Feeling Good

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We’ve decided to meet at a restaurant on a hot summer day to talk for a bit and see if we can confirm the spark that’s been felt between us. You’ve dressed casually in low pumps, a comfortably loose blue cotton skirt ending just above the knee and a lightweight white cotton blouse that subtly suggests the delicious curves of your breasts without being overtly revealing, and you’ve left it unbuttoned just enough to show a little cleavage.

You get there with a minute or two to spare and find me waiting in a booth toward the back of the place, dressed in faded dark blue cotton cargo shorts, white socks, tan hush-puppy style Sketchers and a thin cotton short sleeved button-down shirt of checkered brown and blue.

My hair is mostly silver and swept back conservatively from my still fairly youthful face, a goatee frames my smile and my eyes flash a mischievous gray-blue as you approach and I rise to meet you. I hug you gently and lightly kiss your neck, and we sit opposite each other in the refreshing cool of the place.

“It’s really good to see you,” I begin with a calm grin. “You look very nice – and I’m glad you were nice and relaxed about the way you dressed, it’s much too hot out to wear much of anything else today anyway, isn’t it.”

“Yes, it’s very comfortable in here, though.” You smile brightly and settle back against the cold vinyl of the booth as the waiter approaches.

He stops beside us, “Can I get you something to drink to start?”

I wait politely for you to respond, so you reply, “Yes, a Coke, please.”

He nods and turns to me and I order an iced tea with no lemon, and he’s off to get them for us.

“I hope the drive wasn’t too bad,” I continue.

“No, traffic was pretty light. How about you?”

“A little bit of delay, but I left plenty of time just in case – I didn’t want to keep you waiting.” I lean a little and take your hand briefly as I look into your eyes. “I’m glad you came, I’ve been really curious to see what you’re like. Sometimes preliminaries can be tempting but very unsatisfying in the end.”

“So I take it your not unsatisfied with your impression of me so far?”

“Far from it,” my eyes sparkle as I smile at you. “You seem to me to be very – how shall I put it… yummy – just as I had hoped.”

You giggle shyly as the waiter brings our drinks, and we order a light snack. As we sit and eat, we talk for a while about the basics: what we do for a living, and for fun; where we’ve lived and visited; and at last we arrive at why we’re each here.

I lean forward and take your hand again, and a tingling rush flows between us as I caress it gently, “I’ve been looking for someone who’s naturally very sensual and adventurous, and unpretentious, and with whom I really find a strong mutual attraction that’s definitely very physical, but goes a little beyond that without either of us really needing any serious attachment. I’m busy a lot, and my work schedule can be unpredictable, ortaköy escort but I really want to share my free time with someone who enjoys giving and receiving lots of pleasure and making the most of whatever sweet playtime we can have with each other.”

“That’s what I want, too,” you confess quietly, “someone who excites me and makes me want him, without being full of himself or taking me for granted – somebody who makes me feel good.” You look deeply into my eyes, “and you’re making me feel good.”

“Good,” I cradle your hand in mine and open your palm out, and then graze the fingertips of my other hand slowly across it and then upward over the soft skin of your wrist and your arm, and as a tingling warmth races though you and fills you with the desire to have those fingertips roaming everywhere, I smile puckishly and lean closer with a quiet whisper, “and by the way, you should know that I definitely want to make you feel good – very, very good… mm-hmm, yes… very, very, very good indeed.”

Your eyes close as you savor the newness of my touch, and then lean in to match my smoldering gaze, “Is there someplace we can go that’s more… private, so we can make each other feel good?”

“There’s a nice little hotel not far from here,” our hands close upon each other, “Shall we go and get a room for us to play in? I don’t need to be anywhere for a while, except with you. Do you have a few hours to spend with me?”

“Yes,” you breathe as you close your eyes again, “let’s go.”

I leave enough cash with the waiter to cover the bill and the tip, and with my hand at the small of your back I walk with you to your car, pointing mine out to you on the way. After two slow, yielding kisses our lips part and my tongue is soft and sensual against yours as I tempt your passion further, and as I slip my arms around you, you return my warmth eagerly and hold me close as you press your form against mine.

“Mmm, you’re so scrumptious – let’s go play!” I tell you where the hotel is, and I ask that you follow me there, and then wait in your car until I’ve got the room and come to get you. You nod, smiling, and I kiss you again even more deeply.

The drive to the hotel is at once both short and too long as anticipation and yearning blaze up within you, and you feel your body keenly aching for that ardent swell of bliss and that heated release you’ve been so craving. We park a little apart from each other, and I walk over to the office, and then to the laundry to get extra towels from the maid, and then to my car to fetch a small travel bag from the trunk. Then I walk across and climb the stairs, and open the door to our room a little way down the side of the building. Then in a moment or two I’m out again and down the stairs to your car where I take your hand as you get out. We go upstairs and close and lock the door behind us.

You set your things down and I move toward you, holding your gaze. otele gelen escort We kiss again and our hands begin to wander, first over and then underneath clothing that, piece by piece, is slowly opened and removed as we wantonly surrender to each other. The bedclothes are stripped and cast upon the floor and we stand upon them now fully naked, deliciously caressing and tasting each other as we take turns kissing over our warm flesh.

My soft nibbling kisses trail down your sweet smelling neck and across your shoulder as my fingers stray from your back, gently circling and fondling your hardening nipples, teasing lightly down your sides and your hips, over your the cheeks of your sultry ass, and then forward to tenderly touch nearer, and nearer, and nearer to your sweetly musky sex as you part your legs for my approaching touch. You kiss my neck and chest and draw your fingers over the warm skin of my shoulders and my back as you take in the light scent of amber and vetiver that I placed upon my body for you. Your touch serves to stoke me up fiercely and my cock now stands rigid against your belly as I pull you closer.

Our tongues meet again in ever more enticing playfulness, and then I move over you as I carefully lay you back upon the mattress, pressing my body down against yours, and I kiss a path from your mouth to cheek, to your neck, around the outer curves of each breast where I then pause to lick and suck your now very sensitive nipples, and then down over your belly, to the nook of each of your sexy thighs, and then I settle between your legs, and kiss, and lick, and very lightly bite, up and down the inside of each of your legs from your belly to your ankles and back again to hover above your ripe peach.

You can feel your body now afire with primal hunger, and you spread wide to arch out against my tongue as I open you and lick very soft, and very slow, from the bottom of your wetly welcoming cleft all the way up to flicker sharply over your swollen pink pearl. I curl my arms around your ass and I revel in your scent and flow as you writhe gently in my grasp, and I tease and taunt your tender blossom until it aches ravenously for much more of my probing tongue.

Then my hands slip under your thighs and I raise your legs to lift your depths to me, and I delve deeply into you and devour your sweet musk and suckle on that luscious little button, and then I slip two fingers slowly inside your tight wetness to coax a stormy lust from your sweetspot. Your core is hot and slick and I soon turn my hand over to work the bottom of your snug passage until I feel it open out above my fingertips as your desire approaches its peak.

Then I slowly pull away and urge you to play with your pussy for me and keep it nice and hot, as I open my bag and put on a little protection for us, and you stroke and tease that glistening flower as I roll a condom on and move back over you, kissing upward from your thighs otele gelen escort over your belly and between your breasts again, and then slipping the head of my prick up and down against your slippery folds.

I taunt your sex delicately, slipping the head just a little way in and then back out and up over your clit, then back down and then just a hair further inside your hot threshold, and back out, each time feeding just the slightest bit more of my length into your belly until at last I lift your legs over my arms and then bury my whole shaft deep in you, and my hilt fills your tight opening as I arch my pelvic bone against your puffy mound.

My pace starts off very slow, savoring the sweet sensation of every millimeter of your slick heat as it snugly envelopes my steadily plunging cock, and then gradually my rhythm quickens until I’m thrusting into you sharply and spanking your loins with mine, then I ease back to a slow pulse again and turn your legs aside and pull you up so that you’re on your elbows and knees before me. I seize your waist and hold you tightly in my grip as I pull you down to the edge of the bed, and I begin to mercilessly impale your quivering belly, slam-fucking your raging cunt as my balls slap against your burning little button.

You brazenly arch your pussy out for each thrust of my gleaming shaft, and you feel your body begin to tighten as you drift ever closer to the edge of that deliciously blissful precipice, and heavy waves start building up in your belly, and then ecstasy floods your shuddering body as you heave and rock and buck against me in shameless abandon, and you shriek out your profane delight, reddening the room with your sated lust. Your sweet release spurs me on and my thrusts grow more urgent as my breathing breaks, and I tense and shake and snarl and roar as my passion overflows and my prick flexes deep within you spilling my seed into your wriggling belly.

Shivering with pleasure, I glide slowly in and out for a few strokes, and gradually my shuddering subsides as I draw out of you, remove and knot the condom and toss it away, and then move beside you to collapse lazily onto my back on the bed. Our hands find each other and I pull you up to rest your cheek on my chest as it deeply rises and falls beneath you. My fingers graze lightly over your shoulder and your back as our passion cools to embers and we bask in that restful glow.

Then, after a few minutes, I turn you gently onto your back and run my hands over your tranquil nakedness, inciting your desire yet again, and my kisses wander freely over your sweet skin until your breath quickens and grows deeper. I kiss your pinkish folds and run my tongue soothingly over them until they part and seep with your warm nectar.

Then I rise up from the bed with a roguish grin and pull two freshly washed and clean wrapped toys from a Ziploc bag in my travel case. I carefully unwrap the cloth from around them and brandish them playfully as I return to the bed, and then in a conspiratorial tone I explain the unique aspects of each of them as I hand it to you for your approval. Your impish grin is all I need before I take them back and begin covering you with kisses all over again to tease you up for another session, and another…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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