Everyday Screw: The Burger Girl

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**Read and Enjoy. Stuff like this doesn’t happen in real life….or at least not nearly as often as it should. Don’t forget to vote!**

I couldn’t wait to get out of the office for some dinner. My mind had been in a race with the clock all morning and the clock was losing. A nice greasy burger and a Coke at the local joint were exactly what I needed to get my mind off the mountain of paperwork that I had been working on since last eternity.

The fresh air as I left the office hit me like a caffeine rush and I almost bounded to my car. It thundered to life and we rolled out of the parking lot. The radio (the only good station in town) was belting out old-school Metallica and I cranked the volume up. My mind started drifting as I maneuvered through traffic, head banging to Sanitarium and then Fade to Black. I loved their old stuff; back before they started getting all uppity about their cut of the pie. Jesus guys, you’re multi-millionaires…grow a sack and shut the fuck up.

“Burgers and More” was hidden under the highway, and it was one of those places you had to know where it was to find. Between the health craze that everyone seems to be going through and that it was just after most peoples’ lunch times and just before schools started getting out, Burgers and More was deserted. The only other car in the lot was way in the back by a dumpster, and it looked like the beat-up, over-used, and sticker-studded car of a college student. Judging from the crap hanging from the rear view mirror, it was probably a chick’s car; that or a really femmy guy. After putting up with cranky bosses, annoying customers, and confused salesmen all day, I really didn’t have time or patience for a college kid.

I crossed the small parking lot and went in. The noise of the highway was cut to almost nothing as the door shut and the small bell above it rang. I walked up to the counter and saw a girl coming from somewhere behind the open kitchen area. She was dressed in an almost clean Burgers and More uniform, her name tag identifying her as Shelby. She couldn’t have looked more bored if she were walking in her sleep. Her uniform-cap was turned backwards, and her hair wasn’t tucked into it very well; most of her shoulder length blonde hair was pulled back behind her head and was contained by the curved bill of the cap, but not all of it. Her dark brown eyes were blood-shot with sleep deprivation and it dawned on me that it was probably finals week. The barest hint of make up was on her lips and cheeks, but her finger nails were painted a bright red. She didn’t have enough of a body to fill out the red Burgers and More t-shirt she was wearing, but she wasn’t one of those stick-thin girls by any means. Her pants were pulled up, but the cuffs were turned up a couple inches and they were still too long: it looked like she was wearing guy’s slacks. There was something undeniably sexy about this girl and my boredom immediately had all sorts of thoughts racing through my head.

“Welcome to Burgers and More, how can I help you,” she droned out in a bored tone. She sounded like she would have a pretty voice if she wouldn’t have been half-yawning.

“Yeah, I’d like a number 4, hold the onions, a Coke, and your phone number,” I blurted out. I couldn’t believe I had said asked for her phone number. My heart thundered in my ears as I waited for her response. She punched the order into the register

“Comes to Six dollars, fifty-two cents, and why would I give you my phone number anyway? You’ll just get my hopes up of actually getting someone to put cheap moves on me, take me to a movie that I don’t want to see, buy me dinner that I don’t want to eat, and then take me back to a quiet apartment. That, or you’ll try to take me to a bar, prove over and over again that you can’t dance and are a general embarrassment, we’ll go to my place drunker than shit, unable to function in bed and both go away embarrassed and hating ourselves and each other in the morning. Either way, I’ll tell you no or want to but have to work in this shit hole, so what’s the point,” she said as I handed her 7 dollars. She didn’t even look up as she spoke, counting out my 48 cents and pushing it back in my hand.

“Actually,” I said after only a second’s pause, “I was just hoping to get a good fuck. You look like you’re in good shape and you’d be a hell of a lot of fun.”

She stopped, her eye brows knitting together for a second, the tip of her tongue sticking out between her pink lips. A full 5 seconds passed in silence.

“Did anyone see you come in here?” she asked quietly. I shook my head. “There’s a door around the back by the bathroom,” she said and turned around, heading for the back of the kitchen where she emerged from a minute ago. As she walked back, her hips swaggered with an energy and a bounce that she looked like she’d never felt at work before. Her arms crossed, her hands going to her sides and she pulled her shirt over her head, never breaking stride through the kitchen. Her kurtuluş escort bare back revealed the absence of a bra and she vanished out of sight around the corner.

I tripped over my feet as I half ran to the back of the store, my feet clapping loudly on the stone-tile floor as I tried to not fall and slide into a table. I got to the door and took a deep breath before opening it up. My cock was already half-hard, but what I saw finished the job. Shelby was sitting on the top of a desk in an office just off the kitchen. Her left leg foot was on the desk beside her, her pink lace thong swinging from one of her toes, her jeans were in a puddle on the chair directly below them. Her left leg was draped off the side of the desk, her foot on the handle of one of the drawers of the desk. She was leaning back on both of her arms, her chest thrust out with her puffy brownish-pink nipples standing slightly. Her hat was still on her head, but a mass of stray hair had fallen from it and several thick locks trailed down her neck to her chest. All of it drew me in closer to the junction of her thighs.

Her pussy was wide open, a slight glisten of juice already showing up in the pink folds. Everything was open from the hood of her clit to her soft, warm, and rapidly moistening opening. A small round tuft of fur was all that remained of her pubes, and the rest was as neatly shaved as her silken legs. My eyes drifted back up her torso and saw a look of boredom, but excitement and lust twinkled in her eyes.

“Well,” she said, one hand trailing down her thigh to her knee, “are you just gonna stand there all day or are you going to get that fucking you were just asking for?” she asked, her fingertips trailing back down her inner thigh to softly stroke her outer pussy lips. I didn’t need to be asked twice and my shirt was on the floor next to hers in a flash. My jeans came undone, but I didn’t bother taking them off, I just slid them down my thighs. I needed my shoes for traction on the tile floor, not that I was thinking of that at the time.

My member stood proudly, and while I’m not the biggest guy in the world, I’m a little above average in both the length and thickness department. Her eyes got a little bigger and I positioned my cock at the entrance to her tunnel and softly pushed in. I slid in easily enough, and after a few strokes she was wet enough to start pounding away.

She wasn’t the tightest piece of pussy I’ve ever had, but after I started slamming into her, she started clamping down on my cock and bucking back into me, rocking the desk under her. She got wetter and tighter, and I got harder and started pumping faster into her. Our crotches slapped into each other’s. The wet slapping of our cum lathered sex combining with her gentle moaning and appreciative growling mixed nicely with the steady, fast thudding of the desk into the wall.

Her legs locked around my waist and she kept slamming herself into me, matching me, stroke for stroke. The sticky slapping of our bodies got louder and wetter and she threw her head back in a silent scream as she erupted, more of her cum streaming out of her and soaking our crotches. I could feel my balls slap on her ass with each stroke and I could feel her juice splattering between us.

She sat up quickly, her teeth clenching around my shoulder, her fingers raking down my back. I could feel the skin get raw and scratched under them, but the burning only made me pound harder into her. She screamed into my shoulder around her teeth, not a silent one this time, but a full out scream. My shoulder muffled the sound, but did not hide it completely. Her pussy clenched and unclenched rapidly around my meat and each stroke made a slurching noise as the entire length slid in and out of her hot, dripping box.

After her third and final scream subsided, she slowly sat back. Her teeth left red marks on my shoulder and I knew I was missing skin on my back. She started panting loudly and was moaning with each breath. I slowed myself down to a nice leisurely fuck. She shuddered with each stroke in and out and her legs were quivering. Her eyes opened slowly, and she stared at me with a smile on her face and her brown eyes had a satisfied, lusty haze in them now. The bloodshot redness had left them sometime in the last 5 minutes. She was about to say something when her eyes flew open and she looked behind me. I turned my head and saw a blonde woman standing in the door way, looking very angry, her arms crossed, her face red, and her eyebrows knitted together in a mask of fury. Shelby slid herself off my cock, the popping sound almost echoed in the small office. The blonde’s left eye twitched a little at the sound. I looked back at Shelby who was in the process of pulling her pants on, her face a deep shade of crimson and the blush was beginning to creep down her neck and spreading on her chest.

“Get back to work, you little tramp,” the blonde hissed. Her lips opened only wide levent escort enough to get those words out and then went back to being tight again. Shelby pulled her work shirt on over her head and tucked it in. I could see the crotch of her pants darken slightly with her cum, and they looked to be sticking to her from her mid thighs to her cum-drenched crotch. My dick had gone limp and I suddenly realized it was cold in the room.

Shelby grabbed her hat and shuffled out of the room in shame. The blonde stopped her and looked down at her.

“For fuck’s sake, wash yourself before you go back to work. I can smell that pussy of yours over the fucking grease in this place, and God only knows what you have on your hands now. Out of my sight you fucking little slut,” the blonde said and then stepped sideways in the door way. She came in and was about ready to slam the door when her eyes landed on the lace thong on the floor. “Jesus Christ! Didn’t your mother teach you to wear underwear!” she screamed out to the bathrooms.

“No!” I heard, the sound muted slightly by the bathroom door. “My mother’s a bigger whore than me and taught me that underwear only gets in the way of a good fuck!” The bathroom door opened and slammed shut and the two exchanged a look that would melt granite. Shelby stormed off through the kitchen and the blonde walked into the office, shutting the door behind her. I took the opportunity to pull my pants back up, zipping and snapping them back closed.

“And you, just who the fuck are you?” she demanded. I took the opportunity to get a good look at her. She was about 5’10” or so, had shoulder length blonde hair and a pretty good body on her. She was wearing a blue sundress that hugged her mid-riff tight and flared out around her hips, showing plenty of leg, but still being long enough to be acceptable in decent company. Her skin was a creamy light-tan, and if that blonde hair was natural, that was probably about as tan as she would get. Her eyes were dark brown, and I swear I could see light and smoke boiling out of them as she tried to bore a hole through me with her gaze.

“Does it matter? Just who the fuck are you then?” I shot back quickly, letting her see me drink her body in. I let my gaze travel down her neck, the little bit of cleavage that was showing over her crossed arms, down that tight, well-toned belly, over her delicious hips, and down her lean legs. She had runner’s legs, and they were long and lean. I couldn’t help but think what it would feel like to have them wrapped around me just like Shelby’s were not 60 seconds ago.

“I’m asking the goddamn questions here, you bastard. As if it’s any of your fuckin’ business, I’m her boss. I don’t know what the hell type of place you work in, but around here, we don’t let the help fuck the customers!” She had waves of rage pouring off her. Made me glad I wasn’t psychic or my head probably would have exploded.

“Maybe you should. I’ll have to come here more often if I could get another piece of that ass,” I said calmly and sat down on the edge of the desk. I about slipped off, but managed to keep my balance.

“What did you say?” her voice was flat, her eyes narrowed even more. It wasn’t a question, it was a command to repeat myself.

“I think you heard me just fine. Besides, I don’t know why your busting my balls over this, she’s the one that works here, she’s the one that was fucking me, she’s the one that clawed the shit out of my back. I’m completely in the right here,” I said. I was starting to wish that I had a cigarette. Then a thought crossed through my mind and it made my cock twitch in my pants. “Or maybe you’re jealous,” I added non-chalantly.

“Excuse me!” she shouted, a deep flush of rage and possibly embarrassment crossing over her face. “Jealous!” she growled out, her crimson shade deepening.

“Yeah Jealous. Just how long were you standing there watching? Just long enough for her to get off? Or did you just happen to walk in right then? I think you were watching us, and I think it got you hot,” I said plainly, my cock rapidly hardening in my jeans again. I stood up slowly, my eyes locked on hers.

“I can’t fucking believe you! Of all the nerve!” she shouted, her arms flying to her hips. Her nipples were standing very proudly on her chest, tenting that fabric as hard as they could. She was so hot that even her aerolae were standing out on her chest. She couldn’t possibly have been wearing a bra; there was just too much definition on those nipples. I had caught her, and it was time to go in for the kill.

“You’re goddamn right,” I said, standing up. I took a half step toward her, closing the distance between us to half a foot. “Lady, I got more balls than you’ve ever seen,” I said in a hard, quiet voice. My hand went to her thigh and my finger tips teased up her creamy toned flesh. She didn’t resist, but the anger left her eyes and was replaced by something else, something more primal. By maçka escort the time my fingers were at the hem of her dress, the primality had turned to lust. Her lower lip was quivering, her face had gone from rage to begging in under two seconds. The final six inches of my finger’s travels led them to her naked crotch, which was, as I thought, soaking wet and burning with lust. My finger started rubbing her engorged clit after it stroked between her lips. I could feel that her bush was pretty thick, but it was trimmed from the sides of her pussy.

“Jealous. Wanton. Slut. Just like her,” I said softly. Her whole body gave micro quivers as I continued the assault on her love button. My finger teased around the rim of her hole, but never actually entered her. She began to whimper softly and her knees began to shake to the point that she leaned against the closed door, her hands slowly dragging her dress up. I could feel her get wetter by the second, but she didn’t get to be dripping wet like Shelby had been.

“Yes,” she said softly.

“Yes what?” I said, grinning from ear to ear. “Yes you’re jealous?”

“Yes,” she moaned.

“Yes you’re a wanton slut?” I asked and rolled her clit softly between my thumb and forefinger. She slumped down a little further and she bit her lower lip, trying to muffle a loud moan.

“Yes,” she moaned harder.

“Yes you want this inside you?” I asked and unzipped my fly. My cock sprung out and stood straight out for her, the tip brushing above my hand. She hiked her skirt higher and her thick, angel soft blonde bush was there waiting for me.

“Oh God yes,” she purred and stood up on her shaky knees, taking the place that Shelby had just been in. I pushed my jeans down and she pulled her dress over her head. “Please,” she said and grabbed my shaft. She slowly stroked it, running her thumb in circles over the head.

I smiled even broader and pushed forward. Her hand guided me into hot wet cunt and I sunk in to the hilt on the first stroke. She was no where near as tight as Shelby made herself, but she was tight enough, and her heat was incredible. I rocked into her slowly, building a good fast tempo up and started pounding into her.

“Oh God, yes! Harder! Fuck me harder!” she panted. She pulled her feet up to the edge of the desk and started pushing off it onto my throbbing cock and fucking me back just as hard as I was fucking her. I was going to be sore in the morning, and I can only imagine how she was going to feel, but right now, all I cared about was her wet pussy riding my dick.

A fine sheen of sweat formed on her naked body as we fucked like animals in heat. Her moans and panting had to have been able to be heard outside the office, and that made it even better for me. Her cunt started to convulse around my rod and I felt a strong gush of her cum soak our meat. I kept pounding into her and was rewarded with another strong gush of her juice and another. The fourth one was weaker, but the orgasm with it must have been stronger; her pussy clamped down on my dick so hard I couldn’t even move it. Her quivering quim was enough for me and the rapid massage my head was getting in her velvet vice pushed me over the edge.

I felt my cum boil up from my balls, and I felt gush after gush of jizz erupt into this blonde who was screaming in silence, her pussy still convulsing around my cock.

“Oh God, oh God, oh God!” she cried out quietly as she felt my cum coat her insides. “Oh God, YES!” she screamed louder this time. She locked her legs around me and kept rocking on my dick, thrusting her hips against mine, making nice slow circles. Now my knees were shaking and my cock was twitching inside her with every rotation. She twitched every time my cock twitched and the sloppy sounds of our grinding sex were echoing in the small room. A stead drip could be heard as our combined juices dropped to the floor in a slow white, sticky rain. She was moaning lightly to herself and had a smile from ear to ear plastered on her face. I didn’t say a word, and neither did she. I pulled my soft cock from her hole and it popped out with a wet slurch from the blonde, not unlike what it sounded like when Shelby pulled herself off me. She sat up slowly with a half-moan, half whimper.

“So I won’t fire Shelby then,” she said dreamily. I laughed and looked at my watch. I had just enough time to speed back to work and not get yelled at by my boss for being too late. I pulled my pants up and grabbed my shirt. She slid off the desk and grabbed her sundress, slipping it back down over her, not bothering to adjust it properly. I watched greedily as the thatch of blonde pussy fur disappeared under the fabric.

I opened the door and walked back out to the counter, my food was sitting there.

“692-2021,” Shelby said. “I’m never home; I’m either here or in class.” I nodded and grabbed the white bag with my burger and fries. The blonde sauntered up to the counter, a wicked smile still plastered on her face, and her eyes were still glazed.

“If you show up at my daughter’s door, you’d better be ready to fuck us both like that again,” the older blonde said. A slow grin crossed my face and I looked from one set of dark brown eyes to the other and my cock twitched in my pants.

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