Fated Reunion Ch. 02

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“Dude, calm down, alright,” Marks friend and Best Man, Jeff was standing next to him at the entrance to the church.

“You try calming down when it’s your turn to get married,” Mark said after shaking hands with some of Nicole’s family and thanking them for coming as they walked in to the church.

“You keep on stuttering when you say hi to each guest.” Jeff said with chuckle. “H-h-hi. Th-th-th-thank y-y-you for c-coming. Ha, ha!”

“Remind me why you’re my Best Man,” Mark rolled his eyes.

“Remember that time at Rick Smallstein’s house?”

“Of course, you would bring that up.”

“Hey you’re the one who asked. Now lighten up. You’re about to marry one of the most beautiful girls that I’ve ever seen.”

Mark shook hands with an elderly couple from his side of the family. Jeff took their names down and scratched them off a list that he had. Another couple came up the steps and they repeated this. After about a half an hour and several couples and families later Jeff announced that was all. Mark breathed a sigh of relief and shook his friend’s hand.

“I have to go use the restroom,” he told him, and tuned down the hall.

Using the restroom was only an excuse to get away from prying eyes. He found the stairs that led to the higher level and quickly moved up them. He turned down the hall moving along pass the many rooms there. Just as he came up to the last one it opened and one of the bridesmaids came out. She was a dark haired girl, about twenty two years old and was dressed in the sky blue dresses that they all had.

“Mark!” The girl, Angie he believed, exclaimed, keeping her voice to a whisper. “What are you doing up here?! It’s bad luck to see the bride. Go! Go!”

“I won’t go in,” Mark looked like a lost puppy. “I just wanted to talk to her.”

“Angie? Is someone there?” He heard Nicole’s voice.

“Don’t come out!” She yelled. “It’s your soon to be dead, soon to be husband! That is he’s soon to be dead if he doesn’t leave!”

“Ang, calm down,” Nicole was close to the door. “Mark what are you doing up here?”

“I just wanted to talk. I’ve got shivers running up and down my spine. I just wanted to hear your voice.”

There was a collective aw from behind the door. It cracked a little and a familiar hand slid through it. Mark walked past the scowling Angie and took Nicole’s hand in his. All at once, Mark’s jitters and shakes stopped. He took a deep breath before speaking again.

“I’m looking forward to the rest of my life,” this brought more aws.

“Mark you’re going to make me cry before the ceremony even starts,” he heard her start to sob.

“No, don’t mess up my makeup!” Someone inside cried. “Mark! Get out of here!”

“I guess that’s that. I love you honey,” he said giving her hand one last squeeze.

“I love you too. Now go!” She said pulling her hand away.

Angie, who had been forgotten until now, grabbed his arm a dragged him back down the hall. She bought him back down stairs and handed him off to Jeff yelling at him for not watching Mark. Then she stomped back up stairs to the bride’s room. Mark shrugged an apology to Jeff before the later headed to the base of the stairs with the other grooms men to take their spots. The former turned and headed into the sanctuary.


Mark wheeled when he heard his name called. He saw a tall old man, with a crew cut, stern eyes and that kind of face the only an ex-military officer would have. Nicole’s dad was making a beeline for him.

“Mr. Himes,” Mark shook his hand when he got close. “What do you need sir?”

“Nothing and I think we’re on good enough terms that you can call me David now,” David smiled and said back to him. “Just wanted to say that I don’t think there’s anybody else that I would rather marry my daughter.”

“Thank you sir. I only hope to live up to your expectations.”

“I don’t expect anything except for you to make her happy.”

They chatted for a few more seconds until the priest asked Mark and David to take their spots, which they did after shaking hands with one last time (It’s nice to have a father in law that likes you). Mark took another deep breath as he stepped up next to the altar. He gave his mom, Janice, dad, Steve, and soon to be mother-in-law, Sheryl, all a nod. Both of the mothers were crying (Sheryl was a little more then his).

Music started to play and soon the first bridesmaid and groomsmen appeared. It was his little brunette sister Megan and friend Matt. Next two that came down were a red haired girl named Jennifer in tow with his friend Dan. Next it was Nicole’s brother Shawn with Angie. The former gave him a high five as he passed. The latter gave him yet another scowl as soon as no one else could see. Then Jeff and Nicole’s best friend and maid of honor, Linda, came down. Linda had curly, natural blonde hair with a nice, slender body. Jeff shook his hand, and Linda came up to him and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

The music switched to ‘Here Come’s The Bride’ and David sucked in his şişli rus escort breath. He ran his hands over his tux trying to smooth out wrinkles that weren’t even there. He felt Jeff’s hand on his shoulder and let out the breath. He saw David appear at the left side of the door way and held out his hand to the right side.

Then the most beautiful women in the world to him stepped forward to take it. She had a young, perfect face. Her long dark hair fell to her mid back and was styled in a way that only a master hairdresser would know how to do. Her gown was the color of the purest white. It hugged her form and accentuated her body well, showing off all of her fine curves from the hips up. A single spaghetti strap was tied around her neck and held the dress up. She wore no veil, but did have a pearl tiara on, with matching earrings. She carried a bouquet of white, yellow, and red flowers.

Nicole smiled when she saw Mark staring at her, his mouth was slacked jawed. She never took her eyes off of him as she walked down towards him. She already looked like she was on the verge of crying.

Mark finally closed his mouth and smiled at her as she drew closer. Today she definitely looked like the dark haired goddess he always knew she was. They stopped at the altar and David gave his daughter a kiss on the cheek before handing her off to Mark, who in turn thanked him. As her father took his seat they looked each other in the eyes for a while and smiled.

“Today, you defiantly are the most beautiful woman in the world,” Mark told her as they moved closer together and took each others hands.

“Mark…,” Nicole said as a tear slid down her cheek. She quickly dabbed at it with a handkerchief she had. “See now I’m crying.”

There was a collective aw from the crowd, right before Mark moved his head forward to give his bride a kiss. Their lips met and parted to let their tongues start to explore. It was only supposed to be a quick one, but it lasted so long the priest had to give a little cough to get them to stop.

“Sorry. I know it’s a little early for that part,” Mark said. He heard a couple chuckles from the crowd.

After everyone calmed down the priest went into his intro speech. He then went into a few passages from the bible. Mark and Nicole’s vows came next. Then it was the exchange of the rings. Finally came the final part.

“Do you, Mark Hollest, take Nicole Himes to be your lawfully wedded wife? To hold and to cherish, through sickness and in health, until death do you part?”

“I do,” he said looking into his loves eyes.

“Do you, Nicole Himes, take Mark Hollest to be your lawfully wedded husband? To hold and to cherish, through sickness and in health, until death do you part?”

“I do,” she sobbed, starting to cry again.

“Then by the power vested in me, I now pronounce you, man and wife. ‘Now’ you may kiss the bride.”

Mark leaned forward to do so but was stopped when he felt Nicole’s finger on his lips. He gave her a confused look. She turned to the priest with a sarcastic smile on her face.

“We kinda did this part already, so we don’t have to do it again right?”

Everyone started to laugh at this as she turned back to face him, smiling still. Laughs turned into cheers as Nicole finally did let him kiss her. She squealed when Mark grabbed her around the hips and lifted her off her feet. They broke the kiss as soon as Mark let her down, and then turned down the aisle and ran as rice was thrown onto them.

As soon as the couple got outside they found their limo waiting and hurried inside. They rolled down the windows as people poured out of the church and started to throw more rice at them. They waved at them as the driver drove the vehicle away toward the reception area. Nicole rolled the window back up as soon as they were away as Mark moved to grab the bottle of red wine he had stored in there. After a quick glass they set them aside and embraced each other in a kiss. Their hands traveled across each others bodies for a short time before Mark broke the kiss.

“One sec, don’t go anywhere,” he said moving to the window separator and rolling it down. “Excuse me, but how long till we reach the reception area?”

“Well,” the driver said in an understanding tone. “Fifteen minuets for the short way or thirty minuets for the long way. Which one do you want?”

“The long way please,” Mark said handing him a fifty dollar bill. “And could you knock when we’re there? We may not notice that we’re stopped.”

“You got it sir,” the driver said chuckling.

Mark rolled the window back up and moved back over to Nicole.

“And what do you think we’re going to be doing during those thirty minuets?” Nicole asked with a grin.

“Oh we’ll think of something,” he said pulling her into another kiss.

Their tongues pushed into each other’s mouths. Their hands began to roam over each other’s bodies again, rubbing and groping. Mark reached behind Nicole’s neck and undid the tie of the spaghetti şişli türbanlı escort strap. He then pulled the top of her gown down exposing her lovely c-cups. He broke the kiss only so he could move down and take one of her breasts into his mouth. She started to gasp and moan, as he sucked on the mounds and nipples which hardened quickly under the assault.

Mark didn’t stay there for long. He slid of the seat and knelt between Nicole’s legs. He reached under her gown placing his hands on her legs. Slowly he slid them up until he arrived at the waist band of her thong panties. She smiled and then lifted her hips so that he could pull them off. As soon as they were on the floor of the limo his head was under the gown.

Nicole wrapped her legs around Mark’s head as he moved it between them, and gasped as his tongue found the lips of her pussy. She moaned and bucked her hips as his tongue traveled up and down the folds of her sex. He finally came to rest at her clit and sucked it into her mouth as he pushed two fingers into her hole, which was dripping wet at this point. It took a couple of minuets for her to cum, but she did, muffling one of her orgasm screams in her hands.

Nicole panted, trying to catch her breath as her orgasm subsided. Mark gave her very sensitive pussy one last quick kiss before taking his head out from underneath the gown and climbing back on the seat. They pulled each other together in another kiss.

This time it was Nicole who broke the kiss; her hand went to Mark’s groin and gripped his cock there. She helped him unzip and free his dick which was now very erect to his full nine inches. She smiled at him, gave the shaft a few strokes and then bent over in the seat and wrapped her lips around the head. Mark groaned as she took his entire length into her mouth before starting to slowly bob up and down on it.

“Nicole you have no idea how good that feels,” Mark moaned as she sucked on his member.

Nicole took his dick out and licked the head, shaft, and balls for a few moments. She then took him to the base again, gagging a little as she did. She increased the pace of her bob when she started to do so again. This drove Mark crazy and close to the edge.

“Nicole…,” he gasped. “If you don’t stop I’m gonna cum. Nicole, I’m cumming!”

Nicole heard him but didn’t stop. In fact she sped up even more as if to encourage it. This sent Mark over the edge and he came. His cum blasted into his ‘wife’s’ hot mouth with squirt after squirt. She kept her lips wrapped around the head of his prick until the last of cum spilled from the little head. She slid her mouth off then and brought her head up to eye level with him. A little bit of cum had leaked from her mouth and was dribbling down her chin. She showed Mark the cum in her mouth before closing it and swallowing.

“Uh… you’ve never swallowed before,” Mark said, stating the obvious.

“I know,” she said wiping her mouth with a napkin. “I wanted to do something special for you. Now, are you too scared to kiss me?”

Mark answered her question by leaning forward and kissing her again. He was about to pull her onto him when there was a knock on the drivers window. Looking at the clock he saw that not even twenty minuets had passed. Traffic must have been light. He stuffed his dick back inside his pants and zipped up, and then helped Nicole get her gown situated and retied and helped get her panties back on. They had just finished getting their clothes back on when there was a knock at the door.

The driver opened the door and helped them out. No one had arrived at the reception area except for them and the planner, Michelle. She was a blond woman in her mid forties. But she didn’t show her age. She at times was full of more energy then the couple. They had liked her right off the bat.

The reception area had a nice view of Lake Washington. It had a wide open out door area, with a secondary indoor area for just in case the weather did not cooperate. It had been pricy but Mark’s book had been doing well and his next one had come out yesterday.

Michelle led them over to a stage area that was designated as the pictures area. A photographer was waiting for them. The plan was for them to get their couple photos in their wedding attire and then go change into more casual clothes for the group pictures and the reception party itself.

The two carefully listened to the photographer as he positioned them and started snapping away. After the pictures were done, Michelle led them to the changing rooms. At first she tried to get them into separate dressing rooms, but Mark insisted that they were fine sharing.

“We’re married now,” he told her. “We’re going to be seeing each other naked all the time.”

Before Michelle could object the couple took their clothes from her and walked into a changing room. Once inside Nicole set the clothes on one of the desks in the room. She reached behind to undo the neck strap of her gown, but suddenly felt Mark’s hand şişli ucuz escort on hers to stop her.

“I think I should have the honor of taking this off,” he said placing his hands on the strap.

“By all means go ahead,” Nicole said with a smile.

Mark untied the string around her neck again. His hands then traveled down her back to the zipper and clasps there. He slowly undid those and pushed the gown down a little. It slipped from her body and fell into a pile around her ankles, leaving her standing in nothing but her panties, garters, and garter belt. He kissed her neck as he pressed his body against her back. His hands slid to the front of her body; the left went to that breast, the right slid down to stroke her crotch through her thong.

“I think someone wants to finish what we started in the limo,” Nicole said.

“Can you tell?” Mark asked pressing the bulge in his pants against her ass.

“Yeah, but I wasn’t talking about you,” she said, quickly turning around in his arms and embracing him in a kiss.

The two worked together to get Mark out of his tux. When he was naked they stood kissing again. Nicole had his cock in her hand and was softly stroking it. Mark had a hand on her thong covered pussy again and was rubbing it.

“You better get me on a desk before you make us fall again,” Nicole said smiling.

“That was you,” Mark replied.

“Would you please just shut up and fuck me.”

“I love it when you’re bossy sometimes.”

Mark lifted Nicole by her ass and set her down on the other desk. They got Nicole’s thong off again. Her pussy was wet and glistened in the light of the room. Mark couldn’t resist falling to his knees and licking her some more.

“Mark, no more of that,” Nicole said after only a few licks. “I want you inside me now!”

“Yes ma’am,” Mark said standing up and placing the head of his dick at her entrance.

The newlyweds both moaned as Mark pushed the head of his cock into Nicole’s tight pussy. They kissed again as he sank the rest of length into her. Nicole wrapped her legs around his waist and her arms around his neck as Mark gripped her waist and started to slowly move in and out of her. They broke the kiss so that they could look into each others eyes. They both knew that there was lust, but it was always over powered by the love that they had for each other.

Mark never broke their gaze as he sped his pace up. Nicole’s mouth opened and froze as he did. They both started to moan and fought hard to keep their voices low. Yes, they were married, but they would prefer if Michelle didn’t know what they were doing in here.

Mark groaned at the feeling of Nicole’s tight pussy. They way it gripped him and coated his dick with her juices with each thrust felt like magic. Nicole had thrown her head back; her moans had been replaced by small screams. His cock stretched her so much as he continued to thrust in her over and over. Both their orgasms were nearing and they had a hard time keeping their voices down.

“Oh Mark, it’s so good! I love you so much!” Nicole gasped. The light in the room glistened off her sweating body. “Oh god, I’m going to cum soon.”

“I love you to Nicole,” Mark panted. He was breathing deep and sweating from his workout. “I’m so close too!”

A few seconds latter Nicole reached her peak, trying to muffle her cry in Mark’s shoulder. Her pussy clamped down and then started to spasm on her husband’s dick. He couldn’t hold back after this and Mark let out a loud grunt as her emptied his balls into his wife’s hole. He filled her with spurt after spurt until he was finally drained. They pulled each other into another kiss, pressing their sweating bodies together as their orgasms subsided. All of a sudden there was a knock at the door.

“Are you guys almost ready?” Michelle’s voice came through the door. “The guests have started to arrive.”

“Yeah just give us one more moment,” Mark said reluctantly breaking the kiss.

Nicole reached for some tissues at the far end of the desk before Mark pulled out. She quickly caught the spillage as his cum leaked from her hole. She glanced at Mark and smiled, which he then in turn smiled back. She handed him some tissues before hoping off the counter and starting to dress.

Nicole kept the thong and garter on but added a bra now as well. She put on a white blouse and blazer with a matching skirt that fell to her knees. She kept the earrings but not the tiara, trading it for a diamond necklace.

“Michelle, can you please ask my girls to come here and help touch up my makeup and hair?” Nicole asked after she was done dressing.

“Sure, are you two both decent now?” The planner asked from behind the door.

“Yep all set,” Mark said finishing putting on his clothes. “And could you tell my groomsmen to come here as well please?”

Mark had put on a black dress shirt over a white tee shirt. He had on matching slacks, with a belt as well. He handed his silver tie to Nicole so she could help him put it on. Ok, so it was an excuse to get her close enough for another kiss.

The wedding party entered after a few moments. The girls all let out a loud squeal and bombarded Nicole with hugs. Mark thankfully only got handshakes from the guys. They were all dressed down, out of their tuxes and dresses and into nice casual clothes.

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