Everybody Needs a Hobby Ch. 11

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**Sunday Morning**

Ah, now this is how a guy is supposed to wake up in the morning; snuggled up against a beautiful blonde, your morning wood wedged in her butt crack, one arm under her pillow and the other around her waist with a c-cup firmly planted in your hand. I nuzzled at her neck through the tangle of hair and she shimmied on my dick and squeezed the hand holding her breast; “Good morning stud,” she mumbled.

“Good morning lover,” pulling her tighter and nibbling on her neck. We laid there and hugged, silent, listening to the others breathing. After a few more minutes, I began to get fidgety; I needed to get up and pee, but I was just way to comfortable.

I heard Britt snicker as she clinched her butt cheeks. “Whatza’ matter, does my big boy need to get up and tinkle?”

She wasn’t snickering anymore as I pinched her nipple and rolled away from her as she rolled to get free of my grasp. I hit the floor and ran to the bathroom with her close behind. “C’mere you!” she shouted.

I thought I was safe when I made it to the toilet and threw up the seat; wrong! Just as I was about to find relief, Britt slid into me from behind causing me to throw my hands up against the wall to brace myself. In the blink of an eye, I was poised like I was being patted down by the cops, but my captor had already found what she was looking for. One arm was around my waist, hugging me tight while her other hand was gripping my morning wood which was straining to let loose, but couldn’t. We both stood there silently for a moment, waiting for the next move the other was going to make.

Britt poked her head around my side, looking at my cock in her hand and shook it, “C’mon, pee already.”

I was starting to feel a bit of a strain as she was basically stroking my cock, “Uh sweetie, you do the shaking after the peeing, not before.”

“Well then,” loosening her grip a little, “go ahead then, pee for me.”

Figuring there wasn’t a way out of this one, I tried to relax and think about work, or baseball or anything other than a naked nymph, her voluptuous body pressed into mine, holding my erect penis. Okay, this wasn’t going to be easy, so I concentrated harder, trying to clear my mind only to be snapped back to reality by her squeal of delight as I started to pee. “Wheee! This is fun.”

I managed to keep it up in spite of her playing, aiming me like a garden hose. When I was down to a dribble she asked, “Finished?”

“Uh, yeah, I guess.”

“Okey-dokey,” she giggled and gave it a couple shakes. “Now move it or lose it,” she said trying to pivot me out of the way. Taking the hint, I stepped to the side as she backed over the john and without sitting down, let loose a stream that was impressive and I found disconcertingly, a bit of a turn on. She smiled at me when she saw my dick begin to respond. Done, she grabbed a little tissue and wiped;”I’ve tried shaking, but it doesn’t seem to work,” as she demonstrated.

I had to laugh and wonder how I got lucky enough to hook up with this beautiful, loving, goofball who was also the most sexually dynamic person I had ever known. “C’mon you,” I said, “I need a shower to wake up.”

“Oh goody, “she said as she leaped at me, wrapping her arms and legs around me. Holding her tight, my hands latched to her firm ass, I walked us into my massive shower; “So my love, what will it be; regular, rain or waterfall?”

“Hmm,” she pondered as she worked her hips, rubbing her pussy along the top of my cock; “I think I want to make love in the rain,” kissing me as I walked us to the controls.

“So be it,” I answered as I adjusted the lights and the water. Rain fell from the ceiling as we stood and washed each other, our hands and bodies scrubbing, slick with body wash. We played a game as we washed each other. Standing behind her, washing her hair, I would suddenly, without warning, grab her around the waist and slide my cock into her from behind. She would acquiesce in defeat for a couple strokes before ‘breaking away’. Then it was her turn to catch me unaware, capturing me. Eventually, we were too worked up to try to ‘escape’ and I held her up against the cold tile wall and with her right leg straight up, pinned against my shoulder, we fucked each other until the awkward position began to take it’s toll.. Not willing to admit defeat, I dropped to my knees and lifted her feet of the ground, my face between her legs. She squealed, grabbing the top of my head for balance as I ate her sweet pussy, my hands on her butt, pulling her to me. In mere seconds she was grinding on my face, her warm juices flooding my mouth as she came hard; “Oh god, oh god, oh god…oh fuck baby, I’m coming baby..uunnhh!” she moaned as her body shook uncontrollably. Making sure she was safely leaning against the wall, I slumped down until her feet hit the floor. I backed away and she slid down the wall until she was sitting, legs spread and eyes closed, breathing hard.

I sat next to her, running my hand along her thigh, “Jesus George, I almost passed out there. That was incredible baby,” and she turned to kiss me. As we kissed, she took me in her hand and began kağıthane escort to stroke me. “Is that okay baby,” she asked? I nodded in the affirmative as she kept it up, occasionally taking me in her mouth. We kissed again as she continued to run her hand up and down my length. Britt felt my cock expand, getting ready to explode, “I want to watch you cum baby; I want to watch your hot cum shoot out of your big cock; cum for me baby, cum for me.”

We both watched her pump her fist until I blew my load, the first spurt well above our heads and Britt squealed like a little girl as she continued to stroke me, coaxing out every bit I could offer. Lapping up what the light rain didn’t wash away, Britt cleaned me up, “I love the taste of your cum and it really tasted good yesterday mixed with Gina’s.” My cock twitched at the memory of yesterday’s little orgy with Gina, Britt’s best friend and roommate. It was a fantasy-come-true that would be forever etched in my mind.

“My butt has gone to sleep,” she said, sitting beside me on the tile shower floor. Putting one hand on my shoulder, she pushed herself up, her back against the wall. I sat there until she was upright and then made to stand up myself, only to find her pussy in my face once more. Straddling me, she asked, “One more kiss?” which I gladly gave her, a proper French kiss, tongue and all.

Britt stepped back and offered her hands to help me up. I shimmed my ass up the wall and then pulled her to me, kissing her and letting her taste herself on my lips. We stood there for a minute, just staring into each other’s eyes. Britt’s bright blue eyes changed with her with her mood and I was beginning to be able read them. I already had plenty of proof that when she was sexually excited; they darkened, almost black. The bright, sparkling, nearly transparent blue seemed to indicate happiness. Nothing could make me happier than seeing these bright blue eyes. We kissed once more and I turned off the rain and the stars and led her out of the shower.

We toweled each other off and I went through the hair drying ritual which includes full body contact. More than once we have found ourselves rushing to get out the door after spending too much time ‘drying’ her hair. That task completed, I led the way to the bedroom to get dressed, only to have Britt grab my hand and lead me into the hall toward the living room and kitchen. “Where are we going,” I asked, my hand in hers, my eyes on her perky butt.

“You’re going to make me breakfast,” she said, matter-of-factly.

“Okay, but shouldn’t we get dressed?

“Nope,” she stated. “We’re here all day working on yesterday’s shoot, right?”

“Yeah, I suppose; I didn’t plan on going anywhere.”

“Okay then,” she continued, “I declare it a ‘Naked Day’. We will spend the entire day naked, unless we have to leave for some emergency or something.”

My dick cast its vote in favor of ‘Naked Day’ and I figured I might as well go along with the majority. “Okay, as long as I can wear an apron if I’m cooking something on the stove or grilling.”

“Deal,” she said, shaking hands with my cock, giggling as it grew in her hand. I pressed her against the cold stainless steel of the SubZero fridge and she squealed and squirmed as I kissed her. She bolted when I released her, as though I would give chase. Instead, I opened a drawer and slipped an apron over my head that had ‘Kiss the Cook” printed on it. I tied it around my waist and Britt broke up, pointing at the tent toward the bottom of the apron. “So, what do you want for breakfast,” I asked.

Britt snuggled up behind me as I perused the contents of the fridge, her hand around my dick; “Got any sausage in there?” laughing at her own humor. I could tell it was going to be an interesting day. Unable to come back with a snappy line, I reached back and gave her a little slap on the butt which made her purr in my ear and hold me that much tighter. I was starting to get a bit cold, so I backed us both up, a bowl of cut-up fruit in one hand and a carton of eggs in the other.

“Let’s do an omelet,” I said as I turned to the counter, my lover still hanging on. “Do you think you can let go long enough to see what else is in the fridge that we can use?”

“Party-pooper,” she said, giving me a couple strokes and a slap on the butt before she turned to the open icebox. I glanced over to see her nipples instantly harden as she stood naked over the vegetable bin. Two can play this game, as I reached over and tweaked an erect nipple. I wasn’t sure if the shiver was from the tweak or the cold, but she didn’t linger very long. Throwing a bell pepper, an onion and some ham on the counter, she retook her hugging stance, her frigid nips seeking the warmth of my backside.

I let her hang on a couple more minutes as I starting chopping. Needing a bowl to crack the eggs into, I turned, grabbed Britt by the waist and sat her butt on the cold granite top. “Whoa,” she yelped as she jumped back down. “That wasn’t nice,” she pouted, doing her best little girl imitation, which was pretty hard to fall for, considering her sublime kartal escort figure.

“Okay, here,” and I put a dish towel down and set her back on the counter. “There, is that better?” I teased, running my hands up and down her thighs, leaning in for a kiss. Britt hooked her legs around me, holding me captive until she’d had enough kissing. Pushing my head down, she directed my mouth to her tits, which I suckled for a couple minutes until she was squirming on the towel; I could smell her excitement.

Grabbing her legs, I pried myself loose, “We’ll never eat at this rate.”

“Okay, okay; you work on the omelets and I’ll get the rest. Do you want coffee?”

“Am I in love with your pussy? Of course I want coffee.”

Britt smiled and then said, “I hope that’s not all you love about me,” jokingly, I think, and then turned to get some water for the coffee.

I couldn’t leave it go at that, so I stepped up behind her, lifted up the apron and hugged her, grabbing a tit in each hand and nibbled at her neck. I ground into her, my cock sliding around; “I love these too,” pinching her nipples.

She giggled and twisted, loving the attention. “Okay, I know you love all of me, but you’re right, we need to get breakfast done because we have a lot of photos to sort through.”

Now it was my turn to play like I was pouting, and I went back to my eggs.

**Mid Morning**

We made it through breakfast without assaulting each other, but there was no lack of teasing. Britt dribbled a little fruit juice on her left breast and she made a production out of licking it off her nipple; something I offered to do, but was told that she could handle it herself. Every move we made cleaning up after eating was intended to goad on the other. It was all I could do to not fuck her where she stood when she leaned over to put the dishes in the dishwasher, her pussy lips glistening. It got me thinking about the possibility of this photography thing becoming my full-time job. I would love nothing better but if Britt became a permanent part of it, we would really have to work on the self-discipline aspect.

Cleaned up in the kitchen, we went into the bathroom to brush our teeth and we just stared at each other in the mirror. Stopping before my gums began to bleed; I rinsed and said, “So ‘Naked Day’ lasts all day?”

“You betcha; Gina and Kate think that ‘Naked Day’ is the best day ever. We do it at least every couple of weeks if we can.” I wish I had heard of ‘Naked Day’ well before today.

“Okay, well let’s get our naked selves to work. I’ll top off our coffee if you’ll grab a couple waters.”

Britt turned and saluted, “Yes Sir!” and then grabbed me and gave a squeeze before turning that sweet tail and running to the kitchen. I did run after her this time.

After a couple laps around the kitchen island, we stopped and got serious. I got the coffee and she grabbed a couple bottles of water and we headed upstairs, me a couple steps behind as usual. Setting down the drinks, I fired up the computer and pulled the memory card out of the camera while it booted up. Somewhat disappointing, Britt grabbed the other chair and pulled it up next to mine. She was the grownup one now, knowing we wouldn’t get much done if she was sitting in my lap like she did yesterday.

The first thing we did was create a couple folders; one for those that we were considering, and another for those shots that we didn’t want the client to see. Britt suggested we label that one ‘Naughty’. Starting with the string bikini shots, we started sorting, picking out the ones that immediately got our attention in a thumbnail size. I was impressed at how my beautiful, naked, assistant had a real eye for well balanced shots and those that could be easily formatted for the calendar. With so many shots taken, we fell into a rhythm, Britt calling out “Good, Good, Bad, Good, Naughty, Bad, Ooo…Naughty, Good….” I would generally drag and drop without any discussion or comment.

After about an hour of this, my hand started to cramp and the coffee had turned cold. “Let’s take a break,” I suggested; “I’m beginning to go cross-eyed.”

“I agree,” she said as she stood up and stretched toward the roof; light shined through the industrial skylights, casting a heavenly light on her statuesque body. I quickly slipped another card into the camera and took a quick candid. Hearing the shutter release, Britt turned and smiled, stretching and holding the pose. I snapped off a couple more shots and sat the camera back on the desk. Britt walked over to the low rail that made up the outside walls of the studio and gazed out into the cavernous warehouse. The sun pouring through the skylights formed 40 foot tall columns of light that angled to the floor. Dark, ominous corners gave the building an eerie feeling; Britt shivered when I approached her from behind and ran my hands down her sides, resting at her hips. She leaned back into me and purred, throwing her head back to give me access to her neck which I nibbled and kissed repeatedly.

“I don’t know what it is,” she said, pulling my arms around küçükçekmece escort her, “but I have so many different feelings about this place.”

I hugged her tight, and nibbled her ear lobe; “What do you mean?”

“It’s just odd, I guess; when you’re in the house, it’s like a house is supposed to feel, you know, warm and comfortable. And the fact that there are no windows, at least windows to the outdoors; I mean, who has a warehouse for a yard? But it feels completely normal, and then you step out the front door and you’re still indoors, and I feel safe, I guess because I know I’m still in a building. But then, particularly at night, when it is pitch black, especially in the far corners, it’s kind of scary. No stars, no street lights or lights from the neighbors houses; it’s kinda creepy.”

I hugged her tighter, never wanting her to be frightened, especially here. “Well, I have thought about installing some nightlights for security reasons since we’re going to start doing more shoots in the main building.” I’ve never fixed the old original warehouse lights because they were out of date and I could always bring in temporary lights for whatever work needed to be done, and I used studio lights when I shot.

“No, no,” she said, bending to lean on the wall, still looking into the shadows. “I like all the different ways the building feels, it’s exciting and oddly intimate.” Britt straightened her arms out in front of her, like she was flying. I nestled up to her butt and bent over her, running my hands up and down her sides and back. “Mmm,” she moaned, “you can keep that up all day, but here,” reaching back for my dick, “I want you inside me while you do it.”

Happy to oblige, I slid easily into her wet pussy, my belly hard against her ass. Careful not to move my hips, I went back to massaging her toned back. I could feel her pussy hugging my stiffness; there was no urgency in what we were doing. It was dead quiet; there is no traffic on the weekends in this area. The only other sounds were the occasional plane on approach to the airport or a bird scampering across one of the glass skylights.

I lost track of how long we stood there connected, lost in our own thoughts, but we both sensed when we were done and it was time to go back to work. I backed out, my wet cock felt cold and in retrospect, I didn’t think it at all odd that we didn’t finish what I thought we had started. Any other time, once my stiff dick met her wet, warm pussy, we were destined for a wild ride. This time, we just needed to feel closer to one another. Britt turned and I took her in my arms. She had to let out a little giggle when she felt my sticky prick captured against her tummy. Her blue eyes were transparent and I could see her happiness, all the way into her soul; I hoped she could see it in me.

“I love you so much,” she said, kissing me lightly.

I held her head in my hands and looked as deeply inside her as I could, “I know it, and I can see it and if it’s even possible, I love you more and more each day.” An energy passed through our kiss that sent a shiver through us both. Forehead-to-forehead, we gazed at each other and knew it was time to get back to work. In concert we said “Those photos aren’t going to sort themselves.”

We laughed, holding hands as we sat back down and quickly sorted through the bulk of the shots. There was the occasional teasing grab and poke, particularly when the more, how shall we say it, provocative shots, came along. I was surprised that Britt didn’t make any comments on some of the ‘Naughty’ photos, but she would make little grunting sounds or squirm in her seat when a particularly ‘Naughty’ one came along. The only one she did verbalize on was the shot of them bent over the hood, each with the other’s middle finger in her ass. I had zoomed in, so that the screen was ass crack to ass crack from left to right. She inhaled deeply and slapped my knee, “George!” paused and then, “Fuck that’s hot!”

I heard a little ‘squishy’ sound and glanced down to see her right hand at work between her legs. She caught me looking, shrugged and then offered me a sample. I gladly sucked the one finger she offered and then she enjoyed the second one. My dick was straining, but I knew that good things come to those who wait, so I grabbed the mouse instead and got through the rest of the photos.

My stomach growled about the time we were done sorting and I looked at the clock on the monitor and it was nearly three in the afternoon. We had been at it for almost five hours and I was done. Britt laughed and put her hand on my stomach to feel it growl; “I guess it’s time to feed the beast, huh?”

“Probably a good idea; I get kinda grumpy when I’m hungry.”

“Well I don’t think I’ve ever seen you grumpy and we don’t allow grumpy on ‘Naked Day’ anyway, so let’s get something in there,” poking my belly. I tried to tickle her back, but she eluded me and giggled all the way down the stairs and into the house. I caught her from behind and gnawed on her neck making loud sloppy sounds; that only made her laugh harder. “Quit it, quit it,” as she tried to get away. “Quit it or you’re gonna make me pee right here on the floor.” I let go of her like a hot rock and she sprinted to the bathroom; a loud ‘aww’ could be heard all the way into the kitchen. I was digging through the fridge when she came back in, “Whew, that was close and,” as she popped me on the butt, “not nice.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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