Fill Her Up

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Arched Back

The gas attendant sat on his stool between his two antiquated pumps, a dog eared dime novel he had read a thousand times sat between his knees as he stared down at the words, not really focusing on them as he tried to pass the time. As the sun climbed higher into the sky he could feel the gray work uniform heat up. No clouds again today, and as the sun hit its apex the arid land baked and stewed. He looked longingly at the cold drinks in the stand up coolers, but pushed the temptation away. His shift would be over in a few hours and he could go into town and get an ice cold beer at the Pit Stop Bar and Grill, maybe see if he could get enough liquor into Willa Kline to get a sloppy blow job in the parking lot after last call.

His daydream was broken as he saw a tiny beacon of light miles in the distance. The filling station at the bottom of the valley gave a panoramic view of the enormous bowl-shaped depression in the earth, allowing him to see any traffic coming or going as soon as they descended into valley. It was the only car he had seen so far today.

He recognized it immediately as a car, the reflection off its windshield was blinding even at this distance, and it was hauling ass. When it was only a mile away, he could see that it was a candy apple red convertible of some kind. At half a mile it began to slow and a turn signal came on, and as it started to pull into the old filling station, he had to peel his aviators off.

“Holy Shit,” he said, gazing as the 1968 Buick Skylark came to a gentle stop next to a gas pump. The engine stopped and as the door opened, he finally got a look at the driver as a slender, golden tanned leg came into view ending in an onyx black three inch stiletto. He didn’t think the leg was going to end, but it was suddenly forgotten as a tight round ass came into view.

“See something you like?” he heard suddenly.

He looked up and saw the woman. She had gorgeous dark blonde hair done up in a french curl and immaculate shining blue eyes. Her skin was flawless save for a small mole on her cheek and seemed to glow. She wore a hot pink, form fitting strapless dress with a wide black belt wrapped around her slender waist. The dress ended a few inches above her knees and clung tightly to her supple curves.

“This car.” He managed to say, “this is a thing of beauty.”

She was leaning against her driver şişli elit escort side door, a dark golden sliver of hair hung down in her face. Her breasts were perfect orbs holstered and boosted in the dress to form just the right amount of cleavage. They rippled deliciously in their clothed carriage as she shut the door with a bump of her hip. He felt a twitch in his pants and stood.

She affectionately rubbed the car, “She sure is, isn’t she?”

“What can I get you today?”

“Fill her up with super, please,” she said, eyeing the ice box as he had before she had crested the ridge. She opened the case and grabbed a bottle of orange soda.

He got the gas cap off and got the fuel flowing, and the numbers slowly started to spin. These old pumps took forever to fill tanks, and if they were on E, it could take a while. When he turned she was rubbing the ice cold bottle across the exposed portion of her chest, looking skyward with her eyes shut. She was sitting on the hood of the car now, moaned slightly as she cooled off. She slowly spread her legs. His cock was raging hard.

She opened her eyes and saw him staring. Before he could look away, she grinned, and rotated one of the slender heels of her shoe, catching the top of the tire, and then she hooked the other leg at the knee over rear view mirror.

No fucking way he said to himself. She was grinning from ear to ear as she laid back on her elbows across the hood. He was looking straight up her thin dress, which was the only thing between her and the elements, her panty-less folds looked slicked with juice. Her eyes narrowed as her smile broadened and she hiked he dress up until her pussy was completely exposed, a small tuft of golden hair stood atop her mons. He was transfixed, eyes unblinking and she threw her head back and laughed. She slipped a pair of fingers into her mouth and moaned as she sucked them, then brought the hand down to her aching slit and started rubbing. She drew in a sharp grasp and plunged the fingers inside her. She threw her head back once more and cried out, her bare ass squeaking as it slid across the waxed hood.

She finger fucked herself for a few more seconds, then nodded at him, breathing heavily.

“Come here.” Was all it took and he came to her. She reached to his pants as he came between her legs, never tearing şişli escort her eyes from his, she was grinning maniacally now. She got the fly down and his cock sprang out over the top of his underwear. He pulled the waistline down until his balls sprung free and she stroked his cock, gripping it firmly, swirling a finger into his thick bush of black hair.

She lay back, sprawling across the hood of the car, and spread her legs wide.

“Rub it against me.” She said.

He slid his cock forward where it touched her wet, pink pussy lips. It stuck to the wet skin, then sprung off and slid up her slit as her lips parted for him, the head bounced into her small, swollen clit. She arched her back at this and her small round tits fell out of her dress. He grabbed them as soon as they were in view, his big calloused hands easily encompassed each tit and his thumbs teased her small hardening pink nipples.

She moaned loudly as he slid the underside of this cock up and down between her pussy lips, he could feel her leaking onto his shaft, running down to his balls where it matted into his hair. His cock bobbed and twitched as his boner hardened beyond anything he thought possible, even when Willa Kline was deep-throating him in the backseat of his car.

She reached down and gently took him in her hands, and guided the tip of his cock to her hole.

“Go slow,” she said, grinning again, “at first.”

He gently slid into her, easing slowly until he was completely in her. When he bottomed out, she was gripping the hood tightly with both hands.

“Oh my god,” she growled between clenched teeth as he began to withdraw. He pulled completely out of her then reentered the same, slow and steady, feeling her soft pussy flex with every inch that slid into her.

With a bit of conviction he started going in and out a bit faster she groaned loudly and looked down at his cock entering her.

“That’s it, that’s it, fuck me harder. Harder!” She cried out, “Fuck my pussy!”

His cock was slapping against her juicy pussy as he pumped her furiously, he had to grab her around the legs to keep her from sliding across the car as he drove into her, he small tits bounced and rocked as he plowed her cunt.

She screamed again, tried to get up on her elbows, fell back, her hands clinching into fists, then pounded the şişli eve gelen escort hood.

“Oh my God I’m gonna fucking cum,” she cried out. He felt he twat seize up around his cock and he hammered her hard still, feeling the base of his prick swell and knowing he was on the brink of shooting his wad as well. She must have felt his cock plump up inside of her as her eyes flew open and a devilish grin spread across her mouth.

“Do it,” she said, “I want you to cum inside of me. Deep, as deep as you can go. Bury that cock inside me!” She began to howl as he felt her cunt spasm on his cock as she came hard, and he could hold back no longer. He pounded his prick deep inside her until his balls smashed against her wet lips and felt his cock pump hot come deep inside of her. She screamed once more and came again as she felt his hot jizz fire into her.

He leaned over her, trying to catch his breath, he was sweating horribly. He leaned so the sweat dripping from his soaked hair didn’t drip on her dress.

A loud thump caught both their attention as the gas pump announced the tank was full, and he slid out of her, releasing a torrent of mixed come onto the hood of the car. She sat there, trying to recover. He buckled his pants back up and pulled the nozzle from the tank and hooked it back into the pump. She had stood and was wiping her pussy with a handful paper towels from the dispenser. She straightened the dress out and then took a large swig from the bottle of orange soda. She got behind the wheel of her car, and fired up the engine.

“Thanks big boy,” she said, shooting him a smile as she straightened her hair in the mirror.

“Anytime,” was all he could think to say.

She gave a wink with one gorgeous blue eye, and peeled out, rocketing back onto the black top.

He stood there for a second thinking about what had just happened when a thought hit him. He turned suddenly and looked at the pump.

The dial read $65.

“Son of a fucking bitch!” He scrambled over the center island of the pumps and out onto the highway, she was already a quarter mile away, he began waving both his arms over his head as she speed on. He saw one of her golden arms raise up as if to wave goodbye, and he stopped, realizing it was too late.

She watched him trudge back to the station in the mirror and grinned. She ran a hand down between her legs and sighed as she felt the remnants of his come ooze out of her.

And to think, they told me there was no way I could cross the state without buying gas she thought as she shot herself a wink of her own in the mirror and watched the mile markers wind down as she flew down the highway.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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