Eva Down Under Ch. 02

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Next morning, as she loaded her suitcase on the bus, she thought about Grumpy and wondered where he was. She had calmed down considerably since their parting, and now, on the way to Tennant Creek, she wondered if any part of the rest of her holiday could top the last two days. The next stop was a kind of campground, as she understood it, and she would be sharing a cabin with another single female on the tour, a woman with whom she had spoken fleetingly. She guessed it would be okay…hadn’t she swum with an almost-stranger in a gorgeous natural pool only yesterday? And hadn’t he been au naturel for the swim? Camping would be a breeze! She sighed, squelched the thought thatif he were with her, it would be DELICIOUS fun, and boarded the tour bus.

Just as she was about to board the bus, a desk clerk ran out and told her there was a call for her, and the caller had said it was urgent.m So, she went in and picked up the phone.


“G’day Miss America!” said the voice. Her heart melted. “I just rang to ask you if you people are stopping at Tennant Creek tonight.”

“Why, yes, I do believe we are,” she said, her voice quivering. “Why do you ask?”

“Oh nothin, just thought I’d ask. By the way, you missing anything?” he asked.

“No, I dont think so.”

“Oh okay. Well, see ya at the creek, hun. Bye!”

“Bye!” and she hung up, and re-joined the bus tour.

Sitting on the bus, she wondered why he’d rung her, and why he wanted to know about where they were stopping. Their tour took them out to a place called Glen Helen, a picturesque place, with willow trees all around a billabong, with all sorts of birds flying about, and a lot of white parrots, known as Major Mitchells, squawking and screeching. After lunch, it was back to Alice Springs, then on up to an afternoon tea stop at Barrow Creek, before stopping at the famous ‘Devils Marbles’. Legend had it that during the creation of the Earth, the devil played marbles here, while waiting for the right opportunity to give Eve the forbidden apple. Eva smiled at that…yeah, right! The rocks were round, just like marbles, and there were quite a few there. The tourists took photos, wandered about and re-boarded the bus, before continuing on to Tennant Creek. As the bus pulled into the parking lot, Eva caught herself looking for the red Kenworth, but it wasn’t there. They unloaded from the bus and found their accommodations…

Meanwhile, Grumpy was out delivering to the stations, some as far as 100 kilometers off the main highway, others within sight. He was just coming back to the highway, from the Willowra homestead, when he saw her bus cruise by, and he couldn’t help but smile. He still had one more stop to make, and then he wheeled the triple-trailered-roadtrain into Tennant Creek, just after dark. As he drove into the truck park, he looked through the windows of the restaurant, and yes, she was there! He pulled the rig up in a straight line, then skillfully reversed it away from lights, so he’d be able to sleep in darkness. As he alighted from the cab, he reached up, and hung her swimsuit on the aerial of the radio, laughing to himself. There was still enough light for her to see what he’d done. Laughing to himself, he strode into the showers.

Eva looked up when she heard the sound of a truck pulling into the parking lot. She had chosen a table by a window, hoping against hope that Grumpy might stop by, on his way to make deliveries. She knew it was a faint hope, at best, but she needed something to make her stay with the tour, and not just chuck it and go home in despair. At first she saw nothing, and then the red truck appeared, and the driver backed it up as though it were a car. She knew it was Grumpy by the chrome on the front. She watched as he got down from the cab, stopping on the way to hang something on the aerial. She looked closely, and her jaw dropped in amazement and embarrassment. That was her bathing suit! Oh my God! She averted her eyes, torn between laughter and anger. How dare he…? How did he…? Why did he…? God, he confused her so much!

She finished her meal quickly, and decided that, while he was wherever he had gone, she would take a couple of pictures of the truck. Luckily, she still had her camera, and she walked out through the side entrance to the spot where he had parked it. Trying to decide on the best angle, she walked around in front of it, and then, satisfied with her position, she aimed and took a shot. One more…Strong arms caught her from behind, and she squeaked in surprise and outrage, trying to turn around to see who had caught her off guard like that.

“Stealing piccys of my Kenworth, then, Miss America?” Grumpy’s voice shook her to the core.

“Uh…sorry! I didn’t know you were around. I hope you don’t mind…?” Her voice held uncertainty.

“No, hun, I don’t mind!” He turned her around and stared into her eyes. “Finished your dinner?”

“Yes, thanks!” She lowered her eyes, unable to hold his gaze.

“Where are you staying?” When she looked puzzled, he added, fulya escort “So I can come say goodnight after I’m done eating.”

She gave him her cabin number. “But I’m sharing with someone,” she informed him, “so you won’t be able to stay.”

As she said it, she flushed. He hadn’t said he was going to stay. What was she thinking?

“How did you get my bathing suit?’ she demanded, changing the subject.

“Are you mad at me?” he asked, ignoring her question. “Do you want it back?”

“Not now,” she answered immediately, looking with distaste at the scrap of material clinging to the aerial. “I’m going to have to get another one.”

“I’ll take you shopping if you like,” he offered, his tone innocent, his eyes not.

Suddenly, he pulled her into the shadow of the building, out of immediate sight of anything or anyone, and kissed her soundly.

“I’ve been wanting to do that since I watched you watching me leave yesterday.” He kissed her again. “Mmmmm! You taste good!”

Eva felt the tension in his arms and knew he was holding his emotions in check. How she knew this she couldn’t tell, but she felt good to know he felt so strongly about her.

“Wait for me! I’ll be along to say goodnight soon, love!”

He let her go, and walked into the restaurant through the entrance she had just used to leave it. He ate his meal , watching the news on the television, but his mind was else where. it was in that cabin, kissing those warm, inviting lips… Damn!!! What was it with this bloody woman? She invaded every corner of his mind. There was no getting away from her!

Finishing his meal, he went out to the truck and pulled the bathers down, laughing to himself at her reaction to his bit of fun. He splashed a bit of Imperial Leather aftershave on his face, then went in search of Eva. He knocked on her door, and her roomie answered, so he asked if Eva was in, and was told she had gone to the bar. He walked to the bar, and saw her perched up on a stool talking with a man.

Rather than interrupt, he went back to the truck, and fired up the engine, so he could run the air conditioner for a bit, trying to cool it down in the cab. He had some bookwork to do, and then he lay back on the bunk, watching a DVD on the small screen. It was his favorite, ‘Convoy’ with Kris Kristofferson. Suddenly, there was a tap-tap-tap on the door. He got up, and opened the door. It was Eva; he invited her in, but she declined, instead asking him to join her in the bar.

He followed her in, and they had a couple of drinks, with light conversation about how their day had been. She told him that she’d been in here earlier, asking the coach driver where their next stop would be, and he’d told her Mataranka homestead. He was starting to get really relaxed and comfortable being with her, and hoped she felt the same way with him. At about ten o’clock, he said he had to go to bed, or he’d be too tired to drive tomorrow, and walked her toward her room. As they walked through a dark patch, he grabbed her and kissed her deeply, intensely, a tongue-in-the-mouth kiss. Her right foot curled up behind her, her arms curled around his neck, her breasts pushed against his chest. He could feel her nipples digging in, through all the clothing.

His cock began to stir, rising to prod her just above her pubic bone, stirring her juices. She felt herself getting wet and broke the kiss, laughing. He looked into her bright eyes, and she told him that his whiskers were tickling her. He told her that he’d shave them off then, causing her to laugh more, because she just didn’t believe him. Then he said,

“Hun, I don’t like you calling me Grumpy. That’s for the punters out there. Why don’t you call me Alfie?”

“Alfie? Gee, where did THAT come from?” she wondered.

“From Alfredo, on my dad’s side. It’s Italian, but I’m only quarter Italian. Grandma was English, and my mum was of Scots/Welsh descent.”

He kissed her again. This time, as her arms went around his neck, his hands slid up her sides, then gently cupped her breasts. She pulled back, then moved in, kissing deeper and more passionately than ever before. She could feel the crotch of her panties getting uncomfortably wet. He released her. His cock was poking right into her again, leaking pre cum. She bent down to put her shoe, which had fallen off, back on, and her face rubbed against the bulge in his pants. Man, that a big bulge, she thought, but resisted the temptation to reach out and touch it…

“Want to come over to the truck?” His voice was hoarse.

“Ah, n-n-no, I better go to my room, I think,” she said shakily. So he walked her to her door and kissed her good night.

Eva could still taste Alfie – she smiled at that – as she got ready for bed. Even after brushing her teeth, he was still there. Oh God, I want this man and I don’t know him! What is WRONG with me? Her thoughts went back to that heated exchange of kisses in the parking lot. She had been so aroused, and when he had invited her to his truck, gebze escort she had almost said yes. But she wasn’t sure she was ready for what she knew would have happened had she gone back there with him. It was too soon…

She dreamed about him that night…about his arms enfolding her lovingly, about his kisses sweeping her away, about his hard cock, not just teasing her from outside, but driving her wild inside. She awoke before dawn in a sweat, and couldn’t go back to sleep. She got up and went into the little front hall of the cabin, carrying a book with her – maybe she could get back to sleep after she read a bit.

When she woke up again, it was bright with the crispness of morning sunshine, and her roommate was almost dressed. She explained away her not being in bed by saying she couldn’t sleep, and hurried to shower and change. She threw on a pair of black jeans, a sleeveless white T, with a bright yellow Tweetie Bird on the front, and pulled her hair back into a ponytail. Yellow thongs on her feet – she was glad she had had her toenails done before coming – and she was ready. Her suitcase was packed, and she carried it with her to the restaurant.

Alfie was waiting for her, at least, that’s what it looked like, because he was standing there and when she rounded the corner, he moved to help her with the case.

“Morning, hun!” he said cheerfully, and put it in the hold of the bus, before escorting her in to breakfast.

“What would you like?” he asked, settling her into a seat, before sitting himself.

“Whatever you’re having is fine,” she said.

She looked around her, and wondered what people were thinking about her being with him. They were bound to notice that he was the same one she had been with in Alice Springs. Did they think she and he…? She averted her eyes from his face, and instead watched the bus driver help other passengers load their luggage. When breakfast came, she found herself facing a mound of eggs, bacon, steak, hash browns, toast, and fruit. And the waiter had placed a carafe of coffee, as well as creamer and sugar, on the table. Two glasses of juice followed, and then they were alone.

“Dig in, Eva!” Alfie invited her, and took his own advice, helping himself to enough food to feed a small army, she thought laughingly.

She ate sparingly, feeling queasy for some reason she didn’t understand. The food was good, and as she sipped her coffee, she thought about what she would say to Alfie when the time came to say goodbye. She had received many reprieves since their eyes first met two days ago, and it was getting harder each time to contemplate never seeing him again. She looked up at a sound to find him gazing thoughtfully at her.

“What?” she asked nervously.

“I’m just enjoying the view,” he answered her, smiling. “Has anyone ever told you you’re a very beautiful woman?”

Eva felt her face flood with color, and didn’t know how to answer him.

“Thank you, Alfie!” she managed at last, looking away.

“Why are you so nervous and shy with me?” he wondered. “Haven’t I shown you over these last two days that you have nothing to fear from me?” He kept staring at her.

“You’ve been very kind to me, Alfie, and a real gentleman,” she admitted. “It’s not you, it’s me…”

He smiled at that, and finished his breakfast, pocketing some fruit for the road.

“Time to go, I think,” she said, eyeing the other passengers, most of whom were now standing outside by the bus.

“Come on, then,” he said, leaving money on the table for the bill and a tip.

He took her elbow and led her out into the bright sunshine. The other passengers were boarding the bus, and Eva turned to face Alfie.

“Well…I guess this is really goodbye now, huh?”

She tried to keep her voice steady, and failed miserably. Swallowing what were tears, she knew, she looked into his eyes, and watched him lower his head. Oh God, he was going to kiss her before God and all these people! He tasted her lips with his tongue, and then pushed into her mouth, and Eva could not resist him. It was a brief, but erotic kiss, leaving her wanting more.

“I never say goodbye, if I can help it,” he said, raising his head and showing her the passion in his blue eyes. See you around,” he added, ushering her up into the bus. “Take care!”

Her mind was in a complete whirl all day, and as they visited the various tourist places, she took many pictures, and wrote notes on each picture in her book, but ask her about their last stop, she could tell you more about the inside of Alfie’s truck. She laughed at this thought. She did spot a dust plume several kilometers off the highway, and the sparkle of sun on chrome, and she thought she could guess who it was. Late in the afternoon, as they neared Mataranka, she glanced off to her right, and there, coming down the dusty road, not more than 500 meters away, was the red Kenworth, with three trailers, a plume of dust following. She photographed it. Beautiful, she thought. They stopped gültepe escort in the little township, allowing everyone to visit the tourist shop.

By the time they reached the homestead, where they were staying, Alfie was already there, unloading supplies from the middle trailer. She watched the workers stacking stuff on a pallet, and then he poked his head out and waved to her. Flushed with embarrassment, she gave a small wave, and returned to the bar.

An hour later, freshly showered, Alfie joined her, and suggested she go put her bathers on, as he had something wonderful to show her. Fifteen minutes later, she was back, and off they went, down a track, through some banana trees, and out into an open space, with a large pool in the middle. This pool had been built by American G.I.’s during WW2, and had remained there for use ever since, he told her.

They dropped their towels over the railing and stepped into the water. The first shock for Eva was the warm temperature which, Alfie explained, came from a natural spring, just above the pool, in the rocks. As she waded about, she felt herself relaxing…. even to the point of allowing Alfie to cuddle her from behind. She laid her head back, resting it on his shoulder. He bent his head down and kissed her above the eyebrow, as his hands slid over her tummy, fingers interlocking, thus effectively trapping her, gently. He walked backwards, dragging her with him, until his back was against the wall. She felt safe in his arms, and relaxed even more. Suddenly she woke with a start. He was kissing her face, and she felt the bulge inside his swim shorts, as it pressed against her lower back.

“Mmmmmm, this feels soooo good” she whispered, languishing there.

She turned her upper body, to accept Alfie’s kisses, and raised her arms to lock them around his neck. They kissed passionately, her body stirring up feelings she’d only dreamed about. He reached up and grabbed one of her hands, guiding it between them, on to his cock, as his other hand caressed her nipple and kissed her deeply. She curled her fingers around him, feeling the pulsating heat, as he grew more under her touch. He adjusted his position so she had room, and then he moved his hand, so that both hands now teased her nipples.

She opened her eyes, and saw they were alone. Holding his cock, she turned to face him, and looking into his glazed eyes, began stroking him, his hands still on her breasts. They kissed, tongues swirling, her grip increasing as she got hornier. He slid one hand down to her mound, brushing it outside the bathers. Her resistance and strength began to crumble. She let go of his cock, and pushed his shorts down, allowing her free access, and began stroking him again. He slipped a finger inside her suit, stroking her mound firmly, and a groan of pleasure escaped her lips.

Suddenly, she felt a flood of feelings explode inside her body, as she came. He moved his finger to her slit, swiping it over her outer folds and then pushing in, finding her clit, hard and expectant. She cried out as his finger rubbed her button, making her cum right then. She let go of his cock, and jammed her body against him, trapping his cock against her pubic bone, and as she kissed him, she rubbed herself on him. He reached between them, and when he took his hand out, she no longer felt his cock there. It was between her legs and she felt his length all along her slit. His cock was trapped between her thighs. She moved herself back and forth, riding on his shaft, the feelings driving her wild. Suddenly, as she moved on his shaft, his whole body stiffened, and she could feel his cock throb powerfully where she rode it. He blew rope after rope of cum, and she watched his face intently, as he came.

“Wow” she said, as his erection began to subside.

This was the first time she’d ever watched a man cum, and it excited her. They laughed together, as they watched strings of cum float to the surface, then the current carried it off, over the wall. They kissed, and he played with her breast, removing it from behind the swimsuit, exposing it to the world. He bent his head, and took the nipple in his mouth, sucking gently on it, sending shock waves of sensations through her body. When they heard the laughter and chatter of people approaching, they adjusted their clothing and she moved away a little.

By the time the other guests arrived at the pool, Eva was reclining on her towel, a book open on her belly, watching Alfie swim laps. No one could guess, from this tranquil scene, that minutes before they had been in the throes of passion. She still tingled from his touch, and thinking about how he made her cum had her nipples still hard inside her bathing suit. She wanted him, and she knew he wanted her. And even though he had cum, with her riding his cock, he had not penetrated her. She wanted him inside her, now more than ever…but she was afraid. She had had no real experiences with men in all her life, so she had no experience in matters of lovemaking. She sensed that Alfie was being patient with her, leading her to the point where he could have his way with her, and she would be putty in his hands. She thought she already was. A fat, cold drop of water on her arm startled her. Her eyes flew open, and Alfie was sitting next to her, looking down on her where she lay.

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