Fantasies Ch. 05

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Dana’s fantasy wasn’t about an event or occurrence he’d dreamed of happening. His fantasy was about a person, a co-worker, Lori Madsen. They’d been friends since Vince, her now ex-husband, first introduced them. Lori and Vince were engaged for about six months before they tied the knot. Dana had even served as one of the ushers at the wedding. Vince and Lori’s marriage lasted almost three years, even though it was doomed right from the beginning. Vince wasn’t one to really settle down. He always preferred to hang out with the guys rather than stay at home. Vince also had a slight drinking problem, barely escaping having his license suspended once for DUI.

Lori was one of those girls you liked the minute you met her. Seeing her soft smile is something Dana looked forward to each day at work. 26-year-old Lori was a couple inches shorter than Dana, probably around 5’7” or so. She had a fantastic figure and legs any model would give a fortune to have. Her near shoulder length, sandy blonde hair and soft blue eyes accented her beautiful face. Dana always found it difficult to talk with her. His eyes keep focusing on her lips. It was a distraction to him, maybe because he just wanted to put his lips on hers. He just couldn’t take his eyes off her lips!

At 29, Dana was still in great physical shape, jogging an exercising almost daily. He was 5’9” and a slim 170 pounds. His light brown hair and blue eyes added to his good looks. He was very conscientious about his appearance, opting for dress jeans and shirts instead of workclothes.

They regularly ran into each other a couple of times a day, usually out on the production floor at the manufacturing facility where they both worked. Lori worked in one of the production offices. Dana worked out on the floor as a machine operator. For the past year or so, it hadn’t been easy for Lori to smile. She hadn’t been happy with her marriage, yet she didn’t seem any happier since her divorce. Dana could usually get her to smile just by talking with her or paying her a well-deserved compliment. Getting Lori to smile was something he felt duty-bound to accomplish everyday. Just seeing her or even just thinking about her always made him smile. He secretly wished she’d married him instead of Vince.

“I could have made her smile constantly; I could have made her happy.” He thought.

It was late Friday morning, almost lunchtime. Just a few more hours till the start of the weekend. For Dana, it brought mixed emotions. He was happy, thinking about having time to work on the restoration of the old Victorian house he’d recently purchased on Main Street. He was also a little unhappy, thinking about going two full days without seeing Lori. His unhappiness seemed to be getting the best of him.

“Hey there!” Lori shouted as she approached his work area.

“Hey there!” Dana replied, with a big smile. “What’s up?”

“Not much.” Lori answered. “Just taking some printouts back to the schedulers.”

Lori sat down on the elevated stool at Dana’s workbench. He skirt raised several inches above her knees. Dana glanced at her legs but quickly focused on her lips and beautiful blue eyes.

“Is that a new outfit?” Dana asked. “Really looks great!”

“Nah, it’s just something I don’t wear all often.” Lori responded, smiling at his compliment. “But, thanks for noticing.”

“I’ll be glad when this week’s finally over.” Lori added. “I can use a couple of days off!”

“Big plans for the weekend?” Dana asked.

“Not really. I’m going out with my sister and one of her friends this evening.” Lori replied. “Probably dinner and maybe take in a movie or something.”

“What about you?” Lori asked. “Working on the house, I’ll bet!”

“Yeah.” Dana answered. “Still alot to do but it’s looking better all the time.”

Lori and Dana chatted for a few more minutes before she excused herself to continue on with her errand. Dana took one long, last look at her smiling face before she turned and walked away. He watched her till she was out of view.

“Damn it.” Dana thought. “I can’t keep going on like this. This is killing me. I should just work up the courage to ask her out. But, if she says no, it’d probably mean the end of our daily chat sessions.”

Dana thought better about asking Lori out. He was afraid she’d reject him and that would end their friendship. At least now, they still talked on a daily basis. Dana just wasn’t ready to take the gamble. It was just too damn risky!

Dana headed straight for home when he got off work at the end of his shift. Thoughts of going to the home improvement store for materials, mixed with thoughts and visions of Lori. The visions of Lori and recollections of the day’s brief conversation won out.

Dana checked his mail, discarding the junk mail into the wastebasket. He walked through the diningroom towards the kitchen for a cold Coke. Dana glimpsed at the shopping list on the kitchen counter seeing if he needed to add anything to it. The list was already over a full page long. That was long enough, he thought. Dana decided etiler eve gelen escort to lay back in his recliner and take a short nap, which was a habit he’d recently developed. It revitalized him and allowed Dana to stay up longer of an evening to work, sometimes till midnight.

When Dana woke up it was almost 6:00pm. His short nap had lasted a little longer than usual. Dana grabbed his materials list and headed for the home improvement store. He purchased everything on the list along with a few extra items. Dana always strolled through the tool section to see what new gadgets or tools he could ad to his collection. It was almost 9:00 by the time he returned home and got his truck unloaded. It was too late to start on anything this late in the evening so Dana figured he’d get an early start in the morning.

Dana jumped in the shower, thinking of how to spend the rest of the evening. Friday night television sure didn’t have much to offer. Thoughts of Lori crossed his mind. He hoped she was having a good time with her sister and her friend.

Dana thought he’d go to Brandywine’s on the west side of town and see what was going on. Brandywine’s was one of the nicer nightclubs in town with a decent sized dance floor. Their sound system was one of the best around. There were usually at least three guys for every girl so Dana didn’t feel like he’d be the only loser there. It was almost 10:30 when Dana entered the nightclub. He found a seat close to the end of the bar. There were definitely more guys than girls at the club this evening. Great for the ladies, tough for the guys! Dana was just there as an observer, he wasn’t about to try his luck with the odds stacked so much against him. Dana ordered a beer and sipped it slowly, watching the people on the dance floor. He was just about ready to order his second beer.

“Hey there!” A familiar voice greeted. “Fancy seeing you here!”

Dana looked around to see Lori’s smiling face close to his. His heart immediately doubled its normal pace. Dana was more than pleasantly surprised to see her. She was with her sister and another girl about the same age. Dana was wearing a red leather skirt, white blouse trimmed in red and red high-heels. She looked absolutely gorgeous, not to mention sexy as hell!

“Well, hello there!” Dana returned her greeting, smiling big as ever. “Thought you were going to the movies?”

“Well, we couldn’t decide on anything to see so Karen suggested we hit a couple of the clubs instead.” Lori replied, her smile fading from her face.

Dana detected a note of apprehension in her voice, like she wasn’t all that crazy about going nightclubbing with the two girls. His eyes focused on her lips, noting Lori’s lower lip twisting to the side a little.

“Well, I’m sure you’ll have fun.” Dana stated.

Dana watched as Lori and the other two girls sat down at a table. Before the waitress could take their drink orders, guys were asking them to dance. They were like fresh meat in a tank full of hungry sharks. Dana watched Lori and her friends dance with several of the guys. She appeared to be having a good time; at least she was smiling like it anyway. The more the guys asked Lori to dance, the more it bothered him. Dana finally turned away from the dance floor and just watched the two bartenders, who were quite busy. From where he was sitting he could partially see Lori’s reflection in one of the angled mirrors behind the bar. Dana thought he noticed her glancing his way a couple of times. It was probably just his imagination, he thought, wishful thinking on his part.

Dana finished his second beer and headed towards the restroom before leaving. He really didn’t want to leave but the more he watched Lori dancing with the guys, the more it bothered him. Leaving was his only option. Besides, it was getting late and he had a busy workday planned for Saturday. Dana exited the restroom and headed for the door. Lori was just coming out of the ladies room.

“Are you leaving already?” Lori asked, speaking just loud enough for him to hear.

“Yeah……………guess so.” Dana replied. “Got a busy day tomorrow…………….sorta”

Lori had a look of disappointment on her face, far from a smile. She looked towards the exit.

“Well…………….would you hang on a second?” Lori muttered. “I’ll be right back.”

“Yeah, sure.” Dana replied, a little confused at Lori’s request.”

Lori made her way through the crowd back to her table and said something to the two girls. She picked up her purse and walked back towards Dana.

“Would you mind some company?” Lori asked, smiling.

Dana didn’t answer; he just held the door open for her. Dana pointed towards his pickup sitting across the parking lot. Lori put her hand on his arm, gently grasping it, as they walked towards his truck. It was the first time she’d ever physically touched him. Dana opened the passenger side door for her. She stepped up into the pickup, her leather skirt hiked up considerably. Dana couldn’t help but notice just how beautiful etiler grup yapan escort Lori’s legs were.

“Would you care to get something to eat?” Dana asked, temporarily forgetting about Lori having eaten earlier with her sister and friend.

“I’m not really hungry.” Lori replied. “But I could sure use some coffee! I bet you haven’t eaten, have you?”

“No, not really.” Dana answered. “I’m just a little hungry.”

Dana pulled out of Brandywine’s parking lot and headed towards a truckstop restaurant on the interstate, just east of town. He glanced frequently over at Lori sitting in the darkened cab of the pickup. She smiled when she caught him looking at her.

“I’m glad you were at Brandywine’s tonight.” Lori stated. “I’m not much into drinking, guess you can imagine why.”

Dana knew exactly what she was referring to. Vince, Lori’s ex-husband drank enough for several people. Being around alcohol, probably brought back alot of bad memories.

Dana ordered some breakfast instead of a sandwich. Lori just wanted coffee. She lit up a cigarette while they waited for Dana’s food to arrive.

“Since when did you start smoking?” Dana inquired. “Thought you quit a couple years ago.”

“I got back on them while Vince and I were going through the divorce.” Lori replied. “Guess I just stuck with them since.”

The waitress brought Dana’s food and more coffee. Lori kept looking out the window at the passing traffic while Dana ate. She appeared to be avoiding him. She smoked one cigarette after another.

“You want to tell me what’s the matter?” Dana finally asked. “I’m not taking you home till you do.”

Lori looked down at her coffee cup. Her hands were slightly shaking. She started to say something but hesitated.

“I don’t know how much longer I can go on!” Lori muttered. “I can’t get over the damn divorce! I feel like it’s mostly my fault. I should have tried harder to make it work.”

Lori’s statements made Dana think. “Maybe she still loves that bastard, Vince. She may even regret going through with the divorce.” He had to find out.

“You don’t want Vince back do you?” Dana asked. “I don’t think you were ever truly happy.”

“Hell no. I don’t want him back.” Lori responded. “I just feel like such a damn failure is all.”

“You’re the only one I can talk to about it.” Lori added. “The only one who’s ever really cared about me.”

Dana reached across the table, taking Lori’s hand in his. Lori looked down at Dana’s hand. Her eyes watered but she kept back the tears. Dana held her hand till she regained her self-control.

“You mind if I bum one of your cigarettes?” Dana asked, smiling. “I could sure use one.”

Lori hesitantly handed him a cigarette and her lighter.

“Since when did you start smoking?” Lori asked. “I’ve never known you to ever smoke.”

“This is my first one in over ten years.” Dana replied. “Right now, I need one!”

Dana picked up the check and the two walked towards the cashier. Dana asked for a couple of packs of cigarettes when he paid the check.

Dana and Lori left the restaurant and headed back towards town. With Lori with him, Dana didn’t want the night to end. He didn’t feel it was luck that was with him. It was fate and he chose to see where fate would take them.

Dana drove down Main Street, slowly approaching his home. He glanced quickly over at Lori. The entrance to his driveway wasn’t far ahead. Dana turned into the driveway, accelerating the pickup to ascend the steep incline. He opened the driver’s door and stepped out, hoping Lori wouldn’t be alarmed. As Dana walked around the front of the pickup, Lori opened her door and stepped down. She walked towards him as he searched his keyring for the house key. They entered the kitchen through the side door. Lori didn’t appear to be alarmed that he’d brought her to his home.

“Would you like something to drink?” Dana asked. “A cup of coffee or a soft drink.”

“Oh, no thanks.” Lori replied. “I’ve had enough coffee for one evening.”

Dana motioned towards the livingroom, following close behind her. Lori looked all around the massive room when Dana turned the lights on. A smile came immediately to her face when she noticed all the restoration work he’d recently completed.

“I can’t believe how beautiful this room is!” Lori exclaimed. “It’s fantastic!”

“Would you like to see the rest of the house?” Dana asked. “I’ve got most of the upstairs done.”

“Yes, I sure would!” Lori answered.

The two climbed the double staircase to the second floor. Dana showed her the bedrooms and bathroom he’d finished. Lori was in awe as she thoroughly looked over each room.

“I’ve got one last room up here to finish.” Dana stated. “The circular one at the front corner of the house. It’s kind of a combo office/drawing room. Mostly, it‘s a mess!”

“Can I see it?” Lori asked.

Dana led Lori towards the front of the second floor. He turned on the light switch and the large, circular etiler masöz escort room lit up. There were curved windows all around the room from one wall to the other. Desks, computers and an old drafting machine filled the room. There was a long table piled with drawings against one wall. Lori entered the room, noticing the drawing displayed on the drafting machine.

“What’s this?” She asked. “It’s not this one, is it?”

“No.” Dana asked. “It’s something I hope to build someday. I keep making alot of revisions. I’ll probably never get all the drawings done at the rate I’m going.”

“I never realized you so involved in architecture!” Lori exclaimed.

“Just an interest I’ve always had.” Dana stated. “Guess it kind of goes along with all these restorations projects.”

“Seems there’s alot I don’t know about you.” Lori stated.

“Anything else I should know?” She asked, smiling coyly.

Her question only made him think of one thing but he couldn’t tell her that. That would be pushing fate too far.

“I can’t think of anything right off.” Dana said, trying hard to keep from smiling.

There was a long, awkward moment, neither of them could think of anything else to say.

“Well, it’s getting late.” Lori said. “I should be getting home.”

Lori walked out of the room, slowly proceeding down the hallway towards the stairs. Dana hesitated for a brief moment before switching off the lights and exiting the room. Lori was standing at the top step waiting on him. Perhaps fate had played its hand out.

The two slowly descended the stairs. When Lori reached the landing, she stopped suddenly. Dana almost walked into her.

“If you want me to stay the night, you’d better be saying something.” Lori stated.

Dana froze for a second while her bold statement sank in. He put his hands on Lori’s slim waist and pulled her in close to him. They kissed, softly at first, then more passionate till their lips were grinding hard against each other’s. Lori’s arms encircled Dana, holding him tightly. Dana ran his hand over the back of Lori’s blouse. He held her warm body close to his. Their embrace lasted for several minutes as they stood on the landing.

Dana led Lori back to the master bedroom. He turned on the light as they entered the room. Lori flipped the switch back off. The moon barely lit the darkened room. She walked past him, putting her purse on the dresser. Dana watched as she slowly unbuttoned her blouse. She had the blouse pulled from the waistband of the red leather skirt before Dana realized he’d better catch up with her. He quickly undressed, watching Lori remove her skirt and step out of it. She kicked off her high-heels, then walked around to the side of the bed. She was still wearing her matching red bra and panties. Lori pulled the covers back and climbed onto the queen-size bed.

Dana got on the bed, stretching out on his side. They held each other tight while their lips met in a tender kiss. Dana nibble at Lori’s lips, tasting her lipstick. Lori’s hand gently held the back of Dana’s head as they kissed. Dana didn’t think of his fantasy, he could only think of making love to Lori. The two kissed passionately. Lori’s tongue slipped between Dana’s lips, licking them hard. Her kisses heightened Dana’s sexual desires even more. Dana hard cock was straining against the cotton material of his tight briefs. He pushed against Lori’s tongue with his till he had his tongue in Lori’s mouth. He darted it in and out between her lips. Lori’s lips closed around his tongue, her breathing became labored.

Dana’s hand reached around underneath Lori. She pressed against Dana, arching her back slightly. He unhooked her bra and pulled it from her warm body. Lori’s nipples were already hard. Dana fondled her firm breasts gently, hesitant to be too aggressive. Lori moaned deep when the palm of his hand brushed over her sensitive nipples. Dana had always dreamed of what Lori’s bare breasts and nipples looked like. His mental picture of them didn’t compare to actually seeing them! Dana kissed every inch of Lori’s heaving breasts, gently sucking on her nipples. Lori’s body was writhing, rubbing hard against his. Her arms grasped Dana’s body, crushing her body tightly against his. Their heated bodies melted together. Dana’s hand brushed down Lori’s back to her panties. He rubbed her ass hard, pulling her into him.

“Dana, I need you!” She cried out.

Dana pushed the back of her panties down till he could squeeze her bare ass. Lori was squirming, almost uncontrollably. Dana pulled the front of her panties down, exposing her dark pubic hair. It was trimmed to a little v-shape. Dana pushed her panties down farther, almost to Lori’s knees. He shoved his hand between her legs, feeling her soaking wet pussy. Lori gasped when his finger found her hot little slit.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhggrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr” She moaned.

Lori’s fingers were digging into Dana’s back and shoulders. Her ass raised up off the bed as Dana teased her pussy with his finger. He pulled away from her, grabbing at her panties. He jerked them down and off, tossing them aside. Lori’s hand reached up for him, pulling Dana down against her. Dana pulled away again, grabbing her legs, spreading them apart. He lifted her legs, keeping Lori on her back. Dana kissed her thighs, working towards her hot, wet pussy. Lori was moaning constantly, begging him to fuck her.

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