Fencing Club Confidential Pt. 01

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Mathew had finished up the group fencing lessons for the day. He was closing the salle, name for fencing area, when Chloe, a lovely exotic, 5’8″, 130 lb, 38C, long legs, small waist and tanned approached him for a private lesson. He looked around to see if everyone else had left the building. He secured the door to the salle, saluted Chloe, in the traditional fencing manner, in his smooth black leather-coaching jacket and green track pants.

Matthew was a lean toned individual who was constantly working out at the salle four days a week. He had given lessons before but nothing like this one to his surprise. Mat had his eye on her before and could not think of passing that ethical boundary between student and teacher. Would he cross the line?

He gave her the standard lesson. She was wearing blue track pants showing off her slim body and with the jacket emphasising her breasts. With each action, the intensity was growing between them. The blades clashing, bodies in motion as technique and skill combined with each movement. All this stimulus could not arouse Mat. He could see her legs pulse with each lunge and step. Her shallow and yet athletic breathing kept him to want more. The lesson was finishing up as she completed her last move.

They pangaltı escort took off their masks and saluted. As they shook their hands, Chloe moved closer to him. He hesitated. The masks and weapons hit the floor simultaneously as they embraced each other and French kisses. What was happening? He could not control himself as he stroked her sides and tight ass. She felt up his hard-on through his green track pants. Mat sighed heavily as she did.

He picked her up and took her to the small armoury room and placed her on the table with her sexy legs dangling over the edge. Mat eased off her jacket while sensuously kissing her neck and licking her ear. Chloe took a long lick up his ear driving feverishly insane with passion. Underneath her fencing jacket lay a short tank top covering only enough breasts a tiny bit of her tanned skin shown in the moonlight. Mat licked down her side and then proceeded to take off her track pants. She then unzipped his leather jacket as it hit the floor at his feet.

She stripped off his shirt revealing his toned reasonably built chest. She scraped her fingernails down his chest as he took off her track pants. They kissed each other once again. She ripped off his track pants pendik escort with both hands on the leg length zippers. The only thing he had was some track pants. She got on all fours and licked up and down his cock through the shorts. He moaned with immense pleasure. Chloe nibbled one side of cock then the other while squeezing his balls all this time with his shorts on.

Then she took both hands and lowered his shorts as his eight-inch throbbing cock emerged for her sweet lips. He could not believe this; he had crossed over the line now so might as well enjoy it with this lovely exotic woman.

Chloe first licked his cock up and down then teased the head. Her left hand teased his balls and the area between his cock and ass, thus making his cock harder. She could not get enough of his solid member. Chloe then took the whole rod into her throat with her tongue circling down the shaft each time. She then took the shaft and teased the hole with her marvellous tongue, what a fabulous tongue! Chloe flicked the tip of the cock, tasting the pre-cum emerging. She told him how sweet it was followed by taking it deep with her mouth. Chloe worked both hands and mouth on his one-eyed monster. He knew this woman was a real rus escort pro. Chloe almost brought him to orgasm before she turned around and presented her ass and pussy to him.

He kissed and licked down her back enjoying her taste. He peels off her panties with his teeth, kissing down her ass, licking her thighs. He nibbles her ass and then lifts her ass slightly more exposing her pussy and takes two or three long licks. Chloe moans with pleasure driving him on further. He dives into her pussy sucks her pussy first soft eventually hard. He drives more, and more to almost an orgasm then backs away. He gets closer and closer again and again, to the point where she begs him to fuck her.

Not refusing this invitation to please this incredible vixen, he turns her around and raises her legs to his chest. He rams her hard, she moans with such pleasure. Chloe wants, cries for it and he goes harder and faster. Mat goes faster and harder. His huge member plunging into her and shaking her very being.

They moan and cry in such eroticism together. The table shakes, the lamp hits the floor reflecting their sweaty skin to the walls around them. Their beautiful silhouettes out lines the adjacent surroundings.

Finally, Mat pulls out of her dripping pussy and cums on her tanned breasts and body. Chloe laps up the cum on her tits by sucking each nipple and fingers. Mat hug hers deeply feeling her hard nipples upon his chest.

This would not be the only time, there would be private lessons, but that’s another story.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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