is, it was long enough. The seats on this plane were close together and he didn’t have as much leg room as he would have liked.

He was fortunate that he had no crying baby or kicking the seat kind of kid near him. Sid pulled out his cell phone looking at the time. He hoped the flight was on time. He didn’t want to miss his business meeting.

The plane started moving on the tarmac and the flight attendants came out to give their usual spiel about safety, buckling, and emergencies. Normally Sid ignored them as heard them all the time with his travels, but his eyes locked onto the nearest flight attendant.

Blue sparkling eyes and full lips, she told jokes when giving the presentation, making it fun and not boring. “If the lavatory is full, you’ll see the light turn on. You’ll just have to hold it until the lavatory is free.”

Her breasts filled her top nicely and her blonde hair was tied up in a pony tail. She had a white blouse and a black skirt and high heels. Normal flight attendant wear, but somehow she made it look sexy.

Scrumptious, Sid thought. Maybe this flight won’t be so bad after all. After the presentation, she informed the flight that their drinks and snacks would be served once they were up in the air.

Once in flight, drinks and snacks were served. She reached sarıyer escort Sid and leaned over to hand the drink to the woman sitting next to him. The flight attendant’s breasts were very close to his face as she reached over and somehow he managed to read her nametag, Tatiana, instead of gawking the whole time.

Sexy woman, sexy name, Sid thought. “Sir? Your drink?”

Sid had been thinking about her and hadn’t heard her ask what he wanted. “Um a Coke will be fine.”

When she handed him his drink, their hands brushed, a tingle went through Sid. He noticed that Tatiana had given him a small bottle of rum. He was about to tell her he didn’t order it and certainly didn’t want to pay for it, when he saw her wink at him.

“On the house,” she whispered in his ear. ” For someone who is so handsome.” Tatiana continued on getting orders from the passengers.

Sid poured the rum in his coke and smiled. That was nice of her. And he couldn’t remember being called handsome in a long time. He went to grab his napkin to wipe up a drop of the coke and noticed some writing, other than the plane logo on it.

It said, “Meet me in the back, by the bathrooms in 20 minutes.”

Sid knew it had to be from Tatiana. He kept checking his watch, the minutes going by slowly. He looked behind his seat and saw Tatiana had finished serving the refreshements and was back by silivri escort the bathrooms. Looking at his watch for what seemed like the hundredth time, he saw 20 minutes had elapsed, finally to his relief. It was torture waiting that long.

He unbuckled and headed to the back. Trying to not be too eager, he forced himself to slow his gait and control himself. Tatiana slipped into a bathroom, leaving it a crack open. Sid slid into the bathroom, locking the door behind him. It was cramped in there but Tatiana was sitting on the sink, legs spread, blouse undone. Sid looked up her skirt and grinned when he saw a shaved pussy meeting his gaze.

“I was hoping you’d join me. I thought perhaps I could make your flight more enjoyable…pleasurable. “

“And here I didn’t think this was a full service flight,” Sid joked.

Tatiana grinned and grabbed his tie, pulling him to her. She kissed him and he pushed her breasts out of her bra, teasing her nipples. Tatiana slipped her hand in his pants and pulled out his cock, gliding her hand up and down. They both moaned and continued kissing.

Sid parted from their kiss to move his mouth to her breasts. Tatiana leaned back, arching to give him more of a mouthful.

Leaning in, his cock was pressing against her pussy. He could feel her wetness, her heat against his cock and he couldn’t wait anymore. He slid in and Tatiana şirinevler escort wrapped her shapely legs around his waist. Thrusting, he went deeper in with his cock. She leaned her head against his chest and moaned. “Harder,” she moaned. “Faster.”

No need for her encouraging words, Sid pumped harder and faster. He felt Tatiana’s pussy clench around his cock and he knew she was coming as she panted and moaned. Seeing this beauty coming on his cock ignited him and he pumped a few more quick strokes and came. “Fuck!” Tatiana yelled, “Welcome to the mile high club.” Sid laughed and gave her a kiss.

They both straightened their clothes, zipping and buttoning back up. Tatiana fixed her hair and let him out first. He got back to his seat, a grin on his face. He looked behind and saw Tatiana come out of the bathroom. No one had missed them, just assumed he had taken a little bit of a long trip to the bathroom.

The rest of his trip went by quickly and they were soon landing. As he had his baggage and was exiting towards the plane door, he saw Tatiana was at the door, saying goodbye to the passengers.

When he got to her, she smiled and said, “Thank you for flying with our airlines today. I hope your flight was enjoyable. Please fly with us again.” She stuck a slip of paper in his pocket, no one noticing.

Sid nodded and replied, ” I do believe I will be flying these airlines again. It was a most pleasurable flight.” He got to his baggage claim and looked at the paper she slipped in. In it was her flight schedule. Sid saw that one of the days was when he was flying back.

Whistling happily he got into a taxi. Yes, this business trip had turned into a pleasure trip.

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